Ibrahim Hindy – My speech at the Janaza of our Uncle Ejaz Choudry

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the recognition of the new credits on the Peel land and thanks the indigenous people for their support. They also express their support for the black and brown community and their desire to show leadership in a world that is spinning due to injustice. The speaker ends by expressing their belief that Allah is more merciful with his creation and gives a message of comfort to the people.
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A land acknowledgments we'd like to acknowledge that we are gathering on this land in the Region of Peel, which is part of the treaty lands in the territory of the Mississauga of the new credits. For 1000s of years, indigenous people inhabited and cared for this land. In particular, we'd like to recognize that this is the territory of the anishinabek, the Huron, the Ojibwe, and that this land is home to the

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maytee is and most recently, the territory of the Mississauga of the of the credits First Nation, who are the direct descendants of the mississaugas of the credits. And we are grateful to have this opportunity to work on this land. And by doing so we give our respect to its first inhabitants. I'd also like to specifically thank the multi msgid, for organizing this as a service and for the incredible support, spiritual support that they have provided the children the family of Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, what tickle a Buddha will have been in us, when the animal law when the animal lover levina, and we are talking about Shahada that Allah subhanaw taala says that

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we alternate days of good and evil days of fortune and misfortune amongst the people. So that God may reveal true believers, and that he may choose martyrs from amongst you. God is the one who creates and he is the one who chooses, he decides the days of Fortune or misfortune that we will experience and it is in his divine wisdom, that he chose to take ages choudry as a martyr. And in doing so Allah subhana wa Taala chose to elevate uncle ages, and to exalt his status, and to raise his rank in paradise. And in doing so, God has also chosen to test the family with this sudden and tragic loss, so that they can turn to Him in patience, in Divine perseverance, and then hope for an

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award from him. And God has chosen to test his community, his city, his nation, and each and every one of us to see whether or not we will recognize the injustice that has been committed against him. And whether or not we will speak for a man who is now voiceless, to see whether we will assume the responsibility of using whatever that is at our disposal to ensure that this terrible injustice is never again repeated, or whether we will allow it to pass like the deaths of so many others. black, brown, indigenous, those with disabilities who lost their lives at the hands of those who are meant to serve and protect them. Each as children is one of many shentel more, Rodney lovey Regis Pershing

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Square Paquette II in price under Amanda Brahim Hudson, the Audrey Campbell, Jermaine Carvey, Pierre Colombian, Abdur Rahman RG, so they meant for theory, and many more,

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and there will be those who will make every attempt to put the victims on trial.

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But the faults of these tragedies is their skin color, or their economic class, or their language or their disability.

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They will attempt to make the fault lie on the victim and not in the system.

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But we cannot and we will never waver in our support. Mental Health should not be a death sentence. Black and Brown and indigenous black and brown skin or indigenous heritage should never be a death sentence. It is not the victims who should be put on trial if the system keeps making the same mistakes, if the system keeps resulting, and black and brown and indigenous peoples and peoples with disabilities ending up dead at the hands of police, that At what point should the system be put on trial?

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Our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He was sent as Rahmatullah mean, he was sent as a mercy to all of humanity. And that's why we need to continue to strive for every victim. It does not matter if they are Muslim or not. It doesn't matter if they are Pakistani, or Arab, or black or brown or indigenous. This is a human problem. This is a national crisis. And we will never walk away from it. We will never walk away from our support of the choudry family and our support of every family that has been crushed by a system that was not designed with compassion for them to every political leader, to every person with authority in this country of ours.

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Ours hear this message of ours, the time fraction is now. You cannot show your face to our communities, in our streets in our mosques every four years when it's time to vote, and turn your ears away from us when we are screaming and pleading for help.

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Right now is the time to act. This is the time to earn our trust. This is the time to show leadership in a world that is spinning due to injustice to the choudry family,

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to Uncle ijazah, his wife and his children and his siblings, and his nephews and his nieces. Know that Allah subhanaw taala God Almighty does not burden a soul with more than it can bear. Know that with hardship comes ease. Know that Allah is wisdom overcomes our human knowledge. Know that his will is greater than our understanding. Know that Allah subhana wa tada tests those who he loves, that the prophets and the messengers were tested, that they lost family, but they were born as orphans know that Allah is good, and that he is subtle, and that he often brings good in ways that we can never anticipate or imagine. Know that Allah subhanho wa Taala God is the Lord and the

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caretaker of those who are orphans know that God is more merciful with his creation than a compassionate mother is with her children. And know that Allah has blessed to have a community, a community that is with you, and community whose hearts are tied to your hearts. We are with you. And I pray that his children are going to grow up and know that this community or see that this community has fulfilled its collective responsibility to you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept him as a Shaheed and enter him into his paradise. And forgive us for our shortcomings. I mean Santa Monica

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