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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of Nifaq ( hypocrisy) and the Munafiqoon in Ayats 8 and 9 of Surah Al Baqarah. The hypocrites have been described exhaustively in  Surah at-Tawbah (chapter 9), Surah an-Nur (chapter 24), Surah al-Munafiqoon (chapter 63) and other Surahs as well so that their description would be known and their ways and errors could be avoided.

Allah SWT talks about the hypocrites as those who claim Iman by their tongues, but in their hearts they conceal disbelief. Allah SWT revealed the characteristics of the hypocrites so that the believers would not be deceived by their outer appearance, thus saving the believers. The believers might think that the hypocrites were believers when in reality they are disbelievers. Allah SWT knows everything that is inside our hearts and how we act. 

In Ayat number 9, Allah SWT warned Muhammad ﷺ to be careful of hypocrites who have accepted Islam only for worldly benefits. When it comes to making a sacrifice or changing themselves in the way of Islam they take a step backward. They assume that by doing this, they will mislead Allah SWT, or that they will get help from Allah. This is indicative of their total ignorance. Alas! How unfortunate are they!

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Get to a category that's kind of it seems like they're in between the two. But we'll dig deeper and find out that they're actually according to Allah, they're just another category of disbelievers. They're actually just an extension of those who don't believe. And this popular the popular term for them among the Muslim community is the hypocrites, people who say one thing and do another right. Now the thing is the previous two groups, everything is very obvious, the one who believes is obvious. And the one who disbelieves is obvious because they demonstrate what they believe. But this category of people is complicated. And that's why you'll notice in a couple of it, and just five out

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the matter of the believers was made very clear, in a couple of hours, the matter of the stubborn disbeliever was made very, very clear. But when the when it comes to the munafo, and the hypocrite, there are exhaustive I attend some of the most complicated examples given in the Quran are given here. By the way, somebody if you can close the door, the sound is distracting and challenge.

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Also, probably children will be wrestling eventually. So let's level up you know. So what In any case, so this, this is the most complicated our group that the Quran talks about, and it's the most, like exhaustively talked about group there are several ayat about them in the surah. There's going to be IR dedicated to them exhaustively in sort of Tunisia, for example, certain minor deals with them to some extent, then you've got a huge chunk actually even skipped under Avalon, there's a piece of about them and other Emraan. You've got an exhaustive discourse about them in in total, and then again in sort of Toba. Then again, later on insert two news stories from an African I mean,

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over and over again, this group of people is talked about and talked about exhaustively, but it is a very complicated subject. It is not a simple subject and ally intended it to be so because it's he kept it complicated for a reason. what goes on inside of these people. First of all, it is complicated. They're not in one situation. La ilaha illa Allah Allahu la Urbina, Urbina galaxy not quite here, they're not quite there, they're kind of caught in between, sometimes they have a good day, sometimes they have a bad day, they're there, they fluctuate, so you can't put a finger on it. It's kind of like a patient who, whose whose, whose disease shows up sometimes, and other times, he

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looks perfectly happy, perfectly healthy, you know, like, this person is not sick at all. And then another day, they're just completely like, they can't even get out of bed, you know. And so it's very difficult to diagnose that situation. Now this is important because the the attitude of the Muslims, I want to give you a little bit of an overview of the subject of the FARC of hypocrisy in light of the Quran, just some things about it, because even though it's it's a complicated subject, I felt it important to give you an overview, because it's the first time I was going to talk about this group.

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Because, you know, for Muslims, we kind of use these terms to casually, just like like yesterday I talked about we use the term coffee casually, or on uses it very specifically, we use it very casually. Same thing with the word munafo. Allah uses it very specifically very targeted, and very serious term. And we throw the word out for just, you know, you're hearing about hypocrites, and you're like, Yeah, man, my cousin seriously, he's such a hypocrite and you're like, in your head, you've already got a picture of somebody who you want to label, you know. So we're too casual with this very, very serious term. So just a couple of comments about the seriousness of this subject.

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There is nobody talked about in the Quran. That is that calls for more anger from Allah than this group of people. There is nobody in the Koran that is described with worse punishment than this group of people in Illuminati Tina Fey dark, callous feminine now, the hypocrites no doubt are in the lowest of the stages of hell. And the lower Helle goes, the worst it gets, and the lowest of them is reserved from an AR 15. So when you decide or I decide to just call somebody, a hypocrite, it's not a small thing that you just did. That's actually far worse than even coffee. It's actually far worse than caffeine. The the level to which Allah azza wa jal will describe as anger towards

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these people is not something small. That's the first thing to note. And it's important to note the difference between someone who's got weak human, they're not doing so well there, this will be a lot here and there, things like that, and they're trying to get better. And a hypocrite, those are two very different things. They're very, very different things. The second thing I want to talk about is the FARC. hypocrisy at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and our time you have to make a distinction. It is absolutely necessary. I'll make this subject easy for everybody to understand. Can you compare my faith and your faith? My Iman and your Eman to the amount of workers to decode

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the law? No, no, there is no comparison. The sacrifices he made that Omar made that Earth man made that he made that, you know, Osama bin Laden, the Sahaba, who made these these sacrifices who lived this Koran when it was first revealed, what they accomplished and what they went through. We can't even begin to imagine. This was the best of generations for a reason. Because the hardest of the missions ever given to a human being was supported by these people. And also last by saddam had the hardest of all missions ever given. And these were the people that had backed

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him up. These were his crop that helped him carry that mission. These are the greatest of all people. In other words, when Allah talks about the truest of believers and the greatest of them, there are degrees, right? Every generation has their sabi Hoon, but really the US Boko Sabatini is that generation, that first generation, right? And they're the best of the best, the same way. They're Kufa. They're disbelievers, the, like Abu Jihad and Abu lahab. You know, or in the Quran, people like fit our own even,

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you're never gonna get a fit out. And again, you're gonna get people that come close, but you're not gonna get a fit on again, you're not gonna get another book, come on, Allah tell you. I mean, this guy earned the kind of accolades even shaitan would want his autograph is up there, you know, Abu lahab is no joke to be an uncle of the prophets, I saw them and then curse him to be an uncle of the prophets, I saw them and then celebrate the death of a baby. You know, this, so you're gonna have bad people, you're gonna have enemies of Islam later on, but nobody's even gonna come close to the fact that an entire surah will be dedicated by his name da ba da Vila have been with him. It's not

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gonna happen. You understand? So that their best, our Warden far above our best, and their worst, are far above are worse. There's no comparison the same way. They're hypocrites are far worse than any hypocrites that will come after them. Because that situation, they have the opportunity to receive guidance from the best of all human beings directly sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In addition, they were in the company of the bus generation there ever was and they still didn't take advantage of that. You and I read the Quran as a book. They didn't read the Quran. They heard the Quran and they heard the Quran from the voice of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, there's a world of a

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difference. What they did not take advantage of anybody who comes I'm not saying hypocrisy died. hypocrisy continues nifa continues, but the level to which they were when I feel nobody will ever be enough if you understand. So when Allah azza wa jal talks about it, there are degrees. And so when you quickly jump the gun and say, Well, here's the

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here's the IRB hypocrisy, I can think of who it applies to. It doesn't apply in the same degree. It doesn't apply in the same degree and there's a massive, massive difference we have to be sensitive to these differences. So that's the second comment that I wanted to make as an introduction to this subject. The third comment that I want to make again introductory concepts so are thinking about the subject is clear. All of this based on the Quran itself. The third of these concepts is Allah azza wa jal went out of his way to keep the hypocrites a mystery.

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Even Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went out of his way to not name them to not name them refused the worst of them every Sahabi knew of letting me know babe and saloon Lana, Hola. Everybody knew there was no confusion that that guy is not just hypocrite, he's hypocrite public enemy number one. He this guy was the worst of the worst of the worst. He called himself Muslim. He joined the ranks of the Muslims and I should tell you a little bit about his story because if you're going to study hypocrisy in the Koran, you got to know this guy that's like you get like if you're gonna study coffin you better know if at all right? If you're gonna study bonavia, you better know

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Abdullah, no way. You need to know if you don't know all the others. You got to know this one. This guy was actually a citizen of Medina. And Medina was made up of two major tribes, oats and cosmic hustle, it was the bigger one, and also was the smaller one. And as you can say, had they altogether combined. They had eight counties, you can think of it like counties nowadays, okay. One of them had eight counties, the other one had four counties, how many counties altogether? 12. Right. He was, you can say the governor of the biggest County, of all the 12 counties, part of his alleged First of all, he's from the bigger tribe, then he's head of the biggest county biggest family within them,

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and he's in charge. And the people of Medina decided before the Prophet came before Islam, they decided that we have all these different districts, we have all these different counties. We should unify all of them and create yesterday meaning the previous name of Medina as a kingdom. And we should name one unanimous King. And they started inaugurating Who should we pick among us, and they decided that the governor of the biggest district should become the king. And so that was going to be who and the lebon nobody even said who he was, he was actually inaugurated as their king. And so they started preparing the throne in Medina in the effort and an inauguration ceremony to celebrate

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the appointment of their first king. This is the situation of Medina and just literally days before he's supposed to be signed into office and take his oath as President, if you will. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam arrives in Medina, and on the profit slice Islam arrives in Medina, all this district and King business is done. The political campaign is over. It's completely washed off because now the unanimous

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Governor of Medina is who is also lost Isilon over the Muslims and even the non Muslims. His entire political career disappeared in a flash. And you know, when somebody loses after winning the election, they still don't get the presidency.

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That's gonna, that's gonna rub you wrong a little. And then the one who caused it cost you the presidency, that you're not going to really like them that much. But he has two choices. One, he could become direct enemy. And, you know, create his own party. You know, like some people wonder if Donald Trump doesn't get the Republican nomination, he might run as an independent, right? So you have the option of just taking your own Let me see who's loyal to me. And let me make my own group and then fight them and then see who comes out on top. But he thought he realized that actually, all of a sudden, even though the majority used to be with him, now the majority is with who was also I

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sell them. So opposing him is definitely a losing proposition. If I oppose him, there is no way I'm winning this election.

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So if you can't beat them, join them. So he accepts Islam, because that's the only way he can stay with the winning party.

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And he's hoping if I didn't get the presidency, maybe I can work my way up to the vice presidency. Maybe I could do that much. The problem with that was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the closest people to him were the ones that made the most sacrifices. And the ones that made the most sacrifices were people like abubaker, Rama, these are people from akar, Medina,

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there are people from Africa. So now not only do we have a foreigner King,

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his closest associates are all foreigners, to immigrants.

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And you know, when you're from Arabs in particular at that time, and even today, when you're from a region, you think about the politics, the leaders of that region should belong to where that region, every politician, even nowadays, even if they're running for local district, I'm a fellow Texan. And I'm from Tarrant County, you know, like, they're gonna,

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they're gonna emphasize how local they are, isn't it? But now all of a sudden, the leadership of Medina belongs in the hands of a group of immigrants. And actually not only the suicide salon himself, literally, by the way, they're called Maha Judo, which means immigrants, right? They're the ones who migrated. And the head of them is a migrant. And then the closest ones around him are also migrants, you know, and he's trying to fit himself into the vice presidency, he didn't get any room. Because the only way to get close to the full loss of life alone is to make more and more and more sacrifices. The only way you have to prove yourself, these people have proven themselves for well

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over a decade, the people of Medina, but that hasn't even happened yet. No tests have happened yet. So he's got no way to show his political importance. So what did he used to do? He used to actually show up to the prayer, every prayer early. And he used to be in the first row in every prayer, especially if

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and if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would ever make an announcement, he would get up right before the prophesied. And so people listen carefully. Rasulullah is about to speak.

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then he said, because you know, he missed the mic.

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And now the mic belongs to who? So so so at least he gets to be the emcee. Nobody invited him to be the emcee. But this way, at least he gets to see that people won't forget my face. They'll still see me in the public eye. So he needs to show constantly. And then he had to come to the prophet SAW him he hated the Prophet Orientalism. He hated him, obviously. Why? Because it's the Prophet is the reason Elisa to Salaam, that his political career came to an end. Do you understand? That's why he hates him. But still to show the people he has to go and sit next to the prophets, I send them and convince the prophet of how loyal he is, and how well he means for Islam and all of it. But you

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know, the thing about politicians is they can give big speeches. But when it comes to sending going to war, for example, do they go to war? Do they send the young sons and daughters of the land to the war? They send the poor, by the way, they mostly send the poor people, they don't even send their own kids to war. They send everybody else's kid to war, when Berger is about to happen, because he's actually genuinely a politician, is he willing and eager to join the battle? No, that's not his thing. His thing was politics. His thing was not sacrifice sacrifices for the lower class. He's from the elite class. He's from the upper class of society. But Islam comes and there's no more upper

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upper class and lower class, everybody's Muslim. And he's standing there. And by the way, when you know, leaders have tribes back in the day, when they came, people greeted them, they give them special chairs. You know, even nowadays, you have class society, many places, they have special places to sit, you don't have like the truck driver and the CEO sitting in the same place and we have this mentality even to this day, to this day, so many parts, sadly, even of the Muslim world. When you go you have a clear class society. You have people that are wealthy, they're gonna have the you know, the elite car and this and that and they have their drivers that are working

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On opening the door for them and this and that and they're not even said Salaam to people don't even say Salaam to the Muslims. And they don't even say Salaam to them. You know? You have this like VIP. I thought it was so disgusting. I went to a Muslim country went to Juma and in Juma the first three rows they had like this kind of security line VIP section

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Rasulullah sallallahu. I didn't have a VIP section. How do you have a VIP section, the entire purpose of making rows in the prayer was that the black and the white and the slave and the free and the poor and the rich, and the sick and the healthy, the young and the old, they stand in one row, they left everything behind. That was the point. But for some people getting that class system out of their head, it's very difficult. For Abdullah been away even sooner, it was very difficult. And people around him also it was very difficult. Because this Islam came in and gave these immigrants the status and one day he's standing there next time, his beloved, you know, next day and another

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time, next time is that a servant? Not even an immigrant in the servant of an immigrant, standing next time in prayer, and he's like, why should I? You know,

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you know, these are our Athena body or a Koran says, These are our riffraff. This is the second class. What are they standing next to us for? This is what people have the pastor kuffar used to say to people like no honey, salaam, sorry, honey. So now we want to listen to what you have to say. The problem is you have these low class people around you all the time. If you want to come to a four star restaurant or something, we can sit in a nice executive setting, maybe you come into my office because I don't want to come into your poor neighborhood and talk to you. It's beneath me. This is beneath me this the attitude that they had they brought towards the prophets. So this is one

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category of hypocrite that I wanted to introduce you to people who accepted Islam, but they didn't accept Islam because they were convinced of Islam. They didn't accept Islam because they loved Islam. They accepted Islam, because this was the only way to keep their political career hoping things will turn around eventually, you know, they say keep your keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, right so that's what they are. The idea was that he's gonna keep he's gonna keep his enemy also allows them closer even. He's gonna keep him closer. Now, that's one category of hypocrite, but these are that we're about to get into. The beauty of them is that Allah azza wa jal

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is so vast in his speech, and he's so all encompassing, in his speech, that multiple groups are targeted with the same statement is part of the beauties of the Quran. Look, you have given an example in a classroom, you have students, and

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different students have made different mistakes. One student failed the test, another student didn't do their homework, another student comes late. Another student is disrupting the class, there are different crimes within the classroom. And the teacher says

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some people here are in big trouble. All he says is some people here are in big trouble. When the teacher says that, who is he referring to?

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He didn't make it clear. By the way, the teacher did not make it clear. Or even if the teacher says one of you is in big trouble.

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And he didn't specify which one every one of them who's been up to notice thinking, or that's about me. The next one thinking that's about me, the next one's thinking that's about me, you understand? So sometimes the wisdom in speeches to keep things what general? So that applies to the maximum number of people. The first group of people is the hypocrites. And I gave you the example of the leader among them. There is another among them another category of hypocrites. These are people who accepted Islam, but they didn't realize that they were signing up for something very serious. In other words, I'll give you an there's a big difference between that Islam and Islam. The difference

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when somebody accepts Islam today, maybe somebody lives in an apartment by themselves. Their parents have passed away, they're alone. And they decide that they just go YouTube some videos, they watch somebody's video, there's Satoshi effusive SS or something, or watch something removes the manga. And they say, as long as interesting, and they start watching a few videos and they decide they want to become Muslim. Then they Google the closest mustard. They go there, take Shahada they become Muslim. What How is their life changed? Their life is changed because pork is gone. Alcohol is gone. Now. They're starting to wake up really early and pray. Some changes have come in their life. Yes.

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But back then, I want you to understand in Medina, when somebody accepted Islam, it wasn't just that their diet changed. Or now they're going to fast in Ramadan, or they're going to pray five times a day. You know what it meant? It meant that they are joining a campaign is struggle, and they are directly offending koresh.

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They are becoming enemies of the biggest tribe in Arabia. They are declaring war against the most powerful force in the region. Only by taking the Shahada. It was an act of loyalty to Islam, which means it was an act of war against Korea. It's gonna come with consequences. Isn't it true that the Sahaba who the people of Mecca who accepted Islam Didn't they get in big trouble? Why did they get

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trouble. They weren't telling, you know, even Halloween haraam food hadn't been revealed yet. Most of that time five prayers haven't even been been revealed yet. Laws of rebar were not revealed yet fasting was not revealed yet. Clothing restrictions were not revealed yet. Nothing of the things you think about when you think of Islam was there in Makkah. Almost nothing of it was there in Mecca. There was no fasting yet there was no five daily prayer yet. That was much later in Makkah, there was there was no clothing restrictions yet for women, there was no prohibition of alcohol yet nothing. Why are they getting in trouble? Because when you accept Islam, you've declared your

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loyalties to the profit slice of them, which means you have undeclared your loyalties to your tribe and who they worship. It was an act of defiance. So when you accept Islam in that day, basically, you've joined the military. I'm putting it simply to you. Basically, you are ready to join a military, you're not just accepting a religion. You're joining a movement. Now the thing is, these people saw this religion, it makes sense. There's one God, there's this beautiful revelation, beautiful words that we've never heard before. All of it makes sense. It appeals to my inner self and appeals to my inner nature. This is something that just resonates with me, it's a rational

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faith, I am going to accept my hearts, you know, connects with this faith, I'm going to accept it. But then call came for spending in the path of Allah migrating in the path of Allah fighting in the path of Allah carranger coming. And now you better prepare a military and the prophets. I said, I was gonna ask for these people who just accepted Islam to join the army. And they're like, we didn't sign up for this. I just, I just wanted to pray. I like praying. I like recitation. You know, I want to fix my demeanor. But this whole bother business I went back home from I'm just a farmer, man. I don't even have something to fight with. And most of us, we don't even have swords, you want us to

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go into battle. I mean, if you study the number of swords and butter, it'll tell you how much military background these people had. Just a number of swords, for the the the meager militia of 313. For these people, even to be mentally willing to go and fight you understand what what was being asked of them. So what I'm saying is they accepted Islam genuinely. But when they realize that Islam requires a lot of sacrifices, serious, serious sacrifices, of money and of self, then they decided to take a few steps back and say, I don't know if this is for me. I'm not so sure if this is the best thing. I mean, before this life, and yesterday was pretty easy. This is making things

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complicated, and who was there to gather those people and make their doubts even worse, of the loving have even said

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he had his political reasons for being a hypocrite, but he could prey on the ones that were weakened their faith and gathered them around him, you understand? So these two groups of people make up the munafo. They go from weakness of humanity straight into hypocrisy. Now, there's another two groups of people that I want to talk to you about before we get into this is very important. As a matter of fact,

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the Jews of Medina were divided into two categories. The Christians are a separate phenomenon. Predominantly, it's the Jews that I want to talk to you about today. The Israelites. They're in two categories. One of them has already been talked about the heads of the rabbis who recognize the Prophet sallallahu Sallam immediately. They recognize he's the messenger. And when they recognized him, they got terrified. They were terrified. You know why they were terrified. I mean, just paint this scene for you so that when these IOD come, we can pass by them quickly, because you'll have all of this background already.

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You see the rabbi's of that time, they were the ones giving the hotma the sermon, they were the ones giving the lectures, they were the ones teaching the religion. Yes. And they were the ones giving the fatwa. So everybody who followed the religion, the majority of the Jewish tribes, they would come to the rabbis for their fatawa for their sermons for learning the religion everything. If they accept Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the final messenger, are they going to get fatwa anymore? Is anybody going to attend their lectures anymore? Is their synagogue going to be filled anymore? No. They are going to go from being teachers to being students of Rasulullah saw them and

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they're gonna keep their mouth shut because now this is a religion of our Atlanta.

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We hear and we obey even they're going to be quiet and listen to the Prophet I subtlest which means their entire social profile, their reputation in the community, this is the alum This is the scholar. This is the Mufti. This is the Hatim all of a sudden his career is what is gone. There's no value left in him. You know, and this is actually a very big part of religious psychology, in any religion. When people are in a position of clergy when they're in a position of sermon in people teaching people. It's a place of influence. Actually, it's very close to politics, because a politician influences people and a religious leader also

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influences people. And that's why corrupt religious people get very close to politicians, because they're cousins to each other, you know, they're related to each other. Now, these religious people, they had a lot of influence on the people. And of course, when you have influence over the people, you can also ask them for money. And if they're corrupt themselves, eventually, somehow the other money goes in their pockets. And so they'll give the kinds of fatawa. And they'll give the kinds of verdicts to people that they want to hear, they'll, they'll even change their religion to suit the public. You know, that's what they used to do. Now, this profit has come along, and they know he's

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the actual profit, but they know that if they accept Him, then the entire population under them will also accept him, which means their business has finished because for them, religion has become a business. By the way, I'm talking about the Jewish community of Medina, but I'm not limiting this conversation to Jews or to Medina, religious leaders in any capacity can turn religion into a business. Very easy, very easy. And you know, in any business, you have competition. And in order to stay on top of the competition, sometimes it's not just enough that you have a good product, the only way to keep your customers is you have to go after the other guy.

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So your sermons, your hotbars, your lectures are going to be about how misguided that one is. And how deviated this group is, and how you shouldn't listen to those and you shouldn't listen to these. And that's all you're going to talk about. Because you're afraid you're going to lose your customers and they're going to go over there. So what are these people stopped start doing? The leaders of the hood, their hotbars, their sermons, their lectures, their inner discussions, were about Watch out for these Muslims. Don't go listen to him. Because you know what started happening? I'll tell you the second category of Jews, not every Jew in Medina was a rabbi By the way, there is like you have

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regular Muslims, not every Muslim is an island. Same thing in Medina, not every Jewish member of the community is a scholar of the Torah. No. And we only know their Islam from what was like many of you only know whatever you know about Islam from what does that you've heard talks that you've heard. So they listen a little bit, tell us a little law. So I said, I'm gonna say, Hey, we heard this. And

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I was telling us that as these signs these signs these signs on when they happen, that's the final messenger. This messenger fits all of those signs. Oh, my God, is this the final messenger? And they start sitting in the company of the prophets, I saw them, and they started listening, and they start thinking, wow, this is exactly what we learned about. I think this is it. I'm gonna go talk to my Rabbi right now. I should congratulate him. Guess what I found rabbi, the final messenger. You know, so they go back to the rabbi, they go tell him guess what we found? He's actually saying everything you've been teaching us, because you've been telling us the last messenger is coming. And 100%

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everything you taught, he fits. It's so awesome. And when that happened, the rabbi would give them a different lecture, to Hadith hoonah, homie, Masada Allahu Allah.

00:27:53--> 00:27:54

Allah just, you know,

00:27:55--> 00:28:27

you don't go Don't go talk to them. Don't go talk to the Muslims. Don't tell them that you match with the the match with you that you've learned this already? That you agree with a no, no, no, no. Because if you say that, then you have to accept them. And if you accept them, you have to join the battlefield. And then you're going to be you're going to get killed, the better you don't say anything. Otherwise, on Judgement Day, Allah will hold it against you. If you accept, so just play ignorant. Don't Don't go there again. Because if you accept that you're going to be held responsible. You know, even to this day, there are some Muslims who say, I don't learn anything

00:28:27--> 00:28:41

about Islam. Because if I learned and I'll be responsible, so I'd rather not even learn. That is the exact advice that was given to them. This second group of people is actually the regular Jewish community of Medina.

00:28:42--> 00:28:49

Who when they heard about what the Prophet is saying, they found it resonate with what they've been learning.

00:28:50--> 00:29:09

But they didn't want to outright reject it. So they tried to tell the Muslims basically Listen, we have we're pretty much the same guys. We're all one happy family. You guys believe in Allah. We believe in Allah. You believe in an afterlife? Yeah, we kind of sorta believe in an afterlife, too. We have so much in common. We're one big happy family. We're all going to heaven. Yay.

00:29:10--> 00:29:23

Let's just you know, you know, and by the way, when they say that, you know what? They escaped, right? They escaped believing in the Prophet. They say we believe in God. And we believe in some kind of afterlife. But what do they skip?

00:29:24--> 00:30:00

Because if you if you if you accept profit, then you have to obey. And then sacrifices will come. So let's just keep it to the general things we have in common. Let's just have an interfaith conference where we talk about what we have in common in Medina, and we'll all feel happy about each other. Because we're we're a lot like you guys. You know, that's good enough. And that was another kind of hypocrisy in Medina. They were trying to pass that off as good enough for you, man. So the the, the IR that we're about to read, are about the hypocrites, but they're also about this this element of the Jewish community who thought what they have is enough and

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Enough to demonstrate the man. Now with that background read the IR wamena Nazi when yaku ama Nabila among the people, there is somebody who says we believe in Allah, we believed in Allah when you're wearing the Omega. And then of course also in the day in the last day, well, meaning and they are not believers in any way, shape or form. They are not believers at all. There are so many nuances inside this ayah. Let's dig through them one by one. The first of them is minuteness alauddin, samina, livina, amanu, minahasa sevillanas among people, which means he opened this up, it includes the hypocrites that have already accepted Islam, it includes the people who are demonstrating

00:30:37--> 00:31:11

hypocrisy that are still within the Jewish community. And they're just coming off and saying, No, no, no, we're just believers just like you. We're all the same. them too. And so this is what meanness, the second thing is, you know, Allah says many aku the word man they say in Arabic, so most of all Muslim, it's ambiguous. In other words, some of them somebody says, Allah didn't say olevia, Hulu that would have been mostess very specific, very particular. The idea is Allah wants to keep these people a mystery. He doesn't want to expose who they are.

00:31:12--> 00:31:16

This is actually the wisdom of a lion Quran that he never exposes hypocrites by name.

00:31:17--> 00:31:37

He doesn't he was exposed kofod by name De La Villa, Cafe by name, by name, but he never exposes someone Africa by name. You know the wisdom in that very powerful wisdom so that you have a sunnah of Allah, a sunnah of Allah that will last until judgment, a no believer and no human being should be naming another human being.

00:31:38--> 00:31:47

I don't have a right to call anybody when we'll see why in this in today's passage, I'll break that mystery from you. Now. Allah says vehicle obey Him rod. They have a disease where

00:31:48--> 00:32:04

who can see inside the heart? Nobody. Symptoms you can see outside, but you can diagnose the symptoms incorrectly. what goes on inside the heart, only that person knows that only Allah knows which means I have no right. No matter what I see in front of my eyes, I have no right to call another person.

00:32:06--> 00:32:32

As a matter of fact, everything you will learn about hypocrisy. The only benefit of it is not that you find somebody in your community to point at, the only benefit of it is you have a better view in the mirror. That's the only purpose of studying hypocrisy, that you and I look in the mirror and say Do I have this disease? That's the only reason these details are given when the profits are mostly idle munakata or bondman can have enough to be enough if a woman asks

00:32:33--> 00:32:42

for things whoever has them then there Monique three things if they have them their money What are those things being told to us so we look inside of ourselves now. The next thing is

00:32:44--> 00:33:19

when you say announced that includes the Muslims, but it also includes non Muslims so it's open ended Yeah. Now may have cool open ended. But then Allah says May the modalities use what's called the present tense, which means this person doesn't just say one time, if it was said one time, that would have been one minute now see one color, one color mancala when he says Manolo, while Maria de la steamroller, its continuity, meaning this person comes and says it and says it again and says it again. And this is an important thing to understand. Imagine my belief in Allah, my belief in the last day, I don't have to come and keep telling you, by the way, you know, I believe in Allah.

00:33:20--> 00:33:23

I really believe in the Ashura man, my man and they are

00:33:25--> 00:33:48

so strong. I don't do that. And the more somebody does that, the more you're like, why does he do that? Why does he think I don't believe him? Why does he feel the need to tell me what's going on inside his heart because he is what's going on inside your heart. You don't have to come out and say it. I'm looking at laquan who doesn't come to the Prophet every other day, by the way, also, LA. I'm a nebula.

00:33:50--> 00:34:12

I still I still believe in a lion. The last day, by the way, just wanted to make sure you know, that heaven in hell. Good to go for me. I'm totally believer. He did. He didn't do that. When does somebody come and do that? When does somebody come and do that? Like, when does the child come and tell the parent By the way, I did my homework, by the way, no, no, I totally did it. Okay. I just, I'm done. Okay.

00:34:13--> 00:34:14

Because they really don't want you to check.

00:34:17--> 00:34:34

There is a guilty conscience. And there's a there's a paranoia that I'm going to be exposed. When you're paranoid that you're going to be exposed, then you go out of your way to present your case even before you're asked you walk into the room in the kitchen, I didn't do anything. That means they did something

00:34:37--> 00:34:39

because you didn't even ask me.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

So when they come out of the door of their way and just keep on saying we will leave in a line of course we will leave in the last day. Then actually they feel they realize yes that hula hula satin Allah him, they realize every outcry is against them. See what happens is this is a very powerful psychological phenomenon in the Quran. I'm standing here giving the hookah and I'm talking about hypocrisy.

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

I'm talking about people who cheat in their businesses. They cheat in their business and I'm just angry and I'm like, don't like this. And I'm like, Why no limit of 15 and there's one guy in the audience is thinking, why is he looking at me?

00:35:15--> 00:35:23

Once you know, now I'm not looking at him. But he's convinced I'm looking at why? Because he just cheated a customer.

00:35:24--> 00:35:30

He's got a guilty conscience. And now he feels like somehow I found out and I decided to give my football about him.

00:35:31--> 00:36:09

You understand? So he gets paranoid when the Quran came out um Allahu Allahu Allah boo boo him while others me him. I'm sorry English Ah, wah, wah Lee when he's tough I art came about disbelievers and they don't believe in the al Qaeda and the believers truly have will be located at home you can own they have absolute conviction in the US Allah, the hypocrites are singing. Why are they looking at me like that? Why are they Why is he saying this stuff about me? Man, do they know what's really going on me? I need to go. I better go defend myself. So they come and defend themselves as a no no, we actually believe in Allah. And we of course we believe in the last day and that's why Arabic

00:36:09--> 00:36:30

students will notice here biLlahi we're beliau malarkey the toolbars you don't need to buzz you can say I'm a Nabila he will yo Mila but they go out of their wings of course by again of course also in the afterlife in the next then in the last day, we go out of our way to believe in it to demonstrate it and to remove that that paranoia that they have.

00:36:31--> 00:37:06

Shu Rahim Allah says that when Why did Allah begin with meanness You know, sometimes there are these grammatical discussions among them of assume that they're so hard to put an easy English my job in shallow Tada, may Allah make it easy is to take some of that complicated stuff and put it in simple language for you. pages upon pages of Lima bada meanness, why did he begin with bananas from among the people, that is not a normal way to start an Arabic sentence? That is not a normal way to start with an Arabic sense. And what makes it complicated is the following. Obviously, hypocrites belong to people, right? They're not they're not a species of monkeys. They're not they're not part of the

00:37:06--> 00:37:26

elephant clan. They're obviously from the people. What's the point of saying from among the people? You could just say some people say why tell us that they are among the people. This is actually a rhetorical device. It's a way of speaking. For example, they say in Arabic hands on with Alexander my akuna. Hadith yuxi. Buddha, man, this person

00:37:27--> 00:37:30

is speakers on a lucky day.

00:37:32--> 00:37:39

In San Juan, when you say that someone oils on your tongue, you know what that means? You disgusting creature.

00:37:41--> 00:37:46

Get your this is not said nicely. You don't say to somebody? Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's Han.

00:37:48--> 00:37:54

Han. Or look at this guy over here. This this guy. Everybody knows he's a guy. He's not a girl. When you say this guy.

00:37:56--> 00:38:39

It's actually an expression of how disgusted you are with them. You understand? When Allah says meanness some among the among some people, other people, there's some group. It's his disgust that's captured here. yuxi Buddha man. He's disgusted with this much that he's about to talk about. Then he says Maya kulu Amanda Bella. They come and say we believe in a lot now maiocco isn't it some muscle? yada, yada yada Gemma mokulua means someone who says it can also mean a group of people who says it can mean both. But in Arabic language money aku Luna is also Japanese you can say if you want it to mean plural you can use the plural verb, but the plural verb is not used. The singular verb is used,

00:38:39--> 00:39:20

meaning one guy comes and he says, but when he says, Does one person come and say I believe or we believe when one person is speaking, I believe so. I was expecting the iotc Amendola, Yakubu Amendola, but he says, I'm a novela. We've all believed in Allah. He's using the word we Why is he using the word we because he wants to blend in with everybody else. He's not saying my Eman, don't check my email. I'm happy man. Of course. What do you say we're all the same, right? So he's trying to make it sound like we're all just one big happy gang man. I'm not out of this group. I'm part of this group. And nebulae will be Liam. And

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

then this is also I told you because this I can also refer to the Jews. Like even though I shouldn't others comment. Those people have had him on in a law firm before Yes. And no court is criticizing that they haven't had the man in the era. So they go out of their way and say that's why the past tense. Oh, no, we've always believed in God. And of course, yeah, of course after the last day too. So trying to console the problems on you don't have to emphasize the afterlife so much okay. We already got it. We're good with that. Not me Nuba Mountains. Isla Elena later on. We'll say same Sula will say we already believe what was given to us. No, thanks.

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Munna Villa he will go Valium in a hurry. And then Allah azza wa jal says Walmart Home Depot meaning they are not believers at all. Now, I want to just highlight a quick thing about this last bit of the ayah. You know, I'll read something for you actually, which I thought was very important. There are only two parts of Amanda mentioned I briefly mentioned this before, they mentioned emanuela and Eman in the last those are the only two commands the only two aspects of faith that they made mention of why now you're still the owner and yes guru yes guru he might have been Nabi sallallahu Sallam is the scholar and he has a little off for Dr. Suna Allah, Allah He will Yamanaka he

00:40:35--> 00:41:15

homiletic defy Yvonne one will have forgotten Allah gouffre him Bettina naxa home recorded, recorded to home, Mina yahood what a pointed commentary, they're just not able to say we believe in Allah and His messenger and the last day, it can get themselves to say it's too heavy on their tongues. They have too much hatred for the profit slice alone. But they can't show that hatred. So they'll come with a smile and talk about what they have in common, but they won't demonstrate the hatred towards a smaller size and they'll try to hide it as much as they can. Because their their leadership is very angry with Allah himself and with the profits Arsenal because they were expecting the final

00:41:15--> 00:41:53

revelation to come within the within the clan within the Israelites, but it came to the lesser Arabs, the Gentiles, the curse children of Ishmael, you know, that's how they've depicted them in their literature. They made him into the curse child is all made up fabrications that they developed. And they they invented over centuries and centuries and centuries to develop a hatred, almost a religiously bound hatred for the Jews, considering all for the Arabs, all the Arabs are children of Ishmael and Ishmael himself is cursed by God. So all those children are cursed, and their children of the devil and all of this stuff. And now evangelicals hold on to that stuff. And

00:41:53--> 00:42:34

they give sermons about it. You know, is this a very, like old historical hatred? It's not just, you know, Israel versus Palestine nowadays. This is an old thing that has religious origins. Their religious scripture passed this hatred down. And so he says, when they had to accept, you know, Muhammad Salah from it from the children of his Marine, as the final messenger of Allah, they just couldn't get themselves to say, God in the last day, that's good enough, then, you know, now we find that some things about the order we saw we learned about the believers, we learned about disbelievers. And now we're learning about who advocates right. Look at the commentary of several

00:42:34--> 00:43:17

orlimar Ahava Nicola who was Mr. Robot in Hong Kong for a while I do an akuna optina sherco McDonough tamasak melodia This is yet another group of disbelievers. This is not a third category, it's actually a more complicated category. According to a lot of disbelievers. The only difference is their disbelief will not be exposed here. their disbelief will be exposed on Judgement Day. They will actually rise on Judgement Day even they will assume that they were Muslim. Even they they will assume they were believers. And they'll walk along with the believers and a wall will be dropped and they'll be like, Oh, why is there a wall between us? alumna Kuma aku won't be with you. Then

00:43:17--> 00:43:59

there'll be told Actually no, not you guys. Now you guys, this is this the reality of them. And this is why even in sort of in the same order as us yeah, you had nebrija had the kuffaar while Manasa T was novalja him struggle against the kuffaar and the one africaine the hypocrites and be harsh against them that same sequences used here in Al Baqarah. Now, there's another clarification that's been offered. You know why we've been I should wonder is why did Allah go out of his way to talk about this group of 15 so much in such detail. He says if Allah only talked about believers and disbelievers can assign a code one the AMA Xena allamanda una foto de La Nina.

00:44:01--> 00:44:35

He says if people if you only heard about those who believe in those who disbelieve anybody who claims to believe you would have assumed good enough, they belong to Category A, because obviously they're not in Category B, but actually there's a hidden Category B prime. I won't even call it C. It's part of B right? So it had to be made clear so people don't feel safe from it. Gentlemen Assa t Nakashima caffeine. He made him a category of the disbelievers then Now on the flip side, another complicated subject even if we get through just a fire today I'm okay. Because this is not important. This this subject matter okay.

00:44:36--> 00:44:38

Now keep track of time I have less than 15 minutes.

00:44:39--> 00:44:53

Well now, meaning they're not believers at all. This is a an Arabic You can say the easy way to say this is latio meaning actually even further than that, I'll go at the top. You can say let me know they haven't believed.

00:44:54--> 00:45:00

Now you know, they don't believe you can say ladies who meaning that's a stronger way of saying it. They are not

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Believers that's using the noun. They're not believers. Then you can say my home to be meaning you can add a bath okay then then you can add a mama home meaning then you can add a mark and about my home built meaning this is you know, aka the seal of all the different formats you can use to negate the strongest negation can be my home. Wiimote meaning they are not believers at all, by any stretch of the imagination. I added that to the translation just to communicate, there's a ma here and there's a buy here is very powerful. But when Allah uses the word meaning it opens up an entire chapter of wisdom, and I'd like to summarize that for you in Carlota.

00:45:40--> 00:45:50

Eamon is actually two things in everyday language so that even the 10 year old hair can understand human is two things. He man is on your tongue.

00:45:51--> 00:45:57

A man is in your heart. The man is on your tongue and your mind is in your heart. Now this is very important. There's two sides of it.

00:45:59--> 00:46:02

And what's on your tongue, I can hear and I can judge

00:46:03--> 00:46:24

what's in your heart. I cannot hear and I cannot judge and sometimes what comes out of my tongue is not connected with my heart. And sometimes what comes out of my tongue is connected with my heart. You understand that? Now, when Allah uses the word men in the Quran, pretty much across the board, Allah is actually talking about what's going on in the heart.

00:46:25--> 00:46:34

When he uses what word woman, he describes what's going on where in the heart. When he describes what's going on on the tongue, he typically uses the word Muslim.

00:46:35--> 00:46:45

Man, what's on the tongue, what word is used Muslim? He took Shahada he became Muslim, because he used this term. And the most Islam is something you and I can judge

00:46:46--> 00:46:59

eemaan movement is something you and I can judge you're not judge. Why? Because where is the man? inside the heart? You're with me so far. Okay, now understand this. Islam. Either you have it or you don't.

00:47:00--> 00:47:07

There's no in between. There's no I'm kind of half Islam. No. Either you have it or you don't either. You're Muslim or your coffee.

00:47:08--> 00:47:10

Eman is not like that.

00:47:11--> 00:47:57

Imagine you can think of it, it fills up your heart. And sometimes it gets it's like water inside a container. Sometimes it's full. Sometimes it's empty. Sometimes it's almost gone. Sometimes it's just drops left. Sometimes it replenishes sometimes the water gets a little dirty have to clean it up. You understand? In other words, it's not either you have it or you don't. It's not like that. That is which one Islam but Eman. It has an entire range. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says and the man who bid on was a Verona shoulda Eman is some 70 parts 70 ingredients in demand. Even moving a rock from a path is part of the man. Somebody moved it. Their demand went up a

00:47:57--> 00:48:33

few drops. Somebody didn't remove it, the man stayed or went down a few drugs. Somebody smiled towards their brother. Their mind went out. It's a demonstration of what they have inside and Allah increased it. The more good deeds you do, the more that the heart fills with the mind. The less good deeds you do. The heart starts getting rid of the mind and starts losing it, it starts dripping out. It's not something you can keep. By the way, he man just like the heart is never stationary, right? It's constantly pumping, and the mind lies inside the heart. It never stays stationary. You have to keep filling it up and it keeps going out. And you have to fill it but more and more to increase and

00:48:33--> 00:49:09

the moment you stop filling it up what happens? It starts depleting. It starts running out. Allah says here well my home be meaning not Muslim. Meaning so this is not a comment about their Islam. This is a comment about the man what's going on inside of their hearts. They're the state of their hearts. And this is a very powerful concept in our religion. Our the idea that Allah azza wa jal will complain about people who have lost faith in their hearts. Now the hard thing in the Quran is that the opposite of Muslim is coffee.

00:49:10--> 00:49:14

And the opposite of mcminn is also covered.

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

I'll say that again, the opposite of Muslim is what cafe and the opposite of movement is also confirming minimum income cafe. Right? But sometimes alleged talking about the Garfield who shows his gopher he shows his disbelief. That's the opposite of Islam. Other times Ally's commenting on the heart being empty of faith, all of the mind has gone there's no emotion left inside the heart, no matter what's on the outside. That is actually eemaan or Kufa, that's the opposite of Eman. So when you study the Word coffin in the Quran, you actually have to see is it the opposite of Islam? Or is it the opposite of Eman? Is it the opposite of Eman And here we saw already, you know in the

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

Latina cafaro

00:50:00--> 00:50:25

We saw those who disbelieved, and notice what Allah said about them. khatam Allahu Allah, Who lwv him. So that COVID is the opposite of what, Eman? That's the COVID. That's the opposite of Eman. here when Allah says they're not believers at all, unless going to talk about their Kufa that's hidden inside the man is not there. And for you and I, what is our attitude towards each other? When you see someone walk into the machine, what's your assumption about them? They're Muslim. Yeah.

00:50:27--> 00:50:29

Your assumption about them is their movement.

00:50:30--> 00:50:56

That's the Quran. The Quran doesn't just want you to assume that this is a Muslim. The Quran wants you to assume that they are wide, meaning they have faith in their heart. They're good people. What man is much higher state isn't it? There's lower this lowest is Islam then you have demand and you have sun. Allah says what are Taku lemon Alka la como Salama Lester Mina Mina, don't you say about someone who just threw salami away Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

00:50:57--> 00:51:33

just that much, never assume about them and never say about them that they're not a true believer that they don't have your mind and their heart. So long as they said Salaam to you your opportunity to judge them died. Because that's, that's human now. So if you see a little bit of Islam from someone assume that they have one inside them. Even that's the right of another Muslim, from you and me, that's the right that the other Muslim has from us that we don't assume, assume that they have democracy, or they're just Muslim, and they're not quite what we know. We assume we give them benefit of the doubt that they even have a man. So he says Walmart, Home Depot, meaning, these are

00:51:33--> 00:51:36

the few things that I wanted to highlight before you.

00:51:37--> 00:51:59

Because time is short. I don't want to start the next ayah and then leave it halfway. But I do want to share with you that in these ions. What we've learned right now is the qualitative state of our faith, we have to keep working to increase our demand. By the way, when a man goes to a certain low, when it gets to a certain low, then it's dangerously close to hypocrisy.

00:52:00--> 00:52:35

The lower it gets the closer it gets to what hypocrisy, because NIF Ark is also hypocrisy is also inside the heart. Right when there's not enough demand, then there's that the rest of the empty space is filled with luck. So we have to actually keep our demand at a certain level to fight getting into nupoc Allah azza wa jal keep us all away from hypocrisy. And may Allah azza wa jal allow us to strengthen our Eman more than it's ever been strengthened in our lives in the month of Ramadan and continue to grow that strength to the rest of the year and the rest of our lives. barakallahu li walakum philic Iranian Hakeem when a funny word er COVID it was the chemo salamati

00:52:35--> 00:52:36

como la hora con