Adnan Rajeh – Surah Summaries Surat Al-Muzzamil (73)

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of culture and practice Islam is discussed, along with the need for individuals to have a certain level of ethics and control behavior. The church's actions are also emphasized, including praying and following strict guidelines. The importance of praying in a humility and focused way to stay in comfort and avoid negative behavior is emphasized, along with the need for consistency in behavior and a positive attitude to achieve goals. The speakers stress the importance of not being harmed by others during a situation and show actual behavior.
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La masala Selim Mubarak Al and maybe you know Muhammad, you know Allah early he was like me he urged me no but

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you continue in sha Allah with our Surah summary series and today we will talk about Swati Muslim mill.

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And as a quick revision, just a test I will show on the 29th, which is also a cluster of sewers in the Quran from milk, milk to animal salad. And these students talk about aspects of the Dawa, we talked about the very good and very, very precise and explaining to us how that was going to be performed. The first four talk about the necessities what what do you need as a as a person who hopes in sha Allah to spread the message of Allah Subhan them via die? Yeah, you need a number of

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elements, you need knowledge and you need ethics, you need a connection to Allah subhanaw taala. And you need a certain code of conduct, which is what the molecule column will happen in marriage cover. And so no one talks about an example of how that work can be done perfectly. But still, it doesn't. It doesn't. People still don't listen, they don't follow and that will happen. Meaning you're not always gonna get in Nicoletta handyman. You don't only get, you don't always get who you're looking to get, and you try your best and sometimes those who you think should respond don't. So it'll Jen yesterday was an example of when dabba works, even though the person who's performing it wasn't even

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sure that he was performing it, when you just performed well with your ethics when you just be a good person, when you just figured out what the values are. And you and you and you adhere to these values. And that will, you know, bring people to Islam much more powerfully than than a million of these halacha the lectures and talks and all that stuff. And I hope you believe that really, what we do is Yanni as speakers is very very overrated. Extremely overrated the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Yeah, and he would would speak very, very, very few words and very sporadic ways and he he didn't do the number of doodles that we do now in terms of frequency because there was no need I think I saw

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two strands ethics were carried the Dean if you just watched the way he lived, you saw him Alia Salah to them and the way he was carrying himself in life was was much stronger, much more powerful than in all the lectures and all the buzz in the world. And today, we're gonna talk about something resemble a certain resemblance written with death or very similar. I'll talk one today and one tomorrow. And they focus on on two aspects of the of Dawa that are extremely important that is Muslim man talks about what you need in order for you to be to be able to actually do this what fuel you require, and certainly does says how you're going to carry yourself in front of people just to

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kind of emphasize the Constitution didn't so it'll just existed that way you didn't tell us what how you're supposed to carry yourself speaking with destiny will so it was a mill however, he will tell us what what fuel it is that you need.

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Imagine trying to carrying Islam if you're if you start young and you're gonna live 70 years carrying the deen and performing Dawa? How do you ensure that you have the ability to hold on to it and actually get the job done and not give up and not on either fall short of your goal or not give me it or not find that the obstacles and the hurdles along along the way are too difficult for you to overcome? How do you ensure that how do you make sure that happens? So the Muslim will gives you tells us how that's going that's going to occur? It is one of the earliest sources revealed to the Prophet it has a lot to say and both both in wisdom and with death there are and when I say earliest

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I'm talking number 2341 of those. The sequence isn't fully clear to us but it's as if they're extremely early on. In the Prophet it is someone who has been called upon within the show it's called the the present mill by

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by name he was never called upon again. But it refers to the time he came running down the mountain it was thought to sit down when he said it's me Looney, the theater when he those are two words he used meaning Cover me, you know, blankets, me. And the difference between dissemble and there's a mole, meaning you're wearing something that is touching your skin is very close to you to the stillness what you did tell us what you were on top of it. And it's very, it's very revealing to what the suit I was going to talk about because it was a man is going to talk about something very personal for you. In order for you in Charlotte to be a good guy. You need a few things to work out

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for you on a personal level. And then in Modesto has got How are you going to carry yourself what people are going to see of you in terms of your behaviors, and it's a perfect name, the namings are perfect and the concepts are extremely revealing. So he called he's called the muscles on Eliza Lam. Yeah, you will Muzammil and then immediately the commands begin and we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna follow along eight separate commands that He's given us some Allah Hi Salam in the Surah that all explained the that together and total will explain what I just brought up which is what you what we need the fuel that we need in order for us to actually be able to do this to carry the deen and

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have it as a long lifelong mission for ourselves. The first one which is the easiest and the most obvious call subhanaw taala for me, Leila

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kalila your spa who are women postman who kalila LZ dolly

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I pray during the night,

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which is what we'll be doing in Sharla, another half hour or so.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam early on, this was an obligatory action. It was mandatory for him obviously what was the must continue to be mandatory. Some scholars say it can continue to be mandatory until the first year of Hijra. Some say you continue to mandatory for him it is not just until the day he died. meaning for us it was optional for him. It was a different story, some advice and then we had certain things were expected from my audio so it was a bit higher.

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He was told initially to actually pray the full night when we Leila Illa except a little bit, just a little bit enough for you to maybe sleep, you swallow or maybe half of it, oh, enforcement from Kalida, or maybe a little bit less than half OCD. I lay here, a little bit more than half something like that. He was given the command Alia salatu salam to pray during the nights between any five to eight hours every night. And this was his lifestyle said Allah hottie.

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Unlike what we do, he was going five to eight hours SallAllahu Sallam every single night. So when Ramadan came when were the the concept of piano, les was even more powerful, he wouldn't increase that. So we would pray up to nine and 10 hours and I was salam. So please don't complain about the hour and a half that we're doing here.

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It's an hour and a half. He was doing eight, nine hours. So Allah He said every night.

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So the first one was family. And the reason that we do this throughout Ramadan, one of the reasons is that in sha Allah if you if we adhere to it properly, and you do it every night, hopefully after Ramadan, you can continue this beautiful habit. Hopefully this action this this act of worship of pm is something you can carry with you after Ramadan, maybe not every night, obviously not in the same length not only do doing an hour and a half, but maybe to like go out and eat maybe maybe to like our every every two nights something that just continues with you in terms of this in terms of this habit. And I'll explain to you why in a moment because the sooner points outline. So that's the

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first command let me lay in LA Kalina and the values lottosend was given, obviously, a much heavier command and heavier burden in terms of how to do it. Number one, what number two, sorry, what did you tell Tila, second was recite the Quran, make sure that you're reciting that you're doing a parallel and that you're reciting the Quran at 13 means when you read it, and you're reading it in a way where you are understanding it and you're taking time to comprehend it. That's what delta t means you're taking, you're taking it slow, you're reading it in a way where that where you're actually able to absorb the meanings that exist within the verses that you're reciting. And that's

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obviously what we what we do maybe for tarawih is a bit a little bit quicker because of the hope that we finished the whole Quran within the month and we don't keep you here for too long. But at the end when it comes to pm when you're hoping to actually perform pm on your life, what I do.

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Every citation of the Quran in general is the is the second command he was given us Allah he's like Mr. Lim

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right after that in the suit on, he says subhanho wa Taala in Snoopy I Laker Poland sup isla? Indeed we're going to put upon you are going to have you carry a very heavy a heavy burden Poland tequila word a message that is heavy that is difficult to carry.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was told up front that you're going to carry something very heavy, it's not gonna be easy. It's not simple. It's not a lightweight, it's a heavyweight, and this weight in order for you to carry it. These are the commands you have to adhere to. That's what certain was a mill does certain was Emma tells you the commands the Prophet alayhi salatu salam needed to follow in order for him to actually be able to endure and polish the field that he carried all throughout his life and Allah hottie was like New Salem, and you and I are extremely. The same applies to all of us. If you hope and sha Allah throughout your life, to be able to carry the word of Allah

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subhanaw taala. carry this message and live with it and spread it and continue with your life throughout it. It's a heavy one, it's not no one saying that this is going to be light. No one's i No one will tell you it's going to be an easy it is not it's not going to be a piece of cake. It's not a walk in the park, there's going to be hurdles and obstacles and difficulties, you're going to be disappointed. You're going to fail numerous times, you're going to hear people say things to you and break you down and, and, and hold you back and that's how it is. Getting into this you have to understand the moment you carry the word of Allah subhanaw taala start marching forward with the

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dollar with taking it to others with trying to serve others and serve the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know that it's going to be a bumpy ride. It is not easy. And there's so many moments and points throughout that throughout your journey that you're gonna feel that you want to give up. Where you're gonna feel like I know what I'm done. I've tried my best I gave it everything I can. I'm gonna throw the towel close to someone else deal with this. I'm just gonna sit home and I can just do my parents at home and take care of my family. I don't need to continue to be a part of this. I can't tell you how many times I came close to doing that. I come close to it every day. Were

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like you know what I don't why am I and then you remind yourself of course you need to

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This is your obligation. This is what this is what it means to carry you to carry the load after the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam to continue to be in this one, it means that you're going to walk down this path and it's going to be difficult, but how do you make sure that you're able to do it? That's what certain wisdom and teaches meaning and hope, I hope you what I'm saying is coming full circle for you, as you hear it. That being said, meaning what he said Amin Leila Illa. polyurea, wasn't an aspect of of worship that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked to do, because Allah subhanaw taala just wanted him to do it for his own sake, no, he's asked to do it what Allah has

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sent him because that's what's going to allow him to continue to carry this message moving forward, meaning the the act of prayer is for us. It's there to serve us we need it is not an extra burden upon us. A lot of the ethics and the in the behaviors within Islam can be difficult to adhere to. And it can be difficult to stick to all your life, they can be a certain burden upon you not doing this and not saying that not I can like this, it can be a burden, but Salah in his definition is Tirthan was him and the way that it was designed to begin with, it wasn't designed as an extra burden as another one, here's another here's another difficulty for you to deal with. No Salah was

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designed as fuel as a way for you to be able to continue doing this in your life. In order for you to actually be able to carry the load, here's salah, here's something that will strengthen you. Here's something that will grant you the serenity, and the closeness and the calmness and the Sakina that you require in your life in order to be currency continue continue to be a good Muslim. And what's very sad for all of us is that's not how we see it.

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That's just the sad part of the story. That's just not how we see a Salah Salah is just an extra burden for all of us. Just actually adhering to it five times a day is tiring. And then Ramadan comes in as another couple of hours overnight. So it's just something extra that we have to do that we would rather not do. When if you listen to him out of twister and that wasn't his narrative, was it? We know that's not his narrative. We know that. You know, he will tell you okay, we'll make it and that is fine. Let us let us enjoy that. Let us calm down for a few minutes. Let us actually refuel as recharged for a few seconds. Let's find something that for us to take a moment for

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ourselves. That's what it meant to pray. Take a moment for you. This is your moment. This is your time this is your protected time so that you can focus you can center yourself so you can take a moment and regenerate

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it's not an extra burden. It's not it shouldn't it shouldn't be seen as such.

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Even though it is

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and that's why he was told so nice that I'm at the beginning of the tsunami Lane pray the whole night. The more you pray, the more you charge.

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It's not the more you pray the more you spend of yourself. No no no, no, no. This is your strengthening you why in Malacca Finn, hurry saba taweelah You have a lot of work to do during the day. It's a long day. There's a lot that needs to be done. You need to make sure you're prepared to do it all. How are you going to do that you're going to you're going to spend a lot of time you're going to make sure that relationship that you have with Allah subhanaw taala is optimized is at its best, so that you can continue to do this. And that's what that's what Salah means. And that's how it was presented to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam early on to come with them the second third

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Surah fourth tops, the early early revelations, and he continued to practice incentivizing them all throughout his life. So it's number one from Allah Allah Kalia number two, what activity Quran attom Tina. After that we'll have charisma or bigger

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invocation, you're going to find that all of the commands that follow are commands that exists within prayer. When you perform salah, you're going to want to do Khurana 30 You're going to read the Quran. Number three, you're going to do the smarter bigger going to be continuously reminding yourself indicating the Name of your Lord. By doing the speed and different forms of hanging up get I'll name was a panel of the Allah Allah. This is this is there for you. When you say when we say this, we're saying this for us. It doesn't make Allah subhanaw taala any more powerful. It doesn't give him any more sovereign sovereignty subhanaw taala over anything, it's just a reminder for

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ourselves, the closer your heart is to comprehending Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, what have been our look at him and all the implications that you have,

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the closer you are to actually being able to practice Islam to the full to the full extent of what that means. Number four, whatever delay he Tiburtina the better this device sincerity is to put yourself in a position where you are, where you're in full humility in front of your Lord SubhanAllah. Without it all this is in prayer. When you when you look at the concept of Tibetan that's what you do when you make sujood when you put your head the most highly regarded part of your body on the ground. You don't do that for anyone else. This is only something that you would do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala no one on earth could command you to perform su to them and then

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you would adhere it but you know what, but Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the act the concept of sincerity that exists in Tibetan, and that's why Batool is someone who has and you who offer

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words themselves to no one but tool is someone who offers themselves to nobody. They are completely sincere which is why Maria Medina stone was called did but do it because she offered yourself to know and whatever it felt really heated the Tina make sure you're extremely sincere. Make sure that you know that you offer yourself to no one but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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number five, Will Smith Isla Maria Kowloon and then show a perseverance for what people will say as you walk down this road.

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That's what sort of offers when when you do it, right, it offers you that ability to persevere, to withstand everything that is happening around you everything that is being said about your say or said to you all of the doubts and all of the push backs and all of the words of discouragement that you're going to go through all throughout your life as you carry the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to require you to persevere number five, number six, well, Joe rowhome had urine Jamila Waddell me well as dB in an odd number.

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This is all one command. ILLEGIBLE Jimmy, like a Sobral. Jimmy, like many aspects in the dean, that we have to do with Jamal with beauty is to leave those who are leading you astray. Those who are pulling you in the opposite direction. When you walk away from them, you walk away with from them in a in a way and the nature of it has to be a beauty.

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Just like a Mullah hit, it's getting a bit loud. I can barely hear myself speak.

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Well, I'd love to maybe bring it down just a little bit. That's

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where your home has euro and Jamila, this is your fight. Follow the word Jamila and the Quran if you want, just follow it out of out of

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curiosity, understand it. When it comes to follow up on Saturday, Hoonah Salah Han Jamila, if you're going to divorce, you're going to do it with beauty. That's the word Jimmy means beauty. You're going to do it in a beautiful way. It's going to happen in a way where there's no cursing, there's no backstabbing, there's no gossip, there's no animosity, there's no mistreatment. Well, you're home, how do you learn Jamila? When you walk away from those who discourage you from being a good Muslim, those will hold you back. Those will make who those who put obstacles in your way, as you're trying to be the best person you can be. As you're trying to carry the data of Allah you will, you

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will easily recognize these individuals. As you go through you'll find those who are pushing you forward allowing you to be better, and those who are holding you back making it more difficult. Those who do that job at home, had you run Jamila do it in a way that is beautiful. Meaning do it in a way where you keep the doors open, don't burn bridges with others. But don't allow others to hold you back. Don't allow others to affect you in a way that ruins what you're trying to do with your life as you're trying to walk the path of Allah subhanaw taala it's going to come it's coming your way whether you like it or not, doesn't matter what age you are, as you walk the path of Allah,

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they're going to be people who help you and there's going to be people who don't neutral individuals are fine but the ones who actually hold you back who continuously remind you of doing things that you know are wrong, continuously throw Shewhart in your mind or or cause the or, or basically just cause you not to do something good that you wanted to do in the first place by a reminder of being lazy or not. Well, Joe rowhome agilan Jamila, leave just step away from them just step away from them. And if you do that you will find you'll find what you're looking for within this life.

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The Surah continues after giving these give you these commands and it says in the middle of it in Al sellin illegal calm. Rasool Anisha hidden alikoum comm or sell in your own

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file so if you don't know Vasu and the example in certain was Emma was given a seed there Musa Ali salaam with Quran no other prophet was talked about in certain Muslim there's only a page and a half. We just brought it up for a second there. And the way it was brought up is that he was well he sang some high notes out of that yellow suit Allah we sent you as a shahid now if you study Arabic language and you study poetry, I share the word Shahid is always an example. That's how they use it. This is the this is the linguistic Grammarly law, and we need it we need an example to say that this law is proper. They say the word shed here's the example.

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The Prophet Alia Sado says being told you're an example. Just like we sent to move around, Musa as an example, you're also an example. Meaning you have to live a life that is that people are able to follow people are able to be similar to and that's why this whole sort of exists, how are you going to do that? How are you going to hold your your code of conduct? How are you going to hold that those ethics together for the entirety of your life? Or you're not going to slip at some point? Or you're not going to you know, maybe, and everyone does, but the problem is larger Sarah is being told you have to be sure hid

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ourselves in a cobra stool and share hidden Alikum meaning what does it mean? It means your meal piano when you and I come and we didn't do our job properly. And we say to Allah subhanaw taala by the way, it was impossible. We read your Quran impossible it no way anyone could do what's in your book is impossible. subhanaw taala points to the Prophet, adios. Salatu was Salam. Now he did it. Here's the

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sample of someone who did it. So if he could do it as salatu salam, then you have no excuse. And that's the concept of the shahada in the context that I'm explaining it to you. The prophet Ali Asad Joseph. That's why we call a martyr shahid. Because it's the same thing. Those are the people who are able to actually give up their lives, which is almost an impossible thought because it goes against every instinct inside of you to give up your life for anything. But there are examples of it's possible when needed and the proper audience like to Samson example, an example that it is possible to follow this to follow this path to walk this road to adhere to the commands of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala but you can't do it without the right fuel. You can't do it without you can't do it without coming Leila. Illa kalila you can't do it with without what arterial Khurana tell Tila you can do it without with charisma robic. You can't do without whatever 10 elated patina. You can't do it without what's the Buddha Allah Maya Hoon, you can't do it without wash your home Hi John Jamila, without these commands, you can do it, these commands are for you and I there's so we can preserve what we have. So that when we're asked to actually spread the message, we have the the strength and we have the power to actually do it. Because without these out these commands, we can't

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do it, you can't you're gonna burn out. That's why he is first maybe five, six nights of Ramadan masajid are full. I'll show you I'll take a picture on the 13th or 14th night. And I'll show you the numbers how they change because neffs burns out, it burns out. It burns out because it's hard to continue to do this the whole time. But that's the whole point of certain wisdom mill is explaining just how you got it you got you want to continue to adhere then make sure it's pm is a part your Salah, this is for you. It's not a burden upon you. You're not carrying it, this is for you. This is to help you do it. Here's the Quran read it is going to strengthen you don't remember Allah subhanaw

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taala be in a relationship where you continuously invoking him, this is going to strengthen you. Make sure that you have to make sure that you're sure you're you're sincere and your intention of why you're doing it, do not lose track, do not lose focus of why you're doing what you're doing. It's easy. It's easy in life to get as you start out with a very good intention. And then as time progresses, that intention starts to kind of spread out a little bit. And slowly, slowly, you start forgetting why you got into this in the first place. And you find yourself acting in a way you never act like acted like at the beginning. You find yourself thinking in a way you didn't think like at

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the beginning. Because really intentions need to be there. Like you have to screw them down.

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And life will shake really hard and they'll start going loose and you have to kind of do them down again. And if you don't pay attention long enough, it'll go flying. And you'll have no idea why you're doing what you're doing anymore. Whatever delay he took at this for us a suburb, the concept of showing perseverance, and what is your home agilon jameelah actually being able to just step away when when someone is harming you. That's extremely important. Within the Surah subhanaw taala, there's a verse that's extremely, extremely heavy. He says yo la jolla LUFA que takuna in Catholicism, yo May, Allah will will then achieve a summer oomphel Please don't be going nowhere I

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do who my Fula in the heat of Cuba.

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How will you if you don't understand what he's saying, this is as if what he's saying subhanaw taala within the context of these verses, if you're not going to carry this, if you're not going to do what is needed to make sure you adhere to this for the rest of your life and you and you meet Allah subhanaw taala not walking or going to stray from it. How are you going to protect yourself on a day when, when what occurs is so severe is so difficult. It's so horrifying that that a child that a baby will its hair will turn turn white

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will then a Shiva or the fear or the fear of what they see. A lot of times in the Quran subhanaw taala doesn't tell us what they're seeing. He just tells us how they reacted to what they saw and then leaves it to the to the imagination of what they actually saw. It doesn't tell us what actually happened here. Here's what the people who saw it said or did this what they looked like, I don't really learn a shoe but the child will have gray hairs. his head will turn white as summer oomphel played on but this guy cannot carry the load of what happens on that day it will crumble kinda what I do, who am I Oh, Allah indeed, that the promise that he made will come through, he will come

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through with his promise subhanaw taala of that day occurring. Indeed, in the head of eternity law. That's the first page of sort of wisdom and

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if you turn the page of sorts will resemble you'll find a verse that doesn't fit. When you look at it, it looks kind of out of out of place. All the verses of Surah mazembe. They're really short. Just a couple of words. And then you have a verse that's half a page. Definitely this verse was revealed in Medina hands down it was a verse that was revealed many years after the first one was so that first page and certain resemble was revealed maybe second, third, fourth day of his birthday Alia salatu salam, the last verse was revealed at least 15 years later, in Bucha. Yeah, Alamo and Nikita whom were added

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them in through three Layli when you suffer who wants to lose or who will call Eva to Mina Latina MK Allah who you can't do Leila when her ally my island to sue Fatah Alikum Sakura uma Taya Sal Amin Al Quran, I Lima and say a coup looming. Camilla Hollywood I believe when I fill out a lien you have better Hoon and Infeld Lillahi wa Haruna you party to Nafisa de la Falco, uma Taya Silverman. He says subhanaw taala. Indeed, your Lord knows that you haven't been able to keep keep this up all your life, you weren't able to do what we said at the beginning, you're doing a bit less, you're doing it more towards the 30th. And also maybe half in less than maybe a third. And those around you

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who decided to actually take upon themselves the burden of doing it like you weren't able to do it either. And Allah subhanaw taala knows that there's differences of night and day will love to talk to Leila when.

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And then he says to so he knows that it's impossible for you to break it down exactly how much you're going to do every night. But he gives the command Felco O. Murthy, a cell Amin Al Quran. And then he says Allah says Allah said, I know that you're going to some of you are going to be sick. And some of you are going to have jobs and some of you are going to be out in jihad is going to be hard. Felco math. So I'm going to read as much as you can read as much as you can. Why? Because because this is what you need. Because the moment that you stop reading, basically, the nourishment of your soul dries up, and you don't have the ability, you don't have the strength to continue to do

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this later on your burnout, a moment will come enough pressure will be applied upon you and you'll step away and you'll lose what was coming your way in terms of the service of the dean and meeting Allah subhanaw taala spending your life for His sake. If you want to be able to continue to walk the path he walks out of your Salah to sum all your life you need that fuel you need that you need it and it's the Quran is reciting it. That formula, you're gonna recite the Quran, you're going to bake it in bouquet Allah subhanaw taala you're implicating him through words that exist in the Quran. It comes down to the book of Allah it comes down to your ability to continue to read it and never

00:26:57 --> 00:27:30

actually turn your back on it and always keep a certain part a certain amount of your time dedicated for that not because you have to do not because it's a burden, but because you know that you need it. You know that in order for me to do this I need to have the Quran inside of me I have to keep on reading it. There has to be that feeling if you don't feel it right now that's okay. If you're like that's not how you see the Quran, that's fine, but there has to change and hopefully by the end of this month, month you change that and the Quran becomes something that adds to you doesn't substract from you. Then you continue to the under the welcome mo Salah to Jakarta. Why am I to put the movie

00:27:30 --> 00:27:34

on fusi Coleman Hayden did you do who and Allah He who I along with a Java

00:27:36 --> 00:28:09

pray and give you a Zika and everything you add for yourself much of continued emphasis everything you do for your own sake not for anyone else's sake for your own sake you will find Allah subhanaw taala ready to reward you for it time many folds more than what it was ever worth was still a futile Allah and the final command. He was giving us an Elisa limb and make a lot of stuff because it's gonna be hard to follow all these be hearts and make us to follow when you don't actually be able to do that. I hope that was beneficial. So Michael O'Hanlon Shinola to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in early he also had big manga Kamala Phelan Burke Allah Who

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