Nouman Ali Khan – Surah-Fatiha Points to Ponder

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into a brief discussion on the reflections of Surah al Fatihah in the context of the most fundamental aspects of our Deen or a summary of the entire Islam.

He begins by the first three Ayats of the Surah. In them, he first analyses the difference between thanking Allah and praising Allah. The meanings of the word – Hamd are also elaborated upon.

Another wonderful thing about the beginning of Surah Al Fatiha is that the hadith tells us that Allah has 99 names and in Surah al Fatiha we specifically use Allah and there is profound benefit in that the benefit is that if we thank and praise Allah only for being Khaliq then the only thing you are  appreciating is that he created, if you thank/praise Him only for being Wise then the only thing you are appreciating is that He is Wise as is the case of the other phrase too. Alhamdulillah covers all. We are also acquainted with the concepts of how we want to be Allah’s slave, and how despite Him being our Master, He is Ar Rahman- the Bestower of Mercy.

The Ustadh also discusses:

  • The understanding of the verse Sirat Al-Ladhina ‘An`amta `Alayhim.
  • The paths that lead to Allah.
  • The concept of Hidaya (Guidance).
  • The reasoning behind a Muslim asking for Hidaya while he has already been guided to the truth.
  • The different levels of Hidaya

The absolute magnificence of the fact that Allah SWT Himself is responding to us when we recite Surat al-Fatihah in our Salah and the need for us to be in full realization and awareness of it the next time we perform Salah.