Your Eman Is Your Surveillance

Musleh Khan


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When the reminders aren't there, when the supportive cast isn't there, when there's nobody around to say and remind you, Hey, brother, a sister, like don't do that or don't speak that way, when you don't have that you're literally by herself. And this will be the last point that I leave you with in the second part of the hotbar. But when you're alone,

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one of the most beautiful ways to really test your faith is that there's no rules. There's no support, but I'm still going to do the right thing.

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There's no order, but I'm still going to do the right thing.

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You know, very often,

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some of the young students will share some stories of temptation. You know, I was in a store. It was right there. I could have just picked it up and stole it and walk out of the store. Nobody would have seen anything.

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But your Eman is your surveillance. And your Eman says I won't do this. Your Eman kicks in and it influences and it encourages your behavior your decisions your actions.