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AI: Summary © The history of the European Empire during the European Wars is discussed, including the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the struggles of the Ottoman Empire against the Persian army. The decline of the city of Alexandria, the city of Amba, and the city of Greece is also discussed, including the collapse of the Empire due to political and cultural factors and the rise of the Arab Spring. The speakers emphasize the need for reinforcements to prevent war and emphasize the importance of protecting animals and humans from heat.
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We live in the sheetala James Taylor Manor human handler, Bill alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali wasapi Ashbury, our beloved brothers gnosis this evening. salaam aleikum wa barakato. As, as the brothers doing, I'm the first I must start pressing math for the miscommunication last two weeks, was difficult to start the class and gaming takes a while. But this class has been going for six, seven years, maybe? Yeah, we fed our breaks and stops and starts with the handler. We keep going. And I mean, we did the Sierra and now we're doing the age of the qualifier. Ah, she didn't. And you know, when we do these breaks, a struggle to think where did we

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leave off? Where did we leave off? So just a very, very quick summary, if you want to continue on. So remember, when we started the series of The Beatles album, the world at that time, we said, Arabia, Saudi Arabia and the Arab lands, the love between two superpowers at that time and those two superpowers, well, Romans, and they were Christian, and the Persians, which are the fire worshippers, the Jews, and Allah mentions them in the Quran, where Allah says coolibah Tea Room this room was the Romans had been defeated, and who beat the Romans that was so strong to be the Romans. These are the Persians. And in fact, the Persians at that time were even stronger than the Romans.

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And so they didn't interfere in the Arab lands, because the Arab lands were backwards, there was no resources. So these are, you know, it's like the middle of the Kuru. No one wants to colonize that area who wants that visit, no one wants it. And so the Muslim so Arabia continued, basically on its own. And then of course, lamesa came, and he sprig Islam and when the bottles are sort of passed away, or Arabia, Yemen, Arabia, the Arab lands, the people of the desert, they had now followed one religion, and then one government, and this has now been unified into a civilization, the Muslims, we save an awful lot of impossible we say now Macedonia becomes the halifa. And the first year there

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was a bit of a hiccup. We many of these tribes broke away became with that. And so the Sahaba together, they pulled together, and they continued, and they basically rescued Islam. They rescued Islam. They even put the Quran in a book form, because many of the who fought were dying in those battles of read the the false prophets, all those things we spoke about. And so Alhamdulillah after one year of basically a hard battle, the Arabian Peninsula was back where it was in the time of Nabisco Salam. So one year goes by and we are still in Arabia. Then Abu Bakr Al Dillon wanted to continue with an amazing list of the prophets of Allah before he passed away. He was sending an

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expedition towards Palestine, basically in that direction. And so Baccarat one since the Muslim armies towards Jerusalem, now this is in the New Jerusalem now, the Romans, the Christians, that they ruling Jerusalem, this area of a sham up on the news that was Sham with a live event. This area is Syria, Palestine, all of these countries together is called a sham. And so the Muslims of America Jordan since the Army's towards a sham, at the same time, the Muslims in the East Kuwait side the east of Saudi Arabia, they, again, there's no such place as Saudi Arabia didn't exist at that time. Arabia, the tribes living in that area, were closer to the Persians. Basically, we will go into

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Persia as well, while you go into Rome, the city inside will go into the Iraqi side into Persia. And so we'll talk about them gave the green light you guys can go and this is optional. This is the his focus was the Western Front, the front with the Romans, the Byzantines, the Christian, that was his focus. And you see the work you guys do on the side is no problem. So spikier Jihad and of course abubaker gave us three orders. Remember the first time we actually fighting an international wolfinger for the first time the Sahaba going into other countries really and into an empire and they taking on it must be really sick. It's kind of almost not arrogant, but it's kind of you know,

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very, you know, out the gutsy, you're going to take on this two superpowers of a time. At the same time. You will people that don't have an army don't have any economy don't have money. I mean, the Sahaba couldn't even feed themselves. We know that they were hungry. He couldn't even feed themselves. And you want to go and take on America and Russia at the same time. I mean, what madness is the swan Allah. Remember why the Sahaba did this is we don't we don't we're not afraid of numbers. We don't look at power. We have a loss of blank on our side. If we do things for the right reasons. If the NEA is sincere, and we do things correctly, then that's all that matters. That Allah

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says you have only two options. If you do that there's only two outcomes one outcome is you have the big victory which is gender or the small victory you win the battle and you win the you know you conquer that's there's only two outcomes for the jacket only to success in the dunya or success in the arcade or even both for those who are lost and other places. And of course winning but then also lamp has prophesized many, many times he said we will one day rubies lands these lands of Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, all of this will be under our control. Even though Muslims were few. They weren't even a surviving house is going to happen. It is the killing of a lot. So the most

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Right into in the city in front, and they fight in the Persian front and now in the Persian front, that great general. What's his name? Carmelita de Alon, he initially went to the Persian side, and he was very, very successful, and managed to push the Persian Empire, basically on the brink of collapse, push the Battle of the battle winning, winning, winning by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. While in the city inside, things were going bad, the Muslims were not able to succeed. And they were struggling, even though the biggest Sahaba were in the city inside, even though the major army was in the city inside the Persian side was being successful, and so buckle on the line. And

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when you realize that the situation was getting bad in Syria, and I've waited in July, for the command of the Muslims in Syria, you see the list of back and say, Look, we need reinforcements. The Roman Empire Emperor himself, or at least is a national army, we're not going to be able to defeat this army knew we need help. And so he's a worker of the land contacted Holly, I told him leave Syria, leave Iraq leave the Persians, we need to deal with the Syrians. And so how do you what do you draw the line to remember how we got to Syria, or the youth

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through the desert, right, we said yet, he had within basically one week he had to get to Syria, because the army was in great danger. And so he did a March that no one had done in the city before. Martin one of the driest places in the world, the city and visit right in the middle, and Subhanallah of seven days of very little water, the Sahaba come out the other side, on the basically the one on the verge of death and a lot of work, but Allah had granted him to come up the other side, and they came out to the very strategic position behind the enemy. And they were able to, you know, really inflict defeat on the Romans. In this a few battles now, and hardly below the line, he

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becomes the overall commander. And during this time, they conquered the basic the Muslims captured Damascus. And this is the first really, really big city. There were many cities that they captured along the way but the mosque is one of the great cities of the world today. It's still a you know, a monument of civilization against Donald Trump. In our terms, the Sahaba if you imagine where they live in they lived in like mud huts, yeah, they conquering fortresses, palaces, kingdoms, it's really mind boggling to understand how this even happened. You know, we as Muslims believe is obviously through the decay of Allah. And this is by the tofik of Allah, whereas many non Muslims,

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historians they look at this the Koran explain how is it that Muslims don't have catapults? They don't have weapons to break down walls? How did they do it? You know, they climbed over the walls that got thrown over the walls, whatever the Sahaba did. This was all because of you know, with sincere Eman. And the Muslims fought you know, we others, as Hollywood say to the enemies many, many times, it doesn't matter how much money you have, or how much weapons you have. The end of the day, our people I send you men who fight hard to die. You guys are fighting for love. So if you beat us and you kill us, we get what we want. You can't beat us. We want these men when Jana we're fighting

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today. So these are mean you can't defeat and this man alone is of course, how these successes came after they about conquered Damascus, when the Roman Emperor decided is that enough, and he assembles the biggest army all the soldiers in one army said look at the end of the day. We are all in and we are going to take on the Muslims once and for all. And this is that then you must know basically one of the things you should know the name of is the Battle of Yarmouk, the Battle of Yarmouk, this big battle was the turning point where the Muslims basically broke the Romans in a sham after that battle. They're almost never recovered this battle of Yarmouk, this is towards where we ended last

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time. And this big battle between the Muslims and the and the Romans the Byzantines was the sixth a battle it was at that battle that basically around this time as the Muslims are about to engage in this big battle the Tina bucket passes away Rebecca dies before before he gets the news of Damascus conquered before the Muslims engage and at that time there was some tension why because harden will either a deal and say no I'm gonna header tense relationship I'm not gonna die say Don't worry comes a pointless halifa There isn't much drama Messina. Walker was appointed the halifa some drama around that time, but we say now abubaker died. It was very clear was the successor from day one. Abubakar

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Dylan had grown to be his right hand, man, every decision he made, he needs to say no more. Everyone knew Sahaba knew that he was in the Sahaba mentioned this in the kind of nuviza salam we all knew that the best of all of us was abubaker there was no he wasn't even a close race Walker was in the lead and that was it. No one even could catch up to him. They after work it was over and he really wasn't even anyone that came close second was very clear he was number two and then there was discussion as towards the exemptions IE something different and now after that the Sahaba they will have different qualities after they but abubaker was by far number one, and then by far number two

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say no mow the lawn. And so it was very clear that he was the successor and of the things the first of the first things he does is he removes hardly the other one as the general store

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As a soldier, but as a general, the man that has by now has won so many victories that his name was mentioned by the Persian in the whole world knows, in fact, he's one of the most famous people in the world. Now, it's hard even when he this man that he comes in a battle, you can't defeat him battle off the back of law, you know, 10 times numbers, traps and plots and everything this man whatever he engages in, is undefeated. And so for Harley to be removed was a huge message from say number of the line. And we said one of the most one of the reasons they did this was that he didn't want the Muslims to start following the name of Khalid, rather than to dependency on a lot people

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began to believe that the holidays in the army were going to mean that victory comes because of holiday. Rather, cinema is reminding them that victory comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. Of course, Hollywood is a great, he's a great strategic, he's a great leader, and the other vessels the Muslims believe in a lot, but they weren't getting victory, but Allah gave victory through this man because Allah created him for this job. Nonetheless, Hollywood, Yolanda and Abu Zubaydah. Now, even though they normally say obey the you in charge of obey this, I'm in charge of my decision, I asked, What do you want me to do? What should I do? What should I do? Right? This is how, because I've always I

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didn't want to be in charge. So we had this big major battle of Yarmouk. And at that battle, basically, Harley running took over the command, and he strategized the army. We said the Romans were, they found themselves in a bit of a V to protect themselves on a mountain. And it came like a V. So they went inside the V. And they felt Why, why they did this was because Harley's are John's favorite favorite strategy was to similar Cavalier around you and read in like a, like a, like a Python wraps itself around you, and he crushes you, this is what you want you to do. And so if we are predicted from all sides, you can't see the waters around us. You have to face face, US frontal,

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and the numbers they hoped would be superior. And so this is the same strategy that our resources I'm using. Now, I'm also use that strategy because when you are in a position, you don't want to be enveloped. You put yourself around mountains, you can come from behind. And it was infected that that's all the hottie that are the Alon defeated the Muslims because the archers didn't obey the command of Navy. So if this and ivsa salaam, actually, we could say all the battles of Holly's life, the one battle we really struggled, we was a way he lost was against the missiles on them. But the Muslims didn't follow the strategy of Navy SEALs from the strategy and every system was better than

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hardest strategy. But that's probably the mistake and so Hydra, the Alon was able to defeat the defeat so many years ago. So now back to Yarmouk said off the six days of fighting. Eventually, the Muslims were able to push the Romans, they had a breach to retreat, and he was captured this breach. And so the Romans panela, the entire army was obliterated after that battle. And with that, Syria basically was open Palestine was open, the Muslims move deep into Syria. And the Romans after that never really had a major impact. And the Romans moved all the way out of Syria into Turkey. Now remember, the capital is Constantinople, which is in Turkey, today, we call Istanbul. So they lift

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the Middle East, and they entered into Turkey, and that's where they were, at the same time, Jerusalem, this great city now is basically at the hands of the Muslims. And we I think we ended up with a number of the Alon was called by the ruler of Jerusalem, you must come personally, and you must accept the keys, I want to you want to see who's this man on the line. And so let's say normally comes to me all the stories, which is just he made me slave and no entourage, no big fanfare, he enters the city, just like a simple man. This is the great armor that everyone's talking about. And he meets the head priest of the city. And they agree that the Christians will live in

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peace that the Christians will be able to practice the religion and that the those the Jews that were expelled may return. And then everyone in this area, everyone sacred places, because now in Jerusalem, you have old churches or synagogues or pimples. And you have now Muslims coming in the new budgets insert in Palestine yet, he said we will not convert your churches into mosques won't come in and that's what usually happens. When a group conquers the land. Usually the biggest structure is the masjid or the temple, the church. It's also his company and they convert that into Muslims. Didn't you find it if you go to Istanbul for example, many of the big mysteries are

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actually churches. So originally, you find if you go to Spain, the measure of Cordoba, great measure of under Wistia is now Cathedral. The Christians made into a church say Ramadan shows his hikma he tells the hit priest, I will not make Salah in your church because I don't want to church the becoming like most of you must keep your church we will build our own machine. And so say nominal Golan, he went to on top of the we must look saw was that machine is gone. It was now a dumping ground. The Christians would call me today. for him. This wasn't holy for the Christians, Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock is not the only place for them, the only places where they believe Jesus was

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crucified, that's the holy place for them and where Jesus was born, the church of Nativity, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, these are the places where Jesus was who wasn't by magic oxide itself.

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For us, Moses in the Temple of Solomon, the vessel a man's machine. And so the Muslims of course, this is our bison as well in terms of Salah, so the direction that we made salata originally, but it was now a dumping ground and we say normal himself picked up the dirt and the Muslims followed and they completely cleaned. This is flat Hill, and he both measured towards facing the obviously facing obviously facing Mecca and he had done it with the remember on this little hill. This is very special rock on this hill, this flat Hill. This is a special kind of rock later awkward. We say when the reseller window is wrong melacha drop kind of listed right off the Dome of the Rock the rock,

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right, so this rock scene almost didn't want to have the rock in front of the magazine, the Qibla as if you're making solid to the rock. So you made the masjid in front and the rock behind the mansion many many years later, another halifa would build a measure over that rock and that's the golden dome that we see. When you look at the picture of Palestine. You see this golden dome and you find even the I think graffiti you find Palestine is this golden dome. That dome is that Masjid is not built as a normal, many, many decades later. But 5060 years later, another halifa would build a machine on top of that rock and that dome is called the Dome of the Rock. Very, very beautiful

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machine. Okay, but the actual machine is a nominal. And that's why when people go to Jerusalem, they don't really when they say we get to make Salah in Masood Azhar, it's not in the Dome of the Rock, it's insane, always measured, measured by the metric if you find people going to eat because it's in the measure of the number of the one that he built. Okay, so now Satan conquered Jerusalem and hamdulillah what makes the conquest of Syria is complete. And now I'm going to build an awesome we said about him so many times by now, you should know he means the man that said, Would you love the most Aristotle It was so that Hadith, and then I'll be such a blocker and Omar and I'm quite, I want

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to ask is also that guy, that before he became Muslim, he went to the to the to him, like actually,

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Theo Pia, and he tried to bring them back. He was the one that tried to bring the Muslims back when he was an understood. So he said he was the guy that invested that to go to Africa. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has continued to give me this job because now you'll be the investor to bring Islam to Africa. Say now I've been lost. So now that we've conquered Now remember, if you remember, if you listen to history, you listen to the news has that Gaza is pleased to see the struggling, they sometimes had tunnels going to return three to Egypt. Remember, they used to go to Egypt. And now the Egyptians had blocked them off. Hamas constantly moved out of Egypt and Palestine next to

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one another. Right? They have close to each other together. So now that we come to Palestine, the next Domino, the next country next door is Egypt. And so I'm going to ask you to say now, let me go because he had each one have their own army. Let me take my army, we'll go into Egypt. Egypt is a big country, big population, well known country. Okay, go. And then as they are about to enter Egypt, say drama scenes related to hunger loss, and that later basically tells me the normal standing among homeless extending armor, that if you haven't yet reached Egypt return I don't want you to go into Egypt, too dangerous. You only 4000 minutes a big country, I don't think it's a good

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idea. Come back. So I'm going to doesn't open the letter. And he has a feeling this is a message of say not much to say much return. So he said, I'll open it tonight. And so they kept marching until they reach inside Egypt. And so then he opened the letter and the letter says, if you haven't entered Egypt, yet, come back. But if you enter Egypt, and continue on, so I'm going to ask whoever was, you know, the guides the guys who gives the directions? Where are we now he said, we've already arrived Egypt. In Egypt, we now cannot continue. And so now begins the campaign in Egypt ready within one year and one and a half years, the Muslims would come to the whole of Egypt's final law

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without much fighting without much big battles. Again, something which is mind boggling can understand how 4000 men can invade such a big country and to invade it, so completely capture. I mean, one of the big cities in the world was Alexandria, Alexandria. So one of the great cities of the world at that time. And so the Muslims into Egypt and Swan Allah in Egypt, what was happening, one of the reasons why the Muslims are successful, the people of Egypt, they were being ruled by the Romans, but the people of the Byzantines were ruling them. And they were Christians. But they didn't like the Romans. So the Romans colonized them, right? So maybe what we can understand, initially,

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the Dutch colonized us, then the British took the Dutch out, and automatically we became the property of the British. And sometimes, you know, we don't have a choice when we decide which colonizer we want. Which one do we like more? Which one do we hate the least? And sometimes the colonies themselves, they support the invader. And this was basically what kind of happened in Egypt. When the Muslims entered Egypt, the Christians of Egypt, they're a different kind of Christianity to the Romans. They actually spoke to armor and they realize it's America would give them the rights that if they can practice the religion more freely and the Muslims than other

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Christians, because, you know, sometimes you find there's a there's a picture, I saw this picture of Muslims at the interfaith conference.

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Then they also think nicely around the table. But who seems when they have internal debates? That is the first fight that sometimes when we deal with outsiders, we deal very nicely with outsiders. But there is an internal argument then we have no patience with each other, somebody Christianity as well, at that time, there was no tolerance for other groups and six, you know, so the people of Egypt were not really happy with the Roman rule. And so when they found Ahmed coming in, and I'm gonna say to them, you have three options, you either accept Islam and you become our brothers in the need to say no, we don't want to be Muslims. We are happy to be Christians, no problem. You can

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continue having your Christianity you can continue living your life we don't force Islam upon you, you live freely but you need to pay attacks you need to pay jizya attacks. If you don't want to do those two things then this is like the only option is Jihad you choose which of the three the head of the of Egypt at that time was the head of the church. And again, something which you should remember those guys was called a mohawk us Yeah, can you guys remember? A very impressive you guys can remember and moko cos we came up in the Sierra Nevada, Salama, wrote a letter to him, then I recently wrote a letter to the king of Egypt is called Morocco cos he's the ruler of Egypt under the

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Romans. So he's the head of the Coptic Church of Egypt, the church of Egypt is the, like the Pope of Egypt, and he's in charge of Egypt, but under the Roman Emperor, so he then wrote him a letter inviting him to Islam. And the man basically, respectfully declined. He said, Look, we also believing profits, and we believe a profit is going to come, we didn't think a profit will be come to your people, we didn't think you people will get the Nabhi. So we are happy on our religion. We respect what you said. He said, I took your letter, and I put it in a in a special box. And as a show as a way of showing my honor to you. He gave me some gifts. One of the gifts he gave was Maria,

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Why couldn't it be so solemn, but he gave her as a gift to be so solid. So this man is still alive, the musical is dead, I passed away, but this man is alive. Now remember, I made a prediction in a business trip, because he this person in Egypt, Morocco costs, respected my letter, Allah subhana wa, tada will preserve him, but he will be the last moko because of the normal meaning of the human egos, we will Egypt. Think about this is mind boggling, you know, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of Medina, saying why this is the last of them, and we will conquer Egypt off the off the normal. And he made a similar prediction with Persia, which we'll talk about inshallah, with time

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tonight. So now, I'm gonna ask this in discussions of Morocco, cos and MacOS is saying to them, you know, what, it's, I think what's best for us, we don't want to fight. We don't wanna become Muslim. Let's just play pay the jizya. We see these guys. They've conquered Syria, all over the conquering, conquering, conquering, we see that they basically good rulers, they're not evil people. They're good mean, they will leave us if they if they promise us only they'll take so much. They will come in armor women and take our children, take our churches, we'll just pay them attacks. And at the end of the day, they already paid taxes, really paying taxes to them, so maybe you'll just pay tax to

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another guy, and then we live in peace. So he agreed to the jizya. And when the news reached the Emperor heraclius, the emperor of Rome he completely rejected he said no, and he removed local costs. He said you I exile you are out of the picture. I'm going to replace you with someone else who gave you the right, make peace with the Muslims. And so Macaca says, farmer, look, I'm out of the job. But remember that when you rule because he says, I believe you're gonna win. When you win. Don't forget you and me. I made peace with you. It's the woman's fault. It's not my people that is fighting you. And so when you win, then just remember we had peaceful terms. And so I'm gonna Dylon.

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He begins now conquering Egypt and the main city of today what's the capital of Egypt? Cairo before Cairo, it was called Kairos called call Hara in Arabic before called Hara It was difficult to start to talk about Islam before to start there was a political Babylon, not the Babylon the ancient Babel. They basically heard the name Babylon is a great city in Iraq. So they built our Babylon. And this is where the Romans This is the capital of Egypt is called Babel, Babel and Babel. And so the Muslims besieged the city, not much fighting, they besieged the city and say, No, I'm gonna sit down and say, yeah, you know what, 4000 minutes to literally write, we need some more. So almost, it's

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fine. Take another 4000 men, because they already defeated the Romans. And so the Muslims are able to conquer Bobby how they did this, again, they use a strategy that they learned how to find a part of the wall. That is, man, the part of the world is neglected. It's a very difficult place to get it. We climb up and we throw someone over the wall. And from the inside, we open the gates and so this is what they did. And so the Muslims conquered Babylon of the city of Babylon. And then they move now to the really the big city of Egypt back wasn't the capital of Egypt was Alexandria. Alexandria is on the coast on the on the coast of Egypt. It had the biggest library in the world at

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that time. It was a center of learning many of the Pope's

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Christianity, they came from Alexandria. Alexandria was like the How do I say it was like the the Harvard of thinking of the West. And that's what many people went to study. And so this was a massive City. In the past, they had the seven wonders of the world in the past today, they have new Seven Wonders of the World, the New World Table Mountain is one of them. In the past that Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids, for example, all seven are gone, except the pyramids. There was also in Alexandria, the biggest lighthouse in the world Lighthouse for the ships. And so this is gives you an understanding of how big the city was. And so the Muslims again, when they are, you

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know, a lot of fighting and small skirmishes and battles and the conquering, conquering as they conquer, people actually join them many of the the lists a lot of reverse now that I've seen the kind of people that Muslims are, you know, they're not tyrants, they were barbarians, they're coming in to harm anyone. But of course, they're coming to spread the deen. And so when they get to Alexandria, they realize this is way too big. We call BCG, the BCG and the city is now closed down. But because the city is on a coast, you know, someone wants to see this Cape Town, close Cape Town, we just send the boats out and come back and bring if you don't close the port, there's nothing is

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no point. So people are exhausted, they were fine. And it didn't look like the Muslims were going to succeed. And so the Roman Emperor himself, he said, I'm going to be in charge of a naval battle. I'm going to bring my army on ships from Rome from Istanbul, and I'll bring them to Alexander and I will personally kick them out of Egypt. And so the people of Alexandria excited the input is going to come and before he's able to reach the he dies, the emperor of Rome, reckless. And this man basically was the Emperor throughout the life of navy seals on them. Now this miracle occurred to him. So this Emperor heraclius, very prominent in the in the history, he dies, as he's basically

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going to leave to fight to liberate, to open Alexander when he dies, is really demoralizing. The people Alexandria, were expected to be saved by this man. And they mean by the decree of Allah, he dies. And when that happens, they completely lose all courage. They basically give up and assisted him. Whenever he wants to leave and go to Rome, you can take your boats you can go, we will not harm you. And so many of the soldiers leave Alexandria, and the people of Egypt obviously stay there. And so the city is without much fighting surrenders to Islam. swannanoa What a great Damascus Alexandra these beings Jerusalem, these big cities are the hands of the same Sahaba what's the How does the

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same Bilal who was being tortured in the streets? The same? Amar was asked to watch his mom and dad being killed by these people we were they and how Allah had now put them in a city of the city. They are under the control of the Muslims. And so now interesting story. Now you have Alexandria, which is the capital of Egypt. So you know, I'm going to I'm going to ask, I don't want you to take Alexandria as the capital of the Muslim Egypt, because why it's really close to them. They can see boats anytime and attack us. So you find a new capital. And so I'm the last thinking we should I have a capital. And he the first city limit, what is the first city that he fought battle Babylon,

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and the Muslims would how they would see a city, they would pick up the things around the city, and of course, they just stop it from food coming in and out. So when the siege was done, when they finished, conquered the city, they packed up the kids. And when he was about to pack up his teeth, there was a bird that was sitting on top of the nest on top of his tent. And so instead leave them Don't leave the tent, the bird in the tent needs to stay there. Now the name of it of attempting and one of the names of attendees or the first slot as a military thing. And so I'm going to leave my TV when he came back that thing was so vague and he said to me this is a sign alone wants us to put our

00:28:35--> 00:29:10

city here and so that city so the way the 10th amendment was was he bought the masjid first thing they bought this machine the most of I'm going to ask any call this for slot so you have in the Muslims did this something for you to know that the Muslims whenever they would conquer a big city, they would say to the diversity, you keep your city, you keep your houses, you will love them unless the city broke up, we're not gonna throw you out and take over, we'll build our own city outside a new city. So that just shows we don't interfere in the culture in the religion, even like they can drink the wine. They can eat the pork you keep what you have. We're not going to live amongst you

00:29:10--> 00:29:50

and take over you have your stuff we will build our own city. So outside of Babel. Babel is a big city. Now you have a new city called fusspot, which the Muslims built upon. Right? And it began with this Masjid. Till today that magic is the Muslim Ummah, in Africa, the oldest Masjid on Africa. So if you want to know what's the oldest measure in on African continent, massive amino acid asks How did it get built, it was extinct. There was a bird in the eye when the birds lift the boat to measure the and so forth start gross to start gets bigger and tofu start is bigger than Babel. And so full stop basically swallows Babel. Now it's one big set equal to slop. When many many 100 years

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

later, a new halifa rules Egypt, Shia Khalifa basically, he wants to build his own city outside of his thought and he calls call hero conquering city

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Call hero expands and so called hero swallows up for slot and now you have title. So this is basically how you have the city of Cairo one building on one on top of the other. So this is on a lot how the Muslims conquered basically Egypt and the Muslims allow the Egyptians to live in the city is one, what we have wonderful. What is amazing about this time is that look, the the Christians, the Jews, the Persians, they were educated people, they know books were Arabs, they didn't know anything they, you know, the Quran is really the first thing they are learning to recite. So you have historians who wrote about that time. And so one of the historians which was,

00:30:36--> 00:31:12

you know, he was a Christian, you wasn't very happy that Muslims are ruining him. He writes a loss. And he says, it's a very simply man, this man had been lost is a very pious man, even though we don't like him. He's a Muslim is not part of it. But he never ever took one cent more than what was required. And he stopped and there was never the Muslim, they were planted, robbed and stole from us. We never felt unsafe, they never took our churches away. And in fact, when they fought, the Muslims would continue to go into Sudan. They go into Libya, when the Muslim armies left Egypt and to fight other countries, we even prayed for them, and that they allowed us to practice our

00:31:12--> 00:31:47

religion. And the fact that today, Egypt has a very big non Muslim minority in Egypt, you have 14% Christians, they call Coptic Christians, a very unique kind of Christians. They're not not Roman Catholic, they are their own type of Christianity, that type of Christianity would have disappeared, if it wasn't for the Muslims protecting it. So they came to the city they found these this type of Christians, you know, making the video or whatever it is, it's different to the the ruling Christians, we will preserve them and keep them and the churches and everything until today has survived. This is one of the examples that Islam did not come in and kill everyone that was non

00:31:47--> 00:32:20

Muslim and forced them. You play a jizya you live peacefully, and you allow certain privileges. Yes, there are certain things that it's not perhaps the forum, the Muslims need to require the Christians what we would call today, discrimination that in terms of they couldn't build new churches, they have to be certain things to make them know that these are Christians. And I'm like, you know, we said this was we are past, you know, in the past, in the apothic, you had to be classified. They couldn't preach openly to Muslims, they could preach to not to themselves, but they couldn't preach openly to Muslims. So these kind of things did happen. And this was part of the rules, but they were

00:32:20--> 00:32:59

safe and secure. We have got some time, we jumped to the other side of the world. Now, Persia. So remember, the Muslims are focused off the abubaker had moved, pet pulled hard money out of Persia, and the focus was on Syria. And the Muslims had defeated the Byzantines. they conquered Egypt, they conquered Palestine, what's happening now in Persia, now the call is gone. What's going on in Persia? Basically, the politicians have now re both themselves, they've come back and they are able to push the Muslims basically out of Persia altogether. What's interesting about Persia, and the way Persian was conquered, goes back to a hadith now, you know, this I told you about this, the reasons

00:32:59--> 00:33:35

Morocco later heroes related to McComb cos heroes related to heraclius, the ruler of, of Rome, heroes related to the ruler of Persia. And this man who's who was the most powerful man in the world, who's through the Persian Empire, we said was stronger than the Roman Empire richer than the Roman Empire, and who was the ruler of this empire, and he had made it a super, super super power on this panel, all the palaces he had the money he had, just in terms of his concubines, the women that he had over 3000, Panama fuel spin one day with each, it will take you three years to see all of them and then you start to analyze, so this man really was was he believed he was like a garden hose

00:33:35--> 00:34:18

through showing he got the letter from this desert. Bedouin Arab, telling him come to my religion, and I'm a prophet, and you need to submit to to our God. And he was, you know, his arrogance was so much that he even pulled a little boy up. And he said to me, he said to his governor, go and fetch this man to me, bring him here, I want to see him all day. So I want to see you. And so two spies, the governance in two spies to go to the to Medina, to go and fetch and I'll be so solemn. And when they got the promise and said to them, go back to the governor, go back to your master, and tell him my load, kill his load. Now, who's the load of the Governor khusro, the Emperor, and who's my load

00:34:18--> 00:34:56

Allah, my lord killed your load. And they didn't know what this means. So when they went back, they got the news that was true, was assassinated, how badly his own son killed him, his own son tortured him to this, you know, the father of incentives, and officials who say to him to them, Sahaba, because of what this man did to my letter, Allah has basically promised the fate of the kingdom completely, that the Romans survived, they were defeated, but they survived for a long time. They continue to rule but the Persians will be completely wiped out. They won't even exist within five years. 10 years, Angela, this prediction was, it's a madness. But Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

the stool first. So how did the Persian Empire collapse?

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

First when they came through now there was an internal fight brother killing brother, everyone fighting until eventually, they could like a six year old boy, he's the Emperor, you know. So obviously clearly the whole government is collapsing is the first thing that was founded against it. Secondly, asms was conquered Alassane sayfullo, hardened rallied against them, and they completely were pushed back off the harmonica Golan had left, the Muslims suffered a few defeats, and they were really not able to focus on the Persians because they first were dealing with the Romans. But after the Battle of Yarmouk, the Muslims now could focus on Persia again, to say,

00:35:34--> 00:36:08

he said one, one battalion of soldiers to go into pleasure this battalion is defeated is a battle of the battle called the Battle of the bridge, they defeated they made a mistake, and they will basically found themselves in a bad situation on the bridge, and they were completely wiped out. The Persians are coming back, they are back. And now see normal of the line since the ones the Romans are completely sorted out. He thinks the bulk of the Muslim army about 30,000 men and sad human heavy workers and again, you must know who this man is, is one of the things chromogen salamina. We of course, have lockers, enormous, enormous mancinelli these are the big guys, tall hands. These are

00:36:08--> 00:36:55

the 10 big names. So he seems sad, one of the top 10 you go with the army, the Muslim army, and you deal with the Persians. So this is now the conquest of Persia. The Muslims come to Persia, this is this is about 12 years or not. This is about 10 years after the difficulties of Salah 622-623-1011 years, 11 years after the date. We've already conquered Egypt, we conquered Palestine. Now 1011 years after the death of NaVi so solemn, the Muslim army comes to Persia, the biggest country in the world, the biggest city in the world is discipline, the capital of Persia. And this is that way that very famous incident happens where the Muslims go to one of the big rulers of the office, the

00:36:55--> 00:37:35

Persian Emperor is a boy. So the guys who are ruling on the booth as the generals, they actually leave the country. And so this man's name is Muslim, Rasta Muslim. And he asks a very famous incident. I've mentioned this before, that they invite the Muslims or Islam invites one of the Sahaba over to say, Tell me what it is you people want. Why have you come to Persia? And, you know, the Sahaba seems deliberate so rebury Raja lon is meeting Roscoe. Roscoe is like the ruler of Persia, and really comes into this beautiful 10% looks like a palace, he says, I mean, a new sort of thing that is decorated with gold and silver. And he walks in with his horse in the tents and his

00:37:35--> 00:38:17

armor and everything. And, you know, they said you can't come in here like this. So he said, You invited me if you don't want me to have my water weapons that I'm gonna leave. So is it fine, what what is it that you people want. So he says to send races to them, we have not come here like for money or food for women, we not here for any of that. We are here to bring the people the worship of the slaves, away from the worship of other slaves, to the worship of the lord of the slaves. We went, we are all slaves, but you people worship others with we worship the Lord of the slaves. So we want to bring you out of that, to worship the Lord have also lost Canada, and to take you away from

00:38:17--> 00:38:54

the narrowness of this dunya and explore and show you the bigness of the Acura. That's what we coming to do to invite you to the Acura and to take you away from the oppression of all other governments and systems to the freedom of Islam that's why we want to be coming to give you this now we're not here for your money we don't in fact if you in fact if you accept Islam, for if one for the URL brothers, you keep everything you remain in power. And you know you are on par with us. In fact you will be new to Islam which means you are clean, clean slate of course system like Esther as many of you rejected me say So what now we're not going to accept your religion. What's next? The

00:38:54--> 00:39:12

next thing is you surrender you play us jizya and we move on and your religion and your people will be safe. This is how can we we Persians use like we knocking on the door in the White House. And we're telling Donald Trump we are give you three options. Either embrace Islam become our brother,

00:39:14--> 00:39:51

or you become when you pay us attacks or jizya or jihad. So they said they will fight you people, they will fight you people. And he says you guys just got lucky, you know, Holy moly, you got lucky. You will like that mouse that sneaked into the green room and you ate you ate you ate. And now you're so big. In fact, you can't get back out. Now the cat is coming for you. So you say to him, you know that your time is up? And we'll be back. We know we got our own. We've got our situation. So you guys have no hope? No Muslims say no. I might also send a delegation say to the emperor of Persia, the ruler of purchase names. Yes. The joke yesterday is the loss of pleasure, sort of boy

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

basically a young man I was like 15, whatever. And so as a hobby comes in he also you know invites him to Islam. Yes. The job of

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

rejects Islam. And this is basically you're in a fight and we're gonna fight you guys and as a hobby leaves to as a way of insult. Yes, the Jared puts a without his gods to put a basket of sand on the head of this hobby, but you throw the sand on him. He gave him a basket of sand. He said this is what we think of you people like us to a bunch of servers and slaves. You can tell you that sent out and as a hobby carries the sand out and he's very happy. You know I'm pretty happy. That's an insult. Why are you happy? They put like sand on your head. He said look they're really giving us the land for free this is really the beginning where we started giving the land away the Emperor has

00:40:37--> 00:40:52

this is the beginning of the land they giving away the rest will come soon before I continue with their with the battle. I want you to take you back to a snapshot. When abyssal Selim left Makkah, what was that thing called? leisure right now leave Mecca.

00:40:53--> 00:41:30

But I mean, I'm not how I mean was he was it in secret? Was he on the run? They were in in trouble. Now this was about to be killed. You know he is running the clothing on his back. And only aboubaker was with him. Remember that incident? You remember someone almost caught up with him. He was a guy who almost caught up with him. His name is Soraka almost caught up with an Ibiza lamb in the middle of the desert the almost the one person that almost called the NaVi Salamis name was Rafa was an under swim, obviously. And remember when Soraka if you can, you can close his was sort of sank into the into the sand until he said okay, I'm not gonna chase you anymore. But I want to talk to you.

00:41:30--> 00:41:40

And so now this will grab Soraka and he said Soraka when are you going to become a Muslim? Because I see what did I see? Or did? I see? One day you will weigh the bracelets of khusro.

00:41:41--> 00:42:19

And so Soraka said, was to have pleasure talking with the same guy that all of you will I'm going to wait is jewelry. The next round? I'm going to show you that. Yes, you will win. And Serato couldn't believe it. So Rock Of course become Muslim. Soraka is alive now. And so the Muslims Now eventually there's no peace between the Persians, the Muslims. And so, a battle begins and this, like we said, there's a big battle the Battle of Yarmouk, which is the one that defeated the Romans with a battle that defeated the Persians called the Battle of ardisia ardisia, Yarmouk and called the Sierra two big, big battles, these battles change the world. These are the two big battles that changed the

00:42:19--> 00:43:00

world. The Battle of Colosseum, on one hand, you had the Muslims sat across the rule, the leader of the army, or 30,000 men. On the other side, you have 100,000 at least, might have Persia, all in one army. And also what they had which is very difficult for the Muslims to fight was elephants the Persians had very well trained elephants and all the elephants of Persia. Yeah. And this battle took a basically four days in summary, first day begins as normal barraza the site fight the generals fighting each other and we don't really know who beat when this thing then the Persians started on day one gruesome scenes on the offensive and they managed to push the Muslims very very far back but

00:43:00--> 00:43:37

the machines are able to recover and the counter attack and the counter attack so well that they even managed to in Jerusalem so they do a very good counter attack they want ins no one is no one wins both sides gave a hit to each other you know goes on both sides. Both sides could score some points and so now the back of the day one inside both go back to the original lines. They two Muslims need reinforcements amongst those who come as reinforcements is Al Kaka one of that you will probably don't even remember his name when Satan would have money related to cinnabar currency I need reinforcements say now ibaka City one man Yes reinforcement alcohol this guy right so this

00:43:37--> 00:44:16

hobby Alka he comes as reinforcements and he seems like a day to a secret mission trying to kill lucidum also the elephants are not they and they to Allah for some reason the Persians didn't use the elephants and they do and so the Muslims are able to really inflict some injury on the Persians for them but they were able to so the Persians are defending they do the Persians just defend the Muslim attack, but the Persians are able to survive the the onslaught. They see when the rooster marimba has a bigger number army and he sees the Muslims are getting reinforcements, and they fighting very hard. He says today we're gonna finish we can't we can't allow them to continue

00:44:16--> 00:44:54

because the longer this goes on, the stronger they get and the weaker we get. So we want to finish them all together. So he launches a full out offensive, all the lines push forward, and he charges with these elephants and at the beginning of the day, the Muslims suffer very bad casualties because the animals that camels the horses are scared of the elephants and it causes much, you know, this orientation in the battle. So the leaders of the Muslims they strategize. The only way we The first thing we need to do is take out the elephants now you take out the elephant the elephants are well trained the army but of course like every other creature, the since the flood the eyes. If you can

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

shoot the eyes, when the elephant either dies or it goes crazy. That's what they did. They shot at

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

The eyes of the elephant or the trunk are sensitive spotters, once they were able to hurt the elephant. The elephants went on a rampage and they actually trampled more of the Persians to get off the battlefield. And within day three, the Muslims took out all the elephants, and we had about 5060 elephants.

00:45:16--> 00:45:54

Yes, of course, we are not allowed to harm animals, you know, there's many, many hobbies, harm to human animals hadith of a lady we know she interjected them for killing her cat. And because she had da da da, da for a lady into Jana, because of a cat how she kept protected, locked up to feed the cat and she wouldn't let the cat go to eat. And so the cat guide salvation. So this is in the journal and Lady intergender because of a dog, the prostitute she gave water to, Nagisa Salaam, even he, you know, he forbid Muslims from sitting on your camel for no reason. So there's not a che if you want to ride the camel, then ride his horse, but don't sit on it because you're making the camel

00:45:54--> 00:46:28

tired, so you don't have a reason. So we of course in Islam, respect animals. But of course, in battles, a difference would mean by bola, we like to kill people in Bethel and more sacred than the elephant, other people. And yet we are allowed to injure and harm because they are the fighting against us, and therefore as a self defense. And so as we sit in the parking lot, even a senior backer elephant was captured and was sent to Medina, in the first time, the children of Medina got to see an elephant. And they played on the elephant and the worker said, what was I do with this elephant? Yeah, and Medina, take it back to the pleasure. There's no purpose of it here in the

00:46:28--> 00:47:05

middle of the desert. So after the three elephants are taken out, and it's all out fight Muslims, and they are both fighting, and they fight, and they don't stop throughout the night, they fighting until the morning budget, and usually you stop adopt, because you can see fighting, but both sides are not giving up. And they fight all the way until fudger. And continuing on. And then koco makes a speech and he says, guys, we just one more hour, they are almost finished. If we can just survive one more hour and continue fighting, I was gonna give us victory. And so they continued fighting for another hour or so of the budget. And then of course, the primary they managed to reduce them. And

00:47:05--> 00:47:46

they found in fact, something they found indeed, they found uncovering wounds, man was fighting until the end. And so when Western died, the basically the army of the Persians had surrendered. And this was a huge, huge victory. So this is the turning point after this. There was a clear march into the capital of Persia, capital of Persia. The name of the city is called kissy fun, or in in Arabic, it's called Medina in Medina is one city, Medina in many cities, because it's not in the eyes of Arabs. This wasn't one city, it's like a city of cities. That's how it looked like. And, in fact, if you google this place, it's still I mean, the pillars the palaces are still little today. 1500 years

00:47:46--> 00:48:28

later, this was the biggest city in the world in terms of numbers people, biggest city in the world, and the Muslims can basically walk into the city who's the army the generals head or lift and, and this is basically the end of the Persian Empire, one big battle again, backlog. Now one last battle, the Muslims defeat and the Emperor himself is the Judah the last of the impotence of Persia. He dies and he is no successor after him is no Persia of them. In fact, as the prophecy predicted, because of the way they treated the little triangle, etc, later, Allied not only defeated them, the Romans were defeated, but many of them survived in the culture survived the Legion survived, alone wiped,

00:48:28--> 00:49:07

made made them extinct. The biggest Empire in the world within five years completely wiped out that the government doesn't exist anymore. The religion you don't find even fire worshippers anymore. Majority don't exist. The Persian Empire completely disappeared off the face of the earth. So and remember, the civilization was over 1000 years, over 1000 years to completely get wiped out like that. So today, historians struggle How was this possible? How could these people was at a visit people no army no proper military training, wiped out the civilization and of course wasn't like we kill they became extinct. Many of them of course, became Muslim. And this is how we conquered Iraq,

00:49:07--> 00:49:27

Iran, Afghanistan, these countries now Islam and Muslims go all the way into India. Basically, all in the time of Satan I mowed the lawn and Sharla Next week, we'll talk about the difference a normal I'll say normal diet. We'll start say now with mine, and then perhaps soon we're gonna have to take a break again, like a bit busy, and we'll see inshallah any questions. Lots of information tonight.

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Just like a chicken sandwich.