The Significance and Blessings of the First Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah

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It was set up

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it was heavy rain, welcome to July, somebody

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you send the peace and blessings are on

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its families from values and

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until the Day of Judgment, my brothers and sisters, the topic of this job

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in Dubai is the best days of the year.

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Indeed, it refers to the best 10 days of winter. So,

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a lot of it gives us possibilities and opportunities for us to ensure that we utilize these seasons and raise these lines, so that we can be forgiven. So that we can be successful in attaining

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what represents is true,

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it is

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very important to understand the significance of the best 10 days of the first 10 days of the

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relevant and more greater than any other day of entire year. Even better, the genes

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which means that doing good deeds in these 10 days are highly

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Dunya rush, the most beloved js

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are the other days of

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Allah eating

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these days is one fortunately, by the dorm, one a yard in ash and by the chimneys, and

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he said that what a yard in Asheville refers to the first 10 days of

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the profits.

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There are no days more greater in the sight of time and there are no dings more beloved to Allah

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in these first 10 days of the brothers and sisters, the need is to have focused plan and action on the best genes that you and I can do in the first 10 days of the region, which is about to commence by the will of Allah. So,

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we need to ensure that they engage in the best of the needs. For example, you know, Zeke of, for example, engaging the witch, with charity and so much more. Brothers and sisters. This is the season that combines the pillars of Islam together like no other for example, in it, spread image, this image this charity, that is fasting

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should have brothers and sisters, the need is that you and we must focus and ensure that the greatest day comes within this first 10 days of the job.

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We need to ensure that we fast all these days

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and ensure that we gain rewards from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada We ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us attain greater status in the sight of Allah by investing ourselves in doing continuous in the first 10 days of the creature we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant wellbeing and goodness to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed resides and likewise we ask Allah Almighty to remember the rules of the

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mighty to bless and protect this beautiful nation from all kinds of things and how long it took us.

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We are still waiting to see and guidance to the entire humanity. Our men and hamdulillah