Signs Of A Fake Friend

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That are also also mentioned in the Quran. The first of them is Kaduna. huddled by definition, hunt Allah in Arabic is from close to the meaning of deception. huddled is a friend who only acts like your friend until the moment of truth. And then you see their true colors. So they were with you, they were they were just like you and they were alongside you. And times were convenient. And then when times became tough, all of a sudden, they disappear on you. And you are you are relying on them to be there for you. But they're nowhere to be found. This kind of thing is called Hulu and the old and this is seen as a mobile Aha, it's extremely deceptive, and extremely disappointing friend who

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leaves you hanging at the worst possible time. And this is the description and don't go out of shape on

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what kind of shape in sanika Lula chiffon has been a polluted human being. Why is Allah saying that? Because man, he's going to act like your friend in this life. He's going to make you get into things and he'll convince you It's for your own good, and it's for your own entertainment. He will make you watch movies and watch films. He will make you buy stuff, he will make you go places he will make you say things he will make you build the wrong kinds of friendship, all of it. And you'll think that life is good. I'm living it up. As all this is all sudden, because when you get to judgment day is nowhere to be found. Where's he is, as I was gonna help me out here, I listened to him so much.

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That judgment day comes in he goes Look, look okay, hey, I'm not an authority over you. And you're not an authority over me. Let's just enjoy the barbecue together. You know, that's, that's the that's the that's what you're gonna see on Judgement Day. So this is Hulu. And this is something you have to ask yourself. Are you that kind of person? Are you the kind of friend who like you're with your friends and when they need you? You just kind of conveniently send them to voicemail. Oh, you called Oh, I didn't even know.

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Yeah, you knew

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you knew which is you know, you're like hooligan right now, what you're doing. Don't be that kind of friend. Don't be that kind of person. If you're going to be friends with someone be a reliable person. Reliability is an important quality in friendship. And not having reliability is one of the easiest ways to lose friends. I know some people you really you're lucky to have them as friends. You're really fortunate to have certain friends. You don't want to mess that up because of your irresponsibility because you weren't, you know, doing your Parts Catalog.