Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 17 – Allah is Al-Qawiyy

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Nouman Ali Khan delves into Name of Allah – Al Qawiyy. It is referenced in Surah al-Hajj – 22:73 – 

“O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly, even if they gathered together for that purpose. And if the fly should steal away from them a [tiny] thing, they could not recover it from him. Weak are the pursuer and pursued.”

Allah is The Supremely Strong, the One with Inexhaustible Strength. Allah is the One whose strength is supreme, the One who possesses unlimited strength and endurance, the One whose vigor and strength prevail over all of creation, the One who is beyond all weakness and The One whose strength is inexhaustible.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah say the ambia evil wa sallim ala alihi wa sahbihi wa minister NaVi Sonata he lived within Allah Jalla Minh home Amina Xena Amina Amina solly hot water wasabi hottie whatever so be sober I mean no but I mean Am I bad for we let him initiate and have a gym? Yeah you Hannah's booty by methylone first me rula in a Latina to the owner mundo de la Helena fuku Baba la Vegeta Marula when you slip homophobia woman who Shay and liason Kido hoomin now for polywell mclubbe lube Mercado de la casa de la Hakuna Aziz rubbish actually. Sorry, were silly. Emily Wagner looked at me Sonia Akali Allahumma sabbatarian de multiball La ilaha illallah wa

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la Miranda Mina Latina Amina Amina solly hot water wasabi hottie.

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Today inshallah I will speak to you about one of the benefits of the name of Allah, l o v. and co v means the strong or the mighty and the powerful. But in order to understand this very incredible word that describes the name of Allah, and its meanings, obviously, first, as the moment you hear it, you can understand that it lies all powerful and capable over everything. But the way in which Allah describes this name, and places this name at the end of social hedge is absolutely remarkable. And it's probably one of the most important places I would argue in the Quran to understand the benefits for a lobbying, luckily, for a believer, so we all believe in his names, but each one of

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those names benefits us in some way. It helps us in some way. And how does the name alcovy help us, one of the best places to learn that is at the end of the 22nd, sort of the most half, sort of Hajj. In the surah, Allah gives an example to help humanity understand something about himself. He says, Yeah, you Hannah's Buddha, must Alan foster merula people, an example is being given, listen to it carefully. That's how he starts An example is being given. Listen to it carefully. You know, usually Allah says, Allah gave an example this time, he says an example is being given instead of mentioning himself. So he removed the speaker from the conversation. So that's the side note, but an important

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one that I'd like you to understand. You see, I'm standing here in front of you, right now I look a certain way, I have a beard, I'm dressed like this, I have a coffee on my head, etc. And you can listen to me and you can listen to me recite something of the Koran or share something with you. But imagine a scenario in which you're waiting for me to come and speak. And this 16 year old kid comes up here. And he's got tattoos on his arm. And he's got, you know, a T shirt on and jeans and a baseball hat on backwards. And before he even gets up on the mic, some people are running for the door. Some people are thinking, do they have to make their salad again, you know, some people, some

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people are thinking, you know, we should somebody should take him off the, and he starts speaking, and he gives the best speech you've ever heard. And he quotes and he cites and he gives a reminder that you can't imagine you've never heard something more powerful. Now, those of you that are looking at him, have a very hard time benefiting from what he's saying. Because the moment you see like, why is this guy even talking?

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But imagine somebody on the other side outside because the microphone works outside? Yes. And they only heard his speech. So the people inside are saying the stuff that allows for the law.

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And the people outside are saying what Mashallah, Mashallah

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what the reason I'm giving you this example is because before we judge what is being said, human beings can't help it, they judge what was the appearance, they we were so focused on the appearance that we leave behind what's actually being said. So besides people up and we say, Well, whatever this person has to say, probably not worth listening to, or whatever this person has to say, probably worth more listening to, just because of how they look. It could be because of the color of their skin. Sometimes it could be because of the way they're dressed or their age, these things that are on the outside, we immediately form an opinion, maybe I should mean more carefully listening to

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this, or not listening to this at all, even before a person opens their mouth, allowing this ayah removes removes focus on the speaker. He says an example is being given. An example is being struck. Leave aside allies giving it are the messengers giving it or forget the who's giving it just focus on the example itself. And that's because a lot of people in the world the moment they hear a law said they say Oh, here we go another football. We watch something else. The woman to hear the messenger said, Come on, can we talk about religious stuff? Can we talk about something else? So the moment they hear that allies, the ones speaking, or the messengers, the ones being some people just

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tune out? They don't want to hear it. So why does what does he do in this remarkable example? He says this is for all of humanity. Yeah, you heard us and not all of humanity's interested in listening to Allah. So Allah says even

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If you're not interested in listening to him, listen to the example of my method first, then you wouldn't listen to it carefully give it a chance. So he called he described something about himself now. And he says inner Latina to the owner, mundo de la jolla flew bobbin. All of those that you're calling on other than Allah, they can't even create one fly, one fly, without which they're not hula hoop, even if all of them had gathered together for the project of producing and creating one single fly, as you listen to them, he said, What's the point of a lead telling us they can't even create a fly? What's the point of that, and let's go further. And, and a fly is not exactly an impressive

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creature. Actually, a fly is one of the most important like annoying, you know, creations that human beings experience. You want to get rid of them, you see them, and you just want them to go away, etc. Or a place that's dirty or a place that's, you know, or if you have good food, and flies show up. They're ruining the food. Right? So you want to get rid of the Flies unless as they couldn't even create a single fly, but he adds something. He says what in Yes, little Komodo babouche hate and lion to human who if the fly this one fly, first of all, they can't create it. They can't create it, then this fly, let's just say you're eating your food. And he came and sat on your food for a

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second. And it rubs its legs and it takes a little bit of your food. And then you do this and it flies away. And the law says if there if a fly came and took something of their food, all of humanity can gather together and they can't get back that one piece of food. That's what he says about lions with a woman they can rescue it back. They can rescue it. Now imagine human beings some human beings are weak, some human beings are strong. Some human beings are poor, some human beings are wealthy, some human beings are powerless. They don't even have a home. other human beings have the power to launch nuclear weapons. other human beings control the mightiest armies on Earth, in

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history and today. So even if Iran who had the largest army on Earth was sitting at home eating a burger, and a fly came and disrespected the king, can you imagine if a king is eating food and somebody says, Hey, I like that cake. Let me try some of that ketchup.

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They're gonna die. But a fly comes in does what takes a little bit of his food? And even if it gets really angry, how dare this fly? Take my food. I want it back. Don't one dare take from me. Even if they caught that fly, what are they going to do? They can't get that food back. Now alert in this remarkable I showed something else do people used to worship idols in the past? Yeah. When they used to worship idols, a lot of you know religions where they worship idols, they bring food to the idols. So they bring you know, milk and honey and like, you know, chocolate ice cream, I don't know, whatever they bring, they put it in front, and then they do their prayers. Now, usually these

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temples, they're open door, and you have the statue and you have this food lying in front, guess what shows up. These flies show up. And this giant statue of a God that they worship, it shows up it sits on its nose and tells him Hey, I'm going to eat your sandwich you don't mind right? And then it goes and it takes their food and then it flies off. And their God is powerless to defend. And by the way, that same food that they put as you know alters and the secret food, right? They they blow over it, they pray over it, etc. If you went and said, hey, that's my favorite chocolate, and you tried to get some of it, what would they do to you?

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They kill you if you eat it. That's sick. That's sacrilegious. And yet their religion gets humiliated by what every every moment flies. Allah says the flies teaching you that these gods are powerless. The flyers teaching you that. So unless I'll give you a small example, those of you who you call on other than Allah, first of all, can't even create a single slide. And if the fly was to take even a little bit from them, how are they going to get it back? Interestingly enough, I got curious about flies because of this ayah. Like what, how to flies eat. And what I didn't know that I learned a long time ago when I was studying this ayah is when flies sit on food, they release

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saliva, they release spit and they create a bag with their spit. And the food goes inside this bag and they carry it away. And the bag is made of acid. So the moment it touches the food, it has a chemical reaction and the food changes forever. So if you developed a technology to prove the wrong and you found a way to capture that fly and put it under a petri dish and then get scientists to get that little piece of your burger back it's gone the moment the fly touched it, you can't get it back is donkey the woman who the over Bali and then and then comes the lesson the the the discussion I wanted to have with you today is a lobbying mighty, what does it have to do with this a lot as a

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principle and actually first if you understand this principle, then you will understand or appreciate this name of Allah xojo Allah azza wa jal says double fatale boo when mclubbe this is one of the most powerful thing statements in the Quran. You know how in in every language there are sayings, Proverbs idioms

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right this is one of those things in the Quran that's like a saying that you should just you should have this framed or you should think about this everyday kind of thing. And it's a very small statement, though for Balibo one motto, but it's a very powerful truth. And what does it mean? It means the one who is seeking.

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And the thing that is being sought is two things, the one who is seeking, and whatever is being sought are both naturally weak, the seeker is weak, and whatever they're seeking is also weak. Now let's think about seeker and whatever they're seeking, some young man is seeking to get married, somebody seeking to get a job, somebody else is seeking to make more money, somebody's seeking to fix their health problem, somebody's seeking to fix their financial problem, or somebody's seeking to fix a family problem. Everybody's seeking something, everybody's missing something in their life. And there's basically two things were running after either you're running after something good that

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you don't have yet, you drive by, and you see the nice house you like, one day, one day, I'm gonna, or you have this, this, this car you really like and you look at the car, you say, Well, I really want that car, and then you keep checking your balance and not enough, not enough, not enough, just 12 more years, eventually, you know, then I'm coming for you. You know. And so you have all human beings, there's something that they desire that they don't have yet that they want. That's one kind of seeking. And the other kind of seeking is we have problems, we have something missing in our life, or some some some, you know, difficulty or sadness, or family issue or lack of peace or

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whatever is going on. And we're seeking to get rid of the problem. Either we're seeking to add something good, or seeking to remove something bad. That's basically what human beings are seeking in life, isn't it? And Allah says, you because you're always seeking something are weak, you're weak, you're seeking money, you're weak, you're seeking peace, you're weak, you're seeking calm, you're weak, you're seeking safety, you're weak, you're seeking happiness, you're weak, you're seeking status, you're weak, you're seeking the degree, you're weak, you're seeking to get married, you're weak, you're seeking to have a child, you're weak, you're seeking to get your kids married,

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you're weak, everything you're seeking makes you what weak, and everything that you're seeking, is also weak. Now what I understand, because I don't have those things, I'm weak. But how is the thing that I'm seeking also weak. You know, the things that people seek, I'll give you an example. Sometimes people seek the the most telling example of this, I was actually many years ago, I was sitting in an abnormal psychology class. And our professor gave the example of a young man in the late 70s, who was doing his PhD in NYU, in psychology, actually, in clinical psychology at the New York University. And back then they didn't have email or hard drives, or whatever this guy typed up

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his 450 page thesis, and submitted it to the Department for your five years of work. He submitted it to the department, no extra copies, the original copy, he submitted to the department, the department loses his thesis. Five years of work gone. And this was, you know, up until the mid 90s, this, this guy was older now, he walks around NYU campus, telling people don't go to school here, they'll steal your work, they'll ruin your life. Don't learn here. They're a bunch of crooks. And he sees people handing their papers in. And he says, Don't give it to them, they'll lose it. And then every few weeks, they have to take him into a psych ward. And then but they have to let him go. And

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he comes back wandering NYU campus again. And this was a case study of and I heard, I'm reading this, and we're discussing it in class, and I'm going to love

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this man. For those years, what was the biggest thing on his mind, this degree, this is what I'm working for. This is all I this is what I have this, I will be successful, I will have this label, I will have accomplished the fruit of my labor, all those years of work will finally mean something. And he was so week after this one thing, nothing else mattered. And when that goes away, that's because that thing, what you're seeking isn't very strong, it disappeared.

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It disappeared. And when it disappears, what happens to you, you collapse. So alive is teaching us something, we are actually weak. Because the things we're running after or what we think they're going to make us strong. We think getting that is going to give us some kind of recognition, or it's going to make us safer. If we have more money, we'll be happier. If we're gonna have these problems solved and things everything is going to be perfect. If we just own the house, we keep living in this apartment. We're paying rent, we're losing money. If we just owned a house, everything will be okay. And then you get into the house and then there's property tax, and then the bathroom plumbing

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doesn't work. And then the kitchen goes bad and the foundation is shaking and the walls cracking and there's mold and the neighbors driving you crazy and the window breaks and all these problems show up and what you thought was going to make bring take all your problems away becomes problem on top of problem on top of problem. We keep running after things that are what week and ever

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Anytime we do, it proves how weak we are. When we're you're constantly thinking about if I just had that I would be okay. If only this problem went away, this person that's making my life miserable. If only somehow they got hit by a bus, my life would be so good. You know, every time I see a bus, I mean,

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we tell ourselves, you know, if some people were removed, or some problems were removed from our life, everything would be perfect. Or if just this one sadness would go away, everything would be perfect. You know, if people changed, if our society if our situation changed, if our environment change, we keep thinking everything else changes, and then we're going to be happy, everything's going to be perfect, then I don't have to be weak anymore. And we are preoccupied with, you know, consuming and consuming and consuming. And Eliza, which describes, you know, how weak you are, you are weaker than a fly, you're weaker than a fly, the pilot will not load. And when he describes how

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inherently incredibly weak I am, think about the things that are running in your mind every day, every one of you has different things on your mind every day. You know, we're fasting, we're praying, and Alhamdulillah we try to concentrate when we're praying. But outside of that, what is on your mind? What are you worried about? What are you thinking about? What's constantly spinning in your head? What is it that you constantly wish you had? Or wish you didn't have anymore? Somebody for somebody, it's their sickness, or it's their depression, or this sadness or this person? Or what if only, they could be happy with me, I would be okay. Some people run after making somebody happy.

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If only my dad would be proud of me, I would be happy, everything would be fine. Everything would be whether your dad is a human being. And even if they are proud of you one day, their life can go the next day, then what are you going to do? Then where do you stand? So you and I keep running after these things that we feel will make us happy. And then the next I realize, oh, Jen says, bah, bah, bah, bah, ha, ha kakori. They didn't value Allah, like he deserved to be valued. In the law, Hakuna Aziz certainly Allah is powerful, you are weak, Allah is powerful. And then he says, You didn't value Allah, like he deserved to you, he deserved to be valued. You know what he's telling you and

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me, he's telling you and me, you will run after things. And you will run after people. And you will run after everything in this world, whatever you call, whatever your mind comes up with, that you're running, after, every one of those things will die. Every one of those things is weak. And that's why you've been weak. That's why you keep suffering sadness. That's why you keep suffering loss. But when you decide once and for all, that the one thing you're seeking more than anything else, is to make your master happy. When you seek Allah, when you value him above all else, when you really in your heart decide that then because he is strong. You know what law just taught us, when you seek

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something weak, you become weak. But if you seek Allah who is mighty and strong, what does it make you? It makes us strong, it makes us strong. And once you become strong, things come in life and things go in life, you're still strong, you don't collapse, because the things you are running after collapse, because you're pursuing looks something much, much higher. And please understand what I'm saying. I'm not saying you shouldn't seek things in this world. I'm not saying that. But the is teaching us something. Even as we seek those things, we understand that they're weak, and that even if they come and they go, the one thing that we cannot lose is Allah. You see, the failure of a

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human being is when they don't get what they want. They lose a lot. When they don't get what they want. They stop praying, when they don't get what they want. They say I was making all this diet didn't work. What's the point? When they don't get what they want, they get filled with sad sadness and anxiety and tell themselves, I can't even get myself to talk to a lie anymore. You see, that's because from the beginning before the problem happened, not after before the problem happened. There was not a strong bond with a lie yet. When that strong bond with a lie is already there, like roots inside on the ground. When a storm comes, the tree will shake, but it won't collapse. It'll still be

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there. And after the storm is done, it will still give fruit it will still continue to live us aloha sabot Well, first of all, half is sama Quran says La Ilaha. Illallah is like a tree whose roots are deep inside the ground and his branches keep going into the sky. That's the strength of a human being. I'll give you a you know, a really powerful example of this strength, this inner strength, you know, we associate strength with different things. And this is a story I spoke about many years ago, but it still moves me to this day. I knew a family in the state of New Orleans in the United States. And this family was very wealthy. They had a they had many car dealerships. And New Orleans

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is on the coast. So they had car dealerships right on the beach, right and luxury cars, they would import cars and sell them and import and sell them and then hurricane

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Katrina came. And when Katrina came, of course, it starts with the water. So all of their cars that were bought in cash were flooded. And the only car they had left was this Lexus. I remember they had that Lexus and LS something that they escaped in the family escaped in one car. And a few months after the storm had receded, and you know, the city was opened up again, I went to visit that family. And they, they, the whole family, who are literally making, I think it was something to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars a month. That's the kind of money they were making. And now they were delivering pizza in that Lexus. That's what the family does. He they opened the they were

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hired by some other guy who runs a pizzeria. And the mom and the dad are in the back making pizzas in the sun goes around delivering the pizzas. And Alexis. And when I went when I saw that, you know, you can you imagine if somebody else went through that, like some other millionaire went from that to nothing, you know what happened to them, they take a, you know, borrow a bottle of pills, and be done with it. Because what they had, this was what made them strong. When this goes away. I can't handle this anymore. I can't take it, I can't take this kind of loss anymore. You know. And so, but this family when I met them, every one of them so calm, so peaceful, and the Father and the Father

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was an older man. And I would think at that age, if you suffer this kind of loss, you get a heart attack, you get high blood pressure you get, but he's completely relaxed. And I'm just and I just asked him how I didn't even finish my question. I just said, How, and he smiled, because he knows what I'm talking about. And he says to me, you know, before when business was good, all the time I was on my phone, did the shipment arrived, the payment come late, did the car get delivered is the customer happy that we've do the taxes, employee problems, this problem, that problem, and I barely made it to jumaane, barely. Now, there's still food on the table, there's still a roof over our

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head. But I get to go to the machine and go prayin piece, and I got to get to go up, get up in the morning. And I don't have to think about anything except remembering my Robin thanking him. Actually, I pretty much feel that before my life ended, Allah gave me this blessing of simplifying my life. That's what the Father says. A normal human being will not say that if you said that to another businessman, you'll say man, this guy lost his mind. He's clearly traumatized. And he's lost his you know, his senses. And he's trying to rationalize this to himself. And he's trying to cope with it in this way. But let me tell you this is what happens when a person recognizes that the

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thing we run after is what is weak and only Allah only Allah only Allah is strong. You know, there are people there's not just money, by the way, give you an example of money. For some people, that's going to be people. You're running after the approval of someone or you're clung to someone like if they're not there, you're going to die. If you're not if you know this unhealthy attachments to people, even Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would tell us Habiba Kahuna Ma. Love the one you love, to an extent, to an extent because beyond that is only for a Lorenzo's oil, isn't it. But when that happens when people love someone, and they're attached to someone, and they just want them, no

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matter what the cost, then they're even willing to sacrifice what Allah says is halal or haram, because they love the one. They want that one. And that's it. That's all they want. Sometimes people do this for their father or their mother. Sometimes they do it for a spouse. Sometimes they do it for a friend. Sometimes Sometimes people do it even for not not as legitimate relationship. No matter what I just want to be with this person, I will do whatever it takes. And those human beings that you're running after, who you're so attached to, they're also weak. They're also weak and they're making you weak. They're making you weak. And so when they go and you collapse, you see how

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attached was Rasulullah sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, to our mother Khadija, the Allahu taala. How devastated was he when she passed away, but he had something much stronger to keep him going, isn't it? He had a loss of vision and he keeps on going, how devastating is it to suffer the losses that he suffered and he keeps on moving forward, because he gets strength from the one who owns all strength. He gets strength from that. So you and I have to find that in allows origin. We have to recognize in ourselves that we are by definition weak, we are not capable of coping with loss. We are not capable of you know finding true contentment and happiness once we have something we're not

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capable of that only Allah azza wa jal can give us that. Now, if I know usually I finish in about 1520 minutes. If you can give me seven or eight more minutes, I just want to finish some things about these out that I feel is connected, and I think you can benefit from and shall lotano Okay, so bear with me. Those of you that want to escape can quietly walk backwards, I won't notice. I won't tell anyone. Okay, so I'm going to give you a crazy example to get this point across and then we'll come to the AI okay. Imagine for a moment you cannot find a job. You're looking for a job you keep sending your email with your resume and your CV and nobody's giving

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You recall. And finally, this, you know, and you have no great skills. I mean, you know how to use Google, that's your resume doesn't say much, you know, and you know how to use the Internet, and I'm good at Facebook or something. That's what it says. And you get a call from this technology company, and they call you in for an interview. And you're sitting there in this interview, and you know, that they're under the job openings for a programmer. And you

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the programming is, you know,

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it's like, it's on the other end of the universe from you. So you're even thinking, why did I get called here. And so you sit in the table waiting for the guy to come in to interview you. He comes in, he has a big stack of papers, he starts reading them and telling you Yeah, our our job requires about 20 years of experience, and you must know this programming language and this programming language and this programming language. And if you have management experience, that's good also, and this and he keeps going over the list of what qualifications and you're listening to this going.

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Is he just trying to embarrass me? is there is there any way I can get out from that window before he notices? Is he looking at the wrong resume? Did somebody else have the same name as me and they called me by mistake? You don't see yourself qualified, do you? And you're thinking, How can I possibly be given this job? This job is not for me, I am not right for this job. Allah azza wa jal in the Quran says, wha hoo. Do Fulani haka jihadi struggle, try your best for no one other than Allah, the way he deserves to be tried for.

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Now, that's impossible. That's what you call an impossible job. Does anybody pray to Allah like he deserves to be prayed to? Does anybody think Allah that He deserves to be thanked? Does anybody remember a lot like he deserves to be remembered? It's impossible. Does anybody struggle to please a lot like he deserves to like he deserves we can never do to the standard that he deserves. When he gave us this job in the IRA. He clearly give us a job that is impossible for you and me to qualify for you understand that? Okay. Just like that guy said in the interview, like this is impossible for me. And then the interviewer looks at him in the face and says, congratulations, you got the job.

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And when he says, You got the job yourself?

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Are you sure?

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Why even you're like, I can't do this. I don't know any of this. I don't understand any of it. I'm not right for this job. I'm sure you mean other people that are much better at it. And you know what, exactly that attitude many Muslims have. Allah wants me to strive for him. But yeah, I know there are other people that are much better believers that I am. That's not me. I'm a special case. That doesn't really fit in this struggle, business. You know, that's where the that's where much stronger Muslims, that's not me. And Allah says, who I just debacle. He chose you based on your qualifications. That's the word he bought based. He chose you because you're the right person for

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the job man or woman. He chose you for the struggle.

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But But I'm not qualified. I don't know. And basically, the interviewer tells this guy Listen, I know you don't think you you got the skills. But I know talent when I see it. I know potential when I see it. I know I've done this a long time. I know exactly who I hire and exactly who I don't hire, not only will I hire you, you will be the best employee in the company.

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He has this confidence in the employee that even the employee doesn't have in himself, a lot chooses you and me

00:28:36--> 00:29:15

and he has a confidence in you and me that we will actually value Allah like he deserves to be valued. Remember that phrase, naka de la ha ha caca de la casa de Lucia la caja de How will you value a la the way he deserves to be valued? When you struggle to make Allah happy? The way he deserves it. And even if you think you can't, unless actually you're the right people for the job. There are there's five times as many of you on the earth that never got to say la ilaha illAllah aren't there. And he chose you. He chose you to say, he chose you to say Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. So it didn't mean you didn't have to be born in a Muslim family. You could have been

00:29:15--> 00:29:53

born in a Buddhist family. He some of you took Shahada, you could have never found Islam. Allah chose you. Your heritage didn't choose you. You know the baby. The soul is brought from the angel into the womb of the mother that in that soul could have been brought to any mother. But he chose your mother. He chose that family. He chose to give you this Islam. He chose to give you this 99 ally and he tells you in this ayah Why did I choose you because you have the skills to do for me what you need to do what as it deserves to be done. And so now Okay, fine. Fine. If you believe in me, I guess I'll try. But I know it's going to be really hard. He says, Well, my Java is a confit

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

demon Horridge. By the way, he put no difficulty no pressure in the religion for you.

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

And so he said, Oh, okay, okay, so it's not gonna be any pressures. It's gonna be easy. Okay? You know, when the Lord gives you comfort and says, Don't worry about it, I'll make it What? Easy, you get a little more relaxed, okay? Allah says impossible job at first. But then he said, if he can make it easy, then you know it will become easy. I have more hope in myself now. And as he tells you, he's making it easy. The next phrase in the eye is mulata be calm. Ebrahim, by the way, you are the same religion as your Father who, Ibrahim and I say Hold on a second. I thought you said easy.

00:30:32--> 00:31:06

You just said easy, right? So like Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam like jumping into fire Ibrahim, and cut the sun Ibrahim, and leave the family in the desert Ibrahim and challenge your whole tribe Ibrahim, and get kicked out by out of your home by your dad Ibrahim. That same Ibrahim Raisa about whom Allah says why is it Allah Ibrahim Abu Bakar Lima, Allah tested Ibrahim Alayhi Salam with instructions like nobody else, meaning his tests were harder than anybody else. Allah just said, your trial Don't worry, he'll make it really easy for you Just Like who?

00:31:07--> 00:31:09

Know, way, way way.

00:31:11--> 00:31:52

How do we understand that? You understand that by thinking about it in a very particular way, Allah is telling you the same Allah that will make a fire cool, the same Allah that will make a knife refuse to cut the same Allah that will bring water out of a burning hot desert, the same Allah that can make the most impossibly difficult things easy for Abraham is the religion you follow? What problem do you have? You have the same rock behind you? So he reminds us of Abraham and says, You got it? You got this. There's a religion of your father Ibrahim, who has some local Muslim in America. He's the one who named you Muslims much before and even now even now. And so then finally,

00:31:52--> 00:32:31

he gives us instant Where do you get started? You know, you don't go into the job and do the highest level work from the beginning. There's an orientation, beginning tasks. Where do you start? He says he was salata to sakata watashi mobila Hua Mola calm. He says, establish the prayer. Establish the prayer. What does that mean? You want a love strength. Remember that? You want to love strength inside you. You don't want to be weak, then you better not let go of what you don't let go of your prayer. Your prayer will become your strength, which is why he says is that you know the summary was saara seek aid. Seek might seek strength from the prayer. Stick strength, the prayer will make you

00:32:31--> 00:33:09

strong. Never let go of the prayer. Even if you're not feeling it, you pray. Even if you're getting lazy, you pray. Even if you don't feel like it, you pray even if your heart isn't in it, you pray because if you let go of the prayer, you have become the weaker weakest and weakest weakest then you have nothing left of T masala then he says what are two Sokka and gives the cart meaning cleanse your money in the car doesn't just mean two and a half percent I know Ramadan. Everybody wants to give those a car. But listen, you can't give Zakat on money. You got to make good clean money before you give clean money. You see, a lot of times I see people in Muslims unfortunately get involved

00:33:09--> 00:33:36

around businesses and they really big on giving Zakat they want to give a huge donation to massage after running a liquor store. Why because they feel guilty they feel like I've learned plenty of time at least I should you know sponsor a few orphans now you know you're this good deed doesn't justify those bad deeds. The cat actually is to cleanse the money that's pure to begin with. You know sometimes the Muslims are so obsessed with as a chicken halaal or not.

00:33:37--> 00:33:47

Who slaughtered it? Where did it come from? Was the blood drain properly? Let me see the certificate. Let me see the certificate of the certificate who signed the certificate? Let me find them tell me their shoe size Tell me everything about them.

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

And that same guy who's so obsessed with how the chicken was slaughtered? is okay with collecting rebar.

00:33:55--> 00:34:01

The same guy is not making payment is lying about his taxes. cheating people not giving his customers do

00:34:02--> 00:34:08

your that's haram to bro. So you feel if you get your haram money and buy halaal Chicken

00:34:12--> 00:34:14

that's still not Hello chicken you understand.

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

So when the loss has established the prayer and give this a guide actually doesn't just mean give this a car It means clean up your money matters. Clean up all of your money matters. That's the starting point. And when you can do those three two things watashi mobila can hold on tight to Allah hold on to for dear life to lead to some means to hold on for life at this time is when somebody falls off a ship and there's a storm and they're holding on to the chain hanging from the ship the anchor because if they let go they're gonna drown. That's the song. So hold on for dear life to Allah who are mo Lacan. He is your protecting guarding master. He's your guardian for Nirmal Mala.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

What an incredible guardian. What an incredible protector when determined

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Look at this last name of ally now and with this one determinacy he says what an incredible aid aid No sir I in Arabic means when you help someone in war

00:35:11--> 00:35:49

like you know if somebody said hey, can you help me? Can you give me a pen? That's not Muslim, that's Masada. It's another word small help, or somebody had a flat tire and you gave them help with their tire. That's that's help. But that's not Muslim. No, sir, is our armies being invaded? We're being attacked from all sides. We need reinforcements, and they drop supplies or they send another 1000 troops. That's called what is our job Nasrullah one foot, so when great help mighty help comes, that's actually called Nusrah. And Allah uses his name. Nasir, he says, when you do these things, when you establish the prayer, when you clean up your money matters, and you hold on to align your

00:35:49--> 00:36:25

heart. Then you see what an amazing protector he is. And you'll see what kind of amazing help he gives you every single time armies and legions of help legions of angels showing up to aid you with your problems. Your problem, maybe this small, Allah has helped me with that big because he's missing so hard Allah, that's a lobbying colleague and Allah giving us his from his, from his might him eating us when we hold on to him. We allow his origin makers, people that really internalize our own weakness and recognize the strength of our Master barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.