Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 15 – Allah is Ash-Shakoor

Nouman Ali Khan delivers an enlightening lecture on the Name of Allah – Ash Shakoor.

Allah calls Himself Ash-Shakoor which means He is the Most-Appreciative, the Most Grateful, the Rewarder of Good Works. He is the One who gives abundantly in response to little and appreciates the smallest deeds with an unlimited appreciation.

Allah says – “That He may give them in full their rewards and increase for them of His bounty. Indeed, He is Forgiving and Appreciative.

[Surah Fatir, verse 30]

We can derive benefits from this name to imbibe and inculcate the attributes in our lives by doing the following:

  • Don’t expect anything in return from others for whatever you have done to make their life easier.
  • Do good deeds no matter how small or trivial they seem at the time.
  • Be patient and sincere.
  • Be grateful.
  • Appreciate people.
  • Call upon Ash-Shakoor and He will surely respond to us.