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The importance of practicing Islam for improving one's eyes and intentions is emphasized, along with the need to examine reasons for doing things for pleasure and profit. The importance of learning and practicing learning in one's life, particularly in regards to religion, is emphasized, along with the importance of being patient with oneself and not giving up on one's desire. The importance of rewarding individuals for their actions and not criticizing others is emphasized, along with the need to practice and learn to impress people with Islam. The importance of good manners and good manners in shaping behavior is emphasized, along with the need to practice and learn to impress people with Islam. The importance of practicing and learning is emphasized, along with the need to avoid losing momentum and not over till one.

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Hello hamdulillah Hello Bill alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Shara film ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even Kathy and Kathy Rama brother, my brothers and sisters, You have been listening to a series of very excellent lectures on the scatto, nafsa tarbiyah to Laplace, by our

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dear brother and teacher and Chef,

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Dr. Muhammad Ali hazaragi. And I hope you benefited from it, frankly, between you and me, we could have ended the class with that. Because what he had to say he said it very

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completely, and concisely and comprehensively. And all that remains is for us to practice.

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At the end of the day, we have to understand and remember that does get enough it's not about lectures. It's not about acquiring information. It's not about acquiring some

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new istilah hat or new terminology.

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It is because that's good enough is that it is about actually practicing it actually cleaning our hearts. Why does care because Saskia is to clean the mirror and the mirror is the heart which reflects the journey of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which reflects the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if the mirror is not clean, then the reflection is no it cannot be clean. The heart sees and like these glasses, if I don't clean the glasses, then my the vision is always always going to be blurred and dirty. Not because there is something wrong with the with the with what I'm looking at. But there's something wrong with what I am looking through what I am looking with, which

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is my glasses and therefore the heart is the eyes of the soul. That's why Allah subhanaw taala said about those who deny him jello, Latimer Apsara when I can Tamil colluvial latifi sudo Angela says, they are not blind because they cannot see they are blind because their hearts are blind. In the in the just. Now the first and foremost

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point of this gear is to purify our intention. Why do I want to learn Islam? Why do I want to come to this class? Why should I? You know, do anything at all?

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And if the answer is that I'm doing it for anything other than the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala then that has to be first cleaned. So the purity of the intention. This is why the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim which is the first Saudis in both of these collections narrated by a worm out of Delano that also was a solemn said in the vignette. Let the word of the deed the benefit of the deed the reward of the deed is based on the intention.

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If the intention is corrupted, if the intention is dirty, if the intention is is,

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is adulterated, then the result of the deed cannot be good, the reward of the deed will not be there because the deed is not being done with your class with sincerity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala only a colossal Nia, the purity of the intention, this is the very first thing that we have to understand in terms of the scatter knifes in terms also of everything in our lives, every action, we must first examine the reason why I'm doing that, if I'm doing it for anything other than the pleasure of Allah is random, there is something wrong with the action. So make very, very sure that the action is being done only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, in that context, or the

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etiquette of learning, people use this term etickets that is not etiquette is the blue. So other or etiquette of learning. Now what is the etiquette of learning? There are four very important things first and foremost is as I mentioned earlier, clarify your near ifla lawsonia. Check the NEA to ensure that it is free from the desire to please anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala and if that desire is there, if there's any desire for name or fame and so on, then immediately makes the far make Toba returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala repent that is the reason why I'm very dogmatic about essentially never take money for to teach Islam because if you are doing if you're taking

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money, then that money always corrupts. Also never seek fame. Right? Don't don't seek to see how many hits you are getting on YouTube or Facebook or whatever get off social media anyway.

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only focus on loss rather

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I think it will hazard macerata lolly, one of the,

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above the Tabby and he said the best person is the one who lived for the sake of Allah who worked for the sake of Allah and who died for the sake of Allah. Nobody knew who he was. Nobody knew where he lived, nobody knew what he did. And nobody knew when he died, meaning that you know, it was not a famous thing. He was not a real famous person. He said, that is the best person in the world, the most fortunate the best person in the world. And believe me, I completely and totally agree with that. fame and and money are, as I said, in the beautiful hobbies, he said money and fame. He said, these are like two wolves in a pan of sheep, they will destroy everything in other places, and

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they're like, they're like fire in a pile of dry wood, that they just certified. They just burn everything off. Fame, and money, the desire for fame and the desire for wealth. These are the two major problems and these are major problems anyway, but in the pursuit of religion, the buzzword of Islam, this is absolute poison, that do everything only for to please Allah subhanaw taala and for the sake of teaching Islam do not take money please find another source of revenue for yourself. Don't charge money to teach Islam do it for free, do it free do it for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. So that's the first thing is the last one. The second one is to focus on

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learning and not anything else. Right? Don't focus on anything else. Don't worry about who's saying what and what nothing. Just focus only and only on learning ask yourself how am I learning am I learning well what is happening what is not happening? Make sure that you are learning for that do whatever it is that you need to do, you know take notes, record, repeat. The best way of learning is to repeat what you have learned is it for example, we learned something, go home and teach it to your own family. Right and then practice it in the night pray before us valterra ask Allah for his

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third one, please understand that this knowledge of the skeleton us is not about words, but about feeling and comes with practice not only with listening, so if you hear now for example, he will say if I if I tell you and I will tell you that inshallah make the hedgehog a Fargo on yourself, ensure that you never ever have a day that you missed 100 no matter what, whether you're traveling or whether you are drove or whatnot. This is this is for the love of others have a hard time you're not talking about the topic of whether the 100 is necessary for somebody who's traveling Of course, it is not necessary, nothing is necessary. three meals, three meals are not necessary to get married is

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not necessary, right? Everything is done but you do it because you love to do it, do it because Allah Allah has made it harder. Whatever is really if you look at it, only the unnecessary things are nice, right? To give your wife a bouquet of flowers is not necessary. But if you give it you wish you will be very happy.

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Right? So better think about that. Do something for love, do something for the love of Allah subhana wa so it is not about

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just simply listening. It's about practice whatever you hear, so I said that you would make fun of yourself, make it further use and now you start praying and prayed with us last prayed with with concentration and then feel the presence of Allah subhanaw taala in your life. And number four, be patient with yourself and make dua for acceptance with Allah subhanho wa Taala and as for yourself is very important. Don't get don't give Don't be in a hurry. Don't let them push you. Right. Don't lose hope. Don't despair. Don't say feel that Oh, but you know, I've been trying to do this for so long and nothing's happening. No. You are getting reward for doing you're getting reward for trying.

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Don't lose that reward by stopping right continue to try No matter how unsuccessful you feel. You say Alhamdulillah my Arab allies the only one who rewards you for effort in this world you get paid for research not for effort. Right imagine a salesman who whose sales figures are pathetic, but he tells his manager oh but you know sir, I walked in the sun all day and see my shirt and noon to sit and it was pouring with sweat. Right now see how much how hard I worked and look at my shoes. There was one out the matter there was no I'm not interested in all this right? How much did you sell? If you did not sell sorry, you're you lose your job or you're not a good salesman. I don't care you sit

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at home and sell I don't care. I'm not saying you necessarily have to walk on the street. If you can sell brand by by just making a phone call No problem, just sell. But if you are not selling, if there are no results, there is no pig. Allah is not like that unless Biden is the only one who rewards you for the effort and does not hold you accountable for the who rewards you for the effort and does not hold you accountable for the result. Allah subhanaw taala who rewards us for the effort? Right hamdulillah we should focus on the under visa for that.

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If I'm praying, I must try my best to make my Salah the most beautiful Salah what is the what is the what is the the the the template? What is the criteria? What is the standard the Salah offers.

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Now you might say well you know that my Salah is never ever going to become the the forget about being equal to the surrounding society, it won't even become, you know, it won't even get close, right? It won't even be it will not even be 1 million to one zilliant of the quality of this era of resources. And so why should I try this shutdown? The shutdown will give you and put this into your heart and put an odd heart into your ears perjeta would whisper in your ear see what is the point the standard is the standard of the Salah of source so how are you ever going to pray like that? There's no point for you to pray No.

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No, Allah rewards forever. So keep that standard be that standard keep on making the effort, right. But make the effort continuously pray, continue to pray pray more, practice more. And ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah Please accept display remember if Allah is accepting the prayer then what is the prayer would being accepted that because I last ran into the acceptance standard is the star of samsara.

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So inshallah when you meet a lot smarter you will find this your your record the Book of Records fall off the handle, which is accepted which is at the highest standard. And you will wonder How on earth did this happen with I never prayed

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so beautifully and I never prayed so well. So how come this thing has come to this level? This is because of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it is very important for us to be patient with ourselves won't happen overnight. Listen carefully, take notes, thank Allah subhanho wa Taala it won't happen overnight, but keep on making the effort.

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Now, let's talk a little more about about Islam. And the opposite of that which is showing off our our Ria. Now in the payment Josie Rama Talalay. He said Islam is the door heed of one's wish and intent. here see the beautiful, beautiful court? He said a class the Dow heat of one's wish or intent. Now what is the way though he is to worship only Allah, though he is to purify our worship from anyone other than Allah. So what is the meaning of Tavi of the intent of the wish or intention, the head of the intention is to purify the vow heed from everyone other than Allah meaning that our intention must be to please Allah subhanho wa Taala alone just as we worship Allah alone, we want to

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please Allah alone. So this lesson Nia is the tower heed of the wish or the will of the intention This is a fable Joseph class he said is that the slaves inward and outward actions are equal. Ria is when the outward appearance is better than the inner self. And truthfulness in one sincerity is when the inner self is better, cultivated, and more flourishing than the outward appearance. Right? So we need to have

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to understand this that congruence we also call this congruence in the language of psychology, which is that the thought the speech and the action must all be the same.

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So pretending or or that's why he will sell the Sahaba even

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criticized or frowned on formality. Right? This would be sincere in everything, no need to be formal. Now in good manners is good manners. But in the name of good, bad or sometimes we are we are overly formal. And that is one form of lying. For example, you are hungry somebody offering you food. It's okay. Please have some knowledge, okay.

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With the Sahaba. If you if they offered you food, you said Well, I'm not hungry, they would take it away. Because you they expect you to speak the truth. Say, here's a meal Would you like to eat? No, I'm not hungry. Okay, no problem. Take it away. They won't force you.

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Because you said you're not hungry. We believe you

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have to live in Missouri, Illinois shared among the he was he was describing the qualities of Sahaba. And one of the qualities he described was that they were never formal. They said it like it was and they took what was said to them as it was said to them.

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Right. So

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it's very important for us to understand this. So the inward and the outward must be the same. And if anything, the inward should be better than the outward.

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That's what we need to focus on. And that will happen only when you are focused on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala because who knows the inward only Allah knows you

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You know and oligos so if you focus on that and you say Allah Subhana Allah knows what's inside me outside world doesn't matter I'm not I don't care about the let them think I'm good or bad makes no difference. What am I inside is my is my inside your Allah knows this, let me focus on that then inshallah the inside become very beautiful and the output also be good but you don't worry about the outward because that is not your concern your concern is the, these the inside. Now some of the Salah have said that the class is that you do not seek a witness over your action other than Allah and nor one who gives reward besides Him. And that's why I said don't take money for teaching the

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take it from Allah subhanho wa Taala make this into a habit of yours to say I will not take anything for anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala for his work, if I am working for Allah, Allah will pay me if I'm working for GDG will pay me if I'm working for Microsoft, Microsoft will pay me i'm not i'm not gonna work for Microsoft and ask money from GE for my salary from GE, because I'm not working for them. I'm not working, I'm working with Microsoft and vice versa. So if I'm working for a large amount of data, why do I look to somebody else to pay me?

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right let me focus on and I always tell people I said if you do not even have that much of the work or Allah to say that I am working for Allah and my room will feed me if I don't even believe that then what right do I have to teach anybody anything?

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Right. So let us let us be very clear about this. focus only on Allah subhanho wa Taala and keep your intention pure. Now, on the other side of this, what is showing off our our our Bria Muhammadan ellaby are they Allah and who said they are also realized or Salam said, the thing that I'm fear. The thing that I fear most for you is minor Schick. They say said Yasser Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah, what is mine ership he isn't showing off for Allah, we'll see on the day when people are rewarded for their actions, go to those

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for whom you were showing off with your deeds in the world and see what reward you find with them.

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And this is in

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Muslim immigrant and this is classified as, say, hey,

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so Ria is to look for praise and look for approval of others, instead of focusing on the approval of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone.

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I've noticed as I understand is the whole issue of how it is to focus only on Allah subhanaw taala in our worship, in seeking help here and we're gonna stay in,

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in reward for our deeds that we do for the sake of Allah, that we don't ask anybody We don't expect from anybody, we don't look towards anybody, Allah subhanaw taala may reward us in this dunya through various means, but that is not what we are focusing on we are saying Allah you reward me and if Allah subhanaw taala chooses to reward you as he has done, there are cases we have been all the stories on the side of a salad, there are cases where people got reward from the right and hamdulillah We are very happy to if I if we get like that, who wants reward from a with a through a means that we can see or we know right. So let me repeat this this Muhammad in Alameda galarneau

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said, that Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Salam said the thing that I fear the most for you is shark huffy shell as soon as saline or six or shall cafe hidden shelf or minor ship. They said Yasser Allah samsara what is binary or hidden ship, he says showing off for Allah subhanho wa Taala will say on the day, when people are rewarded for their actions go to those from whom you were seeking the reward for who you were showing off with your deeds and see what reward you can get from them. And this isn't as hard as Hey, and it is in Muslim.

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It is rewarded from alumina, Vitaly rajala. Know

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that he said that the one who shows off the one who is a real car, who is who is full of Ria, one offshore shows off has three characteristics. He said first is he is lazy when he is by himself. Right? And that's why I emphasize the hedges so much because that is always by yourself. So you're not praying to God in July you're not praying before people. So if you pray to huddle regularly, then inshallah This is the level for you before Allah subhanaw taala to say that you were praying the hedges regularly. So the otherwise the person who is who's full of this person is lazy when he is by himself. He is lively and energetic when he is with others, and he increases his actions when

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he is praised and

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decreases them when he's criticized. So Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala reward said an early retired Allahu with the best in Jan nine give him the company of Rasul Allah is a solemn, what a beautiful,

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beautiful advice This is his three characteristics right? Let us look at ourselves. The point the point of saying this reason for saying all this is not for us to look at others or criticize or criticize others, this is for us to look at ourselves and say, What is it with me? Am I Where do I fit into this? The What is it? First one, a person who is a reoccurred, the person who's who who's acting to show off to others, who is bright, who has Aria, this person is lazy when he is by himself because there's no one to see right. So, when there is no one to see, he is lazy. So, this person is lazy when he is by himself, but in front of other people is very lively and energetic.

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So, this is a very important thing to understand. And the third thing is the lazy by himself and energy before the third thing is he increases his actions when he is praised and decreases the money is criticized. Now this is a very, very important and a very tough thing because you know it is it is human nature if you're if you're praised for something, you feel engaged, you feel happy. And you might therefore you know, want to do something more and I've mentioned before appreciating somebody is a good effort. This is very important. And this is very much in line with Islam. So from for you to appreciate somebody no problem and people who appreciate you if you're doing work, but check with

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yourself and say because of this appreciation am I now doing more because of the appreciation meaning that if the precision had not come I would not have done it. That's very dangerous. Don't do that. That's the reason why consistent effort is very important because if you have consistent effort, if you have a structure your life, then it doesn't matter people appreciate don't appreciate you have to you this is your output You have to do it, you must do it well and so you will continue to do it inshallah. Otherwise, when people appreciate you you work, your actions increase, effort is more output is more and if you are criticized, then it's your action drops. So what does it mean

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visa the action is being done for the sake of others. Another beautiful Hadees narrated by a reporter from Universal alano Abdullah Basu that he said, do not learn knowledge for three things and this is what also Salim said narrated by Abdullah bin Masada Delano, he said do not learn knowledge for three reasons. One to amaze and confound the foolish to look good before people are ignorant. Number two to argue with the folk aha to argue with the learner people and three to make people's faces turn towards you, but seek What is with Allah with your heart and actions since only that will remain and whatever is besides it will go

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Let me repeat that

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is reported to have said do not learn knowledge for three things. And he's saying what we saw some studying other hobbies which I will also share with you. So he says three things do not learn knowledge for these days. So when we come for this class or any class, when we want to learn about Islam, they let us first check why why do I want to do to do what why do I want to learn? There can be only one answer and that answer is to practice what I learned

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to get close to Allah subhanaw taala to please Allah subhanaw taala to fill my heart with a love of Allah subhanaw taala these are good answers. But otherwise, it says do not learn to amaze and confound the foolish people right to look good before ignorant people

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so people don't know who will not take their job Mashallah, Mashallah Oh is a good one correct? And you are bringing all kinds of mistakes and he's all these are all Mashallah you are you are of you absolutely are of your ocean of knowledge that he's saying ocean knowledge because that poor guy, you don't even have a teaspoon of knowledge. Right? So you look like an ocean of knowledge? No, please, let us be very clear. Let us know ourselves very, very clearly. So do not learn to amaze and confound the foolish or the ignorant people. Number two, don't learn to argue with the learner people they read one at least they read one night and they go and make a big argument with a chef.

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They have a big argument with a multi robot This is this year that you have not studied those who have not studied Russian over these. You do not understand what is the what are the

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The context of the of what is being said you do not have any understanding of the as well as verb of the Hadith like like the Quran, you have the power the Hadith don't you don't any of that, but you want to take one and you make a big song and dance about it. So this is to argue is learned don't learn for this reason. And the third one is do not learn for name and fame which is to turn the faces of people towards you, because you want to become this great chef. You want to become so you want to he will say things to please other people, whether they are right or not, you will twist and turn because you want to please other people. This is very, very dangerous. Please don't do that.

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But he said seek What is with Allah, what is Allah, Allah says Allah, the reward of Allah Subhana Allah so seek what is Allah with your hearts and actions, to focus only on pleasing Allah, because only that will remain. And whatever is besides that, whatever is other than that will go. Now the warning from a solar cell Salah

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in Surah, Timothy, the Hadees of garbin Malika Delano, he reported that also as Adam said, Whoever seeks knowledge to impress the scholars to argue with the foolish or to attract the attention of people, Allah will admit him into the hellfire.

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Whoever seeks knowledge to impress the foolish I'm sorry as well seeks knowledge to impress the foolish argue with the scholars or to attract the attention of people. Allah will admit him into jahannam into the Hellfire and this is this insulin delivery narrated by Cobb even Malik or the Allahu anhu. Now brother sister, I remind myself when you let us be very clear in our minds, that we don't want to do something which Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited us from doing

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this class on

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dusk Yeah, as I mentioned is a class which is total totally and completely focused only on practice. So let me give you an assignment and the assignment is check. Let us check I let me check for myself. We use a prism in our lives and see which of the orders Allah subhanaw taala Are we not obeying? And which of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Are we not following? And then ask ourselves, How much longer do I plan to live? And how long do I plan to keep defying Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right? Because there's no pleasing Allah subhanaw taala while disobeying him, this is very important for us to keep in mind.

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How does it that begin? It begins with Mr. Farr and tower, because repentance cleans the slate, and more is too far and Toba.

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We have to start with that. And we have to understand that make is the foreign tober

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the assignment as I told you is to check in our lives which of the orders of Allah Subhana Allah Mia disobeying? And which of these sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Am I not following? And then change that? And if there is any disagreement in the heart or the mind about that, then ask yourself this question and say, How much longer do I think I have to live in this world? Do I know when I'm going to die? Because if I want to live in this world as if I'm going to be here forever, that I have time, I will I won't make a step far. Now I will continue like this. And then one day I will make a stefarr and then before that one day comes if I dropped it then what happens to me when I

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meet a loss right so ask ourselves some of some of our some of the very fundamental things we do wrong, we miss our Salah, this is the the Salah is the pillar of DNA magazine. Right is the pillar of the if the pillar is is broken, then the building will collapse. So we have to be very clear in our minds make sure that we never ever miss our Salah for whatever reason it doesn't matter what the reason, we don't miss our center. No matter what right be very, very clear. Second thing is eating and earning Hello.

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Earning hello and eating Hello. So is my earning valid or not or do I have interest based in it? Or am I do I am I selling something which is haram. If that is haram Believe me your charity is not accepted. Your Salah will will will be will be corrupted. Your dollars are not accepted because you are eating an earning Hara so pleased

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Don't do that. Anything which is not full, don't touch it. Don't go near it. Now to focus on these two things first

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obeying Allah, tala, which is no shirk and praying Salah on time and secondly earning and eating halal. And the third thing is the Sunnah of resources

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outward outwards in terms of the appearance and so on and so forth having a beard and whatnot and inwards which is our focusing on the UCLA for for solos and Sullivan saying, Can I make myself How can I make myself as close to the prophets of Allah is Allah as I possibly can, and giving these classes to 30 minutes inshallah because we want to focus on the practice of this deep so I don't want to dump too much information value 30 minutes is plenty, and for the skip the scan, tarbiyah and inshallah now when you leave this class, the 10 minutes, which you normally would have had, because it would be a 40 minute class, sit down and do that assessment. First of all, before you

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leave and go sit down and do the assessment, keep a notebook as I mentioned, right in the first class, keep a notebook, take notes, and in that notebook, what am I where am I disobeying Allah what needs to change? Where am I leaving the sunovion Salah? What do I need to start doing? Ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for you and accept it from you and to please with you and never to be displeased Rasul? Allah Allah will carry while he was away in main Brahma to government I mean was too late.