Hasan Ali – Analysing The Lives Of The Prophets – Episode 06

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The history and actions of the woman who caused birth and caused harm to others are discussed, along with the importance of forgiveness and regret. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and avoiding regret, as well as the differences between behavior and personality. They also discuss the use of evidence to convince people of the " Coleual evolution of the world" concept, including the importance of finding a stable life and a job. The speakers emphasize the need to control the population to avoid crisis, use transportation to travel quickly, and large distances in time.
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b2b don't

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wanna worry about too

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aalameen salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa

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salaam aleikum, WA.

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We've got

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to the point where other Maliki salatu salam, his engine, and at least has come to him and he's given him a was fossa, or his

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put thoughts in his mind that were not true. And what he did was, he made him believe in those thoughts. Because he said, Well lie on top. And I said, by a lie, swear that this is the case that you will become from the people who live forever, you become like, you know, you become immortal, you become like the angels. And what he had done is he had created a grounds for forgetfulness. And at that moment, when he had given the wasa to otherwise Salaam and how are both of them, because I think the biblical

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story goes that it was, however, the woman who was the one who then pull the man in, and then the man is tempted by the woman to take from the tree, she takes it, he takes it and then she has the original sin. So because of that original sin, now we law her than punishment, in a sense is that she gives birth, every time she gives birth, and the pain she goes through is because of the punishment that she you know, she bought the sin that she bought in Ghana, as horrible to say, say the least as horrible. First is in Islam. We don't even believe that she was the first one that took from the tree. The Quran clearly states in sort of our off fosters Allahumma salli ala, both of them

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are given this, this was one of these whisperings of the shaitaan in sort of Bukhara Allah says for Allah, and inshallah Allah says, Allah, both of them ate from the tree. So there's no pressure, there's no precedence of one eating before the other. And on top of that, if if one did let's say, for example, if it was the case that how was the first one to eat from the tree? And what was the sin for all those women who came after? Why did they have to go through pain and punishment because of her? And even if he was Adam, you know, who was who was the one who ate from the tree, then? Why is it that you know, later on one man, who is Jesus has to come for the redemption of sin of the

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whole of mankind? And it still doesn't make sense, because, you know, I was in a debate once and I said,

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I was in debate with the Christian. And I said, you know, he was he was telling me how, you know what Christian believes or not, I should try and convert to Christianity and so on so forth. He is right to try and give Dawa and so on, is my right to give Dawa towards my thing? Yeah. So I said, Look, if I convert now, what would be the difference? There would be no difference. He said, Why wouldn't it be this and you'd get salvation, you'd get Jesus's love. And you would get, you know, once you get his love, and you get his you get salvation, you're able to sort of go to Paradise or to heaven. So I said, Look, did Jesus come for the redemption of man for the sin, sin of man, or the

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original sin of man? He said, Yes. He said, has he come already said yes. As it has he gone through what he had to go through for the redemption of the original sin of man. He said, Yes. I said, Well, then I'm forgiven.

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forgiven. All men have been forgiven to that is no, but you know, he did that. But you still have to believe in Him to receive that asset. You know, you're going in circles right now. You're going so you said that he came for the redemption of the original sin of man. And he did you know, we don't believe that he was crucified, but they believe that he was crucified for that, for the redemption of that original sin. So now, it you know, if you made this up the math, the math means that we're all forgiven. So anyway, we don't believe in any of those encounters. That, however, was the first one to eat and that he was an original sin and that it was inherited through every single human

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being, until the day of judgment. We don't believe in that. We simply believe that this was a time of forgetfulness, which shaytan orchestrated. And he he pounded it up with a lot of thoughts of good good things that will come about if they went and ate from the tree. He also created the grounds that they really need to do this when there was actually prohibition there. Forget prohibition that

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was a wanted a desire from the one to desire it became a need and necessity because of him saying that they will become two angels or they become immortal. On top of that he sealed his wasa with him saying what a lie he I'm telling you that this is the truth out of them. And as I've never heard anyone, however, heard of a sermon never heard anyone lie, let alone Live With the name of Allah. Right? They did not they did not hear that before. So when you've never heard a lie before, and you think everyone's everyone must be telling the truth. And the next thing is, when you hear the name of Atlanta that will lie he This is the truth, I'm telling you, then, you know you believe in,

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especially if you're a prophet, especially will have that level you believe in it. So they believed in and they ate from the tree, whatever it was, they ate from the tree. And when they ate from the tree, straightaway, what happened is that the clothes vanished. Okay, now the biblical story goes that they will always in the original, you know, birthday suit of man, which is the birthday clothes of man, which is without any clothes, right? This is this is a total fallacy according to Quran. We don't believe that they roamed around gender like that. No, we have got evidence in the Quran to say and the Quran is that most of the calima been a parabola firm to that which is there before it. And

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the Quran will point out the errors of the errors which people have sort of fabricated themselves have made or misconstrued in the Bible after its original revelation. So one of the things that people have changed in the original Bible is this thing that Adam and Howard were two naked people. You know, this wasn't the case Allah would have revealed in the, in the Torah, I mean, the energy law, admonish Allah, he was closed, and he was only when he ate from the tree, that they suddenly saw the clouds gone. So what did they do the Quran and sort of says, further Josefa Allah Hema miwako takayasu for Ali, Ali, Jana, this you will find it

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and number 22 and number 23, where, when he told them he denoted something through deception, and when they tasted it from the tree, See, the thing was the shaytans a whole thing is that just can't just do it, just do it, just do it. And I want you to reflect on our lives, where many of the times he's doing the same thing. His whole focus is he'll say anything he can just to make the person commit the sin. When they commit the sin, what went through Adam and I Salaam will go through any person a bit of belief, which is you then have regret. You then feel remorse, you then are taken back What have I just done? Because when they ate from the tree, and they found themselves naked,

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that's when straightaway they took the leaves a couple of leaves of the of one of the trees nearby and they covered the outer with it they covered the you know from from the the private parts with that. The Quran says that, that they covered them. So this is an EIN number 23. Milwaukee, Jenna from the leaves of Jenna. So what does this tell us? This tells us that there's no way in ob a profit would be in lewdness in in an immoral sort of manner. In modesty in Jana, there's no way we would believe in that. Second thing is that now that he's lost his clothes, what's the first thing he does from his own wife?

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and a wife from her husband is to cover themselves. It's not only the wife and husband obviously, the hire of Adam was also with Allah azza wa jal because they realize what they have done they realize that Allah had everything flashback, everything flashback Allah said, You ate you can eat anywhere you want from this whole gender, but you don't eat from this tree. So that came to mind. Yeah, online or what have we done? We've just eaten from the forbidden tree and the close vanishing. This, you know, gives them a clear sign from God that you've just done something really wrong. You've just you've just gone through my beyond my, my limit. So what we learn from this, is that

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okay, he had his regret

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in Australia or London or London. He didn't address both of them. He said, lm and hakama didn't I prevent both deny, warn both of you and prevent you from this tree? Because what Allah has said now came to oh my Allah, Allah had said la Takahashi shutaura don't even come near this tree. Allah did not say don't eat from this tree. Allah said Don't come near this tree. And now Ally's talking to them and saying that did not did not forbid I forbid you from the

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I come from come near coming near to this tree. So this was done going through the month of July No, we have not only ate from the tree but we should have listened to Alice's first command which was not to even come near this tree. Until puja cola came and Didn't I tell you in a shaytaan Allah Komodo movie that he is your clear enemy. Shaytan is your distinct, clear enemy did not tell you that. And they will feel they were filled with regret. Now, the question is he one of the things that we analyze here is, wasn't Allah watching them?

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commit that sin? Yes or no? Tommy? Yes, he was watching them. Well, let's not call it a sin. Let's call it a mistake. Because as I said to you, the ambia don't have any sin. The MB I don't have any sin. And this was Allah says himself in Surah Taha that I did not find any intention from Adam Allison to disobey me. I did not find any intention. That's clear in Surah Taha so that's why we don't say that this is a sin. But let's call it a mistake, when that mistake was happening, which would have been a sin in our case, because we you know, we're not on the level of the MBA or not the level of the of the prophets.

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Allah washed Adam alayhis salam, he was, however alayhis salam, and every word shaytan coming giving was fossa, he was the he was the delusion, he could have at any point intervened. But he did it. He didn't interview

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because and from this, we learn that Allah will never intervene in many of our affairs, he may intervene, if he wants to, he may intervene, he may send a certain sign. And for them to suddenly like for example, straight after that one thing Allah did is when the regret came, the words that Adam and Isla needed to get his forgiveness Allah gave him that

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she there's two things going on here. One is Allah doesn't intervene in the in him committing this mistake. But the second thing Allah does do is that he gives a Fatah locka de Mahmud Ravi kalimat in Fatah Valley is in Surah Baqarah. If you look in the beginning, that suddenly admonition and receives in his heart, he receives the words of Roberta galana and fuson, our lm tofield and ohana, lacuna Domino has seen that he suddenly received it now he's never heard of this. He's never heard of it from anyone. He received it in his heart and he feels that he needs to say these exact words to Allah to try and get forgiveness.

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Now Allah says in the Quran, you know, he received his word, where would he receive it from from Allah azza wa jal himself, that he was given these words. So what does this teach this teaches us and this comes to a hadith in Muslim, the Hadith Muslim that says Lola

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as Neptune, if you were a creation, that wouldn't sin, if you recreation that wouldn't sin, la holla Allahu, then Allah would have created a new creation that would have sinned, a new creation that would have sinned, and then Allah would have got them to ask him for forgiveness, and upon that Allah would have forgiven them.

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That's a hadith a Muslim, what does that mean? That means that not that, you know, we should not go with his license and say, yeah, you will be you know, go unseen and stuff of the law you love to forgive. So now Forgive me, Your can't get your forgiveness without you actually witnessing me singing. So let me do it again. Whoo. And then forgiveness law, however,

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you know, we're not gonna do that. But it shows that Allah azza wa jal, he likes to forgive, and there's gonna be no way for him to forgive if there's nothing to forgive. Right? So one of the names of Allah deliver food, another one is called far right, the off forgiving The one who loves to forgive, another one is awful, he loves to face and raise, you know, someone's past and so on. None of these qualities of Allah would be able to be manifest if there wasn't a creation or creature of his that would be able to sit. So therefore, when he had the angels, only, he wanted to create the gins that would sin, and that would ask for forgiveness. And he wanted to create human beings that

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would do the same thing. So there's a big lesson that we learn from this. So sometimes what happens that we get to a stage and there are human beings who get to the stage that we've done something awfully wrong.

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And we've directly disobeyed Allah azza wa jal, but what we should do is we should not lose hope. And we should remember that one of the first drawers that are used for the, for the erasing of sin is the draw of, of Adam and Adam and a lot kept that draw for a reason that we would say the same thing when we sin. So this is one of the biggest drivers of the Quran to get sins forgiven, right? There's one in Hadith, there's one Hadith and there's one of the Quran the number one in the Quran is

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This bar here in Santa Clara and number 22 and number 23. You find it and the number one in Hadith is say you do this too far in Sahaja Yoga sola sola said, you know say the list of the best ways of seeking forgiveness from Allah is Allahumma Antara de la ilaha illa Anta Halekulani and so on that whole you know, when Abdul Allah had the karate Kamasutra to shut the Masato Abu Lacan vinyasa yoga with me fulfill live in the hula lanta does that. But this one Robin Avalon and Susannah William tefillin was 100 A lacuna mahasi. Now let's let's examine this.

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There are many. There are many narrations and weak narrations to say that Adam was sent to the earth. And then he was in a state of you know.

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Crying is a state of regret. He was a state he was in a state of roaming around the Earth first he couldn't find where how well was and then they virtually met and they cried over the over the mistake and they cried and cried until they came to sort of out of fat out of fatties near Hodge place and then they sought forgiveness there. And that's where he received his words, or Aberavon. Nan Susannah while I'm tough enough to handle it and that's when he said that there are also nations that are almost fabricated to say that he looked at the arch of Allah and he saw La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah. So then he said, you know, forgive me, you know, because of, you know, through

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one of the great names, the great individuals that you you, you're holding a steam or something, Mohammed Who is this? And Allah said, How do you know who this is? And he says, Well, I saw it on your hours when you created me so I said that and so on. This is almost like fabricated narration so we don't need to take all of these. What I want to say to you is that him receiving these words were not on the earth from the text of the Quran. Why? Because when you look at the text of the Quran Surah aarav. It shows that otherwise Salaam he had the regret read however they cover themselves up a lot told them off, do not tell me Do not tell you this not to come in did not tell you that

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straight down into clear any. And then he says both of them said Robin as alumna and after that illustrate immediately the next idea and number 24 Allah says it's beautiful.

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To come down all of you, some of you are enemies of others. So the coming down is after the asking for forgiveness. Do you understand that? Yeah, so in between is that is that forgiveness? So he's still in Jannah, when he's asking for that forgiveness is the whole point. So anyway, this is one crucial point that I you know, I want to say I want you to remember second thing is he immediately said Robin Avalon now when he had his regret, he immediately said that what we learn from this is that whenever we do a mistake or we sin and so on, we should immediately seek forgiveness from Allah Zoda his words are Rabbana O our sustainer our Lord our The one who is a creator sustainer load all

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these meanings. I know Rob right, the one who is fed us the one who, who looks after us, the one who's clothed us the one who gave us sustenance and keeps us going all these and Rabbana Rob does justice mean Lord, okay, alumna and, Susannah, we have wronged ourselves, we have wronged ourselves. Now in this part of the of the drama, what he's admitting to is that the wrong is on himself. And Subhana line as in there are there are people there who sin and they start to question well, why did God make me do this? You know, God, so me and so on? No, you admit to you're wrong first, because it was a rule that was set to you. You were in a state of forgetfulness, whatever it was, it is your

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mistake. That what Allah loves is for his servant to admit to his own mistake in front of him, because Allah azza wa jal is pure. We're inlanta fildena and if you do not forgive us, what are Hamner and if you do not have mercy on us, Lana coonan raha sin surely both of us, me and how both of us will be come from those who are losers, those who lose in the end. So the loss of yourself myself should be the focus that if Allah doesn't forgive us, we'll be at loss. But what's the opposite of that? The opposite of that is Allah if Allah forgives us, then we save ourselves from the loss and we get salvation. Now, the the Toba of any one of us will require one of three or one

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or four things I want to summarize very quickly, right number and this is what the AMA have said in in you know, many of the works you know, he has recorded and so on. So, I'm gonna make it very sort of simple. Number one is you have regret for what you've done. You have sincere regret for what is and regret. Number two is you you completely

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you completely, you know,

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pull yourself out from that sin. All right, so you have intention, you have a tension of not only having the regret, but you stop, you've stopped that you stopped that sin, you've regretted, and you have a clear intention to never go back to that sin again. Right now you have a clear intention not to go back to this and that's the third thing. So regret, pull yourself out. Right? And a clear intention not to go back to that sin again, these are the three conditions that

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are needed for the Toba to be accepted for anything. And number four is if you owe anyone anything back, you give that back. So, if the sin involved, you know stealing, you have to give it that the AI to return the item back, if the sin involved you defaming somebody, you go out insulting somebody, you go and ask for forgiveness. So this is returning back to an individual as owning the case when it involves another human being. So these four conditions or three conditions are needed for a person to get that inner forgiveness from from Allah azza wa jal, all three of them, of course administration had. Now, when he had asked for his forgiveness, when he had asked for his

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forgiveness, Allah straightaway said to him,

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he said, he'd be to come down.

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He said to him, too, however, until Iblees, he said, all three of you come down, bow lukumi, bow dinardo, he said, some of you are enemies of one another. Right? Now remember these words, because there's a lot to analyze here. And again, in all the, I'm going to say stuff to you that you will possibly not even see in the north of CS because you need to do this deep analysis and you need to you know, it's open the doors are open for people to look in the Quran and to say, Well, you know, what, there are there are really deep meanings here, that you know, are not on the surface level. So number now, the first one of the first things is that you see, Allah says, bow Dooku Lavagna do some

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of you are enemies of one another. Now what what does enemy mean? enemy is from Arabic word, which is from Ida, yada, yada, yada, do means to go beyond and to go past

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a limit, or to have a difference with another. All right, so you have a difference with another in a way that you have a separation, you have a difference with another innocence, that you have a separation. Now, I could have a difference with you today, but I could be united with you tomorrow.

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And I could have a difference with you today. And I could have a difference with you tomorrow. There's two different things that so if you almost look at this, so I'm here, you're here, our goals are one, but our means are different. Right? We both came to the same goal. But our means are different. So we're different here are these two poles where my elbows are, but we equally my or my fingers are, right. But you could be like this, you could be different on that, where I'm different from the very start. And I'm also different from the very at the very end. So it shows that our goals are different. And our means are also different. Okay? Now, why I'm saying this to you is

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Adam, and how alayhis salam, both of them with a blease. And it leaves with Adam and Hawa were like this, the second one, they were basically enemies of one another in the means of this world and the goals of the next world, the enemies of one another in every aspect. That's why Allah says that your difference with Iblees is a clear difference. There's nothing that joins you up together, nothing, not even a goal, or what you're trying to achieve in the end joins up together, you're completely different. But what the I also mean because there's a try here, there's a trial. There's a trial in the sense that it's not only English and German, however, it's Adam, how are leaders three. So when

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Allah said all of you are enemies of one another,

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who are the other two that are enemies of one another? It's Adam, and how are other humans Allah but here, the enmity is not like this, the enmity that the meaning is not an enemy that both are enemies of one another. It means that you have got a difference between you two, there's a difference between you two, that is more like this. What do I mean by that? Meaning that you will also have differences between yourselves where you will not always get on.

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As in the man and the woman, you will always you will always have a difference in how you're sort of you know going on, however, your goals are one

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So therefore, it's only a difference where the where the two start points are, but it's not different where the end point is. There's a difference in the means, but not a difference in the end has everyone understood that? Have you understood that part? So I'm going to explain to you why I'm saying that because if you look in Surah Taha bone, which is the 64th suit of the Quran, you look halfway down, you will find on sort of three quarters way down half or three quarters way down, you will see Allah says, Yeah, you are Latina, Amano, all you who believe in namun, as well as the Kuma logic module Allah.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:52

Allah says, a dual lakhmi says that Oh, you who believe you some of your spouse's, so it could be husbands and wives. And some of you children, they are I do the same word used for an enemy I do.

00:25:53 --> 00:26:34

They Are they an enemy to use or not is not enemy. They're basically that means they've got a clear difference to yourselves. So then Allah says, the room, be careful of that. Be careful what I mean by that. It means that like with me and my sort of wife, my wife, and then to me and myself, there'll be clear things in life, where both of us will not sort of always see eye to eye with things that we want to do. And we want to sort of do and the means and so on will be sort of different. However, when it comes to the goals of what my wife wants to achieve the asherah the goals or what I want to achieve. When it comes to us in terms of us being together, we are united in

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that. Design Ghana, imagine that. So what this means is that there will be two different now the enmity between or the difference between a police as the one However, there's one big, big difference between a police and mankind, which is a police wants to take mankind to Johanna. Whereas the enmity between men, men, men and women, women and men and women, they, they they are there as well. And there is going to be kind of an enmity there. Now, that's one thing about the man and woman. But second thing is on a humanitarian level, there's going to be enmity between human beings. So when Allah said, bow lukumi, bow dinardo, some of you are enemies of one another, what the tafsir

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say, and he says, So harmless is such a wonderful point is that until the day of judgment, the differences of mankind will never be resolved, totally. You can do your best in curbing it, you can do your best in trying to say, okay, we're going to not sort of attack one another, which is a good thing, we're not going to fall out with one another, we're not going to argue with one another. But you can never do anything to eliminate the prejudice that lies within mankind. You can never do anything to totally eliminate that that will not happen until the day of judgment, the differences between human beings that we've got, you know, Rasulullah sallallahu, when he said in Addis Ababa,

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he said, Ottawa, how'd you do? JOHN nada, he said, all, all of all of the human beings that are last created, they're like martial troops. If you imagine that this whole with the subs that we've got, you have in each single sort of masala, you have one person standing there, all the way to the end. And if you imagine that bright behind them, and the muscles behind them, you have immediately one person standing behind them there. So you've got clear columns, and you've got rows of people, he said, this is how all human beings are. So when you find one human being who's in alignment with another human being and his characteristics are similar, than they will sort of join and they will

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like one another. So either this way, or that way, whichever way you want to look at it, or diagnose you and look at it, when there's a similarity with you and another human being you kind of like them, when there's a dissimilarity with you and you know, with another human being, then you just will not he said xR, karate will basically just move away from each other. There's positives and negatives in a magnet, the same way there's positives and negatives in human being. Some human beings just get on with each other. And there's other human beings that just don't quite get on with each other. Right? Now Allah has declared that you will be enemies one other, there's nothing I want

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to say to you is that the the fight between evil and good has just started. The fight between evil and good just started with Adam and Islam was diluted by by elites. But it wasn't the end of that. That fight is going to now continue until the Day of Judgment swallowed up until the devil this will not end and only on the Day of Judgment, Allah will end it only on the Day of Judgment allowed and it's all his evil and good across the whole of the world. in whatever form or other shape it is in. It is part of the thing that evil is started and it's going to carry on until the judgment Okay, now, this thing about Allah saying them come down to the ground, and so on, you find the number 23

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to 25 instead of two out of a London follows on to say

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He says, while I can fill out the muster column on the earth, you will have a place to settle on the earth, you will have a place to settle. Allah has one of the things he takes on himself is a moral duty of God, with any human being that is born on the earth, Allah will take up set, he's only taken up certain responsibilities, you will look at the beginning of the 12th Jews, you will find further reference for this. You're eating, you're drinking your shelter has been your closing these rights as a moral duty, Allah has taken upon himself that he's going to do it for you, before you were even born. So we have a hadith in Bukhari, where when the fetus is inside the mother's womb, Allah sends

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an angel at four months, and that angel is ordered to write four things. And one of the first thing he's written he's told to write is the risk and the provision for this for this human being or for this fetus, that will grow into human being. So he has to write, how long is going to write one of the things he will write is how long he's going to live. But apart from that, he has to write where he shelter is going to be. clothing, food, basic necessities, you're going to write that. Now, that's for generally all human beings. But there was there's a question, though, you might think, Well, what about the homeless people? Or people who are homeless? Are we not going to say that the

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sky was the was the shelter, right that the trees in the in the park? Is the shelter? The benches, that bed and so on? Are you going to say that you're going to not you know, get get out of the locker by that? No. The thing is, when Allah says that he's taken it upon himself as a moral duty to do that, he has taken us up on a general scale, there are going to be certain portion, a certain portion of the population of any era that he will not give his favors to, to show the rest of the population, that this is a great gift that I've given you. For example, I cite, Allah says in the Holy Quran says rajala, comma summer well, Apsara Well, after I've given you hearing I've given you

00:32:11 --> 00:32:46

site I've given you, you know, thinking process is given that he says that all of you in meaning that whatever whoever is born here, whoever is listening, reading this, you will receive that, but hang on a minute, you've got blind people on the earth, you've got deaf people on the earth, we have people who can't think on the earth. So what about them? Well, Allah azza wa jal, when he said that in the Quran, he meant them, he meant 99.9% of the population who would give these things 2.1% or one of the less than that of the population, Allah will reserve the right to do something like that to them where he makes them be born blind, he makes them be deaf, he makes them be crippled,

00:32:46 --> 00:33:20

whatever. But there is no law there is something coming for them in the next world, which we don't even understand in this world. We sitting here we thinking like the largest disabled person, you know, you look I feel sorry for him, he's in a wheelchair, you know, he can't you know, he can't think properly he's moving his he can't have he hasn't got good hand maneuver, and so on. So we sitting you know, we standing into, why did you know spirit? question is, why did I do that? Why did I do that? And there's all sorts of questions that fly around about Allah. But you know what, you're making a serious mistake if you question those people a serious mistake. Why? Because there's a

00:33:20 --> 00:33:49

hadith that says, On the other side, this is in the next world right is next world. There's going to be a person whom Allah will address in the Day of Judgment. Allah will say, you so and so what I've done for you is remember that headache that you got in the migraine that you got in the world, and the person says yes, so I live with a migraine that you gave you gave me in the world said remember that one migraine I gave you says yes, well, I remember that a lot and says, Okay, now I want to tell you what I did in return of that migraine.

00:33:50 --> 00:34:03

In region of the migraine, what I did is, I have forgiven years and years and years and years and years of Hellfire sentence, because of that one migraine.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:31

So when the person will hear Subhana Allah, that one headache that I had, in return of that Allah forgave years and years of health sentence, he will then turn to a Lancet our law had you made me be born blind, born deaf, born dumb, born crippled, for my entire life from beginning to end, I would not have a single complaint today.

00:34:32 --> 00:35:00

I will not have a single competitor. Now. Can you see when you take the equation of their Acura? Everything makes sense in this world, the biggest problem we've got an awful lot of the schools and philosophy in universities and colleges and so on, you know, is God more loving? Or is he more powerful? Which one is he because if he was more powerful, he should have then made this person blind see again, and if he wasn't more powerful, and he was more careful

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Then he should have at least at least showed his care tools that are of His mercy and made him see again. So either he's deprived of mercy. Now the villa, oh, he's deprived of power, one of the two, which one? Are you going to say, oh, Laila hella life trying to put God in a dilemma like that. As simple as that? Well, I'll give you one equation. I'll give you an equation, I want you to understand this, especially the kids who are here, you understand this? Clearly? If I gave you a sum in maths, and I said, two plus x equals y, two plus x equals y. What's the answer? To Why come on?

00:35:38 --> 00:35:40

Who's gonna give you the answer to why come on?

00:35:42 --> 00:35:49

We had a wonderful dinner one. No one, no one's got the answer. Why have you got an accident? What? Can you give me the answer?

00:35:51 --> 00:35:54

Come on, why can't? Why?

00:35:55 --> 00:35:56

Two plus x equals y.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:49

There's two unknowns. Thank you. Thank you. There's two unknowns. If you had one unknown, it's easy to know the other. So if I said to you, for example, I said two plus x equals five, what X was x? Come on, guys? Three. All right, three is x because two plus three equals five. But if there's two unknowns, no one's giving you a clue about the two unknowns? It's impossible to to clearly say for certain, what is y? Yes or no? Yes or no? Yes. Okay. Now, let me tell you, that a lot of people on this earth already who are giving answers to why without knowing what X is? So what a lot of people are saying already is, I know, see this person who's crippled? I know the answer to that. That means

00:36:49 --> 00:37:11

God wasn't merciful. Another that I know the answer to the avalanche over there, that means God didn't even exist. Now. Another person is I know, they know my life crisis, whatever it is, that means there is nothing that I can turn to my flowers and answered, and therefore you know, that doesn't exist. That doesn't happen. And this isn't true in the Bible isn't true, or the Quran isn't true. And they all come to these reasons of why

00:37:13 --> 00:37:47

there's all sorts of people come to all these all these equations of why, however, the only thing that they should have done is they should have pulled back and said, No, there's an understood or not, what are the two? And what am I talking about? What I'm talking about is unless Allah reveals to us, the unknown of the era, you cannot conclude you cannot conclude this equation. Do you agree with me or not? Unless you know, what's going to happen to that blind man? What's going to happen to the crippled? What's going to happen to the homeless? What's going to happen to the you know, people who got killed in the avalanche? What's going to happen to that for example, Bangladesh, you know,

00:37:47 --> 00:38:19

crisis that you had the whole building falling down and people died in need, unless you know all these things of the after what happens after that you can conclude and what did he say? He said that the Shahada many the martyrs are many, he said, the one who the building collapses upon his a Shaheed, as one can imagine, if they will come on a day of judgment. What happened? They were working in the middle of a factory, they were really poor, they're working for pennies, they saw cracks in the wall, they went to work, they had to work for those pennies, suddenly the roof collapsed upon them, and then they died in that. And it's like, oh, my God, you know, you see on

00:38:19 --> 00:38:35

this earth, you know, he had 10 kids to feed. He has got you know, he's he's got a whole tribe, they're behind and crying. And this is not easy. Allah, you know, why did Allah allow that, and 400 people that died in this one collapsing. And you know, you sit down you think, you know, tears are rolling down your eyes, and you can't make sense.

00:38:36 --> 00:39:09

But what you haven't realized is all those 400 people, maybe Allahu Allah, and the next world, many of them are going to be Shahada. They're going to wake up in the next life that whoa, I'm getting special treatment here. I've got angels who around me, I've got blessings of Jannah I wake up in the Day of Judgment. I'm right next to the prophets. I'm bringing closer where my family members Oh my God, my family members should see me here today. Right? That's what's going through their head. I was going through your heads on this earth is that Oh, no grim day, don't they dust flying in the air and these people died? And why did it happen to me? Why couldn't be the bloke down the street?

00:39:10 --> 00:39:45

Right? That's all people are trying to make occasions on. But you can't make an equation clear equation of things that are two unknowns. So when you come back to this thing about Allah singing this here is in walakum, fill out the mistake or all of you have got a living quarters or a settling place in the earth. Allah has set in place, he will set you down in one place of the earth, Allah azza wa jal, he will do that for 99.9%. With shelter, less than that might be without shelter but Swan Allah, Allah is the judge of that what what is going to give him return of that of that next world. The only thing you want to remember is on from this part of the iron circle era, Mr. Cotton

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

is going to be settled in one place. Now, what that shows is you cannot become a person who is you know, who's got the whole world under your hands and so on. There's only a few people allowed will give a settlement in the whole of the world.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Otherwise, Allah gives all of us a place on the earth and what does that mean? That means he is testing us with the culture that we were born into the background you might think of another other guy who was more more well off than me. He's got more wealth than me or she's got more intelligent me he's got you know, he's more handsome and he's This is that Allah has given that and in a strong build than me so No, no, Allah has clearly made a decision before your best to give you whatever he gave you. And he wants to test you with whatever limitations is given you with whatever positives is given you don't look beyond that cell hunger bla bla bla mean to whatever like, you know, I could be

00:40:38 --> 00:41:15

I could be you know, with whatever skin color I am, I should just say Alhamdulillah whatever intelligence Alhamdulillah whatever wealth Alhamdulillah whatever background Alhamdulillah whether I got to see my parents when I was born, or not Alhamdulillah whatever it is Alhamdulillah now here's my test begins because that's the point of the air that you settled here. That's it. Now you start from here, and a London says one matar on Illa hain, then I will give you certain things that will be temporary, temporary enjoyment. So what will Allah do, when he settles in one place? Subhana Allah, Allah will make things come around you and give it to you. Now there's a wonderful lesson in

00:41:15 --> 00:41:54

this was that a lot of people in the world are worried, you know, if I, if I go there, like I got a I got a call from a sister does yesterday. She said, you know, I'm in dilemma. So what's your dilemma, she said that, you know, we live in sort of this place in this part of London, we want to move to that other part of London. The problem is that where we are living right now we've got all our families around us, every everything realized, but my husband has to travel so far, one and a half to two hours of JD to go to the other side of London, and the journey is killing him. And you know, he's missing out on family time, and so on. So we'd really like to move on to this other part

00:41:54 --> 00:41:58

of London. But if you go to the other part of London, we're not going to have all this family around us.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:39

The job will be closed, but we lose, lose. And the rest of the families are very young kids and like to leave them with the, with the family sometimes and so on. So now there's a scan, what will happen when we go there? Will we meet anyone that we know and so on and so forth? And how will we sort of settle? Just forget it, my Akiba cover her get it, you need to know that Allah will bring everything to you around you slowly wherever you settle whenever wherever you settle, you know, a lot of people and I need to say this, right? A lot of people in marriage have this big dilemma how I'm going to settle now this I talked about settling. So I'm done on that ground of giving you this settling how

00:42:39 --> 00:42:56

I'm going to settle with a woman in our life. without me having this having a shelter over my head over her head. And having a secure job for her that looks after her and needs a mind is how I'm going to do that again to marriage without that.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:38

You look up, whatever I want to call you, who in the world made you take God's job. This is a large job to try and make Okay, I find I understand. You got to look at the basic means. Okay, so at least you've got a shelter is not like you came running out the park one day homeless person saying, look, I wanna marry you. Tomorrow, Allah will give us a house, if I marry you, we're not talking about that you're already in the house of man. Now, what I want to say to you is they spoil their lives in planning from the age of 18, when he seriously needed to get married 1920 he was bursting to get married by 2122. He got married without getting married, if you guys know what I'm talking about,

00:43:38 --> 00:44:15

right? So you do all the hard stuff behind the back, right then back of his parents, you know, and doing things that he's not supposed to do 2223 comes he graduates and then they tell him you better get, you know, a good job. So then he goes on, you know, finally he finds a good job. By the time he finds a good job, he comes back says Mom, dad to find a good job. That's it. Now you got to, you know, build, you got to not invest into a flat or something. So by the time he's 2728, right now, his days of wanting to get married are kind of you know, being stretched so much that you know, it's painful to see here it right. So it's not 2728 and they say, Okay, now better, we're going to look

00:44:15 --> 00:44:56

for you now. Another take him out at 2829 30 to go and look for someone and everyone who looks at and says, Hey, he's too old, can get my team. So he strived for 10 years, 10 years to try and find a settlement and finally find a settlement. Now he's found his house bride is the country's house. Subala Hina is another crisis. Allah has said here metalla him you know what I've seen for example, when I got married, I have to say this that I this this slave of God who sitting here on this chair, did not have a penny did not have a penny did not have a shelter as well. But you know what Allah provides. Allah brings and I'm telling you all of those who got married, they will tell you soon as

00:44:56 --> 00:45:00

they got married a lot that brings both of the you know, both

00:45:00 --> 00:45:34

Risk together, you got two risks that are that are together. And they just multiply, they just multiply with every kid you get. That's what Allah said in the Quran that you should never ever, like, kill your child because of poverty. That's one thing God said, Don't you dare fear poverty and then not have a child, or kill off your child or somehow, you know, avoid having a child. And don't you dare do that, if you're going to do it, because you might end up with too much. That's something different. But don't you ever do that because of the fear of poverty because a child never brings poverty.

00:45:35 --> 00:46:10

A child always begins with anyone will know this, right? Those of us here who got two children, those who got three children Alhamdulillah bless those with three children more with two children and those who got five children, you know, you got half, you know, you got a full five aside football team in your house. Alhamdulillah, Allah will give you a lot in your house and those who got 10 or whatever, Subhana Allah, Allah has given them a lot of broken, you know, blessings in a risk, and he just gives it because the more you will have, you will have that. So that's another part of the ayah. Now they've come now, they're coming down, Allah says three things. He says, In

00:46:10 --> 00:46:15

surah, RF, again, the keinem 25, in finding a license fee had to hone

00:46:16 --> 00:46:19

in the earth, you're going to live

00:46:20 --> 00:46:25

fi had to tune in the earth, you're going to die.

00:46:26 --> 00:47:11

One min had to reduce from the earth, you're going to be bought out again. You don't one of the things that goes through my head is when I read this ayah straightaway is vahana law making all this effort to go and live on Mars and live on you know, the closest planets and the goal is you know, spaceships and shuttles or whatever the sending looking for life on Mars looking for water on Earth are these people are demons, wasting billions and billions and billions of dollars every single year for what for another life outside this planet. Maybe they could live there. Maybe they could go away from mortgages and all the troubles and allows a developer and you in this earth, you're going to

00:47:11 --> 00:47:33

live in this earth you're going to die and from this earth, you're going to come back out again. Which means what which means that for human beings the permanent place to ever live in this is this place. I don't know why the wasting a lot. In addition we just study this if say if they believed obviously in the Quran, they could say that oxygen most probably is not found anywhere else.

00:47:34 --> 00:47:36

Anywhere else outside of this earth.

00:47:37 --> 00:48:07

A lot of other things in the Quran you can basically look into deeply because it's one another there was this one you know I said to you atomizer was created from water. Yes. And there's an ayah in Surah ambia that says that kulesza in Allah says four min cool, Allah says from everything for everything I created from water. Everything was created from water. Well Jana Amina equally in Hi, I made everything living by giving it water. So there's one Arab,

00:48:08 --> 00:48:16

I think he was a prince or minister or something. And he studied this issue studying the Quran. And he came across this ayah

00:48:17 --> 00:48:51

that from everything. I made things that are living from water, of everything that's living, they all came that the living element comes from water. So what did he do? He actually went to a part of the desert. Right? And he started spraying water every single day on Dead, dead hot, desert boiling hot, you know, sand, he just spread. He just went and just watered it every single day. You know what happened? Wow. After months and months, he saw greenness coming out of it.

00:48:53 --> 00:49:31

He saw greenness coming out of debt, you know, where there was a bit of sort of maybe mixed soil and I'm not talking about pure desert here. We're talking about, you know, where the land sort of meets the desert. He started water that that land near where this soil growing soil and as the sand was mixing together, he started to water that water and so greenness, so he wanted the next part and so greenness, so you know what he did, he then created the Emirates, and Emirates came from that idea. One of the ideas he's one of my shields told me in Bangladesh, he said that from this ayah they learn how to grow civilization in the desert and he was from this ayah one of the shapes. He looked

00:49:31 --> 00:50:00

into it, and he gave the idea and from there, they built this and look today what I was doing. The Arabs are building around Dubai in the Emirates, they are building on that desert, how if you go over there, you see they've always got water sprinkling over and it's from that ayah that Allah azza wa jal you know, you study the Quran, you will you will find it so so Bahama one of the things you you start seeing straightaway in this ayah is Allah settings. You're going to live here forever. This is your place. Planet Earth is your place where you

00:50:00 --> 00:50:16

Live, you're gonna die. Another thing he tells us is that Allah has Allah azzawajal has told us allows us to have reminds us that the very earth that is our living material is the very earth that is our is our burial place.

00:50:17 --> 00:50:55

This is a big lesson in this, you know, we walk on this earth. I know a lot of time we worked on concrete, we're not actually walking on Earth, but just imagine just under that concrete, just just a foot down or less than a foot down is pure Earth. Right? That earth when we walk on it, the big lesson from that is that we're walking on our grave, our permanent grave is Allah said wanting her to graduate from that, from that you're going to be brought back out. So mortality is built in us we are going to die anyway. They are on the earth, they come down and Alaska children says that, you know they're going to be here then he gives them he died he gives him there's another iron sort of

00:50:55 --> 00:51:47

Baccarat this ayah is also similar it is in sort of tahara number 123 was the 123 Allah says come down both some of you are enemies of one another. Then he says for me yet Tina caminhada. If guidance ever comes from me, from Antalya tabea who Daya Fela yeoville louella yashka whoever will follow that guidance from me will never will never go astray be diluted, while I Ashkar you will never ever be left in a sort of unfortunate situation. If you follow the guidance, the Cognos the guidance, this guidance is the Sharia guidance. So like saying whenever he will give what he will have what he to nav service, especially to prophets, and it will guide them to a new law than that

00:51:47 --> 00:52:17

law will be the one that will be the best thing for him to follow. And of course, for us is the port and the guidance of the Quran is is ultimate for us. So we'll never need anything more for the guidance of mankind than the book that allow or the guidance that allow give from the skies from the heavens. And that's that's the plan for us. So anyway, they are on the they come down to the earth. Now there are many different iterations to say, like I said to you earlier, where they actually maneuver now 111 thing that I need to

00:52:18 --> 00:53:04

say to you is this whole debate of whether there was another human being, or a semi human sort of form of being before the creation of Adam and Eve, you know, this whole whole, this Darwin debate, you know, half sort of man or an eighth to a quarter of an ape or other three quarters in a way to a half an ape and to them to half a man to three quarters of a man to a modern man. And you know, they give those pictures where the AP sort of moving up, and then suddenly, he's walking like a man. And there are even now the line, I can't believe that even Muslim scholars now who are falling into the debate of evolution, whether that can actually be a form, whether there was another creation before

00:53:04 --> 00:53:40

Adam and Sam. Now, of course, if you if you dig into the series, and especially if you dig, dig into the autopsies, you're gonna find anything and everything you got to remember this guy's you got to remember this, you will find anything everything. Like if you look at some of the scholars in the past, you know, regarding marriage, what can you see of the woman before marriage, you see all sorts of things, all sorts of thing, you can't take every opinion together and say, Well, this scholar said it. Therefore, it's got to be Helen Churchill, he was one of the scholars said in the past, you know, of seeing a woman that you know, they'll have a debate of whether you can just see her face,

00:53:40 --> 00:54:07

or whether you should see her without a hijab, and so on. Now, the dominant opinion is that you just see her face. That's it before marriage is you see her face colors, you don't need to see anything else, that's the most majority of dominant opinion. But if you do dig deep, you find all sorts of things coming out. Right? One of the things they've got is you can see her without a job. Another one will be that you can see her a bit more on a bit more until one scholar said you can see her right down to the alley.

00:54:08 --> 00:54:42

If you don't want to say right down to the leaf. Now, are you going to actually say that you can take that opinion out? You can say well, this caller said it therefore I've got one scholar that backs me up. Yeah, hi guys, I'm here. You know, this one's gonna give me the fatwa. And I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna do that. The same way you will find all sorts of information like on this evolution thing, what actually happened is there was a, you know, these from the Greek sort of philosophy and so on where they have a hierarchical thing about the the where the humans are, where the and how they place this is a Greek so this is not even Islamic stuff. And they said, you know, angels at the

00:54:42 --> 00:54:59

top, and these are the beasts at the bottom and the animal was the bottom and in between for human beings. So they categorize human beings. And they said that, you know, now we live again is prejudice and so on. They said that Africans are placed at the bottoms and the Europeans are placed at the top and so on. And they made this whole kind of grid of where everyone stays

00:55:00 --> 00:55:45

From the set of Muslim scholars started to believe that's the bottom line now allows rather say that there's a kind of evolution kind of theory, right? Hey, men come from from that. Now we know from the sources from Sahih Bukhari Hadith. And Sai Baba says, Our well, man holla tahu. The first human being a lot created on the earth is Adam alayhis salam Allah created whoever was on the earth, whatever the first human being Allah created is Adam alayhis salam. So there's no need to go into any debate of having another human being or a semi human being before. The other thing is that we believe, we know for a fact that most of this that the tried to use to convince people of Darwin's

00:55:45 --> 00:56:29

sort of evolution theory, most of this is based on things that have no factual evidence, there's been a number of attempts that they've taken, and if you look deep, and you find it, they've taken the skull of a monkey, and the skull of a human being. And they've actually joined it together, there's been several attempts to do that. And they've put it into scientific museums for people to come and observe. And to believe that this was an actual skull found of an entire semi human being in the past. There's never according to what I know, there's never been an actual full semi human beings skull that they found of, you know, this kind of evolution sort of half sort of developed

00:56:29 --> 00:56:36

human being that never found that, up until the they've never found that. The other thing I want to say is that

00:56:37 --> 00:57:19

when they start to look at fossils, we know that fossils of things on this earth they existed. We know that creatures exist on this earth, we know that genes exist on this earth. And we know that animals definitely exist is where existed well before the creation of Adam and Hassan. And the one thing we know is that dinosaurs, they are definitely a fact that can be a fact, the Quran hasn't mentioned anything specifically on that. The Sunnah hasn't mentioned anything specifically on that. And perhaps because we don't even need to think about that, that prehistoric sort of era when these animals were around and there, but one thing we do know is that when Adam Adam came on the earth, he

00:57:19 --> 00:57:43

was 60 foot tall, and seven foot wide. This is according to hadiza Buhari, 60 foot tall, seven foot wide. And this is clearly a hadith of Bokhari. And Rasulullah. sallallahu once told us that when we go back to Jannah, every human being will be 60 foot tall and seven foot wide in general. And there's a hadith I think, in Abu Dhabi, that says,

00:57:44 --> 00:58:21

towards the end of time, from from that time, all the way towards sort of the end of time, what is happening is Allah is making the human being slightly shorter than his predecessors, slightly shorter. So you can see from other items time to Mohammed. So last time, there was definitely, you know, a great decline in the in the height until today there is, so today the average height of a man is about five foot eight, five foot seven, five foot eight is the average height of a man.

00:58:22 --> 00:59:12

average height of a woman is slightly less than that. But you can see from 60 foot to six foot, which is 10% of its value. Allah has decreased that Why? Because today, there are 7 billion people on the earth can you imagine if all 7 billion people of us had six foot 60 foot tall, seven foot wide, so behind Allah, they really would be a crisis on the earth to live. And all this thing about controlling the population controlling the population, because you know, we can this is a mass again, another massive crisis that the humans have created for themselves. Before 1900s Okay, I want to make this clear to you before 1900s I want you to look at a map of the world before nine trying

00:59:12 --> 00:59:52

to look at a map of the world. And you will find there's hardly any borders across the whole of the world. There are hardly any borders, borders were created when people could travel fast from one country to another country and get into another country. So trains were the first means of transport to travel very fast ship was already there. But it used to take about six months to cross the cross certain parts of the world, nine months other parts of the world. But when trains came, this is the first time that you know people could actually cover large distances in short space of time. Then came planes when planes came. So I was like everyone's going everywhere across the world. Because of

00:59:52 --> 01:00:00

that they had to create borders because they had to create borders. You suddenly look at the map in Atlanta, even by the 1950s 60s you find

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

The map of the world has got so many borders, Craig because everyone's saying, Hey, I'm gonna make this my is my country, this is my border, this is where I am, I don't want anyone else to come outside from here, out of here, unless you've got a visa to sort of give me a visa Show me. So when these borders were created, that itself was creating certain crisis across the world, because the rich wanted to be on one side, and rich and stay as they wanted. And there was neglect of the poor. And I don't care how much you look at the world today. What you can understand is, Allah gave the risk to everybody in very good proportions, the rich have robbed the poor, or Africa is like,

01:00:40 --> 01:01:22

completely robbed of the richness that allows, you know, he gave it from the minerals resources from the gold that was there from the, from whatever Allah gave in terms of the underground resources he gave them. And many parts of our many third world countries are robbed have been robbed for three to 400 years by the developed countries, because they've only become developed by robbing the developing countries. And now they talk about crisis saying that, oh, you know, you guys have got a population crisis, you better not, you know, overpopulate. Otherwise you're gonna have a problem. So let's talk about to two family here, one two family there. And you know, stay away from us, and we

01:01:22 --> 01:01:33

have a huge problem that the world has created itself. So anyway, what Allah then did is Adam and Sam, and how they started to have children.

01:01:35 --> 01:02:16

There's another question here. And I'm going to end here in about a couple of minutes. Okay. The question is, when they had children, let's say they had the first set of children what happened? So now we are basing this on the on the rewire to get those narrations that we can't say that they're absolutely authentic. We can't say that they're absolutely weak as well. But nevertheless, they're they're some of these Israeli riot, they start to have twins. Okay, twins, each time she gave birth, she had twins, and twins and twins and twins and twins. And what happened then is the first set of twins, they obviously couldn't marry each other, but they could one of them could get married with

01:02:17 --> 01:03:02

one of them from the other set of twins, this was only allowed for the first generation of human beings. Right. So otherwise, you think, how did how did they then have offsprings is almost like * that have no, Allah allowed that for the first generation. And then after that he prohibited that so there's no in a brothers and sisters were in any of the laws of God marrying one another until the day of judgment. But then you have two brothers, and this is the next sort of next part we're going to cover which is the story of habit and carbon, right? There's two brothers. They're the sons of Adam, and the next crime happens with them and what happened to them there's a whole

01:03:02 --> 01:03:07

series of you know, Qur'an, inshallah, we're gonna we're gonna come to that in the next session.

Prophet Adam – Part 5

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