Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #04 – Surah Baqarah 261 – The Seed That Gives 700 Grains

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various parables and topics related to Islam, including a parable about charity and a parable about seed and money. It also touches on the importance of choosing the right charity and soil for one's success in profitability. The negative impact of giving charity on one's life is discussed, along with historical incidents where a man named Jesus was asked to give back to his family. The importance of researching and diversifying one's charity to avoid poverty and profit is emphasized.
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How to be lurking in a shoe banyuwangi This means man walking,

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watching can

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see one

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without him very low salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy woman while I'm about

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the next parable in the oranda surah baqarah verse 261. And it is one of the simplest, sweetest easiest parables. It is a parable that every single even child can understand. It's very beautiful than to the point. And this entire section, by the way, beginning from the verse before ayatul kursi all the way to the end of Surah Baqarah this entire section, much of it is emphasizing charity or sadhaka. And as we know, by the way, sort of Baccarat, it is an early medini, Revelation and sort of Baccarat it encompasses all of the archives of Islam, of course, it mentions the Shahada, and it mentions the Salah, and it mentions this slam of Ramadan, and it mentioned Zika. And it mentions

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hedge It is one of the few suitors that combines all of the pillars of Islam. It also combines all of the autocannon so many stories on surah tel Bukhara and so it's not a surprise, therefore that we have in this section towards the end of the surah a number of parables In fact, we mentioned two of them, one today and one another day in sha Allah about the issue of charity and Allah azza wa jal says methadone, Latina Yun Phil corner and while I want to be the law, that the example the parable of those who spend of their money in the way of a law committed they have bettin, it is like a seed and bet at seven I sent a bill that one seed it gives seven stocks equally some bulletin may have to

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have in every one of these stocks, there is another 100 seeds well law who you log in for pneumonia, and the law multiplies for whomever he wants to well law Who was your an ID and a lot is unwashed sir, and Aleem. Now this is a parable. It is a verse that is quoted all the time at all the fundraisers so we're very familiar with this verse, right? Because it's always quoted at the fundraisers but let us examine this verse a little bit more. Allah subhana wa Taala gives us the parable of the ones who spend of their money methadone if you will, for Conan and Wallah whom Allah subhana wa Taala is being generous when he says their money because in reality, it is not our money.

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Allah azza wa jal is ascribing it to us magasin, meaning he is describing it to us as something that is metaphorical. In reality, it is a laws money that he has blessed us with. And Allah tells us in the Koran and multiple times, were unfaithful and spanned from mallala he led the attack on spend from the money of Allah that Allah has given you. So it is a law's money. Allah says unfilmed image either co mustafina fee spend from the money, I have put you in charge of, we are in charge of it from Allah has responsibility. Allah has delegated this money to us for a period of time, it is not our money in the first place. Allah says in the Quran, annfield mouth, but as of now come spend from

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what we have given you, Allah has given us this wealth. So it is not even my wealth. And yet Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that whoever spends from his wealth, even though it is not my wealth Allah gave, and then when we give a little bit back to Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala accepts that. And of course, the concept of planting the seed is very powerful. It is a metaphor that we all understand. And there are so many benefits to derive from this, first and foremost, the notion of charity, helping other people like a seed gives plants and fruits and helps other people, unlike many of our good deeds, like Vicar, like Salah like tahajjud, that only benefits me. As for charity,

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it is literally giving to other people, it is transitive, it goes to others. And that is why charity is one of the highest levels of worship, because it benefits society. So Allah gives the metaphor of a tree, or the metaphor of a fruit or a seed, because that's how people live. Also the notion of helping people you don't even know because those that have planted trees and we are harvesting, you know, their their fruits, they lacked, they late last for many generations. So when you give charity, you help people for multiple generations, you don't even know you help one person you sponsor an orphan, you help somebody to be educated, and that will literally alter for many

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generations after that, and you don't even know just like the one who planted the seed. Allah knows where that flower is going to grow. And who's going to feed from that and where the seeds of that are gonna then be planted elsewhere. It's a chain reaction. It's a domino effect. The first person who planted the seed will never realize how many plants came how many people fed how

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Many other trees came from that one tree that he planted. So the metaphor of a transitive benefit, that is societal is something that this method or this parable gives, also the notion of time that look, you will get 700. But not immediately, when we plant something, we don't get it back immediately. It takes a while. So Allah is telling us that yes, indeed, you're going to get back a lot more, but you have to be patient. Also, when you plant something, you don't just leave it there. There's some effort involved. There's something that you got to do. And so there's the notion that the sadhaka has to be given appropriately, you choose the appropriate soil, ie you look what is the

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best charity, what is going to be the best action item Where should I invest for the sake of Allah, and even in that research, there is Baraka and fair so you find the best charity and then you find the best soil and that also our scholars indicate that just like the seed requires sunlight, so the sunlight is the loss that we get for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. The soil is the right charity that we choose, we choose the most beneficial, who will benefit the most from this and we diversify, as we have said many many times also the notion of 700 is very beautifully mentioned here that one seed gives like wheat and like corn, when that seed grows, it gives you stocks or ears, you

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know, this is certain varieties of plants, they give you those stocks or those ears and each one of them contains even more seeds. So Allah gives that beautiful metaphor and then Allah azza wa jal clarifies very clearly, well law who you are if Li Manya Sha, Allah will multiply to those whom He wills IE, it is not a guarantee that every dollar will give you 700 Allah will choose and Allah azza wa jal will choose who to multiply, not everybody gets to 700 our profit. So the law of why he was sent him said Hadeeth ism was that every charity that you give, you will get from 10 to 700. This is a spectrum, every dyrham that you give the minimum if you give it for the sake of Allah, as long as

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it is for the sake of a law, there's no showing off right? There's nothing wrong in your heart, if you give it for the sake of a law, guaranteed minimum is 10 but not 700. The 700 is not guaranteed a lesson will love you will die if we leave here sha Allah can multiply to whomever he pleases, and of course, from 10 to 700. How does one decide? It depends obviously on many factors, most importantly, your loss and also that the the value that that item has, clearly we all understand when the multimillionaire gives $1,000. Right. It's not the same as somebody who's hungry, he only has one meal and he sees a child and he feels sorry for the child. He needs that meal and he gives his own

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meal to the child. It's not the same, the meal might be worth $5 right in an actual dollar amount, but the one who's hungry and has no food, that meal is worth more to him than the 1000 is for the multimillionaire right. So this is why Allah is saying well law who you want if lemonnier sha Allah subhana wa Taala will multiply for those whom he chooses, yes, the multimillionaire who gives 1000 he will get bare minimum 1010 back which is 10,000 bare minimum you'll get the reward. But if you're if loss and the need as Allah says in the Quran, Lenten aloe vera had touched on fecal matter a boon you shall never attain the highest level of of piety until you give what you love. You give what you

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love. And what do you love that depends on who you are, and how much money you have the millionaire he doesn't love the $1,000 the way that the hungry person loves his food, and yet he will share so those who spend from what they love and what they need, that is not the same as those who just give from the superfluous amount and that is also good, but the 10 to 700 this is how Allah subhana wa tada decides depending on the whole context, as well the notion of multiplying our charities This is a constant theme of the entire Koran. The entire Quran tells us over and over again that charity is one of those deeds that is always giving back more to you in this world and in the next Allah

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subhana wa tada says yum. Hola. Hola, Reba, will you read this other card? Allah has destroyed the be any blessings of Riba. Allah has destroyed the blessings of Riba there's no blessings in Riba and Allah subhana wa tada says, will you Ruby uses the word river Will you be means to grow and he grows sadaqa sadaqa grows back and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam famously remarked that I swear by Allah, I swear by the one who controls my life on three things, I swear number one, he said, ma Kasama lumen sadhaka. When you give charity, it's never going to diminish your money. You're going to get back much more. So we get back more in this dunya we get back more in the era. And of course

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there are so many incidences and ahaadeeth and verses about charity

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Obviously, the famous incident comes to mind that we're all aware of Earth might have been affected all the love. In the time of wickedness, there was a massive drought. This is an authentic historical incident, people were drawing from start dying from starvation and from hunger because it didn't rain, and earthman rhodiola who had sent forth for 100 camels from Syria for his own business, this is before the drought. And when the when the when the camels returned, it was the time of drought, obviously, earthman had not planned that his merchandise and his food is going to come back at that time, this is a many, many months before when the camels come back. 100 camels

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come back, this is now a source of food, a source of drink a source of nourishment. So the businessman went to Earth man, and they said we'll offer you you know, double the amount we'll offer you 12 you know, 1213 times for every 10 will offer you 12 they said they said he said I have more than this. They said for every 10 we'll offer you 13 more than this for every 10 we'll offer you 21 person said said I have more than this. They said who could possibly have given you double the amount who's going to give you we are the rich people of Medina. So he said Allah has promised that at a bare minimum, I shall get 10 times not double 10 times. So all of this is now free fee sebelah

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for the people of Medina so earthman and I found out the law one multiple times of course as we know in the book and so many other the Roma so many incidents that our profits a little law, why do you sit on praise the generosity with the man and said because of this deal with mine has been forgiven completely. So the notion of giving charity causing our sins to be forgiven, and by the way, Earth mandrel the law one remained Mashallah to particle a wealthy to the end of his life, which shows us that when you give Allah gives back to you, you do not become poor, when you give for the sake of Allah. And this is the reality in every society, we find a small group of people, they are always at

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the forefront of charities and fundraisers, and they're always at the forefront. Why? Because the law continues to give that's why will love you'll die for them in your shop in the famous Hadith. And again, much can be said that the famous Hadith the Prophet system said that a man saw a rain cloud come and stop at his land, and he was hoping it would rain on his land. And he heard an angel say no, not here, the next land. So the man followed the rain cloud. And then he saw it rain on his neighbor's land. He went to his neighbor, he said, this cloud passed over my land, skip me and it came to your land. Why? And of course the man then gave the famous response. Look, I give 1/3 back

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to the land for maintenance 1/3 for my family to eat and drink and 1/3 of the wealth I give to sadaqa so the man said, this is why Allah sent the cloud to you. When we give for Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala gives us much more will law who will die for pneumonia and then Allah concludes this verse will law Who was your own idea was here is one of the names of Allah and Allah uses it eight times in the Quran seven times. The context is charity seven times the context is poverty. And Allah says Don't worry, I am wa Sarah was here means I'll take care of you was your means the vast was your means I have everything was here. It means the one who gives and gives and he still has

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more to give. So Allah is Allah said he has he has everything and he can give everything and he'll still have everything. So Allah is saying, why are you worried about poverty? And that's why the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them he saw Beatle giving charity and he said and Billa was himself a poor person below was a freed slave. And he said to be that yeah be la unfuck ob la give more charity and never fear that the Lord of the Throne will make you poor that's not going to happen allies The Lord of the Throne he's not going to make you poor if you give for his sake. So Allah is wa Sarah and Allah is Eileen. Eileen here means Allah knows who's giving and why you're

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giving. And what is the Nia when you give Allah is IV him he knows who to give the 10 times to the 50 times the 100 times and the maximum the 700 times maximum. So this is the month of animal bond dear brothers and sisters, this is the verse we should be thinking of choose the soil, choose the charities, do your research, diversify your investments for the sake of Allah give some charity to orphans give some charity to good causes around the globe. Give some charity to a local Masjid give some charity to your family and friends that are in need diversify, because you do not know which charity will give 10 which will give 50 which will give 700 and we conclude with the one Hadith the

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Prophet system said final Hadith for today. He said Allah subhana wa tada accepts your charity with his right hand and both of his hands are right this is the head if he said Allah accepts with his right hand and both of his hands are right. And then Allah subhana wa Taala nourishes that charity with the same love that one of you takes care of your firstborn. foul. You know when your horse gives birth, your prized steed gives birth birth, it's a very precious item, you nourish it, you take care of it. Allah will take care of it with more love than you have for your firstborn horse. The child that gives

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berthier until you're born, it will grow and grow. And then he said the lucuma that you give meaning a morsel you will give it will meet you on the Day of Judgment the size of the mountain of offroad. Have you seen the mountain of water? It is a mountain range two kilometres long. It is a mountain range that covers 1/3 of Medina, the profitsystem said one lucuma one more so that you give one piece of bread you give it is possible when you meet a law it will be the size of the mountain of oil, so we give and give and give and we expect expect Allah subhana wa Taala to multiply our charities May Allah azzawajal make us of those who give an accepting will continue tomorrow, Santa

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