What are the Signs that Allah Loves You I

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Now look at the signs when Allah loves you, nothing to do with dunya nothing to do with money, nothing to do with degree nothing to do with beauty nothing to do with status this is in the sight of Allah is zero fee that I have up to when I love him or her and this is one of the DUA you have to do it for yourself. Find out how they're going to somehow hula the smell be it become his hearings.

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While Basara hula hoops it'll be and I become his eyesight

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where the whole lotta who will be her and the hand that he use and another for narration? What did you do lithium she'd be her and the foot or the feet that he walks with.

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Now the sign

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Wallah. insula Nila Adrianna, when he or she asked me, I'll give it to her. And he used here, those of you who know Arabi to QID he used a form of emphasis every tool of emphasis in the Arabic language he used it here. Wallah in sunny LA or Atlanta is used llama Toki Toki. He used to things

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you turn to Allah and ask him something. But you have worked so hard by doing all the obligations, all lot of continuous extras, you say your Give me this moment here we'll give it to well let me start and Isla or Edina and when he seeks refuge in Me, I'll give him the refuge