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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers are on a flight to a central airport in Ghana to meet a group of people. They have broken up into four parts and will be leaving Accra on their way to Kumasi. They will be waiting for the airport and returning to their hotel. They have a few more updates to do before leaving the airport.
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mashallah, we're about to leave Accra on our way to Kumasi. I think the flight is approximately 14 minutes. It's the it's another city in the same country of Ghana. And we will be coming back later today Inshallah, at the airport. This is the old airport, which they've made into the domestic terminal, relatively empty. It's taken a bit of a while here, but we're missing brother while Ibrahim I guess that's

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a prism and this is my our first time to camassia though we've been there before and we've been to family and it was quite a great experience. So remember, yes. So just to put you into perspective we have at the peace and unity convention in Accra. And we have the two of us have broken away for the four parts of the day. We fly out and fly back in Charlotte.

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We're about to land in Kumasi Inshallah, we will go straight to business, meaning we will deliver our talks and so on get back to the airport and fly back to the capital city.

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just flew in for a few hours. He's serving us breakfast we will go and deliver our talks a bit mushy Atilla.

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Yeah we're just in the holding room mashallah usually they have a little room they've prepared for us to unwind and I have nothing to unwind at the moment but mashallah, we can relax a little bit before we depart for the talks. The time now is approximately a quarter to nine I think in about 1015 minutes we want to meet Alhaji boondockers mum. We met her the last time she's very old lady and very pleasantly only it's good to meet the elderly. Perhaps they may say a prayer or tool for you to have the elderly is a good thing in Sharla. So we will go there we greeter and then someone's passed away in the family. So we will spend a few minutes there just to give them condolences and do

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our perhaps and then we will proceed to the talk at the central Masjid in Kumasi. We are three speakers I think. And once we deliver those talks, we will go back to Accra guess what I heard? I heard that the clouds are a little bit too low so the flights might not come in a little bit later in the day and we may not be able to go back while that happens here. May Allah make it easy. I hope that I'll give you some feedback you will see whether we go or not to

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my servants who chose suggest again is themselves who did not spare a sin but they didn't Despair not of Allah's mercy

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but savato Fajr we are sleeping, is it fair?

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It's not fair. Salatin Fajr we are what

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we are what

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look everyone is saying they are sleeping in the law here.

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You are supposed to say we are awake. So Allah

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Allah Akbar.

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Shall I'm so happy to be here today. This is a small restaurant in Kumasi that belongs to one of our daughters. Aisha Muhammad salah. Her father was in Medina he did his doctorate in Medina when I was doing my undergrad still. And so I told her I said we will pass by even two minutes just to sit around and perhaps have some ice cream

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so we're now finally leaving Kumasi. We've delivered the talks of massive crowds Subhanallah It was amazing. And we're about to board this flight. We almost missed it the weather they were saying that not going to be a flight I made the whole crowd say Inshallah, we're going to leave lo and behold Alhamdulillah we're leaving May Allah make it easy.

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So we have landed in Accra now we only

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took 35 minutes we got back from Kumasi where we delivered some talks are Shala now we're back people are waiting for us here. We just gotta go freshen up a little bit Salah have a quick bite back to the whole inshallah maybe you I guess I have to resort to the whole No, I think there is time. There is still look, it's only one o'clock.

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We made it kondalilla We're back to our hotel and across, just to refresh. So

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go back to the venue. We still have a couple of more lectures here in an

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amazing, thank you so much. You know, it was really tiresome, because we left very early. We got up at Fudger we went to the airport, we flew out you know, with everything to do with flying. We got to our destination we quickly had a bite. We visited one two people. We went into our talks and after that we came back we visited one two people again and then we got to the airport and flew back here. Just got in inshallah we're at our crib Alhamdulillah it's called the cabin here in Accra and we will be freshening up doing our Salah having a bit of a bite, getting back to the holy child. So that's what we do for a living

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