Too Busy for Your Soul

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AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on how to improve spiritual health and avoid deed. They also discuss the importance of focusing on past acts of worship and finding small deeds that can be rewarded with a loss penalty. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's actions and not to believe in their own abilities.
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What do you do in life just gets in the way of your spirituality. You're watching hashtag asleep

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not too long ago I had a mother of few children. And she came up to me and she said that you know what? She's just very, very busy and she feels like she just doesn't have time to worship Allah Spano Tata. She doesn't have time to work on her connection and her relationship with Allah Spano Tata. And so there's three pieces of advice that I gave her and inshallah two out of the three pieces of advice that you can benefit from as well. First and foremost, never belittle any deed as a prophet said a lot. I said, I'm said not to have it on no metal, metal fishy, yeah, that never be little anything from goodness. So never look at a deed and think you know what, it's just too small.

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So you may only have a limited amount of time to worship Allah subhanaw taala. But that deed with a less penalty may be worth a lot. Secondly, pay very close attention to your intentions. And intention can make a very small deed very, very great with lost power, you may not have time to get up and pray two hours of pmln but if you prayed just five minutes or 10 minutes, and it's done with sincerity, they may be worth as much as those two hours. Lastly, focus on your strengths we all have those acts of worship that we find that are easier for us and that we have more time for focus on those acts of worship and ask a less penalty Allah to reward you for those actions. And remember

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that in the end of the day, the reward for our actions lies with the last panel with data and unless pilot data can reward us abundantly for even very small deeds and a loss penalty I don't know as best until next time, inshallah data set on why they come What is Allah hate or what I can't too