Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 15 – Allah is Ash-Shakoor

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Nouman Ali Khan delivers an enlightening lecture on the Name of Allah – Ash Shakoor.

Allah calls Himself Ash-Shakoor which means He is the Most-Appreciative, the Most Grateful, the Rewarder of Good Works. He is the One who gives abundantly in response to little and appreciates the smallest deeds with an unlimited appreciation.

Allah says – “That He may give them in full their rewards and increase for them of His bounty. Indeed, He is Forgiving and Appreciative.

[Surah Fatir, verse 30]

We can derive benefits from this name to imbibe and inculcate the attributes in our lives by doing the following:

  • Don’t expect anything in return from others for whatever you have done to make their life easier.
  • Do good deeds no matter how small or trivial they seem at the time.
  • Be patient and sincere.
  • Be grateful.
  • Appreciate people.
  • Call upon Ash-Shakoor and He will surely respond to us.


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah say the evil mousseline. While early he was a he was a minister at Loma de la homage and amin home Amina Latina Amano Amina slowly had what I was hoping healthy water was so the southern Armenia bulahdelah mean about the villa humanists a ton of regime. You if your home was your home was at home in the in the foreign Shaku rubbish alley sorry, were silly. Emily Wagner looked at a melissani of Coco de la Hama sabitha. In the multi Bella ilaha illa Allah homage and Amina alladhina amanu Amina Sally hurt whatever so be happy whatever sob sob I mean yellow banana mean. Today inshallah, I share a very unique name and description of Allah

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azza wa jal in the Quran. And it's unique because Allah uses the same name for himself and he uses the same name and he calls upon believers to be that way. Allah says about us we'll call Illumina about the shocker. Very few of all of my servants are Shaku. Shaku means extremely grateful and extremely appreciative and those are two very different things, to be extremely grateful and to be extremely appreciative. Grateful means when someone does you a favor, the least you can do is say thank you, and feel grateful and feel grateful. appreciative means that you can see the positive in everything. You can see a good in all situations and you will appreciate that something is good,

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good is happening, even when a situation or circumstances bad. One of the worst circumstances in the life of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is when his family was humiliated, and a scandal was created against his family in the city of Medina. And that scandal lasted over 30 days. And after those 30 days, Allah revealed la tassa Whoo hoo Shara Lacan ban Hua, hydro Lacan don't think all of you that this was something bad for you, even that was something good for you. So Allah changes our mindset and wants us to become Shaku which means extremely appreciative, looking for reasons to appreciate a large origin look, looking for reasons to be grateful, but that's easy for

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us to understand about ourselves. But Allah, the owner of all calls himself shekou Allah azza wa jal says in Tokido, la Hassan Hassan EULA if Pula con la Lucia Quran, Helene Allah Shaku in that is sort of Tavon, and sort of thought that he calls himself shackled twice. Now, what does it mean that Allah is appreciative, we don't use the word grateful for Allah. We use the word appreciative for Allah, which Allah says about himself. He's extremely, extremely appreciative. So I'll try to simplify this for all of us. So we take a lesson from it, and understand why Allah even chose the same name for ourselves that our quality we should have. And it's also happens to be a name and a

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description of Ally's origin. So for starters, what I want to share with you is, Allah owes us nothing. We owe a lot everything. Allah is runny, he's free of need. He's Hamid, he's praised and thanks, thanks, even if no one praises him, and no one thinks and if nothing exists, his praise of praise and things already exists anyway. And on top of all of that, everything that we have what are talcum in Colima, Sol tomo, he has given you everything that you have ever needed. Everything that you have ever needed, he's the one that's given it to you, that's a less claim over us. We constantly owe him gratitude. And this is what Allah has done. He has given us every single possible

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need we had, and so many things that we could never pay him for, like the ability to breathe. If you look around the room, and everybody here most people here have the ability to see have the ability to stand up and walk. And there are so many human beings on this earth who cannot stand up, who cannot walk, we take for granted the ability to go to sleep, there are people who are in so much pain, they can't go to sleep, we take the fingers we have on our hand for granted as if we own them. And if you know, there are people who are missing the hand, or who are paralyzed and can't move their limbs, they can't move anything but their eyes when they're sitting in lying in a hospital

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bed, or in care at home. Now the thing is, everything we have is valuable. And the way we value things in this life is money. So if somebody says how much are you willing to pay for your leg? How much are you willing to pay for both your eyes? How about I can buy your lungs from you? How about I buy your foot from you just one for Just give me one I don't need both. You know, these gifts that Allah has given us that we use every day and you know, when you use something every day, you become you think like Oh, what is this? This is the foot You know? And we complain Oh my god, it's itchy.

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Oh my god, it's you know, so we we take these priceless gifts like our body, like the organs that we've been given, like the family that we've been given, like the air that we're breathing, like the ground that we're standing on what's keeping the ground from shaking? What's the ground actually the earth knows something about the earth. A lot.

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already created the earth in submission to him. And everything that submitted to Allah cannot tolerate disobedience to Allah. Listen to this carefully, everything that submits to Allah cannot tolerate What? This obedience to Allah and on top of the earth, human beings disobey Allah everyday yes or no. And when they disobey Allah the earth wants to shake. The earth wants to destroy the human beings that are disobeying him because they cannot stand it. Allah describes and every time someone says Allah has a son, that God is somehow Aparna with unshackle earth. He says, it's almost as though the all of the seven heavens are about to tear open, they cannot tolerate someone saying

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Allah took a sun. And the earth is about to rip open that someone says the sinful words and the earth tolerates the sins of human beings every single day. And it begs Allah to just tear open and Aleck keeps it from doing so. And on judgment day finally he will give it permission, not command permission. Be another Baka Oh Ha ha. Love inspired permission to it so it can pour out the pain that it's been carrying inside. Then when we walk on the earth, and it's not shaking, how grateful are we? How grateful Am I that the earth hasn't tore open yet? The things we take for granted are so many, there are so many blessings of Allah that we cannot possibly thank him for. Our mind cannot

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contain how many gifts Allah has given us. Which is why think of even the most grateful people on earth, I think of Ibrahim alayhis salam, the entire life of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam thanking Allah and you know how Allah describes his entire life. He says Shakira only under me he he was only able to thank Allah for very few favors. And arm is used for a few favors. The ama is used for many favors, means meaning even if a slave of Allah like Ibrahim Alayhi Salam spends his entire life thanking him he can only do so for what very little to nothing compared to what Allah has given. And then he says what in don't do near Mata la de la Torre suha if you try to fully understand, fully comprehend one

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favor of Allah, you wouldn't be able to completely count it. Not all the favors of Allah, one favor of Allah near mattala not

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the simple ability to think is one favor of Allah. How many ways does that one favor of Allah benefit me every minute of every day? I can't even begin to count for one favor of Allah. How am I going to thank a lot for everything that he's done. That is why he Allah tala Bettina things that are obvious us ba, ba ba ba ba Tina. He says he showered he flooded you with his favors, the ones that are obvious and the ones that are hidden. How many people realize that when they're driving their car on the highway, you see what I like half an hour, he sent guardian angels on both sides, security for your vehicle so you can get home, the fact that your car didn't go off the cliff is not

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because the brakes are functioning is because the angels were sent by a large xojo protecting your vehicle. How many people realize that so the favors of a law that are seen and the favors of a law that are not seen are so many that even if we were thinking alone with every breath of our existence, we still wouldn't even come close, we wouldn't even come close. That's why Allah says about humanity. He says Mercado de la casa de, they could not appreciate Allah, like he deserved to be appreciated. They couldn't do it. They couldn't value Allah, like he deserved to be valued. So now that's one thing. Now let me pause for a second and think about human beings. When when someone

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when you do somebody a favor. When you go out of your way to help your younger brother, your younger brother says, Hey, I need some help. Can you come from work? Or I'm in the middle of a meeting, but I really need your help. Or I really just Can you come over right now. And you cancel your meeting, and you go through traffic and you go and you help him and you know, whatever he needed, and it wasn't even a very big thing. And you canceled some very important work. You're kind of

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this guy. I mean, seriously, this is what you needed help with. And then he asked you again for help. And he asked you again for help. He keeps asking you for favor after favor after favor. Eventually you don't pick up his calls. Here he is, again. You know what I'll call you after work. I'm busy. You know, don't pick up the you see the phone ring and you're like if I press, if I press you know, the red button, he'll know that I sent him to voicemail. So I'll just let it ring.

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When people ask us for favors over and over and over again. And on top of that, when we do them a favor, they forget about us. They don't even say thank you. They don't even appreciate it. They even turn around and say what have you done for me?

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People do that or no. You can do everything for them. And they'll turn around and say what did you ever do for me? And when you hear those words, you say I will never do anything for you again.

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Oh, man, you you're saying I have never done anything for you. This is what you're saying. You know and you have to then you have to go and run

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Remind them what he's done for you when you've done for them. And they're like, oh, you're trying to remind me of everything you did for me you're trying to show off. You see? And we're not supposed to do that as believers anyway that don't do sakata

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don't cancel out good things you do for people by reminding them hurting them. But now think about that. How much does Allah do for you and me every day? And how little do we thank him? How little do we think him? And then we need something else again. And we don't even ask my lungs need air every breath Yes or no? And even when I'm disobeying Allah, they need air yes or no. And even when I'm forgetting about Allah, Allah doesn't forget me and He gives me anyway, my lungs asked him my heart asked him for another beat, my eyes ask them to stay moist so they can see and he keeps giving them even when I don't even care to ask why I don't even care to ask. And this is the giving of a lead

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that I can never thank him for. Now we come to understand the name Shaku.

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However little you think Allah, however little you do for Allah because whatever we can do is going to be very little, unless as he acts he extremely appreciates it.

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Yeah, Rob, you do all for us. Like you can't give you an example. Every penny that you have. Every rant that you have, every dollar in American has every rupee a Pakistani has all the money you have in the bank, all the money you have in your pocket, your cards, your debit or credit, whatever you have, all of it came from Allah, He gave you every single penny of it. And then you gave a very small percentage of it, somebody came on your door knocked on the window and you gave him something.

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But you have so much more than Allah gave you You didn't give everything you just gave this little bit and Allah knows that you withheld so much more. And you gave this little and unless has is extremely appreciate this little that you did. So Allah Subhana Allah, first of all, it wasn't even mine. It was a loss to begin with. It wasn't even mine. And Allah I gave it back just a like, give me this much. I gave back this much. And Ally's appreciative that I gave this much. He acknowledges that I gave this much. This is the last Mercy on us in the name shampoo in the name shampoo. And it was this name she called comes with two other names are foreign Shakur and Sharon haleem. This is to

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me mine but mind boggling. A foreign shocker means when you pray, and I pray, Allah appreciates that we prayed.

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Allah likes that we and our prayers have how many mistakes? How many people are thinking about something else? How many people are wondering, was it 14 or 16? How many is it been? How many people have perfect ruku I'm perfect, sujood Perfect, perfect Voodoo. And the heart is constantly in the Presence of Allah. How many people can accomplish that? And even with all of those mistakes, what does Allah do? Okay, so if, if the prayer was supposed to be like a building, you gave Allah some broken bricks?

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What does Allah do? Allah covers for all of your mistakes and turns it into a building for you before. And then after turning it into a full building by his name or for what does he do? He appreciates you for praying

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for this beautiful building that you didn't build, you just gave him some broken bricks. And he acknowledges that this is a law being a foreign Shaku meaning our good deeds, even our good deeds have shortcomings. They have shortcomings. First a level fill those shortcomings himself. And then he will actually acknowledge us and appreciate us for the broken down pathetic efforts that we make the sorry excuse for a bother that I'm able to do. He covers up for it and then he appreciates me for it. This is what Allahu la foto unshackled. And this is something nobody else can do. When you do a terrible job for your boss.

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Right? When you do a terrible job for your boss, he asked you to finish this project. It was a it was a report, you had to finish this 30 page report, you did two pages and you handed it in. So you should appreciate it I did two pages. Human beings are not capable of having the quality of the food and sugar the way by has. We don't have we you know, when you do less than what is expected. Then you get the anger from the one that you disappointed. And Allah says no, but at least you tried. Let me cover everything for you. And you see the human family and then he adds, not only does he cover for you, he is so appreciative. He gives you an award on top of that ye z the homerun for me, when

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people make it inside heaven. You know, they also remember Allah, but it's empty. You have to pay attention. How are they remembering Allah, they thank Allah for getting rid of their sadness. And they say Allah fulfilled his names, which names that Allah covered all of our shortcomings. And he was appreciative of us, and he gave us more than we deserved anyway. And he told us he will do that. And that's the only reason we're in heaven. Because our deeds were not enough. Our actions were not enough. So

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They recognize that when they enter into gender, the last name of allah associated with shockula is honey. Also a very powerful name of a luck. haleem has many meanings, but the one meaning I will highlight for you today haleem actually refers to someone who, when you make a mistake, you know, before I talk to you a few minutes ago, I talked to you about when you do a good deed, but the good deed is not good enough. Yeah, we're not talking about that. Now, we're talking about you and i doing a sin doing something wrong, doing something bad. When you do something bad in this life, when you mess up, when you lie, when you cheat. When you steal. When when you hurt when you insult. When

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you do something like that in this life, then the one you do that, too, it's very hard for them to still love you. It's very hard. You know, a mother wants to give you a hug. But if you're raising your voice at your mother, and you're yelling at your mother, or some people even hit their mother, May Allah forgive them. And may Allah make them people of repentance, when they do that to their mother. And it's very hard for the mother at that point to do what

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hug and say, I love you anyway, and keep a smile on her face. Even though you're committing a crime against her. You understand, you could tolerate it, you can be hurt by it. But the love still can't be there, him actually means that you have care and love for the one that is doing wrong against you still. Still you have him still you have love and still you have care. Allah says, Now think about this, we do some good deeds, even though they're not perfect. We already established that. But we also do lots and lots of what bad deeds, forgetfulness, we say things we shouldn't have said, we look at things we shouldn't have looked at, we do things we shouldn't have done, we hurt. And we

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commit crimes against people, we commit crimes against the law. And when people do that, you know what human beings do to each other. If somebody knows they hurt you in some way, if you know a person who insulted you, then everything else they do doesn't matter. You only remember one thing about them, which is what? That guy insulted me. I don't want to talk to him. That guy may have gone to hudge he may be giving charity, he may be sponsoring orphans. He may be memorizing the Quran, he may be doing tahajjud every night, you don't care. He's the one who

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insulted me, I don't care about him. I don't want to talk to him. I know what kind of person he is, you know what we do? When someone commits a crime against us, that person is no longer a person, they are just that one crime.

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That's all they are. When we see them, we only think of all the good that they may do, or they may have done disappears, that cannot exist anymore. Allah azzawajal describes that he is Sharon Helene. He appreciates the even the smallest good that you and I can do. Even when we do terrible crimes. He doesn't erase with our terrible crimes, the good that we may have done, he doesn't erase that. And he acknowledges the good and doesn't erase it. Human beings do that. So he's shackled. And he still had him and he still loves those who sent. He still loves them and still appreciates the good in them despite the mistakes that they made. You know what happened?

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I can you imagine I shall be a lot more Anheuser mother. She's our mother. And when some of the people at the time of the Prophet some of the Muslims, or the alohar, Android mine, some of them got involved in saying things about her they should not have said

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some of them got involved in that. And when they got involved in that Abu Bakr Siddiq was very upset his father that that's her father, and he's also the best friend to sort of last a little longer the phenom. So he's got this very strong pitch somebody says something about your daughter, how are you going to tolerate it? How in the world will you tolerate it? And Allah azzawajal describes those people who said some things about her and he says you should forgive those because one of them was actually someone who had come from Makkah. So he This was in Medina but he had come from where Mecca and the heel also fallen brother

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Elias Helene, in that instead of talking about those people by the mistake that they made, a lot of talked about them by the good that they did.

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And a lot did not erase the good that they did because of the mistake that they made and that he encouraged them to do karate Allahu Allahu Allah to Allah and Allah Allah Wouldn't you love that Allah would forgive you, you should forgive them to encourage them to forgive them. Subhana Allah, this is almost hidden for people. It was hidden from people, because we lack him. We lack it, but we need it from a love for ourselves. Imagine if allow us to us the way we are to others. If allow us to us that way, then we could and we don't appreciate the good in others so long as they've done something wrong. Yes.

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The last thing I share with you about this is how subtle is the appreciation of Allah?

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wilayat una Moti Moulton. Allah says when a believer does a good deed, it's not a single step that a believer takes. Not a single step that a believer takes

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That Allah does not write a good deed for him.

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You know you don't you and I are you know, we came here to pray. We ask Allah azza wa jal to reward us for the prayer.

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But we don't realize that when we started the engine of the car, Allah was rewarding us. And when we put the car in drive a Lowe's rewarding us and every spin of the wheel of Lowe's rewarding us and every penny you spent on the gasoline to get here in the diesel to get here Lowe's rewarding us and then the steps you took from the house inside the house when you walked over to the bathroom to make the Lowe's rewarding you. He's acknowledged people will not only be surprised to see bad deeds on the Day of Judgment, people will be surprised, Yala, you recorded this is my favorite too. There is a logical name. Just think about what a lie is ready to give you and me. So hon Allah. May Allah

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azza wa jal make us grateful to him, acknowledge the gratitude to him give from what little he's asked of us. You know, he doesn't want much from us. He doesn't want much from us. And a little bit that he wants from us, when we give him a lot of multiplies and multiplies and multiplies. May Allah multiply those rewards for all of us and enter into his agenda by His grace barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato