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Yes we love him more than anything in this world, do you Muslims care to share this reminder? May peace, mercy and blessing be upon you O my beloved Prophet.

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But teacher, the teacher or teacher, you change the world for the

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We've shamed ourselves.

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Surely we wronged Elsa goodwill we say

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he was Mohammed.

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Okay Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam alaikum Sallam rubbish Rohit sondrio iseli Emery wash Roelof Botha Melissa Ania Polish panicle al Milena Illa mal antenna in Mecca Angela Lima Hakeem, my brothers and sister saramonic Rafa live Erica

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for coming over and we would like to share with you one of the most important

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teaching that the porcelain has left with us, and that is, do we really love the commissar seller? And of course if I asked all the Muslims here, do we really love the Prophet view of the Prophet?

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Do you love the Prophet everyone will say yes, but in action, in action, do we really love the Prophet This is the topic inshallah to be discussing today inshallah. The Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam in one of the Hadith, he say,

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he say, LA, vie de la, you may know, Hakata akuna, akuna hubzilla him in FCW. O'Malley, he? Was he oneness, mind, none of you. None of you is a believer.

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The Prophet Muhammad SAW Sal and now he's talking, he's saying, none of you is a believer, unless I become to him, our beloved them, his own self, his own money, and his own children, and the entire mankind.

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So the Prophet pomerol celebration here is very clear statement

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that we as Muslims, we should love him more than anything else in this world. So this is the question to you now, do you love the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he's be upon him more than anything in this world. Now we have to reflect over the same because it's very tricky. It is very, very tricky. Because as I said, If I ask any Muslim whether you really love the prophet or not, the quick answer would be yes, of course we love the Prophet Muhammad Sawsan. But do you love him more than your own self? Here you have to start with yourself and think, do you prefer yourself over the commands of the Prophet Mohammed Salim? Do you prefer your soul yourself? Over loving the house or

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solemn sacrificing a lot of things in this word for his sake, or for the sake of his religion, the religion of Islam that he brought through a Lost Planet Allah we have to ask ourselves these questions. Now let us

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recall one of the stories that happened during the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim II and Omar of Nepal may Allah be pleased with him. Oman, Qatar was walking along with the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah and the Prophet with his compassion a lot of he came next to our Papa and he held his hand. You see how the Prophet hands hustlers he held these hands you know as a sign of love and respect, and compassion. So all hottub It seems that his heart was melted by this simple action of the Prophet. So he told the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam By Allah, all prophet of Allah, I love you.

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By Allah, I love you. So the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim told him more than your own children or armor. You say more than my own children. You say more than your money, or armor? Do you love me more than your money? say more than my money? I love you. You say more than your family or armor? Say yes, more than my family. You say more than yourself. armor is a no.

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No matter what you see. So that means in the first three answers, he was truthful, yes or no. He was truthful in the first three answers. That's why when when the fourth question was put forth, do you love me more than yourself? You say no, I don't love you more than self. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam responded, no armor.

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Your faith will remain incomplete

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until you love me more than your own self. So I'm going to hottub it seems

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was at shock. My faith is incomplete. I am still not a complete believer because I don't love the Prophet Mohammed Salah more than my own self. So he went in his home. He thought for a while, and then he came out he say now all prophets of Allah I love you more than myself. Then the Prophet Mohammed Salim said, Now or Omar. Now Omar means now Omar, your faith has been completed. So what what makes all the hottap change his mind quickly? That same question was posed to him by his son of the live Dharma he told me oh my father, what did you do inside the home? What makes you change your mind so quickly? So our Papa may Allah be pleased with him? He responded, is it all my son? I asked

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myself who do you need more? Who do you need in this word more yourself, or the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. So I found that I one day was misguided. And I was only guided through the prophet Mohammed Salah Lhasa. And I realized that on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam will be the one to intercede on our behalf with Allah subhanaw taala. So I needed him more than myself, then I loved him more than myself.

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That is how the attitude of one of the greatest companions of the Prophet Mohammed Salah otop, towards the Prophet he, finally he realized that he needs the prophet SAW Selim in this world, and in the hereafter more than himself, we cannot save ourselves from the heat of the day of judgment. We know that on the Day of Judgment, the sun will will be drawn nearer to us by a few miles, and everyone will be sweating according to his sins, and only a loss of only the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim. On that day, we'll all will shout and we will be calling us my nation my nation, begin a loss pinata Allah to start the day of judgment quickly. And to have mercy on his,

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you know, on his nation, the prophets of Allah all of them will be on the Day of Judgment, making a supplication or law save us, save us from this terrible day. But the Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom will keep on saying, my own my own or my nation, my nation, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam, he loves us. The Prophet Mohammed saw Selim, if we read about his biography about his narration, he really loves us so much. And especially he loves those who came after him. That's us. He loves us more. And we will see now through his narrations that he loves those people who will come after him and believe in him. He loves us more.

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One day he was crying, some Allah Allah Muhammad wa sallam one day he was crying, and then the angel Gabriel descends upon him. And he told him all Mohamed, what makes you cry? What makes you cry? So the prophets of Salaam responded, my nation, my nation, my Muslim nation that makes me cry, I am worried about them.

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What are they going to do after me? How will they be, you know how their end will be?

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We were talking about Ramadan and how the believers should remain steadfast after Ramadan if he sees our condition today, and that the Muslims, you know, feeling the most during Ramadan. But the first night after Ramadan, barely we find one rule is the most with an integer on any other prayers, he will be saddened. The prophet SAW Selim because you know that Allah is just and he will not admit people to paradise who are, you know, who have neglected his teaching. So he's worried about us that one day a Muslim will be in hellfire. And that's why the verse will allow phi or tea or a book of Otago. And verily your Lord will give you that which will please you one of the verses of the Quran.

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The scholars interpret this verse by saying that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam will never be satisfied. If one of his nation, one of the Muslims will be thrown in hellfire. And Allah subhanaw taala will accept his plea on the day of judgment to take out all the Muslims from Hellfire and admit them to paradise but we don't want to take a chance do you want to take a chance to be burned even one second in Hellfire also below.

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Let us discuss now how much the companions of the Prophet Mohammed saw seldom

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used to love him. There is one lady

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during one of the battles one of the buttons one lady lost her father. She lost her husband and she lost her son in one battle.

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Can you imagine now before mother lost one husband

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Today, she will be screaming and shouting, and you know, making a lot of drama because she lost her loved ones. But this lady, she lost three of her family members in one day, in one day. Now let us see. And there were also a rumor goes around that the Prophet Mohammed Salim has been killed in this battle. So she was very worried about the prophet SAW Selim not about her own family members, and on the way she was walking towards the battlefield, looking for the Prophet, a man met her and told her Be patient or, you know, servants of Allah, for your father has been killed. So she responded by saying, what about the Prophet?

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What about the Prophet Mohammed? You say he's okay. Say no by Allah until I see him with my own eyes. That means I will not be at ease until I see him with my own eyes. But your father died, I don't care. What about the Prophet? You see the new that the Prophet is more important than anyone at that stage? And of course for eternity, that if you don't follow His guidance, you might end up in Hellfire illegible. So she worked a little bit further and then another man with her and told her Be patient, or servant of Allah for your husband has been killed? How about the Prophet? Again? What about the Prophet? He says, okay, no by a law until I see him with my own eyes.

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Again, the same sentence was repeated when the news that her son, her own son, has been killed. Again. She said, what about the Prophet until I see him with my own eyes until she saw the prophet in front of her. So she said, Alhamdulillah now that you are saved, every misfortune is gone.

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Every other trouble every other sad news Alhamdulillah is gone? Do we love the proposal? Sell them that much? I mean, are we ready to sacrifice? I'm not saying sacrifice our own husbands or wives, or sons. for him. I'm saying, sacrifice your time, sacrifice some of your money, sacrifice some of your efforts to help this religion and to assist the spread of this beautiful way of life. Look at Abu Jana, one of the greatest companions of the Prophet SAW Selim. Again in one of the battles the arrows of the enemies were flying from many, many directions towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim. So what did he do? He threw himself over the prophet SAW Selim, and all the arrows were, you know,

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strikes he's back to such an extent that the companions were describing him as the back we saw a Buddha Joanna's back look like an urgent you know, the urgent that animal

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because of the arrows. Why would anyone Why would anyone sacrifice his own life?

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his own life for the house or sell him unless he know that the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah is more important than his own? Why he lives what if I die? No problem. What if the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam was being killed? That means that the entire religion of Islam would have been perished will either be left look at Abu Bakr

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may Allah be pleased with him, you know, during the migration from Mecca to Medina, he is he was the only companion during this time. One of the honors that Allah bestowed upon aboubaker is to accompany the Prophet ponsel Solomon this blessing journey from Mecca to Medina. And they were hiding, as you know, from the disbelievers from this cave to that cave, and they became very thirsty. They became very thirsty in an open desert and it's very hot in Mecca. So abubaker went to hunt for some drink some water or some milk. So he found a person with a camel so he requested for some milk and the man give him a bowl of milk. And he took it all to the Prophet Mohammed Salah

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Lawson, drink or prophet of Allah. So the Prophet take the milk, and apparently or seemingly, he thought that a worker already drank his share. So the problem was awesome. He drank all the milk, and he didn't leave anything for a buck maybe. Maybe he thought that a worker already drank outside or something. So the profit didn't leave anything for work. But look at work, when he's narrating this story to his friends and companions, he say and the Prophet kept on drinking and drinking until my thirst was quenched.

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A lot these people were not actors. They were not acting that. At this time. They were very sincere. They were granted paradise during the lifetime why the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah, so they were very truthful Abu Bakr Siddiq himself was named a so did the one who always affirm the truth whenever the prophet SAW Selim speech

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So he himself also never author ally of workers. So this was not lying. He really favored

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the Prophet house or sell them to quench his thirst over his own. And so seeing the Prophet house or sell and drinking and enjoying the mill, for him, it was as if my own thirst was quenched. That's how the companions used to love the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Another lady by the name of Omar Omar Amara one day though one of the enemies of Allah came to kill the prophets of Salaam with his sword. And he used to strike very hard the swords towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW Solomon, every time he strikes his sword, the lady will throw her body in the direction of the sword in the direction that they until the sword hits her badly and the bones of her shoulder were dislocated. And then she fell on the ground, then her son ran towards her to help her to say no look after the profit,

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look after the house or sell them save him.

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And this lady, by the way, she lived after the profit 20 years after that she didn't die in this incident. She lived even 20 years after the demise of the Prophet Muhammad Sol Sol.

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And after this incident, happened, the professor salon went to her and he looked at her condition and he told her, how, who could bear what you bear over more moral, who can bear that thing. So she say I can bear and bear but I'm asking you to be your companion in paradise. That's what I'm asking. I could bear anything. But what I want is to be your companion in paradise that so that was the goal. That was our companions, goals, panel law.

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My brother's you know what law he You are so precious in the sight of the Prophet Muhammad SAW salah and when I say you, I don't mean the companions and the generation who lived with the Prophet porcelain. I mean, us who came after the demise of the prophet SAW Selim, you are so precious to the Prophet. And here is the evidence one day the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam was sitting with his companions. And then he told him, Do you know whose faith is most unusual?

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Whose Eman is very strange? So the company answers the angels, the angels, you say? How could they not believe when they are with the Lord? I mean, that's not strange, because they are already with a last panel Tyler. So the thought a little while and then they say the prophets. See how could they not believe when they have received the revelation from Allah subhanaw taala, they can see the proof. So it's not strange for them to believe. So you say us the company say us? So how could you not believe when I'm with you know, I have the profitable line with you amongst you. So how could you not believe you can see the miracles you can see the evidences with me. So they asked, then who,

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whose faith is most unusual? You say there are people who will come after me, believe in me, even without seeing me.

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He's talking about us. Alhamdulillah we came after the Prophet, we never come in touch with him. We never had the the honor and the pleasure to listen to his words and yet, and yet, we believe in him we affirm that he is the last and final messenger of our last panel. One day also after visiting the the the the murders of the Battle of Ohio, while on his way back, that was during the last days of the Prophet Muhammad SAW sell them on earth. He started crying, he cried, the prophet SAW Selim. So the companions told him what makes you cry, Oh, profitable law. You say I miss my brothers.

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So the company said, aren't we your brothers? Say No, you are my companions, but my brothers are those who will believe will come after me. Believe in me, without even seeing me. He's talking again about do you feel now the honor that the prophet SAW Selim did not leave us out.

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Even one day say that there will, a time will come a time will come, where

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patience will be like burning cercles

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that a person will be holding.

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At that time, one person one man patient will be equal to 50 persons.

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So they asked the prophet SAW Selim, one man will be equal to 50 of of them, like I will be equal to 50 of brother Isa or equal to 50 of brother Omar say no will be equal to 50 of you have the companions who are these people again, people who will come after me, believing in me without even seeing it. Our Our time is difficult. We have more

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fitness than any other time in that came passed by the prophets. I mean if the Prophet of Allah Subhana Allah is amongst us here in the Philippines, I don't think that he will, he will bear staying few hours seeing all these kinds of trials and fitness outside. It's difficult tough time for the Muslims. Tough times for the youth to lower the gaze of time for the sisters, to also stay away from temptation is difficult time we are facing difficult time and patience is required.

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Another incident happened. And we all know the story of life. When the Prophet Panesar seldom lost his wife, Khadija May Allah is with her and his own Uncle obatala. Then he was trying to spread the word to other cities around Arabia, and one of these cities is thought

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and he went to five and he met three leaders of this city, but they they received Him with all harshness. They were very, very harsh. They were very, very rude. And the humilate him, one of them told him they didn't allow find better than you to send out.

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They're gonna love find a better person than you to send as a messenger. The second person told him by Allah, if you hang yourself on the curtains of the karma, I will not believe that you are the Messenger of Allah.

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Can you imagine how the profit your profit was accumulated? Another person told him that if you are a prophet of God, you are too great for me to talk to. And if you are a liar, you're too low for me to talk to you. So in both cases, I'm not gonna talk to you. He said the prophet SAW Selim with all humbleness, he told them. Okay, if you don't want to accept Islam, just don't inform the people of price. Don't tell them that I came here. So they say no, we will. We are going to tell them

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and the Send immediately a messenger to market to inform the people of Mecca of the profits plan that he wants to

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you know, deliver the message of Islam in thought. He told them, okay, just be quiet if you don't, if you don't want to accept Islam, Leave me Leave me alone. Let me go and say no, and the order the whole city of five to come after the province of sell them to stone him, him and his companion and serve and it was I guess, he was with him and their feets were bleeding. Their faces were bleeding and especially the companion, his face his entire face was bleeding because he was trying to save the Prophet Muhammad SAW so it was terrible time he called the bitterest day of his own life.

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one of the busiest days of his life was the day of thought when the children used to stone him and kick him out of the city. And in the middle of all this

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trials that the proposal Some say he made a supplication for

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he made a supplication for law allow mainly escuela alayka Botha poverty, welcome letter highlighting how any Arlen ness and Dr. hamre amin and Prabhu Salafi on top your ally, I appeal to you for the weakness, in my strength, and my limited power I am powerless without you.

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And the treatment of contempt and humiliation of the people you are the Most Merciful of All Merciful.

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And you are my Lord, the Lord of the oppressed. under whose care Are you leaving me to, to whom are you you know, leaving me to to an enemy or pressing me or to a friend you have given control over my affair. Now the next sentence is the most important of this.

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One of the most beautiful saying that the profiles are seldom said and it's a lesson for us to learn. You say if there is no anger from you or me I don't care

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that's what that's what makes the profile so solemn warning and making this not if you are not angry at me on anything. Maybe I did something that's why this is the the punishment from you. But if you are angry at me, that's the trouble. That's why I'm angry. I'm tired. I'm trying to complain. But if there is no anger from you on me, I do not care. Whatever happens to me for the sake of a law, I don't care. That's why it's a lesson for us. There are some people who are complaining

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on any little thing they are complaining. Look what happened to a prophet. And at the end, in the middle of all these trials, he say if there is no anger from your, from you on me, I don't care.

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I seek refuge with your glory with with the glory of your of your life, which heavens and earth are let from your anger will not be for me. I'm asking you that you don't get angry at me after this beautiful boy What happened? The angels of the mountains came to confirm No, no, we're allies not angry at you. And if if you want us to crash these mountains over this city, and

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Just let them perish give us the order

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but the mercy to mankind

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mama Ursula K la Mata Leilani we have not sent you all Mohamed except as a mercy to mankind the mercy of mankind Mohammed Salim did not accept the proposal he say, maybe one person will come from the same from their defense, declaring that there is only one God and Bahama disease, maybe one person, one person alone one person. And here we are generations after generations who came after this incident declaring that there is only one God and Muhammad is His Messenger Salalah Mohammed, so awesome. Are you still now loving Him? Do you feel now that the love towards the house or sell them Do you feel that is more important than our own lives is more important than anything else?

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And by the way, when the Prophet pass or Salim said, No believer, no one will be considered as a believer.

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If I am not more beloved than that his own children, his own money, his own family members, all these things that humans, Hell, I mean, if you're earning from permissible source, when the money is held and permissible, you may love that money that you have earned, you are actually required to love your own son, to love your own wife to love your own husband, but not more than the profit.

00:26:25--> 00:27:07

It's part of faith that we love the profit more than anything else in this world. And there is a verse from the Quran that Allah has a whole lot about, say whether it is your father's, your spouse's, your children, your businesses, your houses are more dearest to you than a law and His Messenger and Jihad for his calls for thought of bazoo then wait hotair Yachty Allahu Emery, until our last part Allah bring his destruction to you can you imagine? So if you love if you love all these things, the worldly things more than Allah more than his messenger more than striving struggling for law schools, Allah will bring his destruction

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to us. Now, let us be practical in sha Allah before we end that beautiful reminder about loving the protocols of Salah How can we love the sauce and how can we love him more than all these things? So the scholars

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have you know, given us a guideline for steps that if we did in sha Allah, our love for the Prophet council sanlam will keep on increasing, increasing until it reached its highest point of loving him more than anything in this world. Number one is a increase, increase sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet Mohammed Sawsan increase saying whenever you're free along Masoli Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed kamasan light Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim al amin Naka, hamidah Majeed, the last part that we received during the Shahada in our prayer, this is one of the best form of sending Peace and blessings upon upon the Prophet console seller. And by the way, every time you say some Allah Allah

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Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah subhanaw taala sends the soul the spirit of the province of Salaam in his body so that he may reply your Salaam

00:28:17--> 00:28:22

Can you imagine so if you say Allah Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa he will respond to your Salah.

00:28:23--> 00:28:24

Can you imagine?

00:28:25--> 00:28:47

Li santosa so this is one of the ways that may increase your love to the prophet SAW Selim. Number two studying his biography studying in serum, read the books have biography of the prophet SAW Selim. Because the more you know how he led this his life, the more your love would increase for him. How would you love the prophets of Salaam without knowing his

00:28:49--> 00:28:55

life style? Yes, we know, sadly, some Muslims knows the history of Robin, Delia.

00:28:57--> 00:29:29

And know how many movies he acted and how many songs he sang. And what is his daughter's name? And what is his family's member's name and where did they live and what is his daughter now the same Australia and the you know all the biography of Robin with Delia, and of course with respect to that brother, but I'm just giving an example. People knows about David bacon more than the cancer center. People in Pakistan and India they know more about Chiron than the prophet SAW sell them in Egypt. They know more about armory, the Arab and all these names, the popular celebrities more than the Prophet.

00:29:31--> 00:29:43

I know when my wife actually told me that she has a friend who knows all the actors by names and their history and everything about them you just say that name and she will give you

00:29:44--> 00:30:00

immediately a report about their lives and what is going on. I wanted to update the updates and humeri who in the in the acting industry, but we don't know the life and the seer of the console seldom you ask you just ask

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Ask the youth our Muslim what is the full name of our beloved prophet Mohamed Salah. What is his full name? Ah, disaster.

00:30:10--> 00:30:56

sad story. And number three following his Sunnah following the path of the province of Salah, because following the path of the profiles of sanlam makes us closer to a las panatela and makes us also stay away from beta or staying away from innovations because he himself said every innovation will be in hellfire. So the only the most appropriate way to kill without together as to follow the sun. So always try to look for the authentic sources of the teaching of the Prophet console sell them and if you're not sure about any practices or any thing ask those who know Allah antonsen the Quran, Allah Allah decree incoterm let Allah moon ask the people of knowledge if you don't know, but

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do not follow blindly. Any method that may lead you to Hellfire reliable and number four which is a bit difficult, but inshallah possible also is to visit his city visiting the city of Medina Mayor las panatela always keep us closer to the prophet SAW Selim, you will be always closer to him when you are visiting his city. It was the most beloved city to his heart after Mecca. He prepared to be buried there in honor of alongside those people who supported him during his message so for things if you didn't show all your love for the alimony increase, sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever you are able to number two is to study His Spirit study his

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biography. To know more about the great life of the prophet SAW Selim, who the non Muslims themselves say he is the most remarkable man ever produced Muhammad. According to Karen Armstrong, Karen Armstrong in the put in the book written about Muhammad SAW silently in page number 12. If I remember correctly, she said he's the most remarkable man in history. Muhammad SAW some modern scholars, Michael H. Hart also he say he is the most influential person in history. So not only Muslims love the protocols or sell them, but even non Muslims who studied their Sierra they came to that conclusion and it's our duty as Muslims to know about the process of Salah more than non

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Muslims. But you see, to give you just an indication, they respected the prophets of Solomon elevated him on the top of everyone else ever born because they studied his biographies Pamela they knew how the purpose of selling used to lead his life number three we said is to follow his Sunnah

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is to follow his methodology is to follow his teaching to follow his way of life and the way of life of the companions who came after him. And number four is to visit the city of Medina these four things in your life we did in shallow our love will increase for the sponsor salami last panel to Allah fill our hearts with the love of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam amin Allahumma salli ala Muhammad and fill our lien solely for the affiliates Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Yama Diem along with some of the Allah Mohammed in Walla Allah Mohammed kemosabe tala Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim alberic Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kama Dora tala Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim El amin in

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naka hamidah Maria de la hyaluron