Nouman Ali Khan – Not Losing Sight

In this khutbah, ustadh Nouman Ali Khan responds to the attacks made on our prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in recent times through the wisdom of a 3- ayat passage of surah Ash Shuraa, the 42nd surah of the quran.To the audience he speaks to he (PBUH) already has certain favorable factors that can ease the task for him.
  1. Even before Prophethood, he was seen as a man of noble character by the Quraysh, which would make accepting what he had to say easier for them.
  2. He was given the Quran. He delivered a perfect message ( predrafted by Allah swt Himself ) at perfect instants to the people.
 But even so, nearly a decade goes by, and nothing changes.
In these ayat Allah Himself tells rasulullah (PBUH) that what he has to say is too difficult for them to accept and its too big a deal for the mushrikun to change. All the while, the muslims in Makkah are optimistic about the people of the Book in Madina. They are in hope that the Qurans message resonates with the imaan already present in their hearts. In this Makki passage, Allah reveals to them that ‘ it was after Knowledge came to them, that they fell in disagreement because of their will to dominate over another and be in division’ . Further , all hope in future generations is lost when it is revealed that ‘ they are lost in doubt’.
Whats amazing about these ayat is that here it is Allah swt Himself listing out the reasons for why the Prophet’s (PBUH) mission is an impossible one.But why Allah does that and what advice Allah gives rasulullah (PBUH) is life changing and timeless.
Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan has stated the need of the hour- For the muslims to stay focussed and not to give into distractions. How should we be the ‘Force of positive change’ and what should we really be worried about are some urgent questions addressed in this khutbah.

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