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The importance of strong personality and strong values in one's life is discussed, including the use of signs to indicate bad behavior and the struggles of Islam leaders. The use of animals as symbols of good health and the potential for negative consequences are also highlighted. The history of Islam includes the use of shams to purify the soul, drugs and drugs, and the use of drugs to deal with stress and problems. The importance of gratitude and being thankful for others is emphasized, as it is crucial for building a healthy life. The segment ends with a reminder of upcoming events and a invitation to tuning in for more information.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Ali he was so happy woman Hala by the salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. Welcome to this episode of Stories of the Prophets. This is our sixth lesson, and we'll be covering and shadow taught in this lesson. The story of Prophet Saleh Ali Salam, and Prophet salah, he was the prophet who was sent to the people of the mood. When you hear about the story of the mood in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to the people of Saul had a Salam and their land or their region was an hedger, which is in the northern Arabian Peninsula. And you'll find it in this in the city of ruler and in this area today known as Medina

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and salah. It's still there even to today, where you know, people unfortunately nowadays they're taking as a tourist attraction, where that goes against the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the only way we're allowed to go to such an area where people have been punished is for us to go there as no reflection and crying as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, as we mentioned, the Hadith Inshallah, towards the end of the story, their land was a very beautiful land, their land was known for its gardens and springs in pure water, and deep palms and trees. And they skillfully carved out houses in in the mountains as a law described in the Quran, Salah hurry,

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salam, he was well known, you know, there was people he was from a very high lineage, known for his knowledge and his strong intellect. And we mentioned this before, as one of the keys to being successful in our Dawa. And that is that the people they are, you know, from those who are from any high status in society, or, you know, they're known to be from, you know, people from from a strong lineage from a strong tribe from a strong family, that does have a, you know, huge impact. And that's why our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was known to be from a very high status in from his people in Koresh. And that has a huge impact. So we have someone who's from a

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high status in society, it has a huge impact. And we even talk recently, we're discussing about the importance of, you know, in the western societies, that the people who are in charge of you no doubt organizations in this, if they're from the people who are originally from that country, that actually has a huge impact. And a lot of the brothers a lot of times don't like to hear that. But this is a reality when it's someone who's, you know, from the UK, and he's originally British, or someone's from France, and he's originally French, it has, and it does have a big impact on that when we see this time and time again, in the Stories of the Prophets, when they were sent to their

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people. They were from those who are from a high status in their society, or you know, from their lineage, and they were well respected in their society. And that has an impact on the people accepting the download these people even though they knew very well what happened to the people of AD, and the people who that is Salam that they should have taken it as a piece of advice, as you know, a way of being reminded and bringing them back to Allah subhanho wa taala. But unfortunately, what they did, they

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continue down the path of Kufa and shirk just like those who before them instead of reflecting on what you know the punishment that happened to the people of AD and that bring them back to Allah subhanaw taala. They continued down the same path, and Nabil Allah Saleh had a Salam he called them to to heat this was the foundation of his Dawa, just like all of the other prophets, who call the people they call them to let you know when Allah to pure money, Islamic monotheism, to worship Allah as one without joining a partners, and he spoke to them and he spoke to the intellect as we see, you know, time and time again, you know, getting them to reflect, to to awaken that fitrah that natural

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inclination that they have inside and to speak to the you know, the the sound mind and the sound reasoning, to get them to to reflect and to return to Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah describes for us the story of how he called them salatu salam and saw it as Shuara from verses 146 to verse 152. When Allah when when he says to them, a tuturro Hakuna Faema Hoonah Armenian will you be left here, secure from death here good to reflect you and you because they're living in this beautiful land all of this and he starts to describe it to them the Jannetty

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Were you in gardens in Springs was a roar in one Lachlan fall through her her beam, and fields and crops and palm trees with soft and fruits. What 10 Hey dude, I mean algae barely Butte and fairy Hien and you carve out of the mountains, homes, fatty heen with skills,

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all of these things that they've reached from the netmeds that the law has blessed them with, from the springs, from the gardens, from the fields and the crops and the palm trees, and their ability to be able to carve out these amazing mountains and the house in the mountains. And by the way, to carve out a house from the mountain, even with the advanced machinery that we have today. It's something that's very, very difficult, it's not easy to do Subhanallah it's not easy to do. And this is in their time at something unthinkable they will be able to do it that shows you how skilled they were subpanel that's where a lot when he described them. He said what tend to hate on him and LG

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Valley booth and fairy Hien that you carve out of the mountains homes, very he was skilled, very skillful with it. It's amazing Subhanallah but where did they get the trophy? If and the ability to do this? It's from Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's why in the next verse, Salah Ali salaam, he says, For telco law, wealthy Arun, so fear of law, have the consciousness of a law in your life, and your own and obey me. And then he said, Well, I don't care who am Ramos Riffian and do not obey the author of the most revealing of the transgressors and levena UFC doing all the well obviously Hoon, those who cropped up on Earth, and do not reform and Subhanallah when you reflect on these verses,

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and you reflect on the reality of many of our societies, if you look at for example, and in the west or anywhere in the world, and to be quite frank, but if you look at the in the West, we reflect on our societies, because we are very successful. And many aspects when it comes to the affairs of the dunya the worldly affairs in our society, Allah has blessed us with beauty on our country in a very beautiful, we have a say, you know, Jen NatCen, where are you and there's something normal to us and our countries do we have a beautiful gardens, beautiful trees, beautiful forests, beautiful, you know, crops, you know, Zulu, and, and we have, we have all of this and in our country's, it's just

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so plentiful, and so green and so beautiful. Allah has blessed us with this. And we're very advanced when it comes to technology when it comes to, to building and infrastructure and all of this. So it's from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala, the Lord's blessing was blessing us with and they should call us back to our Creator to be with our greater than to be thankful. And that's what all of the prophets are calling their their followers to do as well. But what is the reality of so many people look at this, as he said solid here, he says to them, he says that no to federal law and to obey me, what else would they do not obey, I'm going to demonstrate within the order of the

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transgressors. Who are the transgressors? He described in the next verse Ella, you know, you've seen when I fill out the well, I assume those who any post corruption, the earth and they do not reform, and who do people follow nowadays? These are the people that they follow. Look online, and who are people following on Instagram, and following on?

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You know, the social media accounts, they're following people who are causing corruption upon Earth and not reforming. And then most people are not following those who call them to that which is good and that which is beneficial. This is this unfortunate reality, the ones who are causing the corruption on earth. Well, obviously we're not reforming. These are the ones that people are falling Allama Stein, and then they reply to Solly and another verse in sorted hood, Allah mentioned what they said to Salah and reply to his Dawa. They said, Paul, we are salehoo canta fina Module One coupler had it all solid before you were a man of promise before us, and what does it mean a matter

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of promise, I'm gonna explain to inshallah. And then they said, attend to Hannah. And now Buddha, Maya boo, ona, we're in Anna laffy Shatkin MIM today the room and Eli he Mareep. And they said that do you forbid us from worshipping that which you that which our forefathers used to worship? And they said, Verily We are in check. We're in doubt of that what you are calling us to. And subhanAllah This is the dow of all the people when they reject the house, they always go back. This is the religion of our forefathers. If you look nowadays, and the people who are we who will reject the hug refused to follow the truth, even if they they might even tell you sometimes that they

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believe it, and this is something funny, and it's mind boggling and in a way but when you see the stories of the Quran, you see the Stories of the Prophets, you see that there are people we're the same way. We've had people when we debate with them about Islam, they accept it and they say that

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Clearly Islam is the religion of truth. It's the you know, the clear religion and what have you. They say, however, we can't any accepted because we're not from this race or that race, or we're from this religion or this belief, and our forefathers are our people, they do this they refuse to accept the truth because of this Subhan Allah so the same thing you'll see that in reality, that we live in our lives. It's the same thing that happened to the prophets and their Dawa as well, when they told Salah that you were a man who was mo Jew one Kubla herder that you were someone who was a man of promise before meaning that we used to respect you that we used to look up to you because

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you're somewhat of knowledge and sound intellect you're well known between us. But now you're coming with this dollar to to heat and you're telling us to leave sure can leave the religion of our forefathers say, Look, this is something we're not going to accept anymore, and we're going to reject it. From his Dawa. There were very few people very small amount once again, who believed in this happens to many of the prophets, where they had very small followings. You'll find others you'll see later on in Chanda stories, Musa and Isa and our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam all of them who have large followings, but many of the prophets had very small followings

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from them was solid had a Salam. And when they finally realized they didn't have any Hoja, any evidence or anything to truly properly debate with salatu salam, they said, We're going to come up with something that's absolutely ludicrous, that will never happen just to you know, try to prove that he's wrong. And just just to make it difficult for him, that he won't be able to bring anything any proof against us. So they said to him, that to bring an eye or for us if you're really someone who is truthful, if you're really truthful, to bring us an eye and this happens to all the prophets where they challenge him to bring them an iron and their idea was they said they want you to bring

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us a sheet Campbell who's in the last month of her pregnancy that comes out of this boat or out of this rock that we're looking at over here that comes out and that provides milk for us and what have you there's so this this camo coming out of the the rock or the border, this is what they requested from Sol Sol sol de la salaam, he went and he made dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah responded in the verses and Surah til calmer verses 27 and 28. When Allah said in Musou, Nakata fit, net and loan that we are going to send the NACA, the she camel, fitna tele home as a fitna as a trial for them as a test for them to see what they're going to do. Because you won't believe you're saying,

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Bring this camera out of this border. And here the camera comes out to you. It's a fitna for them, it's a test for them. Allah said to salatu salam, for Turkey boom, was terrible. So watch them and be patient. I mean, watch them, see what their response is going to be. See, are they going to believe because he asked them before this, if this comes, will you believe in this and of course if it comes, we're going to believe, but then when it came, many of them they rejected the hawk as well. Subhanallah and then Allah said and the next verse, he said, When a bit home unelma This Matome Boehner whom Kulu should have been matava and tell them and inform them that the water is to

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be shared between them, each day of drink is to be established meaning by turns. So basically what it was, is that as I mentioned the other verses, if you look in Surah, to shoot Allah, Allah said in verses 155 and 156, Allah said Bala had the he now to Allah Shimbun welcome Shira Boone yo min Allah commissure Borjomi maloom this Allah said that this is the NACA LA has shipborne that it has a day to drink. Welcome Shira boo yo me man oh man, you have a also a known day to drink. So basically, they will alternate the day so this is the day of the camo to drink from the well from the water they had was the main source of water for the entire city. And it was forbidden for them to drink

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the water during that day was only for the camel, and the day after it was for them. And then Allah said in the next verse, and so to shoot a rock, and when 56 Willa tema sue her well at Emma su have a shoo in for Other boo Yeoman. Avi so do not harm it in any way at least you'd be seized with a punishment of a terrible day Subhanallah this camel as a sign where the greatest sign and this is what's interesting because if you look in the story of salatu salam, it's very similar to the other stories of other prophets where the people denied you know, clear proofs and they refuse and then they were punished them but something very unique about this story is the fact that

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in this story, the sign was so amazing so clear, that it came out from the border that this the chic feminine, there's something that doesn't have

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It's not something that's normal, but Allah gives the mortgages that he gives the miracles to the prophets. So they have this clear sign, it's so clear. And this one camel provides enough milk for the entire population. So it's not just a sign, it's something also that's very, very beneficial, beneficial, and in for them Subhanallah tell them Allahu Akbar. So here they have this clear sign, but what was their response? They all also rejected the heart and refuse and they start to plot to kill the camo because they weren't happy that they weren't there, themselves and also their other animals couldn't drink from the water source during that one day. That was the day of the camel. So

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they plotted to kill the camel and their leader, or one of the main leaders of their tribe. His name was Kay dar Ibn Salif dar mo Salif. He was the leader and he went around to all of the people. And there's a very important Anita understanding this story and understanding reality is that they

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started to

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when he when he went, he got the permission from all the people. So he started, obviously, you know, with the people close to him, the people who are of high position, then went to the other people went to the younger people, the older people, it made sure he had the consensus of all of the people, obviously, the people who saw and hidden, the believers are not going to be with them. But everyone else agreed with them, they were able to convince them. And when people spread their fears that

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and the corruption upon Earth, this is what they do. They go to those people to get there. Okay, so now we look at certain leaders. And if I were to ask you, in certain, you know, Muslim countries, certain non Muslim countries, look at certain leaders, and people are saying, Oh, this guy is evil, but those who are behind him.

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Those are the ones who support him. He didn't go out there doing this by himself. He had, first of all, he got the support of the people. So a lot of people they blame, they blame, for example, President Trump has this and this, but also he has to supporters with the same mindset, okay. And if you look at other countries, I'm not going to mention any other countries other than my own. But if you listen to other other countries, other leaders, you're going to see this same exact example, that we saw, Oh, this man is evil. There's a lot of evil guys just like him with the same mindset and the same belief in a society who wants to corruption upon Earth. And that's why he's successful.

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That's why he's able to be the leader. And it's very interesting, shall we mention at the end from the sort of shims, Allah mentioned is also the story there as well, which many of us, all of us probably memorize the Surah, but don't realize how deep the meanings are, from this. The story of the story of the moon and salatu salam. So what happened after this as they plotted to kill the camo, Allah seven Stolyarov verse 77, for Otto Nakota, Watteau and a myriad of beat him. They hung they so they, they hamstring the camel, they killed the camel, and they went against the command of their Lord. Not just that they didn't just kill it and go with the Kemet and command of the Lord.

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They also said to Salah they challenge the loss of panelboards Allah, look at the Kippur the arrogance, they said yeah salehoo Tina Bhima you in quantum and remote sensing. They said oh soil, come bring us what you're promising us if you're from really from the messengers, bring it on. Just like we heard the stories in the past. So they challenged them the revelation was sent the soil when their punishment will come so solid reply to them with all of the thicker all of the certainty he said, Ali Salam, as Allah told us, also,

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as auto insert hood, installers reply when he said for color, timid roofie there you come, fella that a.

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He said, so enjoy yourself in your homes. That's it. I am for three days, that eco wagon, lay Euro MK lube, this is a promise not to be the night, fellas, the Punisher is going to come to you. And this is also very interesting and this story. It wasn't just a promise, like we know from the story of knew, for example, that the punishment is going to come Allah told him to build the ark to build the Safina to build the ship, and here they are a building. He doesn't know when the punishment is going to come when there were signs, as we mentioned, but he didn't know exactly what to do over here. It was made clear to solid three days that's it, and then the punishment Allahu Akbar is going

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to come what was their punishment? What was their destruction in one day? Now I mentioned add how was any several days but here just one day, one day the destruction and happened through a say have to a shriek or you know a torment awful cry, what have you and REG file which is an earthquake, Allah mentioned it in several Denia throughout the Quran in surah Allah for example,

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loss of other tomb are registered to for us by who the derry o v their em Jaffe mean that they were seized by the Earth quick and they became within their home Jaffe mean meaning that they were corpses as it was mentioned at FCA that they were down on their knees and their souls left their bodies and so when you came when you came in you would see them in their houses just down on their knees any fallen prone like this dead no movement in them Subhanallah one just and one punishment all sent them to say huh, and sent them the register, and they were destroyed just like that. What happened to Salah and those who believed in him Alhamdulillah they were able to flee with salah they

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left the city before the punishment came to them. And Allah mentions that in detail and solitude. Verses 66 to 68 when Allah said philam Jaya Munna net je na sala Hunnewell, Edina and Omar Hobi, Rama de Mina, women fizzy Yomi is in Europe, burka who will go we will Aziz. So when our command came, we save solid and those who believe with him by the mercy of us. And we saved them from the disgrace of that great day. And did your Lord is alcovy. He is the old powerful, that Aziz al Aziz the Exalted in Might subhanho wa taala. And the next verse, Allah said Wa they'll let the Nevada mas say hi to for us by houfy the early him Jessie mean, and the shriek sees those who were the volume

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in the wrongdoers. And they became as we said Jaffe mean corpses no prostrate in their houses down on their knees Subhan Allah just like that as a sign for all of those who came after them.

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And then Allah said

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you have no fee her it was acting as it was as if they never lived there became a ghost town Subhanallah them this and go back to we said in the beginning, and how they had their their beautiful homes in the mountains and they were in a Corvette and all of the springs and and gardens and how beautiful the place was just like that it became like a ghost town and let me know via subpoena It was as if they were never there. Allah said Allah in thermo the CAFO rob the home that indeed no doubt that the mood disbelieved in the Lord, Allah Borden with the mood so away with them or just like that Allah subhanaw taala ordered and they were completely destroyed. Saleh said to

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them as it came and sorted, who would verse 79, after they had died, he turned to his people and spoke to them, as they were sitting there dead corpses. And similar this happened, you know, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his scholarship Tafseer talks about this, what's meant by this, because he said in the eye for a while, and whom will call call me Lacan a block to come rissalah To rob be resultater of B, when a sack Tula Comala can lead to a bonus when he said, Oh my people he turned he turned away from them. And he said, Oh my people, I certainly conveyed rissalah to rob be the message of my Lord, when the SatoLA come, and I gave her an advise you while I can lead to a bone

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and nalsar Hain but you do not like advisors, the scholar said, how was he speaking to them when they're dead? There's something similar happened to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Prophet Muhammad Ali Salah to Sam in the battle butter, when he spoke to the people who had been killed, and he called them out name by name. And he said, I have found what my Lord promised me How can have you found what your Lord promised? You have come to be true that I found when my Lord, to promise you to be the truth. What about you? Have you found it? And of course they found it. And Omar said wrote the Allahu, and he said, How can you speak to them? And they're dead, they're dead bodies with no

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souls. He said to Elisa, they can hear me just like you can hear me. Subhanallah so there's something that was given to the Prophets as a way to send a message to the people so they could hear it as their their souls have been taken, but they realized Subhanallah their arrogance and refusing to accept the hug and disobeying Allah subhanaw taala what is the outcomes of that? So this is what the what happens when Allah gives that that message for all of mankind. And as we said, Subhan Allah, any even the small verses, and so it the shrimps and that's very interesting, because I'm sort of chums. It's a very small sort of only 15 short verses. But Allah mentions the story of the

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moon in particular in the end, because the objective of sort of shims, is the importance of purifying our soul. And

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the one who strives to purify so he's going to be the successful and the one doesn't, he's going to be the loser. And then at the end of that Allah mentions the story, which is very interesting because sort the Shems is talking about the the Shams meaning something that's very clear the sun but when it comes to the people of the mood, they have one of

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clearest proofs, one of the clearest proofs. That's why Allah said in the first verse, Allah said that the mu with a word in terms of the first verses from 11 to 15, the first verse talking about the story of the people of the moon, get there but the moon to be Taqwa that they denied meaning their prophet salatu salam, by reason of their trends which by reason of their transgression, with of worship, by reason of their transgression. Why because the sign was so clear the sign was so clear just like the chumps. Like the sudden this guy, here's a camel, as you can tell, comes out of a rock. What does that happen? It's so clear, but yet they still refuse to accept it. They still

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refuse to accept it. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, installed facilite a Mirtha Moodle for her they know whom first the hub Bula Amer Allahu, they're the people to me, we guided them, but they prefer the AMA, they prefer blindness, instead of guidance, Allahu Akbar, how much how much clearer of a sign can you get other than that? Subhanallah but yet, they still rejected the truth. And what did they do it came in the next version is one of the shims is in batha a schwa, if they sent the most wicked from them, to kill the shoe camel, but like we said it was with the permission of all of the people he went, got to consensus waited, he didn't just do it by himself

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and say, We have to all be punished. But that's why all of them were going to be punished if you listened if you pay attention to that. They all actually all of us memorize but perhaps we don't know the meanings of them for call Allah whom Rasul Allah, he now go to law, he was Sophia, and their messenger, and he the Messenger of Allah. So Allah had a Salam. He said to them, Do not harm the sheep camel, and prevent the sheep camel from the day of drinking, as we say, because they had his they had the camera today, and the people had their date. But what did they do for kids the Boo falcoda So they denied salatu salam, and they ne and hamstra and hamstrung the camel, meaning they

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killed the camel. And then Allah subhana wa Tada said for Dum Dum alley him, Rob, boom, be them be him. So the Lord brought down upon them the destruction. Why be them be him? A the sub the reason for their destruction was because of their denial. And that's why they got what they deserved the punishment for so well, huh? What is the meaning of this, and he made it equal upon all of them. Because all of them, as we said, you know, the elderly, the young, the youth from the highest status from the commoners, all of them agreed with their leader. All of them agree with the leader of the doubt, Qaeda or even self, that they would kill the camera Subhan Allah and reject the truth. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said that for them dama la him Rob boom, did them be him for so Allah, so the Lord brought down the destruction upon them, be that be be them be him be by reason of their sin. So what happened, he made all of them equal, all of them got the same punishment, all of them destroyed because that's what they deserved, because all of them came together and they made the sin together. And then Allah subhanaw taala and he at the end, and at the end of the verse, He made it clear that in that he is the only one who has the ability. Well, I have Oba that Allah subhanho wa taala. He can do what he wants, and he doesn't have any fear of what the people say or what the

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people think, because he is the one who's in control of everything. subhanaw taala not like the rulers of the dunya that if they were to do similar crimes, they're always scared of what's going to happen then but also Panama Tala, He is the Creator and He does as he pleases subhanaw taala. And as we said, the objective is for us to reflect on these verses for us to reflect on his stories for us to submit. Look what happened to people when they denied they had clear signs. Also we have clear signs a law gives us clear signs, signs after signs. But yet, do we submit this the question we need to ask. Another lesson that we gained from the story is the important importance of gratitude and

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being thankful. And when you have gratitude, you're thankful to Allah, Allah increases you? Well, and Sheikh Abdullah as he didn't know, Kamala said very clearly, if you have to be thankful that I will surely increase you. The people have solid after having this blessing a camera who's giving enough milk for the entire village, and also any they're having all the blessings of the gardens in the springs and the ability to build these amazing houses in the mountains, if they will just be thankful Allah subhanaw taala would have increased them. But Allah Allah Stan, they rejected the blessings and requested that Allah sent down the punishment to them or Lama Stan and we as we

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mentioned, the past nations they always rejected the truth can use that as an example their forefathers and many people even now, they said that maybe you'll see that they say I'm from this this country or that country or in our country with even Muslim do the same thing now Subhanallah that's that's crazy.

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thing you'll find that yes, the Quran says the Sunnah says this But in our customs where I'm from back home where my mom and dad come from, this is how we do it a look but this is not Islam Islam is one. It's the Quran, sunnah. It's the understanding of the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu. Also from the thing in a very interesting when it comes and into the story is, if you look in sort of the shims in the one verse For Alka roja that Allah mentioned, alcohol in the plural form as a gem as a group, even though it was one man who killed the camel, but all of them have greeted it. So all of them are equal in the sense all of them were punished in as well and shuffled Islam, even Tamia Rahim Allah,

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he mentioned, he said, If this is the punishment, and for the shooting and killing of a sheet camo, what about those who disobey Allah and they spill the blood of the believers that their punishment and in the hereafter and even in this life as well, many of them are punished, as we said before,

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where they have to leave, they're always worried that they're living another paranoid in their lives. And they even have to, you know, drugs and prescription drugs in order to deal with the stress and the problems that are having to always get someone's going to get them. So they live a miserable life and reality in this life and the punishment of the Hereafter, obviously, will be greater. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and make us from those who strive to establish justice upon Earth. And may Allah protect us from being from those who corrupt and following in their footsteps. May Allah make us from those who are here and benefit from the stories, the stories

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of the prophets and make it part of our life and make it a way for us to submit and surrender to the Command of Allah subhanho wa Taala to Zachman or Pharaoh and thank you all for tuning in. And I'll bless all of you and all of your families. And we'll see you next week in general Tyler starting with the story of Ibrahim Ali Salam, until then, Allah knows best Allah, Allah masala selama baraka and we Muhammad which is Kamala Heron was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh