How the Quran teaches us what to do #18 Be Beautiful, Have Fun But Be Balanced

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried today it's a Lhasa panel with Allah as he tells us in soo little era of verse 31. You have any Adam hold luzina tokuma in the Colima Studio wakulla wash horrible well at 234 in the hula, you have we mostly theme. This is a verse that encourages us to be balanced, but at the same time when we're talking about being balanced, enjoy yourself have fun, eat to drink, just you know, have fun in your life, but don't over indulge yourself. So let's break this down step by step. Allah subhana wa tada is not talking to just Muslims. Yep, any animal Children of Adam, hobo Xena takumar in the Cooley

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Masjid. So the first command is to take your beauty, take your Xena, take your beauty, take your adornment, make yourself beautiful. So in other words, wear your best clothing, put on some perfume, put on some Cologne, Cologne, whatever you want. But especially when you're going to the masjid look appropriate. And this is really important because pretty much every message you go to wherever you are, there's always a you know, that group of Muslims that will come to the masjid. And they'll come from work, the guys just finished painting an entire house and the kids have just finished playing sports. And they'll jump right into the cellar. You know, that's all fine. But at the end of the

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day, this is not the proper etiquettes in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala especially when you're praying, but especially when you're walking into his house. I mean, if you look at it from a logical perspective, would you walk into a guest house wearing sweaty clothing or your dirtiest attire? You wouldn't do that? At least you would consider Okay, these are guests. I want to look appropriate you'll have an extra pair of clothing or something change into and then there you are. Why not the same for our last panel Tyler's house? I mean, it's reached to such an extent that scholars had to come up with specified fifth rulings of what to do when you're praying beside somebody or you're

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with somebody in the masjid. And whatever it could be, you know, whether it's just a bad smell bad hygiene in general, or even their clothing is so dirty to the extent that now people started asking, am I allowed to pray beside somebody like that? You know, it's too distracting for me the sweat and the smell is overbearing, can I leave my Salah. And if no cleaning Rahim Allah has a ruling Imam Shafi all the men that hips have a ruling on this. And it's just like, it really makes you think so panela that scholars had to study this mess out of this scenario and come up with a ruling they felt was appropriate that if you were in that scenario, that somebody who wasn't dressed well or the

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order was so overwhelming, that you have to decide for the sake of concentration in your worship, whether you need to be there beside your brother or sister or step out of the prayer step out of the helpless step out of the talk, whatever the case is, and go somewhere else, and sit somewhere else or stand somewhere else. And some handle alone. This is just really unfortunate. This is a requirement as people have II Men that especially when you go to the messages that you look decent, you smell decent, you have overall good ideas, and our Prophet ID slot was solemn did teach us that half of our faith half of our airmen shuttled with a man half of it is based on the war. It's based

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on purity. It's based on cleanliness. That means that if you dress well, you smell good, you take care of yourself, you don't just pull up the oldest clothing that you can find you pull up the most wrinkled or buy the most wrinkled hijab, you pull up the soap or the pants and the shirt that you wear when you're outside doing gardening or something. And that's the stuff that you wear them instant and especially for the young students as well. If you go to the masjid to play sports, that's all great Alhamdulillah but just make sure that all that sweaty clothing when you're in your athletic wear that at least you either cover that up with something more decent or just change when

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it comes time for prayer. But especially overall when you're in Allah's house, there's a certain level level of etiquettes and mannerisms that is from our sooner you know this the companions they had described that the Prophet it salt was Salaam always smelled beautiful. He smelled so beautiful to the point where even his perspiration they described it was sweeter than the scent of the sweetest musk perfume you could find. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam loves to wear beautiful clothing. Although he was limited to what he had. If he had white clothing. It was beautiful. It was clean. It smelled good. He loved to pray.

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himself, he loves to ensure that and this is why the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam did tell us that in Mullah jameelah well you will German, Allah subhanho wa Taala is beautiful and he loves it that which is beautiful. So exactly combing your hair or putting on your hat making sure your, your your clothing is iron, all of these things are part of this a it's a part of our faith to be this way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us take that beauty that I've blessed you with, especially when you go and cool the masjid and all the massages. So it doesn't matter if it's your own local Masjid at least to look decent when you go there. Because a lot of Muslims will say, Oh, it's just

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my own Masjid, I just go in there in my pajamas. And I'm good. Everybody knows me. That's not the point here. So fulfill the A, it's about looking representable and decent in the sight of Allah. What we also learn from this area is that Allah subhanho wa Taala does pay attention to the outerwear, he he may not judge or the judgment itself is not restricted to just what's on the outside, because obviously, what's in your heart, your intentions, your sincerity, these are important factors as well. But it's not to just exclude or completely disregard what you are on the outside. Because that's how we you and I judge each other, you can judge me I judge you based on our

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outer shell. So if our outer shell is clean, it's decent, it's representable, then inshallah huhtala. That's a reflection of what's inside of us what's in our hearts, what's in our intentions. Next point with it is that keep in mind, Allah subhanho wa Taala singles out messages, so that he doesn't say a whole Rosina Tacoma ended up quickly as well. You know, take your beauty to every mall or shopping center that you go to No, it's specifically talking about the masjid. So this teaches us that this is a priority in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala that, particularly when it comes to his house and place of worship, he This is an expectation of all of us, then the A continues, what

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kulu wash, horrible 1234 eat and drink. But don't be excessive, don't indulge yourself in this, you know, we can talk about eating and drinking, I think that's pretty obvious that at the end of the day, you want to ensure that whatever it is that you choose to consume, that of course it meets all the requirements islamically it's highlighted, it's been earned and well, etc. but also that you just don't overdo it like you spend $15 on a bottle of water is sold off literally means that you can afford the same thing at a cheaper price elsewhere, once in a while when you want to take the family out to a nice dinner or what have you and spend a little extra money once in a while. And

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this is the balance that we're talking about. Once in a while doing those things is completely fine. Our profit is to serve. Although he wore he had just a few pieces of clothing. Whenever he was gifted, like he was gifted a cloak from someone from Yemen, he was gifted a cloak from people from all across the Arabian Peninsula. He was given given, given different gifts to wear. And he would wear them he wouldn't say oh, you know, I don't want that. That's too beautiful. That looks too expensive. No, these were expensive clothes that came in expensive garments that came from representatives across the Arabian Peninsula. And they would give this to him. And he wouldn't say

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no, I don't want that I'm not into that sort of thing. That's just for the rich, he actually took it and he wore it. So once in a while to be able to go to the mall to do some shopping, do whatever you like, that's completely fine. You don't have every so often I meet a family or a parent that will say, you know, I never take my parents, I never take my kids to the mall. You know, I don't have no TV in my house. We don't have no video games, nothing. But once in a while when I do open that door for them like on there just before eat. I like to go shopping. But then I find myself that when I go shopping that one or two days, I indulge myself I go to every store, I buy something from every

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single store I can go to even if I don't need it. I'll let my kids have their video games once a month. And when they sit there, they'll sit there for five hours and play the same thing over and over. What do I do? And really my answer is very simple. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect you from being extreme, because that's not right. It's not the right to just be on one side of the coin and ignore everything else. The Prophet is sought to sell them enjoyed himself. He enjoyed certain delights whenever he had access to them. He enjoyed eating and drinking and socializing. He had time for those things. And there are so many narrations of him just sitting with his wife Ayesha, I'll do

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a lot more on that in the message and you know what they're doing? They're just talking. They're not he's not teaching her he's not according to her all these headings. No, they're just talking should their head teeth of her just sitting there and she'll talk to her, talk to him about

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All the women that she met that day and the kinds of conversations that they had, and what they were talking about the nonprofit it is not to say that I'm there are other stories of him with a bunch of companions. They're sitting together, they're wrestling, they're racing, they're playing, they're laughing, so much. So some companions describe, we could see his molar teeth when he would laugh. I don't even know how to laugh that much, where you can see my molar teeth, but the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam will do that. So you can definitely see that he had this balanced side to his personality to his life. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, kulu, and wash, horrible, eat and

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drink. Remember, this area is saying that you can do those things. But it's now going to limit it by saying, look, oh, Allah subhanho wa Taala balances all of these wonderful things. So we talked about dressing and appearance, particularly in Allah's house, when we talked about eating and drinking, these are the two most important things when it comes to social gatherings is people look good. They're having a fun time. And there's always something good to eat and drink a lot. Pamela Tyler says, what could you tell me? Well, that 234 and don't over indulge?

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You know, there are some people when they meet up with their friends, their only conversation that go on literally for hours, especially with young people. But even you know, adults in general, we're all guilty of doing this, right? I'm not saying I'm perfect either. From time to time, I end up doing the same thing, where your only conversation is revolved around entertainment, sports, you know, social media, friends, it's just a very specific area where there's no benefit to it whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it might even inclined somebody to send, you might hear something you're not supposed to hear. It might stimulate a conversation you shouldn't be having, you might

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say certain things, you know, there how long to say, you might look at certain things, you know, you shouldn't be there. And so those kinds of conversations, this is the only type of conversation for some groups of people. So this is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, that's a problem. If every time you meet up with your friends, and you have these specific types of conversations, that put you in a problem, or get you involved in, in things you shouldn't be involved in, that's a problem in and of itself. And so unless is 1234 in Allah Allah you will use Wi Fi. And also Allah says in the hula, you will see fin and other verses of the poor. And the point is, Allah says I do not

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appreciate I do not love the ones who over indulge themselves is sawed off. When you concentrate too much on one thing and ignore everything else. What islamically is that you give help and time for everything in your life and not ever, not all of your concentration just on one thing. And even when we're learning the scholars teach us and tie lemme Shay and frequently shape that you understand a little bit of everything. And not Colucci in any shape. And not just everything just on one thing. So you know, a little bit of just general things to do you know how to do certain chores, you know how to do certain duties, you know, how to, you know, understand a little bit about, you know, why

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the sky is blue, how to change a light bulb, how to fix something, but at the same time, you're also engrossed into your Islamic knowledge, your secular knowledge and other things as well. So it's all about being balanced. Now, the billion dollar question, which I'm going to conclude with is how do you develop that? The answer really varies. Usually your upbringing, your surroundings, the people that you have the level of exposure, that you have, also, your level of knowledge, how you learn knowledge. One day we're going to talk about and I'll give you certain methods in Chatelet that could really help balance your approach and how to learn. Because often what ends up happening is

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you have somebody who's learning knowledge will fall into an ultra conservative mentality where everything is how long. And then you'll have the complete opposite, this ultra liberal mentality where all is good, as long as you have a good heart. So what we're going to talk about how to balance those two approaches, because you need a little bit of both. But what's in the middle is what counts the most. But at least for now, my brothers and sisters, this as well as many other verses of the poor and call us to be balanced in our leisure time. Be be balanced in the sense that have fun, enjoy your delights, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, enjoy social time, have all of

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those things. They're important because that's what keeps you balanced. So one method that immediately this a is teaching us is Yeah, when you are doing all of those wonderful things of learning and worship and so on. There it's also just as important to have downtime, but too much of even ahead

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thing is problematic. You know if you sit there and you're watching TV for seven hours a day every single day, although TV generally speaking is perfectly healthy and the haraam avitus channel, but the hell out of it has had. So you're sitting there and you're watching TV or you're scrolling through the internet, your bingeing videos, etc, etc. All of this is a problem. This is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, Don't over indulge yourself in this stuff, whether it be an eating drink convenor some families I meet every other day, they have to, like hit up a new restaurant. I know some people who even like get into cars, and they drive for like, two, three hours just to go have

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like lobster or something or just have one meal somewhere else. You know, that's fine. If it's like a once in a lifetime thing, by all means, but other than that, I hope that by now when shot Allahu taala you understand the balance concept in this area. Allah subhana wa either encourages all of us commence all of us, especially when we're in his house, to ensure that we look best if we represent ourselves the best way that we can, in whatever limited capacity that we have, that we at least have good hygiene, especially when we are praying and standing in front of him subhanho wa Taala but to also balance that with enjoyment of food, drinks and leisure time, but of course don't over indulge.

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That's the key lesson in this a May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to teach us his beautiful book. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to preserve and protect the love of the legacy of our messenger so the love where it was some in our hearts and in our lives love them and does that mean lol hater and everybody Till we meet again. We'll sell them while you come to LA he will bought a car too.