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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into a detailed Tafseer of some of the Ayats of Surah Al Baqarah.

In Ayat 9, the hypocrites are being discussed at great length in the fact that in the company of the believers, the hypocrites would pretend to be pious Muslims, but the moment they were asked to do something for the sake of Allah SWT such as performing an act of worship, giving charity, or going on Jihad, they would back out. This is an indication of their total ignorance. But they didn’t realize that even if they attempted to conceal their true emotions, Allah SWT knows what the hearts conceal. Through this Ayah, Allah SWT warned Muhammad ﷺ to be careful of the hypocrites or the Munafiqoon. Allah SWT punishes them in a way by taking away their ability to think and see the truth. 

A hypocrite is defined as someone who ditches the long-term gains for the short term gains. He is devious and defies with his heart and deeds. He changes his mind frivolously only in that which has a benefit for him. We can easily spot a Munafiq by his self-contradictory statements and behavior and we are advised to tread carefully when dealing with him consciously. We should pray to Allah SWT to cleanse our hearts from all kinds of hypocrisy, Ameen.

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Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah and serves as a lead instructor for several programs including Dream, traveling seminars and Bayyinah TV. His serious Arabic training began in the U.S. in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and former principal of Quran College in Faisalabad, Pakistan.
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