Nouman Ali Khan – Learn to Appreciate the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of the Quran and how it relates to the culture of Islam. They explain that the Quran is not just a book, but a buzzword that is specifically catered to each individual. The speaker also mentions that Islam is a powerful word and that it is a powerful statement.
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So, Allah goes on and says just because you think you have access, the mccanns have had access to this Koran and they haven't appreciated it. A few years have gone by, they haven't appreciated it. Allah says just because you have easy access to it, the prophet is among you. So Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the Quran from liberalism is coming to you and being recited in your midst. Don't you feel like like you're entitled, like you get to have access to it, you can take it for granted fee kitabi maknoon. The source of this is a hidden treasure the way book. It's not just some trivial message that came to you. These words are expensive. They're high caliber. They're not just

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accessible to anybody. So the fact that you get access to them, have you appreciated what you just have in your hands? What you get to hear with your ears, he kitabi maknoon and it's so high apply. And so who inhale mocha Harun, no one but the most purified of the angels get access to touch it. The fact that you even get to listen to a Koran should overwhelm you with gratitude. That's what Allah tells the mccanns Do you think he's telling us any different?

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You know, you just put this in perspective. Guys, I don't want to talk about the lectins in the desert back in the day, I want to talk about us right here. You and I are sitting in a car driving over you pick me up from the airport or going somewhere and you're listening to the recitation of the Corolla and chit chatting at the same time.

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Have some respect this word came from the seventh heaven to this earth is not something it's not a $5 cd but that's the word of Allah. That's not a free mp3 you downloaded that's the word of Allah Show some respect. Turn it off if you want to talk or if it's being it's being played. Listen to it. First me Oh Allah who was uncIe to the Allah contra moon, listen to it carefully and shut up. literally put ons words unsettled. And SATA means when somebody talks you don't talk back. It doesn't just mean you know samata to be silent, and SATA to be silent in response to listening to somebody Listen, respectfully stay quiet. Allah says when Quran is being recited, you will listen to

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it carefully and you will remain silent that Allah control hormone so that you may be shown mercy.

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In other words, if you don't do it, fill in the blanks yourself. I don't have to fill those for your intelligent people. You want to be shown mercy, you better show this for awesome respect. You know, these were words even given to non Muslims. This was warnings given to people who don't even believe they were told when crimes being resolved you better listen. That's the authority with which Allah spoke. That's the book that we have companionship of that powerful word. The master speaking to the human beings as slaves. He speaks without authority. He doesn't hold back. He doesn't have to, you know, in sometimes your your dad's yelling at your mom says tiziana

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you know, take it easy on or sometimes your mom gets really angry and your dad says okay, okay, okay, he's had enough.

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She's had enough to back it up a little right.

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The least somebody put you in check. It is a lot of mastered speaking to slaves. He doesn't have to hold back. Oh, call us out like it is. You will. But we don't we have to. This is the first thing I wanted to share with you and appreciation of what is the Quran when we talk about the Quran being our companion. It's not just a book. It's not just one of the books sitting on the shelf. It's a buzzword. And it's allow it was where it's specifically catered to each and every human being. So no human being can say I didn't get direct counsel from Allah. Allah His Messenger was sent Salallahu alaihe salam to connect us directly to his word. And to prove that to us, Allah instituted a, a an

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institution, he put an institution in place for every Muslim. When we drop everything, we don't even look around. We stand right in front of a law and we recite the words that are his conversation with us and our conversation with him.

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