Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 013B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 74

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the impact of the "by the way" on the heart and how it can affect society. The potential for hard hearts to be replaced by hearts that are not affected by the Quran is due to the potential for hard hearts to be replaced by hearts that are not affected by the Quran. The importance of realisation and listening to the recitation is emphasized, along with the need to care for people affected by the natural disaster and take care of those affected by the natural disaster.
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I was a bit let him in a shade Daniela Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish Lockleaze solidity were Sidley Emery Wilder of that and really Sani of ko who co li probenecid in our

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lesson number 13 Surah Al Baqarah is number 74 to 82. In the previous verses, we learned about a story. Which story wasn't the story of the cow. When the Bani Israel were commanded by Musa and his sunnah, that Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that you have to slaughter a cow. And why was it that they were commanded to slaughter a cow? What was the reason? Because they loved the cow, they had some divine beliefs regarding the cow, they love the cow a bit too much. And we know that as believers, we should love Allah subhanaw taala more than anyone and anything. And if we begin to love anyone else, more than Allah subhanho data, then there is a problem. So this is why they were

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told to slaughter the cow. This also shows to us that if you ever feel that your love for something is greater than your love for Allah, then what do you have to do? Kill it, get rid of it, slaughter it, expect it from your life, if you cannot reduce the love, because then it will destroy your iman. Another reason why they were told to slaughter the cow to settle a dispute about who was the murderer who killed the man. And then eventually, when the slaughter the cow, they were commanded to take a piece of the cow, whichever piece it was, it doesn't matter. But they were told to take a piece of the cow and strike the dead man's body with it. And the dead man, he rose, and he spoke out

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the name of the person who killed him. Think about it, a man has been killed, he is dead. And all of a sudden, he wakes up and he speaks out the name of the person who had killed him. Isn't that a big thing? Imagine if you saw such an incident, wouldn't it shake you? Wouldn't it change your entire life. Of course, there are people who when they even washed the body of a dead person or if they see a dead person, it affects them so much that their entire life is changed, their thinking is changed their way of dealing with other people is completely changed. I remember once this lady was telling us about how she helped in Washing the dead body of a woman and that woman she was elderly and she

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had hair dye in her hair. And she was saying that as they were washing her body, they were washing the hair and the color kept coming. No matter how much water they poured on her head, the color would just not go away. And she said that's it. I'm never ever putting your dye in my hair again. This was just something that she learned that I don't want that when I die and people are trying to wash my body. They're just trying to get rid of the color in my hair. It affected her so much it changed her. Now, seeing something so great as this should definitely have an impact on your heart. But the problem with the bunny is sloth you imagine they had MN and so welcome down upon them.

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Imagine the sea was split open before them. Imagine Musa alayhis salam struck the rock and 12 Springs came out of that for them. This saw so many things, but yet they did not become humble before Allah Subhan Allah so Allah subhanaw taala says, So Maka set Globacom member the bear like then after that, your hearts became very hard after that, after you saw the dead man coming to life or after you saw all of these things that are mentioned over here, so Mufasa Kulu buco, Globacom member Daedalic are set are set is from the letters have seen well from the word cassava, cassava and what does that mean hardness, toughness, when something is dry, when something is hard, it is

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solid, so, it does not absorb any effect it does not absorb anything, nothing can have an impact on it. This is a sour This is the toughness of something, you know, when they make something that's supposed to be very strong, they put it through many different tests, they will put a lot of weight on it, they will throw it from a height or they will push it or they will do different things with it to show how tough it is. And when that thing does not break then what does it show that I think is very strong. So Assa hardness over here, this is the hardness of what the opposite blue become your hearts. Galoob is a plural of color. What does it mean by the hardness of the heart? The

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hardness of the heart is when the heart does not feel any compassion, any mercy. When the heart does not feel anything, meaning no matter what the person sees, no matter what the person experiences, no matter what the person gets to know. It doesn't have any impact on the heart. If you see something dramatic if you see a dead person, you know there are people who start crying

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deers begin to flow from their eyes. Similarly, they make firm resolutions. That's it. I'm never going to do this again. They change their lives. But the hard heart no matter what a person sees, no matter what he experiences no matter what he gets to know it doesn't affect him. It says though, the heart has become desensitized, desensitized, so nothing can affect the heart. Nothing can have any impact. There is no sympathy, no compassion, no softness, no mercy, no change, no change at all. So So Makossa Globacom member Daedalic no humility, no fear, no submissiveness.

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Do things soften our hearts. First of all, looking at the ayat, Kony, what are I at Coney the signs in the creation that Allah subhanaw taala has placed the way the clouds formed the way the rain falls, for example, thunder, that's I akoni. I mean, you hear thunder and all of a sudden you realize the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. You think about your sins and you think about death and you think about changing yourself to think about stopping the wrong that you're doing. I had County, the signs in the creation.

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Whatever person reflects, and he sees the ad Kony that keeps his heart soft. What does it do? It keeps the heart of a person soft or it softens the heart of a person. That's something that should happen. The second thing that helps in keeping the heart soft, or in making the heart soft is reflecting on at shutter. The verses that Allah soprano data has revealed. We learned in the Quran when they hear what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed that our you know whom the field will mean a demery you see their eyes overflowing with tears. Crying is a sign of what softness of the heart, do things keep the heart soft and they soften the heart what reflection on Iron gonee and reflection

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recitation of I add sugary but if a person does not get affected by them, then there is nothing at all that can affect him. If a person does not get affected by at Coney by a charity, then that's it, nothing at all can affect him. But he is thrilled so far had the scene I at Coney many. I had surgery of course they were given the total but when they did not bring about a change in themselves, then what happened their hearts became extremely hard. Some opposite Globacom member the VALIC then your hearts became hard after that. How hard did they become? Allah says for here so it here refers to the Kullu he has the feminine have who are so your hearts they became Cal Hijra like

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the rocks. Elijah is a plural of hedger and hedger is a rock you may have heard of the term alhaja a sweat? Are you familiar with that? Hedgehog is with the black stone? What is the black stone? Where is it? in Makkah, where in particular? On the Kaaba, anything special about the black stone? It was sent down from heaven. What are we supposed to do? Yes, we're supposed to kiss it or touch it. Isn't it amazing? No other rock has that value. But hedges is what has the value and you know has your password on the Day of Judgment. It's going to testify in the favor of those people who have guessed it, who have touched it, who have followed this another prophet Sallallahu sallam. So anyway for

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your call hijra, so your hearts have become so hard that they are like rocks. They're similar to rocks in hardness. Allah says Oh, or a shadow Casa even more intense in hardness. I should do this is from Sinead Chien dial dial What does she need me extremely intense, you know, shut the what is shut down the W sign that you see on a letter in Arabic. And when you see that sign on a letter What are you supposed to do on that letter, shed the emphasize the sound. For example, if a bear does not have that, you will just read it as but, but if it has a shudder, you will read it as the bird you're going to intensify the sound. So this is what you need is a shed the password more intense in

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hardness. So your hearts have become like rocks in their hardness or no even more than rocks in hardness. Iron is it hard? Yes. But if you put iron in fire, Will it melt? Yes. Rocks. are they hard? Yes. But if you put rocks in fire, will they melt? No. They will become black. They will become extremely hot. But they will not melt. They will not change. No matter what Iraq is exposed to. It will not melt. It will break okay. But it will not melt. It will not change its form. You can crush it. You can crack it, but its impact

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possible do melt it. This is why Allah says that for Hegel, hey Gerety oh a shad, dukkha, Sua or even more intense in their hardness. And if you think about it, such is a state of those hearts that are not affected by the Quran. No matter what they experienced in life, no matter what they see, they don't soften up. They don't change. A person may be crying before them, begging them for mercy. There could be a person who is hungry before them a person who is destitute who needs their help, but still, they will be oppressive against them. There will be a child who is hungry, a child whose parents have been killed, but such people will have no mercy on them. There will be people who have

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been evicted out of their homes, but such hearts would have no mercy on them. There will be people who have no fresh water, no access to health care even no gasoline, no basic needs being fulfilled. But yet such hearts will have no mercy on them. Women are being killed, men are being killed, children are being slaughtered, buildings are being bombarded but their hearts will not soften. And this is a fact that Allah subhanaw taala says vehicle hijama at a shadow crosswalk or even more hard, more tough than rocks in hardness. Rocks, they are very hard but eventually they break eventually a time comes when they will crush or when you know some goodness will come out of them

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for example diamonds there are extremely hard but aren't they a source of beauty? Can you not make a lot of money through diamonds? Yes, but hard hearts are their source of any good at all. No way. Allah subhanaw taala says we're in nominal hija ality and indeed from the rocks indeed from the rocks are those that lemma surely that which yet the federal Roman hole and how rivers gush forth from them. There are some rocks okay, they don't melt but what happens they break and rivers a lot of water gushes out from them gushes out through them. Yet the Fed journalism the route letters Fer de la, what does Fajr mean? Don and I told you earlier crack of dawn when something splits breaks at

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a large scale. So yet the fedora the fedora, the Fedora is when something breaks at a large scale and when it's used for water, when because of water, something is broken up and a lot of water is erupting, a gushing forth. So there are some rocks which are yes, very tough, but at least they have some good in them that if there's water coming through what will happen to those rocks, they will break apart. They will not stand firm, solid unaffected know the force of water will break them and as they break, water is gushing forth through them gushing gushing, yet the front gentlemen will inhale. And notice Allah subhanaw taala does not just say water over here, what's the word that has

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been used? And how and how is the plural off? No. And what are rivers? A lot of water coming through? So imagine these rocks, they don't stand firm against the river against the river water and this river water who benefits from it? People, animals, birds people irrigate their fields. They do so many things with that water. Yes, they are rocks but the sun good come out of them are their source of good for mankind. Yes, they are. But a person whose heart becomes hard. They produce nothing good. They are worse than solid rock. Then Allah says we're in them in her and indeed from it meaning some rocks are such that lemme Yasha Kaku that split asunder Yasha Kaku sheen, cough,

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cough shock. What does shock mean? When something solid when something hard, when something very tough, it cracks open, it breaks open it splits asunder. So there are some rocks that is shokaku the split asunder and as a result what happens fail reducer it comes out how Rajiv men who from that breakage from the crack what comes out Alma water, power, these type of rocks different from the first day, the first day, they just break apart, they're massive and they break apart and rivers are gushing forth. The second category is of such rocks with just break a little. And as a result, a little water comes out, for example, in the form of springs. Remember when Musar is Salam, he struck

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the rock with his stick and as a result what happened 12 Springs came forth. Is the water coming out with a lot of force? No, the water is just coming out not with a lot of force. So this is why Allah says fire. What do you mean when Matt compare these to one type of rock they break? A lot of waters gushing forth. Another type that just

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read a little bit of water comes out is there a difference? Yes, one from it a lot of water is coming and the other a little bit of water is coming. But at least what is common? There is some water coming there is something good coming from them. They are beneficial some a lot and some very little.

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Another type of rocks Allah says we're in them in her and indeed from it meaning from the rocks. Llama surely that which yeah beautiful it falls down Mihashi Attila from the fear of Allah. Yeah, beautiful hair ba ba who bought and who bought is to fall down from above. So there are some rocks which fall down. Why do they fall down, mean, Hachette Illa out of the fear of Allah? What is cashier cashier? Her sheen? Yeah, it is fear. But what kind of fear is it? It is such fear that is due to knowing the greatness of the other. You realize how great Allah is and as a result you are afraid. So you can say it is like ah being in awe of someone. And it is such fear that is based on

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knowledge because Allah says in Nehemiah Shalom and everybody Runa it is the knowledgeable ones from His servants who fear Allah, these rocks they fall down from the fear of Allah. What does it mean? Yes, this happens that out of the fear of Allah rocks will fall down. Allah says for example, in sutra, how should i a 21 that low and Zelner Heather Khurana Allah jobelan La ADA hoo ha, Sharon Mutasa, Darren min Cushie Attila that if Allah had sent down this Quran on a mountain, on a rocky mountain, what would happen to that mountain? You would see it humbled harsher on with the foot there are breaking apart. Why? Out of the fear of Allah. Similarly, we learned in sort of paragraph

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143 That mozarella Sinha when he spoke to Allah, He requested that Oh Allah, I'll be areni under the lake Oh my Lord, show me yourself. I want to see you will start is that I wanted to see Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala said Linda Ronnie, you will never be able to see me when I convert owns or illegible. Look at the mountain. Allah subhanaw taala he shown some of his light onto the mountain, Allah said only eligible for in is the Cobra Makino for solfatara Annie if the mountain can stand there, while Allah subhanaw taala is light is being cast upon it, then okay if the mountain can bear it, you will be able to bear to see me but the mountain would happen to it,

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that it generally who the CAIR Allah subhanaw taala turned it into powder into crumble. So there are many verses in the Quran as I just showed you two verses in particular, that showed us that rocks mountains even have fear of Allah subhanaw taala. Apparently we say that these rocks are falling down because of the melting glacier or because of the landsliding or because of whatever reason, but of the reasons is what that they fall down out of the fear of Allah. Allah tells them fall down, and no matter how tough how huge, how solid they are, what will they do, they will fall down, they will follow the Command of Allah. That huge rock will not just stand there saying no, I'm a rock I can

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stay here. No, Allah commands it fall down and out of the fear of Allah. It falls down. Allah says, Who am Allah who believe in Him and Allah is not at all unaware. I'm Martha, I'm alone, about what you do. Luffy lawfulness from line five Alang, La Fleur and what is off law negligence, heedlessness unawareness when a person does not pay attention. So never think that Allah is unaware of what you do that I'm alone. I'm aligned mainland. No, Allah is fully aware of everything you do.

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What do we see in this verse? We see that Allah subhanaw taala is describing the hardness of the hearts of who of the Bani Israel and Allah subhanaw taala compares their hardness with the hardness of the rocks. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentions three types of rocks that despite the fact that they're very hard, there are some who break and rivers gush forth there are some that crack and a little bit of water comes out. And there are some that fall down from the fear of Allah. But what do we see that hearts that have become hard? They are worse than rocks because rocks, they fall down. They humble themselves. They obey Allah despite their toughness, something good at least comes out

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of them despite their hardness but a heart that has become hard. It is much worse than that. Allah says he is not unaware of what you do, meaning anything that you do, Allah is fully aware of it, and he will ask you about it. Because whenever

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Since heart becomes very hard, he goes on oppressing other people. He goes on mocking at the commands of Allah, he goes on distorting the religion of Allah. Allah says he's not unaware of your activities. Don't think you will not be questioned, you will be questioned. What do we learn in this verse? First of all, we learn about the blameworthiness of the one whose heart has become hard, despite having seen so many I had, despite having read so many verses, when we see the eye when we learn the verses, what should happen to us, our hearts must humble before Allah subhanaw taala. And what does it mean by the humbling of the heart that a person's heart is full of gratitude is full of

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fear, humility, submissiveness, that when a person sees when a person learns, he does what is required, that knowledge is translated into action, that realisation motivates a person to do something, when if a person is not grateful, if a person does not obey Allah, then what will happen his heart will become hard. This is just like, if you have a plant, and on the soil, you pour water,

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if you pour water, what should happen, the water should be absorbed by the soil why? So that the plant may grow. But if the water is not absorbed, then what's going to happen? Fungus is going to grow on the top, the water is eventually going to dry up, and eventually the plant is going to die. Similarly, when we learn about something, when we get impressed by something, there should be a change. If we don't change, then what's going to happen, our state is going to become much worse. Knowledge must turn into action. realisation must lead you to doing something, what do we do generally, we cry at that time, and then we forget. Or we say, Oh, wow, that was so amazing. And

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then we move on.

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That Wow, so amazing, should make you do something that fear should make you do something. And if we're not bringing about a change in our actions, then we should worry because this is the cause of hardness of the hearts. Allah subhanaw taala told us intellectual hadith is number 16 that Allah Mia Nila Lavina Amma no and tashera Kulu Boom linic Rila. Woman as Telemental Health has the time not come for those people who believe that their hearts should humble for the Dhikr of Allah and what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed of the truth, meaning that they should do something when Iacono can Medina Otaki tournament Kabul fatale la he will Ahmed focus at Google Home. And they should not

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become like those people who were given the book before. But a long time passed by and then their hearts became hard. What does it mean by this that a long time passed by a long time came between knowledge and action? If you delay, if you defer, if you procrastinate, then it's going to harden the heart. So what do we learn? When we know something? When we find out about something, when we feel something, then do something? Don't just sit there. Don't just dream and imagine and think no, do something. There should be action. If there's no action, it's going to lead to the hardness of the heart. Then we also learn in this verse that rocks, what are they? How do we look at hearts,

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inanimate things? creatures that have no life? No feeling? No nothing. You can abuse them, you can throw them you can do whatever you want, because they don't feed anything. If you hit it, it's not gonna scream. If you break it, it's not gonna cry. No, nothing's gonna happen to it. But what do we learn from this verse? That rocks also have fear of Allah. Everything that Allah has created, whether it is animate or inanimate, living or nonliving, intelligent or unintelligent, with reason or without reason has the ability to recognize its creator, has love of Allah has fear of Allah by nature. Yes, human beings are those who, as they grow older, they distance themselves from Allah,

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they disobey Allah. But by nature, every creature has been made such that it knows Allah, it has love of Allah, it has fear of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says you serve behind Allah He manifests in my word, you will level up everything that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah will Eman che in Illa u sub bit here behind the UL Akela the owner this behind every single thing in the creation, what does it do? It glorifies Allah but you do not understand how they do it. So rocks even have fear of Allah. Now telling me something is that rock is humbled before Allah. If that rock obeys Allah and if we don't who is worse, when we have been given more knowledge, more ability, more

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Standing. But still, if we don't humble ourselves before Allah, then truly our state is worse than that of rocks. A loss of personal data describes those people in the Quran who go astray from the right way who disobey Allah who do go for that such people are worse than grazing livestock animals even by whom Allah they are worse than an arm. Why? Because the cattle grazing livestock, at least they obey their master, at least they respond to the call of the master. But if a human being does not respond to Allah, then in reality, he is worse than animals.

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So we should check ourselves, we should reflect on ourselves. Whenever you go out to, for example, a park and you see all these beautiful trees, and you see the water and you see the clouds and you see everything. Think about it. Everything is obedient to Allah. What about me? What do I do? Then we also learn this verse about the vastness of the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala the vastness of the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah says he is not unaware of what you do, meaning any action you do, Allah knows about it fully. Why, because of the perfection of his knowledge, because of the vastness of his knowledge. And because of the fact that Allah has encompassed all of us

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completely. Then we also learn in this verse that the hardness of the heart is a reality, meaning people do suffer from this problem. Have you ever experienced it that perhaps you see someone in pain and you don't feel anything for them? Someone is begging before you like yeah, I don't care. If for example, your mom is telling you wake up, wake up, and you're like, you just put your blanket on your head and you turn away as if she's not there. This is hardness of the heart, that somebody's calling a scum column already. And we're taking our time as if it doesn't matter, they're waiting, their time is getting wasted. They're standing outside. This is hardest of the heart. Food is

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brought before us and we don't eat it and we just toss it into the garbage, overlooking the effort that other people have put in, in purchasing that food and making the money first to purchase that food and bring that food in preparing that food and serving you that food. And if you just toss it in the garbage isn't that very hard of your heart? It's very hard. What's the solution to that? Because as human beings, we do become desensitized. Unfortunately, when we are surrounded by so many blessings, and it happens that we do something wrong, but nothing affects us. You know, there's no harm that we suffer. We think it's okay to do such things. So what's the solution? That for example,

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we hear the Quran we're not affected. We know that yes, we're supposed to pray, but we don't bother praying. What is the solution to the hardness of the heart? Anything you can think of? Knowledge? Because sometimes hardness of the heart is due to lack of knowledge or due to knowing something but you've almost forgotten it's not fresh in your mind and as soon as it becomes fresh be like oh my god, what am I doing? What am I thinking? For example, since childhood all of us know we're supposed to pray salah, but why is it that there are times when we're supposed to pray, but we're become lazy and we say, oh, never mind. Oh, it's okay. We forget. What's the reason the heart has become hard.

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So what's the solution? Knowledge? Learn about the importance of Salah, learn about the sin the crime of neglecting salah. We learned for example earlier that IBLEES refused one search and look at his consequence if we refuse many, many search doesn't what do we expect of ourselves. So knowledge softens your heart. What else opens your heart recitation of the Quran, reading of the Quran learning the Quran. This also softens the heart of a person reflecting on ayat Kony reflecting on the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. This also softens the heart of a person, knowledge, the ayat

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making dua that ya allah soften my heart, keep my heart soft. Repentance. For example, if a person does something wrong, seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala, remembering the hereafter remembering death, because death is the destroyer of all pleasures, if you remember your death, if you remember your grave.

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If you remember, if you think about the angels are going to come and question you. If you think about the time when you will be put under the earth, and everyone will walk away and you're alone. If you think about the time, if you imagine yourself over there, it will definitely soften your heart. What else can soften the heart of a person increasing in arriba worshipping Allah subhanaw taala.

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Surrounding yourself with good people. And also one more thing that softens the heart of a person is looking at and caring for the unfortunate ones. If you hear about a very sad story about for example, a woman whose children are extremely ill extremely sick and how they're struggling every single day of their lives, then that will soften your heart that

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will bring tears to your heart that will shake your heart, counting your blessings. If you look at a child who is an orphan that will soften your heart, by seeing your hand over an orphans head that will soften your heart, helping out people who have been affected by some natural disaster that will soften your heart. Unfortunately, we live in a place where we don't see poverty. I mean, yes, even people who are poor who are suffering from poverty, still, we don't see them as destitute as weak compared to people who are weak and poor in other countries. So it's important that whenever we, for example, go back home, go to a third world country anywhere, what should we do take time out to go

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visit such places. I remember when I went back to Pakistan, I'm originally from Pakistan. When we went there, after a long time, there had been a natural disaster over there, a lot of people were living in camps, I really encouraged my husband to go and see because he's never been to such places. And he's never seen such people. So I really encouraged him to go and see and help out over there. And he went, and he saw children who were you know, handicapped, and that didn't have wheelchairs for them. Instead, those children were we brought in wheelbarrows. Just imagine in a wheelbarrow, extremely cold winter, people don't have warm clothes to wear, they have no socks,

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their feet are bare, their heads are bare, their hands are bare, they barely have any clothes on their bodies, they have no food to eat, even the little that you give them. They're so grateful. So when he came back, he was a different person. It's important that we reach out to these people, because this will soften our heart. This will make us more grateful, more careful. Otherwise, we will buy something so expensive. We don't like it or get rid of it. waste our money here there. And we don't care about other people. We don't care about the actions that we're doing. So one of the things that softens our hearts is caring for who the unfortunate people that will soften our hearts.

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And it's important that we continuously do these things. Because our hearts they become hard. When we ignore the constant request of someone that is what the hardness of the heart when we hear verses of the Quran and it says Oh, nothing as affected as that is ordinance of the heart. So we do experience it every now and then this is why it's necessary that we do all of these things. Let's listen to the recitation and continue don't

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