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Mohammed Hijab
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Oh, why can't a Muslim woman marry non Muslim men? This is a line which has been generated let me say something I want to make it categorically clear. I don't care what Dena Tokyo does, I don't actually care if she decides to take off our head scarf, if she decides to put on a headscarf wishes to walk in the street naked, or she decides to walk in the street, like wearing a suit to meet her personal choice, that's her relationship with God excetera. Now, the reason why I was quite upset and this I'm not gonna lie to you this, this move of hers actually really disappointed me. Even though I don't know who she is too much, but I've been made aware of in recent times. The reason why

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this really disappointed me is because actually now she's making a theological case, right? Or she's promoting someone who's made a theological philosophical case. So it's different between you doing something and you believing in something and disseminating something. And it's that changing a narrative. So, for me, the line has been crossed is like we all commit sins, forget about it, Dena, Tokyo, should could be on the Day of Judgment. You know, I'm saying she goes to heaven, and we go to the hellfire. Yeah, we could be doing more showing off than she does. Because at the end of the day, you know, I'm saying we're doing Dawa, which means that we're trying to promote Islam. So all of

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that could be in vain, where she's not even doing damage. She's not, she's never claimed to be a religious authority until now. Yeah, where she's actually now transmitting, or she's promoting, yeah, a theological thing. So let's, let's get to it. Because I don't want to waste time talking about Dina Tokyo. Not to be rude to her. But I'm more I'm more concerned in this video here with what she actually trying to say now. So the article I read it in its entirety from beginning to end was an was an article that was trying to legitimize women in Islam marrying non Muslim. And first and foremost, we have to make it very clear the ruling in Islam is that even a man is not allowed

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to, generally speaking, marry a non Muslim woman. The only exception to that is in suits, and neither in the beginning of chapter five of time, or it says that a man can marry a man can marry a Judeo Christian, or Jew or a Christian. So that's the exception. And even with the exception, there are exceptions of that, or conditions that have to be met, which I think were alluded to in the article that she put forward. So what Elijah to is one of those things chastity, the woman has to be a practicing Christian, a true Christian. So if you go, for example, in Britain, where we live, we know that a lot of women that say that a Christian are not really Christian. So would they be

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eligible for marriage? No, they wouldn't. Yeah, so there's so many conditions that have to be met, the man has to be paid, all those things has to be put in place. A lot of scholars now have said it's not permissible even in the West, for Muslim men, even if those conditions are met, to marry a Christian or Jewish woman for the Masada that could create, it could create. So for example, if children are born in that family, they're more likely to be

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like for the religion of the so even there's so many conditions, but let's suppose they can, let's suppose they can, I'm just saying that. Let's put that let's put the hokum in front of everyone so they can see. That's not a simple thing. Number one.

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The article argued that a woman can marry a non Muslim man now this has never been said by anyone in Islam, and it's refuted by the Quran. There's two parts of the crime. I want to kind of mention here, there's one and sort of Bukhara where it says that and don't let

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the diss the believing woman marry the basically the machine Hata umino while abdomen on Hi, Roman Mashallah Raja, and it says that a slave and Muslim slave is better than a non Muslim person in marriage, even if the person has no Muslim likes you this has not been abrogated as it relates to women, the only toxis or what you call it, specification has been made in regards to men, which we already discussed, is mentioning sort of metadata so you can marriages and Christian that's one number two and sort of Montana says don't bring them back. Because the one woman that came from, from Mecca, Medina who left her Yeah, so it says don't let them go back to the, to the men there

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because they're not helpful for them and then of Luna, Luna, Luna, Luna, they are not helpful for them, and they're not for her for them. In other words, there's clear injunctions in the Quranic discourse. And that woman, Muslim woman is not allowed to marry anything but a Muslim man, for you to say, actually, the equality premise overrides This is Cofer. It is Cofer, it is disbelief.

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Let's be very clear. This is Cofer is this belief. Yes. So for someone to say something like that, it is disbelief. Now, it does not mean that if someone does disbelief, yes, that they become a disbeliever because we as Muslims believe in the concept of the author of a journal that you have an excuse with ignorance. Yeah, so we will never say that Dena Tokyo has been

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this article. Look, that's that's discussable. That's arguable. I haven't I haven't seen what she believes anywhere else. But I'm not saying Dena, Tokyo or

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Husband aka Father, we're not saying that Yeah. But theoretically there's a difference between sea level hokum and 10 00 token. The actual theoretical stance of it islamically speaking is just like someone says that there's no five president. There's no five present date in Islam. They have committed Kufa. Now they have to have a departmental project, which is what we're doing right now. I will not be around the bush. What we're doing is we're hoping that this message gets to Deena it's called a parmesan project. We've given her the verses in the Quran, there is no ness. There's no abrogation of those. And there is no scholar has ever said what she's said. And now she's given this

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go, who to be honest with you, has an untrained hand in philosophy, theology, and religion to make up a little

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and I spoke to I spoke, I spoke to a very sister, I've messaged her because just to make that matters, but I spoke to another sister Sister that wrote the other sister wrote the article yet. I said, Do you have any evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah of what you're seeing? She said, No, she's because this is my subjective opinions here. And I've got the message I can show. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that. Oh, yeah. And this sister had a very dangerous post where she's got two men kissing. Yeah. And she says basically, that I support LGBTQ t whether it is Love is love, etc. Well, she said that and saying like, she supports the act of homosexuality. Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes.

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It's very dangerous. Yes. Now when she was like, oh, what you want me to do be harsh on the people and said, I never asked you to do that. We never said go and be harsh. We're seeing at least hold the principle that you hate in your heart, the sin the sin. Yeah. So I spoke to her and sadly, she had very ill mannered she was talking that she has a problem with a certain YouTuber, and she was complaining of his illness. And she goes, I hate him here. I said, Okay. You hate him. But your, your, your, your, the way you treat him tuition is talk to him. She's mocking me, etc. Excuse her. Yeah. She has no evidence. Nothing. It was just based on this is how she was not especially she a

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specialist. No, she got qualifications. So why is the fingerless? I don't understand why someone like Dena Tokyo. Yeah. I would have thought is quite an educated person. Yeah. Because I've heard that she's an educated person. She is she's an educated person. She's a social influencer. Why is she sharing a blog or a vlog? Whoever it may have been? It's a blog, isn't it? Because it's written? I'm not sure she does anything. videographic on that? Yeah. Why she for sharing that? with someone who's a non specialist, non theologian in on, scholar.

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You agree with it? I don't know. Obviously. She agrees with it. Yeah, totally. That's what

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I would have thought that she would have consulted some kind of some kind of scholarly resources. And that's the thing, man, to be honest with you. I'm going to be straightforward with you. People like Dina Tokyo whose claim to fame was I was it like hijab tutorials and makeup and these things?

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Please, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah. And this goes fast as well. Everyone must know their length. Yeah. If someone comes on as a sport critic, don't expect from that sport critic to be able to guide you in math to do with religion or theology or philosophy or whatever. Yeah. Just because you have a following. It doesn't mean you have to give your opinions on everything. That's as simple as that. And don't don't push your opinion, especially if it's completely unjustified. From a from a theological perspective on the people and you're not going to accept that you're making was haram and this is very,

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very dangerous is very thank you for bringing it up. Yeah. This issue of Mr. Hillel is is what makes perfect because what so why isn't COVID? Yes, and some of them are asking why is it this belief

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