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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a beautiful sun seeker that is a symbol of Muslim's need for others to help them during their absence. They also mention a woman who talks about her desire to pray for her brother and sister, and how her mother-in-law gives her a blessing and a message of her the Lord will bless her and her parents. The speaker also mentions a woman who talks about her desire to pray for her sister and her mother-in-law.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today I'm going to share with you a very interesting and beautiful sunnah unfortunately have been forgotten and maybe even neglected by many, which is praying for others in their absence. And subhanAllah is sunnah has great virtue or innocence in the sound Hadith, which is collected by Imam Muslim. Abu darda rob the Allahu Allah narrated that the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said

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may or may not be in Muslim in yet oh yeah he below real life. Il Cala El Malecon work Hello, be well akademisk

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So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, Whenever somebody who's a Muslim supplicates to Allah for another person, he or she, in their absence, not face to face. Now in their presence. I know that my blood brother, or my blood sister, or one of the brothers in the machine, what a neighbor, what a classmate or a co worker doesn't have to be a family member in a Muslim. You know, the Muslim is in need is in hardship. He needs you raise your hands you say yeah, Allah bless so and so Oh ALLAH delivered so and so out of his hardship. Oh Allah help him to sit in his that. Oh Allah make it easy for his daughter to get married. Make it easy for his wife to conceive and give birth a

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goodly offspring. Guess what

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this dua is guaranteed to be accepted. Why? Because Allah Almighty appoints an angel next to every person who supplicating for others in their absence.

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He will do two things. You making dua for others. And the angel next you hear in you and you keep saying Amin Amin, amin means Oh Allah accept his dua. This is the first. The second is so beautiful, what he will say when it can be missed, or Allah accept his dua, his prayer for his brother, for his sister, for others in their absence, and give him likewise. So I'm asking Allah to bless one of my brothers, one of my sisters, the angel will say I mean, an O Allah, likewise for him blessing to you know, whenever a DUA, is been supplicated by an angel, it is accepted the pure layout Soon Allah humma, Amara home, wherever Aluna maroon The angels are infallible, they do not make any sense.

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Their prayers are accepted. So when you make the DUA, and they say, I mean guaranteed, your supplication is accepted, and you are making this dua for another person, so he will benefit out of it. And then the angel says, and give him life wise. And the story of this hadith is quite interesting. Started as follows. How did we come to know about this hadith, from Abu Dhabi, that his wife, Ahmed, or that Ravi, Allah Allah, as you know that after the death of the Prophet SAW Selim, a Buddha and his wife migrated to Hashem,

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a person by the name Abdullah eveness of one came to visit Abu darda Bible though that was not home. So mother that hosted him. And then she said, I heard that you are going for Hajj this year. So please include us in your prayer. Because indeed, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Whenever a Muslim makes dua for another in their absence, Allah Almighty appoints an angel to say I mean to his dua, and say, Oh Allah give him likewise.

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I know that some of you will say, wait a minute, forget about the Hadith now, and about this beautiful sunnah and its privileges. One thing is bothering me what he says, you said that, I believe no one came to visit, and he came to Hashem. But when I was there that was not there. So mother that hosted him and she chatted with him. Is this permissible?

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A guy who's totally stranger, he comes, the man of the house is not home. So the wife allows him to enter and she chats with him and she teaches him a blessing and she quotes a hadith is this permissible?

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It's all permissible because our biller ignorance of one was her son in law.

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So this is very important to know the circumstances of the Hadith. Abdullah in yourself one was married to Omada and Abu Dhabi death's door.

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So when he came to visit his father in law, Abu Dhabi that was not home. So more adult that his mother in law please come on in. Is it permissible Of course he's a permanent Muharram and there she taught him the Hadith. And she said Please, if you go for Hajj, this is a blessing. And then how do I is accepted include us in your DUA, because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him stayed there what will mostly nearly or he be

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a monster job? Whenever a Muslim prays for another in their absence in his absence in the absence? Not face to face, most Dejagah guaranteed to be answered? You are Kilala hooby Milliken, Allah will appoint an angel next to him to say Amin, amin and give him or her likewise. And by the way to wrap it up. There is a beautiful Hadith

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I shut up the Allahu Allah says your rasool Allah Isha.

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Won't you pray for me? He said, Allah MOFA Leah Isha them Mirtha demat minhwa ACARA women server Toma, Alana.

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So I shall left and her head fell in the lap of the Prophet SAW Selim, she was so happy. He said yeah Isha. Are you surprised? By Allah? This is my supplication for my honor all the time in my schedule. I pray for my own. Allah McFeely Almighty zuba Malka dammit wanna hurt women? Asara Toma, Allah which means Oh Allah, forgive all the sins of my OMA, whatever they have done and whatever they will do whatever they've done in secret, and whatever they have done in public, every time you pray for others, if there are one or more, you will be rewarded. And that's why include the entire oma in your prayers in your salute in every Saturday if you can say Rob Bell Finley while you were

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leader, he will mean He

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is my Lord forgive me and forgive my parents and forgive the sins of all the believers until the day of judgment. And this is

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an embodiment of the sound Hadith layer meanwhile hadoo comb Hatter your head barely see him or your head ball enough say none of you truly believe until he loves for others, what he loves, for himself. A love you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah forgive all our sins, me, my parents and all of you until next time, I Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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