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AI: Summary © The Quran is the single word used in the Bible and its significance in various religious and cultural settings. The title of the book is the same as the title of the movie, but the title is different. The story of the Quran is discussed, including its use as a guide for Muslims to learn about the Koran and its potential benefits, its use as a guide for Muslims to learn about the language, and its potential to help achieving success in learning and obtaining information.
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I'm on a special for many reasons. We will be talking about it as the weeks come and go. But one thing that a lot of biologists specify specifies Ramadan for it is the fact that this is the month in which the Koran can

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call Allah tala Shahada Ramadan and levy

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on Zilla Fie Hill.

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This is the month of Ramadan, in which the Koran camp down

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in which the Koran came down. But what is so special about the Koran?

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Young Ones listen carefully

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on this planet, there is nothing more valuable than the Quran.

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Not as diamonds not as gold not as oil not as money, not its buildings, not its power not as offices. The one most valuable treasure that we own is the Quran. But why is the Quran so grand? Number one, the the Quran is not the word of another writer. It is not the word of a scholar. It is not the word of a professor. It is not the word of a president. It is not the word of a king. It is the word of a lot of bull Isaiah. Listen to what a lot of Buddha says. He says Tenzin elomi man Holla Holla our salmon de la ola. This is the word the revelation of the one who created the earth and the heavens a pie of large size 10 zero min. On rahmanir rahim This is the revelation from the

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one who was most kind and most merciful. And then a lot of Buddha says this is the revelation min hacky min hobby from the one who was 100% wise like all wise in all away. This is the words of a lot of bulldozer. And I want you to try to understand what that means. Because the word of Allah is not like the word of another.

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The word of Allah of Buddhism is powerful.

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Whenever a lot of Buddha is a wishes for something, he wants something imagine he wants to create another you.

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He He has our agenda just just size it in number amuru who is our Roger Shay and coolala who

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can fire Kuhn. A lot of bluster just says be in it will be.

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So if Allah wanted to create another Earth, he has our just say skoon fire Khun B and that is that is the power of the words of a lot of Buddhism, the verse in the Quran, a lot of good exercise, that referring to the heavens, in a cemetery, when it was Gohan when it was gassed, so Allah tells it, to the sky is to the heavens were in allowed to tow an old car ha, come

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willingly, or by force, surrender to the will of Allah willingly, all by force, the mighty heavens and the earth cry out pilot that they both said as in the heavens and earth, we come in willing obedience. This is the power of the word of a lot of Isaiah. He is the King of kings and the master of masters and the creator of everything is just so powerful a word that a lot of Buddha says lo einzelner has an eyelash Jebel. If we had revealed the score on a mountain, Laura ATIA who Harsha Mutasa, Dr. minha hatia Tila you would have seen the mountain crumble pulverise under the might have the word of Allah, Allah. Allah tells the Prophet we revealed upon you I heavy word and Subhana

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Allah, the reservists attention of the Quran is a heavy thing. One of the scholars in one of the countries visited a sick person. He placed his hand on his chest and read a verse they say the house shook out of the power of the word of a lot of bullet Isaiah, therefore, this is the Quran.

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This is the Quran, the word of Allah, Allah Isaiah, what was it therefore Allah scented Bala holiness Azhar

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propagating message to humankind as in something that will go through time and space that will be called out through the annals of history that will be rehearsed and revised that will be taught over and over again. So, that is a message that goes through time and space, what is in this message, a lot of bluster says

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in it, one of the things is warnings, because we are not aware that there is a jahannam So, Allah told us listen a jahannam is coming less than other is coming, listen, you will die. Listen, angels will test you in it. His warnings in it is glad tidings but she urine one zero, you know, a source of Goliath tidings and a source of severe warnings. It is also a source of Rama, Allah Buddha with regards to its size. Yeah, a yohannes or humankind or just come over to Europe because they have come to you heed from your Lord worship in Cuba, Lima a few sudo for the sicknesses that are in your chest, for example, you have envy the Quran came to cure you from that you have jealousy. The Quran

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came to cure you from that you have pride. The Quran came to cure you from that you have arrogance, the Quran came to cure you from that you had unnecessary hatred. The Quran came to cure you from that you had nationalism inside you Allah sent the Quran to kill you from that you had racism inside you. Allah sent the Quran to cure you from that. Now look around you, you sit in a gathering in which they are people from 50 something different nations sitting amongst each other as brothers, the Koran in Islam that that therefore, this is what chifa Lima used to do. And then in another verse, it just chifa period, well known as zero minute, any man who will shift all Pua has been sent

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in this for an abnormal Josie Allah He says, For every sickness, there is a cure in the Quran. It is just if Allah has taught you how to use it or not, if a lot of Buddhism has opened that up for you or not, have you engaged with the Quran intimately enough to know its secrets or not to know how to use it or not? He himself, pay him let him do what he had amount.

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a camel or horse that looked really nice. It was outstandingly beautiful. So it was striking. So they told him says listen,

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don't go that way. There's a person his eyes have hazard, you know, his eyes have envy. It will strike your your animal and it will cause harm. So ignore it and went that way and the animal fell sick or died. So he said Who is the person so they said it's that person there. So I am just to show you the secrets of what is in the Quran. He came to the person in recited the first verses of Tabarak.

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Karla tyla tabarrok Olivia hilman Kahala condition petite lady Haleakala, moto Hialeah Blue komax Andromeda

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Olivia halaqa Sebastian de Vaca Mehta, Rafi hulka. Rock many many follow Jerry Lazzara hunter amin photo sama Raja basura karate Nian Talib, la basura ha Seon, wahoo. And they say as the chef recited, circles burnt on the face of demand as in his eyes, his evil eye and his hazards, fell back on his own face and burnt his own face. So the Quran has, has secrets, which allow the opens to you based on how intimate you are with it. It has cures for everything the US have while traveling. They come to a village and they asked for Hospitality in Arab culture. And in Muslim culture. Hospitality is a big thing when guests saw, you know, stranded you go and you say, come stay in my house, take

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my bed, have my food, these people traveling Muslims, was stranded next to a village. So they went to the people that listen, we are travelers. Can you extend some hospitality and the people gave them the cold shoulder they were hostile. They kicked them out. So these are some of the Prophet early Muslims just camped outside the village and sometimes after they can run into them, the villages can run into this hub.

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Can you please help? They said What's wrong? They said our chief has been bitten by a snake or Scorpion poison is in his blood. You know he's sick, his fever, can you come and help? So the US hub? Who are people that have mastered the Koran, there are people that were intimately aware of the Koran, close with the Quran, the Sahaba said, we will come but what will you give us if Allah cures him? So they said, you know, we'll give

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With this smart sheep they agreed the Sahabi cam sat next to the person put his hand on him recited. Fatiha. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rama Fatiha seven times and Allah destroyed the poison in Cuba demand with the recitation of Fatiha Do you see that the Quran has qR?

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Was she fair limit fill sudo and all types of sicknesses. The Quran cures depression, it cures anxiety or any type of illness. If Allah grants you the cure from the Quran, you're blessed. And then a lot of bluster says what she felt Lima for sudo wahoo metal meaning and it is guidance, guidance for for you how to live your life, you had no idea of how to live before Islam. So Allah sent you listen, pray like this clean like this sleep like this, marry like this divorced like this. Do you understand me have governments like this business like this politics like this, Allah taught us Allah guided us through life with the Quran, and that is a mercy for us. A lot of Buddhism

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blesses you with joy. Yes, happy, prosperous, beautiful lives, so long as you cling on to the Quran, so long as you follow it, and anyone that follows other paths, their lives are filled with unnecessary difficulties and unnecessary hardships. So Muslims, this is the month

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of the Quran

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of the Quran, and another, you know, amazing, the Quran is full of amazing things. This is one of the miracles in the footer of the Quran. And one of the, you know, the grand aspects of it that upon it's coming down, the whole security system of the heavens changed and Alhamdulillah My dear brothers and sisters, you have this book at the unit at the hands reach. You have it in your phones, you have it in your computers, you have it physically you study it, but I want to tell you a few things. Listen carefully.

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A lot of you

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struggle with reading the Quran.

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You haven't mastered being able to read it fluently. And that is wrong.

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You must exert yourself young and old until you become fluent in the Quran.

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But when you become fluent in the Quran, that is not enough. It means you can read it, but you don't understand what you're reading.

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You don't know what your Lord is telling you. You don't know what he just instructed you. You don't know what it is prohibited for you. You don't know what he just advised you you don't know what he cautioned you, you don't know the meaning of the stories he narrated to you. So the first step learn to read.

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When you master that, then understand that

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you must understand what your Lord is telling you. It is silly if you don't you know you're standing reading Alhamdulillah Allah will bless you and reward you but you have no idea what Allah wants.

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And thirdly is after you have understood it, you've reached the place you know you've exerted yourself. You've studied it for years night and day you trying to understand what Allah says, You listen to chefs, you sit at the feet of the scholars, you open books, you listen to lectures, after a while, and hamdulillah Masha Allah tabarrok Allah, you will stand and salah and you will read and it will be as though Allah, Allah is talking, and you will understand that like that. And once you understand that, then it becomes necessary and obligatory to follow and obey it. And if you don't do these three, like if you don't learn it, and then understand it, and then implement it in the Day of

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Judgment, none other but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will argue against you in the court of law as a calling out, you're in a coma, Tohoku has an enema. Jura. Oh Lord, my people forsook the Koran unless you do these three.

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Unless read it, and if you can't keep pushing and learning until you until you have mastered until you can read very efficiently and very fluently. And then second is understand it. learn the language read that FRC you. Study with the scholars sit with the analyzer until you understand what it is that Allah is saying to you. And then once you've done that, then follow it. Obey the halaal and obey the harem. If he says Do this, do it and if he says don't do otherwise, the profit will complain against you and the day of judgment to a lot of bluster saying yeah rob my people for soccer an era your word cam the word

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Allah cam the word of the Creator of the heavens and the earth cam. You know the mighty word of Allah and people discarded it in this regard, it will be a huge sin. So this is the month in which we polish up the Quran. And every night at the very least, at least try to understand one verse.

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Unicode you go to tarawih the chef reads a juice or a bit more and you haven't understood a word. Come home, open the you know the Tafseer go online, go to a chef sit with Scala, at least one verse try to understand from what you have recited so the worship of the Buddha is lifted because the Quran was sent Leah de baru it so that you think and reflect on its words, but if you can't understand you can't do that. So you must my applaudable as a bless you and your families and accept your data in your CRM in your prayer ministry this month for Appleton Appleton taco has

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a job