Ramadan Reflections – Day 20

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Be True Believers

2017-06-17 – Ramadan 2017

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Ilaha Casa Casa da da da da da da da da

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da da See you there Cejudo ciliopathy, Milan via or either early in his career or hobby he left the mobile app.

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There's an I have a look on that I wanted to start off today's discussion with

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in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says starting off the ayah Yeah, you know, I mean,

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now when you read this ayah at first sight, there seems to be redundancy. And as we all know, redundancy is not in line with eloquence in the Quran without doubt is the eloquent word of Allah subhanho wa Taala the redundancy lies in the ayah where Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the believers Yeah.

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All those who have already believed there are lots of kind of Matata gives the command I mean, who believe it's like me telling someone sitting down or the one that is sitting down, sit down,

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or the one that is standing up already telling that person stand up, that person will say I'm already standing How can I stand up even further? So those who believe how can they believe I recall asking one of my teachers this question when I read the I said to him just explained this ayah to me, how is Allah subhana wa tada telling the believers to believe? Had Allah subhanahu wa tada said, Yeah, you're living in a cave for me know all those who have disbelieve, believe, or are living a shotoku Amina those who have made part of Allah believe that would be much more clear. What is the law saying in this ayah. So our shift said, that in order to understand this ayah, you must first

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understand the meaning of a man. What does it actually mean to believe? So the scholars, the theologians have defined the man from different perspectives. And each group of theologians that are defining the term eemaan, which literally is translated as beliefs, when they try to define it. They define it from a perspective that they are trying to include a group of people and exclude a group of people who had deviant beliefs, but called themselves believers. This is a very technical discussion, I won't go too far into it. But generally speaking, they say that eemaan consists of three components, out of which one, the first one is the foundation without that without that

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there's nothing. The second component of Imam is what brings you into faith in the eyes of other human beings. Without this, they cannot be sure that you are a believer in the rights of believers will not be given to you until you fulfill the second component of human. The third component of human is what helps you grow spiritually. Right. It helps you grow in your in your faith and helps you become a better human being helps you become spiritually more strong. What are these three things the first ingredient is what they call the Steve the big Dan, or the Steve will call to believe with the heart in Allah subhanho wa tada because that's where faith actually starts. It

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doesn't start with actions, it doesn't start with an external appearance. Faith actually starts in the heart. Without having faith in the heart of a person dresses outwardly, however they wish but in their heart, they don't believe what they claim to believe in them. That is the exact definition of hypocrisy of newfound faith starts in the heart, the stiff Belgian or the steel will come. The second is FRR will listen to testify with your tongue until the person doesn't testify in a loss of how to whom Watada with their tongue. Until that point, they will not receive the rights that Muslims receive, and they will not be obligated to do things that Muslims are obligated to do. For

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example, being a recipient of zakat. Only that person can be a recipient of the God who is a believer. So if the person didn't say like that in love with their tongue, they cannot receive the cup. The third, the third, the third component is what they call Ahmad bija. That now a person must do good deeds with their body parts to using the limbs that allow some kind of without that gave them they should use that for the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now all three of these when you put them together, you have a complete vision, a complete image of what the man should look like. Unfortunately, some people have misunderstood this. As I was saying earlier, people think a

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man or being a believer means that you dress a particular way or that you speak of

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particular way, or that you go to a particular machine, they use these small points to identify who is and who isn't a believer where these things are important. And they are very important that we focus on our actions and whatnot. But as we've been talking about for the past few days, all of this the whole journey of your faith starts with you submitting your heart to Allah subhanaw taala. It starts with a class, it starts with starts with you going back to your Shahada, the Shahada that many of us has never officially took, because we were already born into Islam. We never had to testify against anything. But if we were to make a test application today, if we were to say, a

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shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, if this was a turning day of our life, where we were living, we live in Kufa and entering into Islam. What is that statement actually mean? What does that mean? La La, la, la La, la as you testify, that there is no God but Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no one you will submit yourself internally in your heart but to Allah subhanho wa Taala the commands belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala that says that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala llama boo de la la la must do the LA LA LA Matsuda en la la la ilaha illa Allah, that my goal in my life the purpose of everything now will be Allah subhana wa Tada. That's what we say our Shahada This is what it

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actually means that I submit myself for Allah subhanho wa Taala myself, my intellect, my wealth, my family, everything that I have Allah subhanho wa Taala laka Mahayana omachi right for you as my living and for you as my death Yala. That's what we're saying when we make the statement, la la la la. And regarding this

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one of the Persian poets he said to me go yo mussulman bellossom Katana Masekela de la de la hora to me Yo, yo, musalman musalman. Um, whenever I say I'm a Muslim, right, but a lot of them I begin to tremble. My hands and feet begin to shake. Ghana Mischka. la de la la hora because I understand how difficult the path is ahead of La la la la, la la. It's not just a simple statement. I have to fulfill my promise. Allah subhanho wa Taala took a mythique as the Quran says the covenant and the covenant Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us to build up become, Am I not your Lord? And the love is not just Lord. It's the one who nurtured you the one who gave you everything. does everything not

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come back to me? everything you own everything you are does not come back to me. Follow? What did we say? Bah bah blah. Of course there's no doubt on that. everything turns back to you. So if we actually believe in this, a shadow Allah, Allah Allah if we believe in that, then where is the practice of it gone? Where is the motto? Gone? So there's a balance here, believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with the heart. And this is really important. When we want our children to learn the deen tomorrow if you want your children to be firm on the deen know that you need to sit with them and talk with them about a man. You need to explain the mind to them. Don't just force it

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on them if your children their first exposure to the deen is you forcing them to pray Salah? Are you telling them go read the Koran in an angry tone? That's not you introducing them to the deen? At least not the way they should be introduced? You and your children to learn the deen you have to sit down and talk to the dean. You have to talk to them about the theme. What is a loss of Oh who is Allah? subhana wa tada what is Islam? What is Salam? What are we actually doing when we give our succot? Why are we actually fasting? I have a habit that every day I'm in my home and I start my fast after we as a family make an intention that Allah we are fasting for your sake, I then give a

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little hunting out to my kids. I tell them today we are fasting and we'll make law that wherever the poor people are in the world yeah and law provided for them. They understand that Oh, fasting is about remembering the poor people. Yeah, Allah we're so thankful for everything you've given that we're going to spend the next few hours away from what you have given us so we could be more thankful to you Oh, that's why I'm fasting haven't been interaction reflecting that this is why we actually do our Eva. These are not just useless. jahir rituals that have no meaning behind them. Our Deen is the most meaningful thing. There's so much into it, but we have to understand it. When we

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look for that love for Allah subhanho wa Taala as much as they say that love can be for many reasons. But people will generally love one another for three reasons. The first thing they say is

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Sun is when you love someone because they favored you. I density for you, I did something for you. You did something for me in return, we'd love one another. They say this is a this is a very weak form of love. The reason is because as soon as that person stops their son, as soon as they stop their favours, what's going to happen to the love.

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It's going to go away, right? Like someone's giving you a food each day. You're happy you're happy you're happy. The day they stopped giving you a fruit. That love is gonna be gone. They say don't let that be the love you have for Allah subhanho wa Taala where you're only happy with allow it allows

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honohan with Allah gives you, but when Allah subhanho wa Taala holds back from you, you become angry with Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second type of love, they say, is a love that you have with someone because of his love. There's a characteristic of there's. So for example, you love someone because of their beauty, or you love someone because of their speech, because the way they speak, or you love someone because of their characteristic of being generous.

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This is also good. But the problem with this is if for whatever reason you stop experiencing, or you fail to witness that characteristic in them, what will happen to your love, someone loves another person purely for their beauty. If for whatever reason, they get into an accident and their face burns and they lose that beauty. Will this person love this person now or not? It's the question because if they love them for that purpose, nothing else. One young man came to me one young lady came to me. She's a chef, I need your help. So what happened? She said, when I was in college, you know, I my first year I met this guy, he was a Muslim guy. She wasn't Muslim. And she said that we

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sat with each other. We liked each other when we had intentions of getting married. But we promised that we wouldn't get married until we had graduated from college. And in the interim, we wouldn't speak to one another just to keep it hot on.

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She says I came to him four years later, he refuses to marry me now.

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I came to him and years later, he refuses to marry me. So I asked him, I said, Why don't you want to marry her. He said I promised to marry her when she was 30 pounds less.

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As for this, I have no interest at all. This is a good example of love for a simple characteristic. I said to this lady, you've been spirit of this man's misery. Trust me, it seems like he has a he has like a like a his own personality and he loving people for certain small things. This is not love. True Love is a third level of love. And this is where you love someone for their that not because of their son, not because of their characteristics, but you will love them for who they actually are. There's so much more about them. Beyond just one favor. Beyond this one characteristic. There are so many things about that person that everywhere you look you to see more

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beauty and more beauty and more beauty. And this is the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Everywhere you look, you just can't understand. The alcohol is unable it doesn't have the capacity to understand the favours beauty and love of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah himself says, We're in amatola

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that even if you try to count the favors of a law, if you tried to search for all of that beauty, there is no way that human being can ever find all of that beauty as a last sentence would not be a coma to cut the band. How long would you continue to reject the fevers of your Lord? Do you not see your Lord's beauty is everywhere laid out imagine when they love each other imagine who needs to come to the last village where she would live. And he used to randomly starts hugging the walls and kissing the walls. People would say he was a sicko. They said what are you doing crazy man? you're hugging bricks without? You're kissing? You're kissing the stone. What are you doing with yourself?

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And he said, I'm going to rule out a deity the Adi Laila I passed by these homes and inside one of these homes lies My beloved data of God be with LG sorry with LG Laurie. Sometimes I kiss that wall sometimes I kiss this wall here. Well my hope but the average size of metal beam. But don't think for a moment that I love these homes. These homes are these houses I'm infatuated with the brick and mortar when I can hook them on second.

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I'm actually in love with the one who lives inside these homes.

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That's what I'm in love with. I'm in love with Layla and I know one of these homes. She lives here and my love for her is so great that anything that attaches themselves to later is beloved to me to this is love. And that's the love that every one of us should have for Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala and anything that becomes a symbol of Allah subhana wa tada that reminds us of a law should also be relevant to us when when you ask them Sharia law for him or her. When Taku whoever has honor for the symbols of a law, the symbols of a law for example, the Kaaba, the Koran, then they'd be sent along while he was some of the list goes on the shy side miroir in our dementia,

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Ira, these are all symbols of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, the scholars they say even the pious people amongst you, they are the symbols of Allah, you have honor for them, you love them, and watch how Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you love in return. So make your love not from the weaker form of love for Allah subhanho wa Taala make your love strong. And once you have that love in if you look at the word love anatomy, what do we call love anatomy? Anyone know?

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Mahatma right love. If you look at the root of this word,

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the scholars they say you will find that the root of this word matches very beautifully with another word have ba have better. What does hubbardton mean?

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Much better. levina in Panama

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piece of Utila Kamali Have a seat. And they say the reason why the word love is derived from this word, which means a seed is because if you study the seed properly, it'll give you the journey of love. You take the seed, you put it in the ground, where know I can see it, love starts in the heart where know I can see it. And then after you put the seed in the ground, you have to give it the right environment level on the growth, the right influences are there, then you give it time you water it, you give it what it needs, and you protect it from what will harm it. Same thing with love, you have to continue to nourish that love, you need to hear beautiful things, you need to save

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yourself from hearing things that will harm that love. And then with time what will happen that that seed will grow in its roots and will pop out of the ground. And then you'll see that the love will grow on to the tongue that I've been talking about the person that I love. And then from them, you'll see that this tree will grow into a huge tree. And not only will it be so strong and firm, that that you can benefit from it, but other people passing by will benefit from it to those who are passing by the one who loves Allah subhanho wa Taala will benefit just from your prep just from acquaintance like the one who enters into a fragrance shop, you don't have to even apply it just by

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the one who walks underneath a tree without taking anything from the tree will benefit from the shade. And once the tree grows in this form, from the unseen hidden seed into this huge tree. Now if you want to take the tree out of the ground, can you just go and pull it out and walk away? Can you just pluck it out? Love that goes through its proper form, and matures appropriately, can never just be plucked out of a heart. At that point. If you try to take it out, it becomes stubborn. And it gets harder and harder and harder until you beat that person on the score in the scorching heat of Mecca. And he continued to say a hug a hug. Because this is your loved

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one with every lash. He testifies his love to Allah with every lash. He testifies his love to Allah, because his love for Allah beloved, the other one was not superficial. It was real. And that's the level of love, we should want our children to have the experience our children have had with Islam, unfortunately, and I see it it's very unfortunately, as any mom I deal with these cases very regularly, is superficially. The religion has always been a burden on them. Their parents have forced it and forced it and forced it and kids who don't like being forced or being forced into something. And then at the end of it when they study this Islam when they look back at it, when

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they've grown out of the homes of their family members, they say it was that for us because of which I was tortured. It was that Hades because which I was tortured. If someone thinks that they were tortured by the message of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who was without doubt Rama tulameen there's a problem in your way of teaching Islam. And you as a parent and I as a preacher will be held accountable by Allah subhanho wa Taala if the Quran which was a Rama hedaya for them, if the Quran that was hidayah guidance, ends up becoming a burden in someone's life and take someone outside of Islam, and there was something seriously wrong with that process. And it's

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this process that's corrupted, unfortunately, that Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses in the Quran with the ayah where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you have Lavina Manu. I mean, those of you who believe that you actually those of you who think that you believe it's time for you to truly believe now, believe properly at the proper process, and then you will find it results repair that a loss of time without accept from us all was that alone without any form of ceremony.