Ramadhan 2019 – Reminder 7 – Build your stamina

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Another reminder, I want to give about Ramadan is that there's going to be a stamina that we build, before Ramadan.

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And when Ramadan comes, and it's going to build up as it's going along now, if you can't do anything else, please stick to the same few things you can do throughout Ramadan. Don't overdo it, like a person who's net who hasn't gone to the gym, if they get in the gym, and they do two hours, you won't see them in the gym for another month. Trust me, if they do two hours or straight in the gym, they never been

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that the body is going to be aching so much the next day, they won't want to come back to the gym again. If a person goes to the gym, they do very light things very light, they get used to that. And they come to the gym again, they do a bit more light and then they add the weights on slowly. When they get to a certain weight when they added on and they're putting it you know the lifting it and it feels like you know that's, you know, I'm tired when I'm tired. If they if they feel that they you know I stick to those weights don't put any extra weight on Don't be silly. Because when you put the extra weights on more than that the next day, you're gonna get so tired they're gonna say Nah, I

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don't want to do this. No, this is painful. Right The same happens with a bother you do a bit of a bad look everyone's capacity is different. If you've never been used to one hour a bother extra extra stuff one extra step don't go and do one hour straightaway to 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Take it easy. Then add next day at another five minutes 20 minutes here How you feeling and always try and do your a bad or something where you feeling good about it and then you close it you finish it off. So first for example, I'm reading the paper and I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good. I've read like half a dozen and my mind says Shall I read another portages and usually I only do like you know

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half a juice or maybe less and I'm feeling good about it okay close the Quran now because why the autumn I have said this when you did some salah and you didn't want to record snowfall and forecast snowfall and feeling good about it.

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And should I do six and eight and attend? Well maybe I should stop you know why? Because when you've left off with a good mind and your mind says you know what I kind of I kind of you know enjoyed those photo cuts I enjoy that half of juice when your mind says that your mind will tell you I want to do that again. It looks forward to the next time you're gonna do it again. I really like that so the alumni say always leave off on a trial you know especially when you're getting used to a bad day when you haven't you know if you're not a heavyweight in in a bother you know always leave yourself off on a good note on when your mind is feeling good about it because you'll always want to come

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back to it again. Now when you've done those forecasts today and a bit of an add a bit of detail tomorrow do the same thing next day do the same thing if you think that you know this is good enough for you just stick to that just take that because profits and losses told us I have all our money in a lie at Omaha in the best of actions towards the lads those are those that are continuous even though they might be little so just do that throughout Ramadan at least you got that in you enjoyed it you put something in there that you felt good about it and if you want to increase it to what you know one day six circuits of knuffle Salah maybe three quarters of the Jews even increases that are

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hungry increase it but make sure that you don't do too much that you then feel a lot man all so much time oh my god I'm feeling so you know heavy with all of this a bad don't feel like that now if you can put on the extra you know segments on extra weights on them go for it but be careful just go for it now the stamina has to build up slowly A lot of people don't understand this they you know they prepare for Hadrian Hodges coming How does he rhinoplasty What do I need to learn? What do I need to do? I'm a gardener so the time to prefer you want to prepare? Prepare for one year in advance get your spiritual stamina up a lot of people go to machine number one and they say you know chef or do

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your research here you know I'm not gonna recite it oh I don't know what to decide and I'm not feeling it. Well you're not gonna feel it if you haven't been putting the effort into it for some time if you want to feel the spirituality you've got to do daddy so when Ramadan you know I'm telling you like this is okay this is Ramadan here if you want to make next Ramadan excellent super throughout this year carry on doing those few things every single day that have just those few extra folders Allah the few they could do that every day to next Rama Can you see how next Ramadan is? You will be pumping iron. Next Ramadan public God means pumping it very bad. Okay, you'll be you'll be

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electrified by the next one. We're done. Why? Because you

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Paired for that, imagine an athlete that's been training every single day you give them you know, you give them something, they'll jump to it. Why? Because every day they've been doing it. And that's the thing about building the stamina up throughout throughout the whole thing.