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Yusuf Estes
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the creation of the devil and mistakes made by Adam and the devil. The importance of having free will and the power of the law is emphasized, along with the need for empathy and understanding of events happening. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's actions and reacting to them, as it is crucial for achieving the goal of forgiveness. The concept of "beings" is also discussed, with a focus on the beauty of Islam, which is to get this correct understanding. The importance of avoiding promises and taking action is emphasized, along with the need to go back to god and ask for forgiveness. Viewers are encouraged to check the website for a book and reserve money.
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Allah peace, Salam Alaikum Welcome to this episode of the beauties of Islam. We have a website, by the way called beauties of Islam calm, where you can continue to watch this series because it's quite lengthy have quite a few episodes. And you may like to continue and see more about these subjects. One of the things I've been talking about is the concepts of belief and how it puts to rest. A lot of the questions and a lot of the confusion that some people have when they think about God, when they think about the creation when they think about themselves and their purpose in life. We were talking to some extent about and I digressed off the subject to some degree when we're

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talking about Adam. And we were talking about the devil we were talking about the angels were talking about the jinn. Now, those of you that haven't seen it previous episodes, you'd be like, what's he talking about? so quickly, we know that Allah exists, and he's one and he created something called angels from light, he created another race called jinn. And they're like angels in the fact that you can't see them. But they're totally unlike angels in the fact that they have free choice, whereas angels don't. So they can choose to obey or disobey a law in the same way that human beings can. And then the human beings are the last of the creations of a law. Now, we discovered in

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the previous programs that we've talked about, that these Jin who existed before Adam, also had one who was maybe like a leader to them, and he was quite strong and his worship, to the extent that God Almighty had put him in a very high place,

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next to the angels, who was actually next to the angels in his worship, until something happened, and a lot of send a commandment down because he had created Adam, the best of his creation. And he said, all of you bow down and all the angels bow down, except the blease who's not an angel, but he was from the jinn. So he had free choice. And that's what really happened. And when he refused about down, this was bad, because he said, Why, why he's not gonna bow down, he said, I'm better than him. And this in Arabic is called kibber, or arrogance. And only Allah is that bar, the greatest, it's one of the same root kabara. And I was trying to make that point in our other program. Now, here's

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what happens when anything in the creation, whether it's a general human being, it starts to get this arrogance and show off and like You're Somebody Special. This means you're in competition to a law. And this is not acceptable to a law. Only a law is at the bar, and above all things. So this is where the devil went wrong. Now, Adam also went wrong because he ate the fruit that he was commanded not to eat. Both of them had made a mistake, one made the mistake of what? disobeying by not following a commandment, the other one, Adam, disobeyed by not following commandment, which is not to do something. So the devil is ordered, do something and he doesn't do it. And Adam is ordered,

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don't do it, but he did it. So this gives us as human beings today, to understand there are certain things which you are ordered not to do certain things you ordered that you must do.

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And either way when you break a commandment, it's a broken commandment. But only Adam was successful, and coming out from under it. Why? Because the devil refused to repent until this minute he still refuses to repent. On the other hand, Adam did the right thing and he repented. And in Arabic language, the word is tober. tober means to go back, turn around and go back, go back, like you're driving down the street, you know, in your car, and you say I need to make a U turn. Okay, I'll go back is Toba. To go back, go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Go back to Almighty God, he's the one who created you. He's the only one listening to your prayers, and he's the only one you

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really need to apologize to when you break his commandments. And course, unless you have affected people, then you have to also seek forgiveness from them as well. But isn't that the subject? What we're starting to understand here now is that there is something very basic in all the creation of a law, and that's all by his command. And human beings have choices, but we don't have freewill. Some of the times you'll hear people say, Well, don't you believe we have freewill? Or if I have freewill. Order this glass to float, go ahead, glass get up float.

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By the way, don't hold your breath and wait because it's not going anywhere. Because I don't have free will. But I have free choice. I'm going to make the choice to pick up the glass. All right.

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And a lot let my choice work. That's the only reason I could do that.

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Hmm. So if I don't have free will, but I have free choice, it means some of the things I want to do could happen, but maybe they won't happen. True. Yeah. But whatever does happen is a result of what Allah has is called will. Allahu Allah Cooley Shane kadeer, Allah has the power to do whatever he wills to do. And this is a beautiful teaching in Islam, that helps us to understand and put into perspective, what happens around us every day, many things are happening all the time when we said, Oh, this is bad. And this is good. And this is nice. And this is sad. And this is, you know, a disaster. And this is something fantastic. And this is a catastrophe. And what does all of this

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mean, and we understand from that, what

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it's all in the power of the law, he's the only one has this power. He's the only one that's in this total and complete control.

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And that's always something we look to Him, we understand that if anything is happening, it's good. It's from him, anything we don't like, it's still from him. This is all a part of the understanding that we get, we can always go back to him and turn to him for whatever's going on in ask for help, or whatever we need. And this is one of the beauties of Islam.

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Just below, we're back and you're watching the beauties of Islam, we've been talking about the concept of repentance. In Islam, we've been talking about the concept of going back to a god and asking for forgiveness. We've been talking about the concept of understanding why things are coming about as they do. So I think is a good chance for us to continue that and talk about why do good things happen to bad people, and why the bad things happen to good people. And this is definitely what I call the beauty of Islam is to get this correct understanding. Often we see people that have so much wealth and so much, you know, and they're bad people and you say why is he getting so much

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somebody else is a really good person, but he has little if anything at all. Maybe he gets cancer and he dies. And we think how, how is that? Is that fair?

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What we learned from this is a good lesson because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he taught us something about this. And he said that there will be two people who will come in the Day of Judgment. And one of them, he will have had everything he wanted in this life. Even when he was about to die, he asked for a piece to be set in front of him. And he would get that the other one who would have none of the things that their life, nothing he wanted, came out the way he wanted it. Even when he was about to die. All he wanted was a glass of water, but he didn't even get to drink that.

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Then the one who had everything he would be put into the Hellfire, the jahannam like you put a pin into something and you pull it out.

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And then he would be asked, and your whole life. Did you ever see anything good? He said, Well, was he there my whole life. I never saw anything good. The other one then they had ever every disaster happened to him, he will be put into the paradise. Like you put a pin in something and pull it out. And then he would be asked, and your whole life. Did you ever see anything bad? And it was a no in my whole life. I never saw anything bad. Because one second in * wipes out any good you ever saw. But one second in paradise wipes out any difficulty.

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And some of the companions of Muhammad peace be upon him. They asked him what a winner stand it. He said, because nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfectly good. And by the way, nobody's perfectly bad either. And this means that the one who heard everything in this life, actually use a bad person a lot did not love him. Allah hated this man. And the man was so evil and so bad. But he did do some good things because nobody can be perfectly bad.

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The good that the man did or Allah rewarded him in this life, because it's like there's nothing is nothing compared to the next life. So he gave him his reward here. So in the next life, he didn't even get to smell the paradise. He in fact went to *. And that's a horrible, horrible destination for anybody. The other man, though, was actually good. He was so good, really, and it's hard a good man, but he made some mistakes. He did some bad deeds. And because a lot of love this man, he let him have his disasters in this life. So he wouldn't have the main disaster in the next life.

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Because after all, that's the eternal life. And so this man who Allah loves, he didn't even want him to smell the Hellfire even for one second. So he suffered in this life, but he got the best of Next slide. And this explains some of the things that we see happening.

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Every day because people will ask you, look, we saw there was a tsunami, there was a tornado, there was a hurricane, there was earthquake mudslides, you know, so many disasters happening. There are natural disasters and manmade disasters, and oh, people are dying everywhere in suffering and children and this and that. And why? Because all of this is in the control of Almighty God. He's the one who created everything He created you and me. He created everything. And he's the one who determines how things will go. And then what are we supposed to do about it? How do you react when these things come about? What is inside your heart? What happens inside your head? And there's a way

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you can check this out? Check it out for yourself, and ask yourself, How do I react? When anything bad happens to me? And how do I react on anything good happens. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him towards a beautiful teaching. He said ajeeb amazing. Astonishing is the condition of a movement of believer, because only good comes his way. When any of the good things comes his way. he's thankful to all our sugar a lot. thank you a lot for giving me these things. Thank you, God, I appreciate these things, and I'm showing appreciation. But when the calamities strike him a catastrophes come his way, you know what he does? He makes supper. He is persevering. He is patient,

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and it's good for him. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said but this is only in the case of the believer. So think about it the next time you're having a difficulty. How do you react? Because if you're a believer, all of it will work for good for you. The Christians know this is well they have the verse in their Bible that said, All things work for good for those who love the Lord. So if you truly love a law, then consider this. Everything is from him. And everything returns to him and in the Quran. He says in the Lackey, what in alayhi reggiana.

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And the return is always back to Allah. So with that, we'll conclude our program and look for you next time right here on the beauties of Islam. And don't forget to check out our website, you reserve islam.com Till next time, peace. set our money comm Rob

Ninth episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The creation of Adam & the story of the devil.

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