Asim Khan – How to Focus in Salah – Part 1

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The course for completing the hangman program is designed to help people develop their schedules and focus on their statement of duty. The course covers topics such as words, phrases, and narratives, and is designed to help people become more focused and reflect on their statement of duty. The speakers discuss the transformation of the speaker's life through praying and the importance of praying for the future, as well as the importance of praying for the past and the connection between the rainbow and the river. The importance of praying for the future is discussed, and practical tips for achieving these goals are provided.
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middle path radio, your source of Islamic knowledge similar for Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad while earlier is very

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welcome there's brothers and sisters Mashallah it's very heartwarming to see so many of you here in the masjid very

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Mashallah makes me very happy to see so many people in the masjid mellows kind of make it a regular thing for all of us. I mean,

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we begin the course today how to develop focus in our Salah, and the word focus is the main word for us all. inshallah we all are people who pray Our Salah. Everyone struggles with Islam but something that people struggle with more than praying the Salah is praying the Salah with focus, praying the Salah with something called who sure in Arabic is called Cujo. And this is the the focus of the course is to try and allow us to find ways both practical as well as spiritual in order to develop this key idea how to become focused on our Salah. So, to that end, inshallah, we are three parts of this course. You have the course booklets there as well.

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If you have a look through the course booklets what you will see is that

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most of the words and the phrases in the Salah have been given to you in details even sometimes different phrases that you say in different parts of the slide have been mentioned. And the idea is that not only will you inshallah go through their meanings and appreciate their wisdoms, but also you will be able to memorize all the different types of words a person uses say in his Salah, many of us only know one type or one narration in for example record but what we find is the person actually say many different words and there is a novelty factor in that as well to say different words in different times. So inshallah

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The idea is to go through the whole course booklet, inshallah, but there's some parts of you to take away home and to memorize is Varun Sharma. So let us begin. We begin with the, we begin with the revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The thing about the life of the processor is that it was turned upside down the day he received revelation.

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How old was he when he received revelation

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40 years old. for 40 years, he has been the man who has been loved by his people. He was called a solder Ameen, the trustworthy, the honest man, he was someone who was respected in society. The night that he receives revelation is the night where his life is turned upside down. Because after that, his people will turn against him. And they will be very mean to him, they will abuse him, they will in fact, ultimately expel him from his own home. So the longer it was sort of consolidation sort of Baja, Baja mountains and now illegal analytische car, we didn't send this on down to make you miserable. That is what Allah said to the person. We never said this put on down to make you

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miserable. Why did I say this? Because when the person became a prophet, things became very difficult, difficult for him in his life, people turned against him, and even his own family members started to say mean things about him. And so he went from being someone who is loved to someone who was hated literally overnight, you have to appreciate the gravity of the happenings in your life, all of a sudden you become a man who is hated upon by most of these people. So what happened is after you came out of the cave of our hero, being recipient of revelation for the first time, that ordeal was a very difficult ordeal. The person came out to that cave in a state of shock. He didn't

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know what had happened to him. And he found he finds himself in the house of his wife had eaten or the alarm turned on her. And he says the first thing he says to her is a Maloney's a Milani Cover me, cover me. He's in a state of shock. So Khadija, she takes him in her arms, she wraps him up. And when the shock dissipates, the processor begins to tell her what happened inside that cave. And she notices that he thinks that what happened to him was something bad, terrible. So immediately, she begins to reassure him, and she says, Kela will lie to you because ecola whoever she says, I swear by Allah, Allah would never disgrace a man of your caliber. You are a man who takes care of his

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relatives, takes care of the guests. You look after the needy Allah would never disgrace you, you think that people don't believe you? A shadow Allah, Allah and Allah will Anika Rasool Allah they are and then she became the first believer, according to many scholars, as she took her Shahada in order to show him that I believe in you, and you are a man who is going to be supported by Allah subhanaw taala. What is interesting though, is that in these beginning stages,

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The prophets have longer lives and he found it very difficult job to not be allowed around in an authentic narration. He said that one day that the courage they had gathered in that network, which is like the Parliament of that time, and they were discussing a notion, what was the notion? How should we label this man? How should we label this man? So some people stepped forward, they say, we should label him as a captain. A captain is a fortune teller, a soothsayer. Some people, they they say, no, that label won't stick. His claim is not occur when other people come with another citizen, they say, call him associate a magician. calling a magician other people say, magician, it just

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won't stick. People can see that he's not a magician.

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Someone said call him a Majnoon call him a madman.

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Okay, now they're discussing what they should label him. And the narration says that they couldn't agree on what to label him. But that meeting, the news of it reached the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and jabiru said, when he heard what they were talking about, it affected him. So much so that he took his robe or his blanket and he wrapped it over himself, and he covered his head and he lay in his bed. And that moment of grief and difficulty debrief Elisa ROM, he came to him and he revealed him here and you help with the theory.

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Another generation here, are you Muslim? For me, Laila, Illa, Allah, Allah.

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Allah said to him, all you wrapped up,

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stand in the night for prayer, except a little bit. What does that teach us? It teaches us that the process that I've used to deal with the difficulties in his life through what, through the Salah, that the Salah was the way he would deal with the difficulties in his life, that when he was standard pray,

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the standing in front of Allah would be the means through which he could cope with the difficulties of facing this life, the way he would be able to relieve the stresses and the worries in a way he would be able to make sense of the world that he was living in a brick, he would say that it was largely obligatory for the process of them to pray pm Elaine, for the first 10 years of his prophecy.

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And he would pray almost all of the night, and only sleep just a portion of it. Once some companions came to God, allow that on her.

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And they said, tell us about the most amazing thing you saw in the process that allowed us for a question to ask him. Tell us about the most amazing thing you saw from the woman who he loved the most. She began to cry. And she said, I remember once he woke up in the middle of the night. And he said to me, oh, I shall leave me so I can stand in front of my load.

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And she said, I love to spend time with you. But I also love that you are happy. So she said he got up, he made Voodoo. And then he stood in Salah. And when he sat down, I looked at him and I saw that his lap became moist and wet with his tears. And then when he went into sajida I noticed that the floor became wet with his tears. And to all below Bilal came, who used to do the advanced for forget to ask the processor. The time has come for budget. When he saw the problem in that state. He said to him jasola Why do you do this to yourself? When Allah is Forgiving your past sins and your future sins? What did he say? He said ephedra, according to Abbott and shockula, he said Should I not be

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grateful shall not be a grateful slave.

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And then he said, I have just received revelation of some verses, whoever doesn't recite them and ponder over them, then this person has received a tragedy. those verses are verse 190 onwards and so on. And it begins in a few 100% it will feel at one

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level above that in the creation of the skies in the earth. And the alternation of the night and day there are signs for people of intelligence. Yeah. So this is the purpose of alohar Listen, and he will stand in the salon water till Khurana tequila Allah said in the same Surah Surah Al modesitt. So sort of Muslim in that recite the Quran. Tell Tila, what does that mean? It's gonna say means to recite it slowly, stopping at each verse and reciting it with a rhythm.

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So you can just imagine the way the person would recite the Quran in the Salah.

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Now there's one important lesson that we learned from these stories. And that lesson is that the benefit of Salah in your life can transform your life. Because the process of his life was being transformed at that moment, wasn't it? He became from a man to a profit. And that transformation was facilitated through what? The salon Yeah, the salon. And so Paula, I have here in the course notes Seurat, co author, I just want to ask to reflect on sort of go through because in sort of go through there is a lesson about the importance of Salah but the irony about it is that social culture is usually the sort of the US guys read to try and cut the salon short isn't.

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It's usually the go to Surah to try and finish the slides quick as possible. versatile co author is a surah which demonstrates the importance and the beauty of Salah

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a therapy in history of seed he brought in region in the Ibis in Abba said

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that the process Adam son, he passed away. And this was a second son of his The first was a pass him The second was Abdullah.

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So either this was a death of Abdullah or the death will pass him both of them they passed away when they were just infants, babies. So they said this is the second passageway of his son.

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And he said that when the processor

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came back from burying his son,

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Abu lahab, who was his own uncle, he went out into the streets and went into a circle of the machinery cone and started to celebrate the death of the son of the philosopher and started to say belturbet Muhammad, and later he said, Mohammed has been seventh tonight meeting, his son has died, meaning his legacy has come to an end. And he began to celebrate this. I just want you to reflect over this. Firstly, from a human perspective. One of the brothers told me he was in Pakistan, with his father, the day they were going to come back to to UK, they were in the masjid and they are praying a Salah. After some are finished, the Imam said people stay behind to pray a janazah that

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this was in the village. So there was very few people for the Salah, most people left, then a man comes. And in his arms is a baby wrapped up. The baby is his son and passed away.

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So the brother said he was with his father. And it was just them too. And that man and maybe one other person and the mom so that he said to himself that we're going to stay for this generous even if it means missing our flight. So he said they stood for janazah. The second the mom said Sarah monokuma law from the ginoza the father,

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he fell down on the floor and collapsed out of grief. He couldn't take it.

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And they couldn't pick him up. He was in bits. This is baby. So this brother said I had to pick up the baby in my arms and carry it to the graveyard, which was about a 15 minutes walk. And he says I will never forget the feeling of holding a dead baby in my arms and having to bury it in the ground.

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This is what happened to the processor twice. And then on top of that his own blood uncle is celebrating the death of his son. Can you imagine that?

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In that moment Abba said that a law reviewed in our Tina code

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for suddenly Rebecca when her in Shani, Erica who will avatar

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truly we have already gifted you and co author. Quite one interpretation. This is the river in paradise from which the water streams into and help the pond of the processor. colossal we have given you this already as a gift. What are the next words

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for suddenly layer of beaker 100 pray to your master and sacrifice. What is the connection of solaria?

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The connection of the Salah is how are you going to get over your tragedy, the loss of your loved one, how are you going to get over that you're going to get over that for suddenly Arabic by praying to Allah subhanaw taala

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so this is one of the profound effects the salon should have on a person. However, maybe someone is thinking

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this is what the person used.

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experience from a salon something of strength, something of a relief, something of power. As for me, I've been praying muscle for many years and hamdulillah but never once Am I stood in my salah and experienced something like this.

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Who's thinking

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that you know what, this is what happened to the processor. But as for me, I never had an experience like that in my salon where I've stood. And I felt as if all my worries have left my heart.

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So the question is what was different about the salon of the processor them and our salon? There is one secret ingredient? Do you know what the secret ingredient is?

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Alcohol Sure. what we would call humility in the salon, this secret ingredient once it enters into your salon, your salon becomes of this nature of this level, it becomes all this benefit to you. And this inshallah is our hope from this course. That may Allah subhanho wa Taala make our Salah, like the salon of the prophets of Allah Harlow, sort of a sort of humility and focus. I mean, you're not I mean, so before the next question, really, that should be on our minds is okay, so we need to discuss and educate ourselves about what is for sure.

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So the question is, how do we get Who? Sure, right? Now in order to answer this question, I'm going to give you a really ridiculous scenario. I want you to imagine that I that a letter was posted through your door, okay. And this letter has your name on it. And it is addressed to you from the king of Brunei. Okay. And in that letter, the king has a message just for you.

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You open the letter.

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But what language is the letter M?

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is in English?

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is in Arabic? What do they speak?

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Arabic here,

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let's say in another language for language T, two pages.

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And you know that in this letter is a treasure for you. You don't understand it.

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Now tell me if I began to read that letter out for you with a beautiful voice as well.

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After how many seconds would you get bought?

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Even though you know the letter is about you?

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After how many seconds would you get bought?

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What do you think? If I was to read that letter out to you? And it's addressed to you and all these lavish praises and it is a treasure for you.

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But it's in another language?

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How long would you last

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five seconds, a goldfish.

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Five seconds of brothers it is we've got 40 seconds over there.

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Just hoping that one word you catch one with.

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This is an example to illustrate what our Salah is like for most of us. These words are partly from the King of kings. And partly from the greatest man who ever walked the face of this earth. The prophets of Allah Allah said, you know the person who said we're ot to Jehovah Mira will kill him.

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And he said, I have been given Joe me and Kenny Dr. Murray Kenny means I have the ability to articulate a statement that is short, yet extremely profound in meaning. I can say a few words, and they can mean so much. This is the man who taught us what to say in our prints yet we don't know what they mean.

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We don't know what they mean. So what happens is a person stands up for Salah like for example, first of Ramadan Mashallah throw away. Everyone puts on a nice job. Personally, this perfume comes up. Since I'm only 20 smarter tonight, tonight's that

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comes, tries to get the first off hamdullah his day is focused. Okay, he's ready. He puts his phone in airplane mode.

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You know, I don't even want to feel the vibrations

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on day so a man's the man Mashallah has come all the way from maybe Egypt or Saudi Arabia is a party Mashallah.

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And he begins to recite and hamdulillah in Europe, Belarus, mean, you know fashola is gonna be good.

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Five seconds, or 40 seconds. The person's like

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lead. I mean, he doesn't realize him I was already finished. And he's inside another surah in which I said bollin

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that wasn't even Surah Fatiha. Yeah, so he said okay, now our fatty has finished that was fatter. Now the new surah begins. And if

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this is the one all the way for the fun for Baccarat, yes, yes or no this one

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will keep you busy.

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And then, okay, okay. 40 seconds goes past. What's he doing? Man? I wonder if any comments on my on my post this morning. On me comments Muscovy, likes wants to go, you know, I really want to check my Instagram. It was you know, my mom's gonna stop at least 30 seconds, I'm gonna take my phone out. And we'll check. And then I'll be all good again. See, the problem here is that though you came with good intentions, that you came

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really intending to focus, but you don't understand anything. So how long are you going to last? Isn't it? Do you get my point? How long are you going to last if you don't understand 0% of what the of what is being said in the salon.

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So one of the easiest ways to develop who sure in your salon is what is to learn what the words mean. And not just the words. The postures is well, the salon is comprised of many different postures, the standing, the bowing, the prostration. All of these postures have been hand chosen by the person and set them in order to formulate the prayer. I'll give you an example. When we begin the saw, what gesture do we make

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this one right?

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Some people do this, or this or this, whatever the case may be. Okay, by the way, we're not going to discuss 50 opinions in this course. We're just going to try and focus on the wisdoms and meanings inshallah, so there'll be no fighting.

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We're just gonna focus on the wisdoms. So you make this gesture.

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And then you stopped. started this, I like this

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What is the wisdom behind doing this?

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What is the wisdom? Why did the person start the salon like this? Yes.

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Martial Arts lotion. Bah, bah said, very good point. He said that when you raise your hands, it's as if you are saying that everything else in my life. Whatever I was doing before this, it is no relevance anymore. Now it's about a lot. They are very good. This is very good point. It's probably like many times you come to the slot, and you're almost still doing what you were doing just a second ago. A person might be working. He's programming something. Okay, he's a programmer. And he's programmed progress. Now it's time for God. He comes he enters into long ways to programming. He said his two programming is like oh man, that was a mistake commit. Yeah, this gesture. Some of the

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scholars said it is a gesture as if to say I think if I said this, as if you are throwing the dunya behind your back, throwing the dunya behind your back and now you are standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala

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other wisdoms, the scholar said this gesture is a gesture of Tallinn, it is a gesture to magnify a lot. And the easiest example to this is like when a soldier stands in front of the general and he salutes him like this, you know, when he salutes you like this, this is what it ought to show reverence or respect to the general we are showing our respect and reverence to Allah subhanaw taala when we make this gesture of techniques, this is not even about saying Allahu Akbar, this is just about the hand movements okay. So there is the wisdom of the words and there is the wisdom of the gestures or the postures as well inshallah both of these things will be covered in light.

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Okay, so let's, let's move in Sharla and discuss the word salaat. linguistically. There are four opinions about the root meaning linguistically of the word salon. Okay. The first meeting is that the word Sana means a da da Rama means it is a supplication for mercy, your Salah linguistically the word it means to ask for mercy and compassion. Okay. And one of the

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Behind the Salah being cool this is because it's supposed to make you think about the actions as one complete package as if it is that you are putting before Allah subhanaw taala and you are asking Allah for his mercy and compassion. In fact in the Quran, you find that the word Salah is used in different contexts. For example, Allah says

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in the lahoma, eco useful Luna Island nebby allama scileanna NaVi, Allah says that Allah and the angels, they make Salah on the process. Okay? So what does it mean that Allah makes along the process of them? What does it mean that angels makes it on them? When it when it comes to a larger honor, it means Oh Allah, Allah will have mercy on the process of them. When the angels make salah and when we make salon personam It is our way of saying Oh Allah show mercy and compassion to the processor. Yeah, and this is because this is the meaning of the word Salah. There is another opinion His Word or thaman said that the word Salah when you say, Oh Allah have Salah on them. It doesn't

00:26:13 --> 00:26:26

just mean mercy. It means to make mention of him amongst the inhabitants that are close to Allah subhanaw taala. Yeah. And the reason he said this is because Allah said in the Quran,

00:26:27 --> 00:26:32

Allah, Allah him, our to obey Him. What

00:26:33 --> 00:27:20

was said, people are patient. And he said in the law, he were in a legal regime when calamity strikes, they are the ones who Allah will give salah and mercy. So if Salaam had mercy, that he would make sense because it's mercy and mercy. So, he said, No Salah means not just mercy, but making mention of the person in the presence of those closer to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah. So, this is the first thing the second meaning, or the possible second meaning of Salah is that it comes from the word Salah ban, sorry, solo, one solo one refers to the hips, here linguistically refers to the hips, and some of the scholars issue the connection between the prayer and the bone of the hips, is

00:27:20 --> 00:27:45

to the first is that the postures in the center, they are very much dependent on this particular bone. When a person goes into rocker bowing, subdued, subdued prostration he relies on the bones in his hip here. Other scholars said no the relationship between salah and the hips, is that the hips they connect the top of the body with the bottom

00:27:46 --> 00:28:20

and in the same way the salon connects a human being to Allah subhanaw taala yeah the third meaning of salado linguistically is to Austria Austria and Austria means to roast something okay to roast or burn something someone's gonna say actually the root meaning of decennia is the courage to book something close to something else because to roast meat you have to put it close to the flame. So, they said the meaning therefore is that Salah is that which brings us close to Allah subhanaw taala

00:28:21 --> 00:28:25

okay Salah is that which brings us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So, how many is that now?

00:28:26 --> 00:28:29

The three anyone want to review them for me the first one is what

00:28:32 --> 00:28:34

pray for mercy second one

00:28:36 --> 00:28:39

What does it mean the hips Yes. And the third one

00:28:41 --> 00:28:50

to roast each row something but the meaning of the word tusla to roast is to bring something close here. So it can mean to bring us close to a loss of

00:28:51 --> 00:29:24

the last minute is that this word a Salah is an Arabic word meaning it was borrowed from another ancient language and then I revised okay so the roots of it are not even Arabic the roots of it are non Arabic This happens in the Arabic language words are taken an Arabic therefore the meaning of it is the prayer originally was prayer and even in Arabic is our Arab eyes to mean prayer as well. Okay, last few points inshallah. Now we go to the technical definition of Salah,

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the linguistic meanings, what we can say is that all of them in part, they reflect the wisdom or the meaning of Salah, the meaning of being close to Allah the meaning of asking for mercy, the meaning of being connected to a loss of power. So these are all of the linguistic meanings. As for the technical meaning, what does Salah actually mean? Technically, you'll be surprised but the scholars they have a lot of difference of opinion. Like if I said to you, can you define what is slot?

00:29:51 --> 00:29:54

How would you answer that question? I define salami.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

There is a difference of opinion that this is the this is the answering machine.

00:30:10 --> 00:30:11

There is a story about the son of a salon.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:32

Okay, so some of us have been he was a bit dim witted, okay, but they made him when he became a salon. People come up to me asking questions. So those who are around the salon they said your son doesn't know much. We need to help him out. So they said to the sons, the son, he said, Listen, when someone comes to you and ask you a question,

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say there are two opinions.

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So whenever somebody would come and ask him a question, what do you think about this are two opinions and somebody else comes along says what is what is the happen this there are two opinions that a man he clocked into this. He realized this guy is just taking us for a ride. So he said to him, What is your opinion regarding God? How many gods are there? She said, two opinions. He said what?

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This man is a fraud. Okay? Sorry, I'm not calling you a fraud. I'm just saying it reminded me of a story.

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So how would you define a slot? Okay, we have to define a slot. How do you define it is a bit difficult to define.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:23

submitted technical definition you're trying to define the thing that we do five times a day

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How would you define it?

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It is

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spiritual contact with the law. Okay. Sounds a bit sci fi but

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you could you could have the experience by making liquor

00:31:41 --> 00:31:51

through fasting through Hajj. Yes or no. So you're defining Salah? How is your definition of Salah gonna be different for your definition of halogen? Yes.

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Okay, it's true, but I'm trying to get to the technical definition.

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Reminder, again, very generic, they're very generic. So here's one possible definition given okay. They said the technical definition of Salah is to worship Allah

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by means of certain known and prescribed sayings and actions at specific times. And you say certain things taught to you by the process certain, at certain times, in a certain way. Okay. And it sounds very general. But that's the closest you're gonna get to defining slot technically, because that's what it is. When you stand in salon, you say to community, you are saying words and actions taught to you by the process of them. The Times taught to us by the processor is that these are the technical definition of setup. As for the importance, this is really this is really one of the things you have to listen to

00:32:49 --> 00:33:31

many verses of the Quran, many ahaadeeth teaching us about the value of Salah, and I've just selected to one for you in this duration, which has many different wordings. The process said that the first thing that a slave will be asked about would be accounted for is the Salah. And if the Salah is correct, and he's healthy, all of his other deeds will be correct and healthy. But if his Salah is incorrect, deficient, every other deed of his would be looked at as incorrect and efficient.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:34

This is what the person said.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:46

Now, what does this teach us? Why teaches us my brothers and sisters is that number one, it doesn't matter what your talents are in life, we are good at

00:33:47 --> 00:33:56

you are only as good as your Salah. That's why it teaches us a person can be very good. For example,

00:33:58 --> 00:34:09

in doing charity, humanitarian causes person might be very good and helping people this might be very good looking after his parents might be very good any deed you can imagine.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:18

But what defines how good you are is what none of those things because what Trumps all of them is the Salah.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:25

If the Salah is good, then by definition You are a good person.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:38

I'm sad to say that if my Salah your Salah is not good. It doesn't matter what else you do in your life. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:48

Because if your Salah is incomplete and short, it doesn't matter. whatever else you do in your life for Allah, what matters the most is this one thing.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

That is why it is the second or the five minutes after testimony of faith. The number two pillar is a surah because it's the most important okay

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

Now just to illustrate this point,

00:35:02 --> 00:35:08

let's let's reflect on what we know. Okay, so let me known anyone know what chapter number this is?

00:35:11 --> 00:35:13

What chapter number tsunami? No,

00:35:18 --> 00:35:20

no, no, no, this is just

00:35:23 --> 00:35:27

too Okay, let's check for someone check procedure. So it will not be known.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:50

So 323, okay, the 23rd chapter of the Quran, this surah It begins with a declaration. And the declaration is that some people in this world have succeeded in life. They have made it big, they have been certified by Allah as being successful people.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:14

In fact, Allah says, After 10 verses, I believe, 11 verses that they are the people theory fool, and for those whom he hardly don't, they are the people who are going to inherit the fifth dose, the highest grade of Paradise, and they are going to enjoy living in it for an eternity male lawmakers from those people.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:32

Now, tell me something, you know, when you hear this someone out there, who's become very successful in life, he's achieved a lot of things. success comes naturally to him. He's big time. What question comes into your mind?

00:36:33 --> 00:37:27

Exactly how? How do we make it become so famous? How do you become so rich? How did he become so successful in life? What is his secret, isn't it? Allah tells us that they are number of secrets six, in fact, to the success of these people are the airflow helmet me known. But after helmet milone means that the believing the believers, they have already succeeded. And the word the flesh means to succeed after some difficulty, because the filler is the word given to the farmer and the farmer. He succeeds in his crops, after a year's worth of struggle. Allah says those who have will eventually succeed are the believers. And then you're thinking, how did they manage to succeed? What

00:37:27 --> 00:37:28

is the second

00:37:29 --> 00:37:41

aleena whom feel sorry for him, harsh Aaron, Allah says those people, they are the ones in this Allah, they have who Sure?

00:37:42 --> 00:37:52

Number one on the list of six things is what the Salah with who should number one secret ingredient to the success

00:37:53 --> 00:38:19

what is amazing is that number one is to do with salah and number six, is also to deal with Salah Allah says after the six, they are the ones who when it comes to their Salah, they are happy whom people who pray it on time and they protect it. So, certain will be known a teaches us that the salah and assure is the secret to your success.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:35

Now what is very interesting spammer is that if we go to Surah Al modesitt, you find the opposite being taught to us, that the downfall of people is what

00:38:37 --> 00:38:46

is neglecting the salon. So Allah says in certain Buddhist said that the people of Paradise, Allah Allah says that they are having a conversation.

00:38:48 --> 00:38:49

The verses

00:38:54 --> 00:39:20

fee generosity, yes, yet a saloon that the believers in paradise they're having a conversation they asked each other a question and imagery mean about the criminals. By the way, the word Muslim means a convicted criminal. So they are asking anyone what happened to these people, these criminals? Why did they end up in the Hellfire? What did they ask? They ask those criminals man Celica comfy soccer.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:28

They ask them, How did you end up in soccer? Soccer is another word for the hellfire.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:51

So he was trying to imagine this farmer, that the people of gender they are sitting together having a nice pleasant conversation, relaxing and they are thinking about the people of Ghana. As they ask about them. Allah either brings them close to them so they can ask or they are able to carry the voices all the way to gender.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

And they ask them a question, Marcella, confused soccer. What led you to soccer the Hellfire was

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

They say,

00:40:02 --> 00:40:03

look at this

00:40:04 --> 00:40:10

kalu lambda Camila masala. They say we will not have those who used to pray.

00:40:11 --> 00:40:13

This is Spanner.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:26

They say we will not have those that used to pray. One of the amazing things about this verse is the way they responded. They didn't say we are we were people who used to pray.

00:40:28 --> 00:40:42

They said we are not of those that were with those who used to pray. There's a difference. If someone said I saw this difference in saying, I never used to pray, versus I never used to be around I used to pray. What's worse

00:40:44 --> 00:40:51

is worse to say I wasn't even around those used to pray. So see if you don't you pray because prayer. I don't even know the guys that pray

00:40:53 --> 00:41:13

isn't it? And then Allah says Allah naku the word naku is a short, shortened version of the word Nakano. Nakula can be shortened to Nakhon it can be even more shortened to Neku and that is to give emphasis that we were never ever with the guys that used to pray.

00:41:15 --> 00:41:25

They main reason they understand it themselves is the reason they were not with those that used to pray. And the reason why they were in the handle is powerless because they never used to pray.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:36

Okay, so this teaches us a lesson that the Salah is not a curse. The Salah is not a burden, and the Salah is a blessing.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:51

The Salah is a blessing, and it is not just any blessing. It is a blessing that can take us all the way to paradise. mela spot the makers of those prayers ALLAH with crucial mineral Bellamy. Finally, one of the common about that

00:41:54 --> 00:42:08

is that if you look at the way the believers are described, a lot first is that they are people who succeeded because they had crucial and then other qualities I mentioned, for example, that they, they pay this.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:55

They don't talk rubbish. They are people who are promiscuous. They are people who rain in their designs and only fulfill it through marriage. Now somebody may say, What does Salah have to do with not? Not being? Not talking rubbish? What does the law have to do with giving charity? What does the law have to do with being someone who's decent? You see, Allah is teaching us a lesson that the Salah has an impact in your everyday life. Imagine that you're at work, okay? And you're in a meeting. And the time for law has come. So you say to your colleagues, you know what, I just gotta take five, to go and pray. And I'll be back in a bit. So you go, you pray, and you come back, the

00:42:55 --> 00:43:07

moment you sit down, you hear some of your colleagues, they are talking about somebody else behind their back. Here, they trying to consult someone you have just paid yourself.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:45

Now what would that do to you? What should that should do? As soon as you come and sit down to the meeting, you hear your colleagues or backbiting you say you know what? Maybe it's not a good idea to speak about some behind the back camera thing they would like it. Why did you say that? Because you just pray just shut up. And the Salah is the thing that's going to stop stop you from talking rubbish. Here, the saliva thing that's going to motivate you from giving charity. In the same way if you don't pray, it's horrible, destitute. What do they say after they explain the reason for ending up into Hellfire? They say, Well, I'm naku notary miskeen. Number one, we never used to praise

00:43:45 --> 00:43:47

Allah. Number two, we weren't charitable.

00:43:48 --> 00:44:21

Do you see it's the opposite. Because we never used to pray is a reason why we were never charitable as well. here so this palette teaches us that the salon has multiple benefits, multiple benefits, and one of them is that it impacts in the way you live your everyday life as well. Okay, finally, what is this word for sure. And inshallah, what I want to do is want to end with giving you three practical tips to use in Sharla. From this week into next week, they will come next week, we will build on that inshallah. But before I do, what is the meaning of

00:44:22 --> 00:44:38

the word horseshoe, originally in Arabic, it means something that is low. Okay, even I should say the Arabs would call a low lying Hill, a hookah, a fuchsia, a low lying Hill, hill that is not very high. They'll call that

00:44:39 --> 00:44:56

the word who sure is related to this meaning and it means to have humbleness, and a sense of loneliness inside of your heart, that is seen on your body.

00:44:57 --> 00:45:00

If a person is respectful towards another

00:45:00 --> 00:45:14

Not only will it come across in the way he speaks, but also it will come across in the way he, he holds himself. Isn't that true? No. When someone comes in for an interview, martial arts become the best human being in the face of this planet, isn't it?

00:45:16 --> 00:45:25

The most ethical, moral, sensible person comes into the room, he shakes the hand of the guy who's interviewing him, and he sets himself down before he does it. Do you mind if I just take a seat?

00:45:26 --> 00:46:02

Of course, of course, take a seat. He thinks about it words, he thinks about how he holds himself, he doesn't want to raise his voice, notice you want to speak too low, okay, him thinking about everything. Now, this shows that you are showing respect, not only in the way you speak, but also in the way you behave. So for sure, they said it is like to our humbleness, loneliness, that is seen from your heart, on your limbs. Okay, so this is the idea of, shall we go into more details. Now, what are the three

00:46:03 --> 00:46:21

tips that you can try and Sharla from this week, until next week, the first tip is the 62nd rule. Okay, now, this isn't a movie. Okay, this has to do with saw, okay, the 62nd rule? Is that before you start your Salah,

00:46:22 --> 00:46:54

Jonathan, excellent. inshallah, is that for 60 seconds before you're going to start and say Allah, could you just switch off from everything? and complete silence? Nothing. No phone? No Twitter, no Instagram? Nothing. And for some people, that's going to be extremely difficult. Like, almost like torture. Okay, but try. What happens after 60 seconds, is that you can actually start to think properly. Your mind is become clear.

00:46:55 --> 00:47:02

In that moment, say a law and style so simple. Yes or no? You try it.

00:47:03 --> 00:47:05

Okay, second one.

00:47:06 --> 00:47:10

Second one is don't pray your budget next to your bed.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:23

Okay, don't pray your budget next to your bed. Now what usually happens first time, mothers want to forgive us. May Allah forgive us. Okay. What usually happens is

00:47:24 --> 00:47:43

person wakes up after 10 sneezes, of course, he wakes up, okay. And he knows exactly. His route to the bathroom without even looking. He knows it. Like the back of his hand. He jumps out of bed is so close. He enters into the bathroom. Sometimes he doesn't even turn the lights on.

00:47:44 --> 00:47:52

You know? He doesn't want to wake up. Okay, I remember when you were young. Ramadan. This is going back when

00:47:54 --> 00:48:22

the budget was like as early as it is now. Mom and dad used to wake us up and used to go downstairs. And we used to say to our Dad, please live the lives of okay. So they said we're going to cook food. So they say okay, you see on that side in the dining room, we've been in the kitchen. And we used to sit right in the corner with doc Why? Quickly our food, jump into bed. Okay, play a song jump into bed. Don't wake up early. I heard that my cousin's just down the road. They used to wear sunglasses.

00:48:25 --> 00:48:28

When we wake up for the food, okay?

00:48:30 --> 00:48:51

They don't want to wake up. Okay. So, think about this. Don't do this. Okay. So the person who wakes up he goes into the bathroom, he doesn't want to wake up, he splashes of water on his face. It's almost like performing a magic trick. He doesn't know why he's doing it so quickly. He doesn't even know what's going on. Bang Bang, and now he's into his bedroom. Where does he pray Salah

00:48:52 --> 00:48:59

is a bit any as close as possible. So as soon as he finishes, he can literally roll over into the

00:49:00 --> 00:49:01


00:49:02 --> 00:49:16

This can you just imagine, and as Paula May Allah forgive us will lie. I'm trying to say in a funny way, but this is a serious matter what kind of salah and what kind of slide you're going to have to pray like that. What kind of shoe Are you going to have?

00:49:19 --> 00:49:24

What kind of shoe Are you going to have? If when you're praying you're thinking about going to sleep?

00:49:25 --> 00:49:33

What kind of what kind of prayer you know. So one basic tip from this week next week, is that when you pray your budget,

00:49:34 --> 00:49:59

turn on the lights. Do your will do properly so you know you did what do and pray in another room. Okay for the brothers. Pray in the masjid. If you can't pray in the masjid. don't pray in your bedroom. Pray in another line of being I swear to Allah you will see that you will concentrate more in your salon. So was the first one the 62nd rule. The second one is

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

don't pray next to your bed. Okay? The third one.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:22

The third one is when you make your will do. Okay, when you make your will do. Don't think about the will do. Think about the Salah that is going to come afterwards. Do you know why? Because they will do is a preparation for the salon.

00:50:23 --> 00:50:25

And I want you to appreciate this. I'm gonna give an example.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:31

How long do you think the average person takes to get ready before they go to work?

00:50:33 --> 00:50:37

Men first, how long do you think men take? Half an hour?

00:50:39 --> 00:50:39

Anyone go higher.

00:50:41 --> 00:50:42

I know they're gonna expose themselves.

00:50:44 --> 00:50:52

One hour, they say 45 minutes to get up. And to get ready to go to work. Someone said stuff a lot.

00:50:55 --> 00:50:58

So you wake up, ready to get ready again.

00:51:00 --> 00:51:07

To look the part, I'm going to work this is serious. Now, would you turn up to work in the gym jumps? Would you turn to work on a Wednesday?

00:51:08 --> 00:51:12

Would you do that? Why would you do that? Tell me why don't you turn up to work on a Wednesday?

00:51:13 --> 00:51:13

Thank you.

00:51:16 --> 00:51:20

Well, even if you wouldn't get fired, would you turn up to work in a onesy? Why not?

00:51:21 --> 00:51:25

embarrassing, right? Because this is work is serious.

00:51:26 --> 00:51:31

For women, they say the average time taken to prepare themselves to go to work

00:51:32 --> 00:51:33

in around two hours.

00:51:34 --> 00:51:36

You can check it you can Google it.

00:51:37 --> 00:51:40

Two hours. Yeah. Alongside

00:51:42 --> 00:52:10

two hours. Yeah. You know, I asked when I when I go to uni, I see women on the train. Some of them doing their makeup on the train. I know you've seen this. You think you know what I feel sorry for them. I think policy does any woman want to do this to herself? Does any woman woman want the hassle of spending two hours in order to get ready to go outside. And you know what's worse, on the way home they doing exactly the same thing

00:52:12 --> 00:52:33

is a pressure that many woman women feel and it causes anxiety, anxiety over self image. Now putting that to one side, if this is how long we spend to get ready to work, and work is only going to get us money at the end of the day. What then about getting ready for the salon?

00:52:34 --> 00:52:58

How do we get ready for the salon, we get ready for the salon by making Voodoo. Okay. And in one hand if the person said whoever does will do and he perfects his will do and then he prays to Raka just to recap, without thinking about anything of the dunya Allah will forgive him all of his sins. Can you imagine that?

00:52:59 --> 00:53:05

Now, what is amazing is that the person connected doing a proper will do with a proper Salah

00:53:07 --> 00:53:35

which will get you a proper reward. Yes. So this is the third tip. When you are making what do you next time, think about how long you take to get ready to go to work. Okay, how long you take to get ready to go to college or uni or whatever it is. And tell yourself if I prepare myself that well for work. Why should not prepare myself the same or better for the salon as well. And in that shala we end for until next time how there was a loss of anatomy. Mohammed was the user His name is

00:53:36 --> 00:53:38

Charlotte we'll see all next week.

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