How To Avoid Allah’s Punishment

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Assalamu alaikum on a more serious note, when you post something bad, something haram unacceptable, something that's not permissible. on social media, what happens is, we get a sin for it, May Allah forgive us, right? We get a sin for it. But what's worse is, we continue to get sins. For everyone who watched it saw it perhaps became affected by it in a negative way, and forwarded it to others. And it continues. So it's actually like, on one hand, when you do a good deed, you get a reward for it. And when you encourage the good deed, or display it with the intention of encouraging people to doing good, then you have a full reward for everything that everyone has followed in terms of

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goodness, that's called sadaqa jariya. Like it's a charity that is continuous. So in the same way, the sin would also be continuous, whereby, because you started off something because you posted something bad, because you you started an evil trend, because you actually did something unacceptable. When you seek the forgiveness of Allah, you will be forgiven and your life will change. But what about the accumulation of all the sins that you have now on your shoulders, because you've actually changed a lot of people negatively. And the reason why I say this is not to scare you or to Doom you, but just to tell you that you know what, when you do something, especially on

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social media, make sure it's a good thing, make sure people can actually benefit from it. And the day you meet with Allah, which is very soon, it's actually tomorrow, to be honest with you.

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You must make sure that Allah will be proud of what you've done pleased with you, you would be proud of what you've done. And Allah will be happy to, to see what you've done Subhana Allah, rather than the other way around where we did sin, and now we're Subhanallah embarrassed of what we did, because we didn't realize so this is why the Prophet Mohammed Salam tells us after speaking about the continuous charity and the continuous sin, He then says, Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah mean that, you know, when a person sets a bad example, they get to sin for it and a sin for whoever follows that example, when a person does something good and sets a good example they are rewarded for that. And

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for all that, which is followed in terms of goodness by the rest of the people. And then he says something very interesting. And that is, people will continue to achieve the mercy of Allah for as long as they don't openly sin, for as long as they're not proud of the sins they've committed, and advertise the sins and encourage others to sin. When that happens, then you can expect the punishment of Allah.

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May Allah forgive us, we don't want that to happen. So what should I do? Well, I can change in Shall I can, I can make amends. You know what I, I won't achieve anything by transgressing against Allah. As a human I may. I may fall into the trap, but not out of defiance of Allah. It's a weakness of man, let's repent to Allah. Let's ask Allah for forgiveness. Like I said, Ramadan is around the corner and Subhanallah we must make sure that we realize Time Is Flying. Before I know it, I'm going to be back with Allah. Nothing would have helped me accept the good deeds that I did. And the repentance that I engaged in May Allah forgive me, forgive you forgive all of us. And don't doubt

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the repentance. Don't doubt the forgiveness of Allah. May Allah grant us goodness, just ponder over what I've said and he shall I hope that it helps us to improve ourselves. akula Kali has our Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah