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Surah Al Kahf in-depth


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The speakers discuss various topics related to "overview" and "overviewless," including work, personal life, and professional life. They stress the importance of trusting teachers and following guidelines, as well as the significance of disregarding learning and being patient with teachers. The transcript also touches on a situation where a student is killed by a teacher and the teacher is pressured to do something, but the teacher refuses and is working on their own color Lucita. The group discusses a situation where a teacher accidentally wrote a book and they refuse to eat it, and the teacher is pressured to finish work and not give food to students.

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So now masala Saran is going to go on this journey in this first passage you can see it right small but you can see it may make it a little bigger so we were at I forgot to fish and it took a weird path on italica Hakuna Lee This is what we were looking for all along this is what we were pursuing for that dad and they retraced went back either as an email on the on the, the the remnants meaning the path they had left behind, I thought can also mean footsteps, but it can be figurative also meaning the path we took we're gonna go back kasasa step by step milestone by milestone okay, because this means one more thing

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sorry, which is gonna play a role later on how beautifully this word is gonna like it's I won't tell you okay for whatever the abdomen anybody know then they both found us a one of our servants abdomen. Anybody know a Bantu translation would be a slave from our slaves. One of our slaves

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one of our servants. Okay.

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I'll tell you now who I met him in Indiana. We had given him a special special loving care that comes from us what alumna homie LaDonna Alma, and we had taught him Mila Donna, from our special behalf especially from us from our internal walls some knowledge. You notice that the word ENDA and then Ludden are both used here, right? The word Loudoun is actually far more private than ENDA. If something is in Dhaka, it's with you, then it's in your possession, but it may not be secret. But if something is milled, I don't care, then you went into some vault somewhere, pulled it out and then gave it

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Okay, so now Allah is already highlighting that his Russia is more accessible. But the kind of knowledge he gave to this man that he's going to learn from is actually from some special secret place. It's not just any knowledge that this man has been taught me, I love No human element.

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Now, this passage, if you notice the first ayah was about Moses commitment to reach his destination, isn't it? Even if I spend ages

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and the last ayah is actually about him reaching his destination?

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It actually fulfills the first ayah if you notice the second pass second Ayah follow Marbella much more Hema nesea hula, hula, they passed over the milestone they were supposed to, you know, when they reached it, they kept they crossed over it. They didn't stay there, and they forgot all about it. Then they remembered and what do they do?

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What do they do once they remember, retrace their steps and in the second last IR This is what we were looking for. So they retrace their steps. So it corresponds the second and the second last correspond to each other. And in the middle, there are two weaknesses. One weakness is exhaustion that muscle feels and the other is forgetfulness.

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Right the two things that lead to a lapse in the journey, forget forgetful and exhaustion, forgetfulness and exhaustion. By the way, those are the two things that can disrupt learning, aren't they ironically, you're fatigued, you're tired and want to study anymore. Can another exam

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itself over you know, God

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just tired of it.

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irregular surface making me into an irregular person.

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You know, and then you start forgetting.

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You start forgetting.

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By the way, forgetting is of two kinds, forgetting like I can't remember and forgetting as in, get it.

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Who cares? And both meanings are found in the Quran.

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Well as a coup de la sala finds a homophone Don't be like those who forgot a lot not like I can't remember who lives but what? Who cares?

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Like this disregard so in this era is used in the meaning of disregard. Also, Commander, see Toluca Yeoman and soco comaneci Takayama kumada. Today we have our says, today we have forgotten you the way you forgot this day, or meaning of this day, but never forgets. Last perfect memory. That meaning the word nesea there doesn't mean forget as in memory, it means forget as in what disregard today we disregard you. You don't mean anything now? Kumasi Takayama kamada Okay, these are the barriers to learning anyway, this is the first passage then he sees musante salam, O Allah Allahu Musa. Musa speaks to him hellotoby Raka Can I follow you? The roles have been reversed. Just now in

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the first passage, Musa had a student he was giving him instructions now all of a sudden he has a teacher and he wants to be the student. And he says, Can I follow you, Allah and Talabani based on what you taught me, or based based on the idea that you may teach me Mr. Olympia Russia from whatever you've been taught in terms of uprightness in the

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The right guidance. Carla and Nicola, I'm going through it so I can show you the overview. And we'll go into detail. Allah in Netherlands study Amaya sobre. He said no doubt about it you

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you're not going to be capable of patience with me.

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Now the idea here is there's inika in NACA means emphasis Toki. certainty. But they're meeting for the first time. How do you meet someone for the first time? He says, can I learn from you, and he sizes them up in one minute and goes, not you.

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You can handle it.

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This Basilan is also teaching experience. Some teachers can size you up in a minute. It was one of those teachers. He could tell your temperament. He didn't say your I don't know, if you have the intellectual capacity, or you're not a good student, or you won't be able to understand I don't know, I think your problem is going to be wide.

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patient, maybe even the way in which he said Hey, could you teach me please? Oh, I see. I see.

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Wisdom dictates that not just you pay attention to what's being said. But how it's being said. And he can immediately tell the problem here is going to be patience.

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As I can be patience with what I teach you, it's gonna be patient with me. Maria?

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Mama, I love Taka Mama, Mama limca, what not, you're not going to be impatient with the lessons I gave you. You're going to be patient with me myself. You're going to lose it with me. I can already tell

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Sally, Sara, and he doesn't stop there. And he goes, what a philosophy and how are you going to have patients anyway, allow them to hit me up over things you haven't encompassed. You haven't grasped full that full awareness of In other words, he's already letting him know we're going to do stuff and you're not going to have the full story. And you're the kind of guy if you don't know the full story, it makes you really upset. And you need to understand fully. And if you don't understand fully, you, it doesn't justify to you so you get upset. So in these two IR there are two different kinds of impatience highlighted. One impatience is with the teacher. The other impatience is with

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the lesson. You notice that? That Linda, Dr. Maria Sabra is with the teacher, Milan to hit v. Cobra is with her lesson. There's two different kinds of impatience. And one is about the way the teacher decides to hold back or tell or do, why are you doing this? How can we be doing that? The second is actually about how come? We aren't being given all the information?

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How come this, this course of action is being taken, I don't understand the logic behind it. You know, one of the things as an Arabic teacher, I can tell you, in our curriculum, one of the things you have to develop for students is tabaco, not only in the law,

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but also in the teacher that says trust me, right now you're learning four properties of the system. I know that makes no sense to you right now.

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This doesn't even seem like Arabic right now. But just trust me, just give me three days, give me four days, when we get to fragments, which you don't know what that is yet. It'll all make sense. But for now, you must take the steps I'm telling you, but I came here to learn Arabic, and I don't even know how to order it yet. They're telling me about flexibility.

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You got to trust, you have to give yourself to the teacher. And you also have to give yourself to basically a path a curriculum in a curriculum is actually about not giving you all the information, it's giving you the information you need today, holding back information that you're not ready for today. And even if it was given to you, you wouldn't keep it, you'd regret you throw up, you wouldn't be able to retain it, you have to be able to absorb it. And once you absorb it and you're ready for it, then some more than some more than some more. You know, it's it's often described education is one of the words used for it in Arabic instead of beer, which is the same word used for

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cultivating a plant. A plant needs water over the course of a year. But imagine the amount of water it needs over the entire course of a year dumped on it at once.

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It's not how it happens, you have to give a little bit of water, let it absorb, let it grow a little and some more than some more and some plants are stupid. They say give me all of it now.

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And the gardener says no. I asked for more and they didn't give me who didn't even flood me.

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No, he didn't. You're not going to be patient because you're going to ask any questions. You want to know the whole thing is that time here just trust me.

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You know so this is this is the the one of the main essences of the story. So masala Salaam says, Okay, you know what? I can see that I have that problem.

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He's not even saying no, no, no. What are you talking about?

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v. solver I am solving no

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Carla says

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Judy sabella No, no, no so Judy insha Allah

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for okay if Allah wills,

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but Allah has divine intervention, I think I can pull this off. I recognize I have a subtler problem. And the fact that he recognizes that this is not entirely within his capability is because he uses what words childlike and childlike wonder, but I can tell you one thing Well, I see like a camera director. He doesn't say we're in town La Silla camera, and I'm not going to disobey you in anything. You tell me that much I can do

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cyber, inshallah. Because that's up to Allah. I'll do whatever I can, but disobedience. I want to. Okay, for editor bartenieff alata sallyann. A Hotel de la camino. If you're gonna follow me, then. Here's rule number one.

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What's rule number one? la de Leon j? And what is that?

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Don't ask me a thing. And say anything? Don't ask me but anything?

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Could you come? Could you teach me please? Yes, I will. Here's your first lesson. Don't ask any questions about anything.

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That's already testing your patience, isn't it? Hey, I came here to learn. I thought

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I can't ask questions.

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what is the origin without? So else?

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And then he doesn't even say by the way the request was? Can you can you teach me from what you've been taught? and teaching is exhaustive? It's elaborate. It's like prolonged I llama the family prolonged and elaborate time consuming. He says don't you ask me a single thing until until I immediately mentioned, just say, and quickly say that we'll have data that will be to log data. The other family, I'll just mention a spirit like a sentence. Men who from whatever I'm teaching you the Quran, some mention.

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I'll mention some things to you.

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And then you might ask about the something I told you. But until then, you don't ask a thing.

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So you're not going to get exhaustive lectures, you might get a sentence here and there. And even that'll be partial deal.

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So now that this, this is the deal that's been struck, if you look at this passage, this is our second passage, you notice in the first ayah, Allah masala Salaam wants to learn who he wants to follow. And in the last of this passage, if you're going to follow me following is repeated in the beginning in the end, and the first he says, You I, you should teach me based on how you've been taught. And in the last ayah, he gives the conditions of that teaching. Don't ask me, I'm going to dictate, you know, and I'll be brief. And I'll just mention something. So the correspond the first and the last layer correspond to each other, the middle three, are all about subnet.

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So, in that organization, we're actually learning something, first of all, the student has to trust the teacher.

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Right, if that trust isn't there, learning won't happen. And once you have that trust, then the student the teacher might place on you guidelines, restrictions, or requirements, you know,

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he may put rules on you that you're not comfortable with, that you're not used to. But if you have that trust, then you're going to have to follow those guidelines, but at the heart of that relationship, what's going to be tested

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your patience, and that's in the middle. And you may not be capable of that kind of patience. So you must turn to Allah and turn to turn to ally and say, oh, God and child loans.

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But under no circumstances should you be disobeying a teacher. you've entered into this relationship. disobedience is out of the question. Well, I asked him because it's a very beautiful symmetry of somewhere in between, and then the relationship between teacher and student on either end of this passage. Okay.

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Fantastic. Tanaka was in Tahlequah.

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March forward, to move forward.

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The sell off had died Arqiva until they both boarded so who's not there anymore?

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In terms out there anymore, is the internet.

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So the duality remains. Ha ha ha. They got onto a ship that he cracked. Hurricane tore. He tore the board's open. Allah, tala tala you tore it open to drown its people. nakaji Tasha and Emma, you've done something very grave. How could you have done this?

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Color lahmacun

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very calmly, I just want to imagine this scene to go down to the bottom of the ship. Thank you for giving us place will be by ourselves for now. Thank you, we'll be fine and he's ripping it up and water is gushing out and

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they're gonna drown. Didn't I say Be patient and then he's just ripping

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And first, somehow masala Salaam is able to hold themselves back and say law to TV magazine. Don't get me in trouble because of what I forgot. Ironically, his intern got in trouble because he forgot

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it Nina Seaton hood. Remember amantani Villa shadow nascara.

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And he got married him. Daddy Kanaka Nana Wait, this is what we were looking for. What did you do? That returned back and now Mousavi said I was in the same exact position. Okay, I shouldn't get in trouble because of what I forgot. And don't make things harder for me please. This is pretty hard. So go easy on now. fantana calm, they move forward. They've done their job, the good deed for the day at the ship, so they move forward hotelopia talapia until they reach a young boy Takata Allahu so he killed him.

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cathepsins Akita you killed a pure person. zakia because a child is pure. A child is innocent. And zakia means pure because they have no sense on the mere belaid enough's without any he didn't kill anybody. How could you have done this? Now? nohcra you've done something unheard of the murder of the child. Hello, Nicola. Nicola Ando Sati Amaya. sobre. Nada language is tougher. In NACA laka. Didn't I say to you?

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And I have no doubt you can't have patience with me. Allah insol tucan che in Baja. Okay, okay, okay.

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This is from Allah, I'm gonna back off. If I asked you anything after this for about 270, then don't accompany me.

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then you have full excuse that you fulfilled your part. And the fault is on my own. For myself, the fault is mine, I wasn't able to be patient, you're right. So if I'm not able to take it anymore, that's all on me. What we're learning now is sometimes the relationship between the student and the teacher goes south. It goes bad. And when it goes bad, and the students not able to meet requirements, tough requirements were there and he sat in the teacher's offices. inshallah, inshallah, I'll be, you know, I'll, I'll do it, I'll do the work, I'll do the work. I promise, I promise, I promise. And then a couple of weeks go by and none of that work gets done, or more

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failures occur, more lapses occur. And at that point, the student is frustrated with himself or herself. But you know, when people are frustrated with themselves, they like to mask that with frustration with everybody else around them. So they said, Well, you know, what, they didn't give me enough of an opportunity. They're not very good at explaining it to me anyway. didn't give me enough chances. You know, the weather in Texas really got to me and the government, Donald Trump did this. Like, somehow

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you cannot accept that. You were watching Netflix until 2am.

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You can't accept that. It's the system. It's the government. It's big brother. Got you somehow. But it's not you. And then it's the TA and it's the teacher it's the institution and it's the book. Man I found a typo in the book.

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Now let me finish season for you.

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But then decency calls for the fact that you admit where you're wrong and you say you know what, if I violated again, I understand that there are consequences

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I'm not gonna beg and plead

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was it some already recognizes as tough as it was he's crossed the line twice.

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Okay, two strikes there's a three strike rule in the Koran to for expulsion

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even for profits on Tanaka, so they move forward until they come to a town that

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is Tama some town which town which town

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Oh come on. No. Okay. That's why it's neck era some town so that when somebody asks which town you say some town

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well how come cuz there's a 10 lien there who put a lot in

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Stata, Allah, Allah, they asked their people to feed them. What did they ask for food? Probably fish again? No, nobody cares.

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As the right questions for a bow up fuba so they refuse to be hospitable to them. Allah doesn't say they refuse to feed them. They refuse to be hospitable they wouldn't even open the door Get lost. Get out of here. Like they wouldn't even give them time of day. There's one thing I can't feed you. But there's a tree you could sit under. But they weren't nice at all in any way. They showed no hospitality, but whether the fee hideout on you reunion. So they found it a wall that wants to tip over, like it like that and you're called upon

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camo. So he set it straight for camo and looks like he's headed straight by himself. Because if they both said it straight, it would have been for a camo.

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Right? So he is working on on his own color Lucita. And by the way, why isn't was helping?

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He's scared. He's not going to take a single step until he's told.

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Because he doesn't know what will get him expelled? No. Because he said, If I do anything else,

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then I'm in trouble. So he's just

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color Lucita. Now I'm sorry, Sam is, by the way, just Busan from his personality that you know, does he like to stand by and just watch.

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So of all the things that kill him is, this means exhausting himself and he's not sure if he should help or not. And he sees that he's doing all this work and he's done.

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And it slips and he's not thinking this is my third strike. He's just saying, Well, you could have gotten paid like very casually, it's not like no *. I mean, they're walking away from the wall. Now our job here is done.

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Those people spit out us. kicked us out. You finish this monument in the middle of a city or walking away. Musashi sounds by this time what

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what is he hungry

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cotton pain

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maybe even murmured it.

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We didn't just declared I wanted you. And it was registered.

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Carla has of Iraq Albania Albania.

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Ironically, they met at a much more

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and then the conclusion is that of Iraq.

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The imagery of the language they meet where two oceans meet and now they are going to part Shahrukh by any webinar by Nick so it will not be will Kavita will I will tell you now inform you of the interpretation. I will lift the curtain from the unseen Milan Casa de la sobre over what you couldn't just couldn't be patient over now we won't go through the rest of the IR today but I will tell you one thing. masala Salaam was with his intern they crossed the line and what did they have to do?

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Come back for da da da da Hema Casa they had to restrict retrace all of their passes. Now, he that is going to retrace the causes.

00:22:38--> 00:22:52

He's going to retrace the stories, each one of them. So they actually go over each story again. Literally fulfilling now for the second time for de la de la casa, step by step. How cool is that?

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And then at the end of it Malika, what is it? delicata Lulu. mylanta sterilizable. By the way, you probably did this in self class, but I'll share this with you anyway. Notice that estafa is taught to st tartan. And a man who is still there when the hula just started lamb would be lambda Stata

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lambda Stata. And if you notice over here

00:23:22--> 00:23:24

it is not there.

00:23:27--> 00:23:28

You guys do this in class.

00:23:29--> 00:23:32

It's not there. And the last one is what lamb

00:23:33--> 00:23:33

does there.

00:23:35--> 00:23:41

The time the TA or close letters to each other? So the Arabs for coolness can actually just say one of them.

00:23:44--> 00:23:45

Is star star.

00:23:47--> 00:23:50

Star. Yes. So to zero.

00:23:51--> 00:24:02

You could say yes to and you can also say yes to they're both acceptable. But that's not enough for iron would not just say well, this is cool. And this is cool. And the intention was to teach you a soft lesson

00:24:04--> 00:24:06

to huddles. No,

00:24:07--> 00:24:16

actually it's not a kathrada Takada when you say more you mean more when you say less you mean less which one is brief in speech does there artists out there

00:24:17--> 00:24:26

he's saying goodbye and he's saying there's no reason to elaborate anything anymore. I'm going to be as brief as I can be with you. This is a very quick x goodbye duster. Allah His sobre

00:24:28--> 00:24:32

we're done. I'm not even going to say a letter I don't have to you

00:24:35--> 00:24:50

just cuts it so holla he was far more patient actually with him before mylanta stop there. Either he sobre but by the end of it, let's not prolong this any more than we have to please take your stuff and go

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what stuff we didn't get any food

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Okay, so that's a quick overview of the,

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the story, inshallah we'll go into the ibuyer whatever details I skipped inshallah we'll go through some of those with Lila later. barakallahu li walakum Hakeem monophonic