Better Me Ramadan 2019 #06 – Never stop making an effort

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Salam aleikum wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he salam wa sallam, welcome back. Today I wanted to talk about an old friend, really an old friend, LC two, she passed away. She is a non Muslim. I met her in Hong Kong. And she was one of the people who used to defend Islam against the haters. LC to in our memories, she's you can search for her up. She had a great role that she had played against oppression during the days of in China. But anyway, I, the code states here in my book, I asked LC to have Hong Kong. How come you're still working? That was my question. The 100 year old lady answered with no hesitation. If I stopped working, I die. And now

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Institute passed away at the age of one or two. So two years after this conversation, but she really inspired me 100 years old and she was in our home. We visited her and she was signing checks. She managed a school 100 years and by the way, she was on wheelchair she was 100 years. Can you imagine how a person of that age would look like she was really on medication, very difficult to hear and so on so forth. Yet she was still working. She was still active, her brain was intact. She was very liquid when we asked her questions.

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And this is something really we need to look at and say so panela sometimes we are very lazy. We don't want to do our homework. If we're students. If we're at work, we don't want to really work we want to be on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. And look Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear in the Quran wakulla mailloux tell them all Mohammed sauce and to work to exert some efforts. Only then Allah subhanaw taala will observe your work will look into your effort and even the Messenger of Allah Subhana Allah His messenger will observe how we don't know Allah will maybe send him reports about our condition. What else well, we know and even the believers even the people around you, they

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will see that you are a hard working person. Only then you will be rewarded. Be careful my brothers and sisters understand. If you don't really exert effort, there is no reward the same thing if you don't worship Allah properly, expect no reward. So inshallah let this Ramadan be the starting point for you to work hard on till you breathe your last look at the profits or loss am said if the day of judgment was announced how long everyone is going to face a loss pattern and in the hands of one of you is a plant, let him plant it first. And then get ready for the day of judgment to that extent. Let's work hard in sha Allah. See tomorrow. salamati Kumar