Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2016 – Surat al-Baqarah – Day 22

Nouman Ali Khan
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sir I'm ready to live in a garden.

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I will be learning for the regime.

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Wave Carla musala call me He called me in

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for Saku bt hora de como la jolla Fado boo Isla de como Saku

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Saku Saku de como la

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wave Tamia musalman mina la

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la hija

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touch guru from shocky surgery where silly MD Dr. Melissa Hokulea Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy he has been from about once again everybody is said Mr. Li como Allahu Allah cattle. There are a couple of important things that I wanted to mention before we move on with the IRS. In regards to the IRS we've already studied we saw I walked you through the scene of Musa alayhis salaam being called up to receive the revelation of Torah that was for a period of 40 days of fasting and then Alexa would have gave him the Taurat. And through that you notice that there's a deep connection between fasting and Revelation. And that's how

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upheld even in this religion of ours in Islam as finally revealed by Allah azza wa jal, the

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is also the month of fasting. And that connection was there even at the time of masala Islam. As a matter of fact, a similar account is also mentioned in the New Testament of a Salah. He said that when he received the gene, he was actually also to do 30 days of fasting. So this account of 30 and as a matter of fact, so to the earth will tell us that even Musa insulin was actually called for 30 days, and then he was asked to do an extra 10 that it was actually originally 30 and then he was asked to do another 10 endo in Baccarat, which is revealed later on makara is Madani our office murky. So by summarizing the account by calling it 40 days of valuable data. So that's one thing I

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wanted to bring to your attention. The other is an important concept in the study of any surah of the Quran. Just to make it easy for you guys to understand, I think you can use the term anchors, anchors, meaning Allah azza wa jal will use a word or a phrase that he already used in the surah. And he'll use it again in a completely different context. And by using it, he's reminding you of something he already said. So he's making a connection between what he said before, to what he's saying later. Now, you know, speakers are listening to a long speech or something, you might notice that a speaker made reference to something 10 minutes ago, and then he kind of alluded to it 10

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minutes later, and it becomes kind of like an inside joke. Like anybody who just walked in and heard him say it didn't laugh. But people who were listening to him from the beginning saw that he was calling on something that he brought to your minds earlier on, right? So that's kind of an anchor, you're using something you mentioned, and echoing it one more time, you're dropping that anchor again. So what happens is we saw the story of Adam alayhis salam, and in the story of Adam alayhis salam. Allah says he gave him the words that he could make Toba with and we talked about what those words were, but I'm gonna have alumna unfortunate that we've wronged ourselves that's from sutala.

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But the idea was mentioned that Allah gave him the words. And notice when we came to this story, and they had wronged themselves, the same phrase, the different you know, same exact verbiage in the ComponentOne. And for soco, Ravana Volendam for Salah in the ComponentOne and for some, you've wronged yourselves. In other words, what he had to do was Toba. What you have to do is also Toba. It's actually a continuation what was uh, what was given to Adam and he said and then for two more elaborate Ico and by the end fatawa the Ico and what did Allah say about other rallies around Fatah cada una de Cali Martin fatawa Allah He in Navajo tawakkol Rahim. Now what's he saying? Fatah wa

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Alaykum in Navajo tapa Rahim it's actually echoing the same exact phrase. Allah accepted his Toba just like he was willing to accept yours. But you know, the thing is, the mistake made by other than a salon is one in which cost in a sense, it cost him gender, even though he explained that that's a test. But in a sense now as a result of that mistake, he has to now you know, earn gender once again, and he's going to be put on trial on the earth. These guys What mistake they made they committed the act of Shrek. And that which raises yet another question, Why in the world that they worship a cow. Where did that come from even right so we'll try to explore that question a little

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bit today also, but the fact that they may Toba for any crime Allah azza wa jal will describe even in this in this Quran, Allah will describe that Toba is enough. And this is a very important thing for Muslims to understand Toba alone, you turning to Allah sincerely and apologizing and promising him that to the best of your ability. As with no intention whatsoever on your part, you will never repeat that mistake again. you're ashamed of what you did, you're promising a lie, you won't do it again to the best of your ability. And you're gonna like, you know, cuz I say best of your ability. Because it's possible, you might make the mistake again, but you have no intention to it's not in

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the back of your mind that you're probably going to do this again. Not like that. And you develop a hatred for what you did in the past. You don't glorify it or reminisce about the mistake you made. You don't look back at it and get a weird, you know, evil smile on your face or something. If you have that kind of toolbar, then those words are enough. There is no other additional penalty you have to pay. You know, for example, people confuse the idea of who dude with Toba. There are certain crimes in Islam that are punishable, like theft or Zina or murder, there are certain crimes that are punishable. Now some of those crimes, what if there are no witnesses? What if you weren't brought to

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trial? What if a law covered that mistake for you? Or you know, you did something wrong? Like you did backbiting or you know, even let's take something serious like Xena, right? Somebody committed Zina, and that's a very serious crime in this religion. It's not a small thing. But if there weren't four witnesses, then there is no physical punishment in this world. And you're not supposed to come forward and say I would like to get punished for Xena because I've done it and find your you know, catastrophe. realism or effect a woman can't

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admit she's done.

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Wait, oh wait.

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She wanted to confess and be punished, but he sent her

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And then she came back again and said, I'm actually I'm pregnant. He says, Don't come back until you have the baby he kept sending her back. The point I'm trying to make is Toba to Allah is acceptable. If you just have sincere words before him, he doesn't need to see you punished in this world before it's acceptable. You see, we have a concept of you know, governments and judges and, you know, authorities that the only way you'll ever be forgiven for your crime is if you've done jail time. Or if you've paid a penalty, and unless you've paid a penalty, there's no way you're forgiven for your crime. You're still kind of a fugitive, you're still in trouble. Don't superimpose that on your

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concept of Allah. Allah is not like that. But then the question that arises from that is Then why were why wasn't the Toba of vinyasa enough? Why were they given such a harsh kill your own tribes people? Why were they given that that's the answer that's going to come in the text. And by the way, this is kind of a missing chapter in the history of the Israelites. Some of the rationale behind why Allah gave him such harsh punishment is not mentioned in the Torah. As a matter of fact, what is mentioned is pretty ruthless, like they actually a lot of Jewish history, as you study it in the Hebrew Bible is pretty shocking, like them burning down entire cities, killing men, women and

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children and all kinds of stuff, by God's command, and this is Koran avoids all of that, like it doesn't actually attribute any of that to them. So actually, you might think that the Muslims are our sacred texts, the Quran is anti semitic, or it's anti Jewish or, as a matter of fact, if you complete compared with the Hebrew Bible, it defends their dignity more than the Hebrew Bible itself does. It actually saves them a lot of disgrace on many occasions, on many, many, many occasions, for example, in their account of the Jericho being conquered the city of Jericho where they cross the water, even though historically, it's implausible that it was Jericho, if you know if you go with

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certain datelines. But anyway, you know, they were supposed to conquer the city of Jericho. And when they did, there, they have this concept of harem, which is like haraam. It's a Hebrew term. And the idea was that they cannot take any unfurl you know what I'm following like the spoils of war, they can't take any of them. While they're in the wandering, they cannot have any spoils of war. So what they had to do was destroy everything, which means the homes, the men, the women, the children, they couldn't even take prisoners. And so the biblical account is that they actually just engaged in massive killings of entire cities, by God's command, we have nothing of the sort about them, we

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actually considered them innocent of a lot of those things. And actually, if you study carefully, according to what they've done with their book, it's not they that are being criminalized. It's not they that are being considered cruel or evil, you know, was being considered cruel. It's God Himself, is actually an accusation against a larger version that allows origin is buried from now. So that's the that's the other thing I wanted to highlight in this in this discussion. Now, I'll tell you a little bit about the idea of of the calf where it came from. So I told you yesterday that the Israelites were made into overtime because of the economic desperation they became slaves. And

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they weren't the only ones turned into slaves. The Israelites are one of many ethnicities all of them Semitic ethnicities, like the Canaanites from Canon in the Arabic Terminus cannon, were from the region also they were also turned into slaves in Egypt of the coptics of the of the pharaohs. Okay, now for the for the slave masters, they all look the same. So for them, it's not like these are bunnies that I eat and these are the the Canaanites these are the Semites they call all of them Semites. You know, it's like they look at anybody like, you know, some people, they look at any of us to say you guys are Asian, right? Like, it doesn't matter where you're from, you're like, you

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know, what, people from a certain part of your Chinese, right? No, no, I'm Korean. I'm Japanese, Chinese. It's all the same, you know, like they, they because you have this sense of supremacy. So you know, you look at the races that you think of as inferior, and you just bunch all of them as one. But it works the other way too. all white people look the same to me, European American, you know, I'm from Ohio. I'm from California without your own German polish. What's the difference? I don't understand. I still can't tell you from snow. So you know, like, it's all good. So there's an oversimplification when it comes to stereotyping people, right. So the same kind of stereotyping

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happens, from the master race to the slave races, the Canaanites and the Israelites. Now, the blue slot is where people who worship one God, I told you, they maintain that belief somehow or the other over overall, overall, they've maintained that belief, but the people of can earn the candidates, they were actually worshipers of another god named L L. That's how it's pronounced and, and they said that the manifestation of that God is actually a calf. So in order to worship that God, and to pay homage to that God, they used to build these mini statues of baby cows, calves with horns. And they used to do this all over their their tradition and these two ethnicities, they're still they're

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the lowest class of Egyptian society. They're the servant class. They're intermingling. They're living

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Together, they're mixing with each other. You know, for example, I'll tell you Muslims in India, right, the Muslims in India live side by side for centuries with who, with Hindus. And so some Hindu practices somehow or the other made their way into Muslim practices. And some Muslim practices in strange ways have made their way into Hindu practices without it being a conscious thing. So a lot of for example, in India weddings, for example, and the kinds of clothing that were dressed in a lot of that has nothing to do with Islam, it has to do with Hindu tradition, but we've taken it on and it's just become part of the culture. Right? So rituals mixed with each other. I'll tell you a scary

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story. My neighbor, back in Queens, when I used to live in Queens, our neighbor was a Hindu lady. And she used to go to Atlantic City for Angela every once a month at Atlantic City to you know, to gamble, whatever it is that she used to do, and one day she was going there, and like her, her bag was open. And this frame, this picture frame fell out of her bag, and I figured it might be like a picture of one of the gods or something, they take it for good luck. It was actually a framed item could see.

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And I said why do you have that was, you know, you know, this is, this is for good luck. I take it every time I go to Atlantic City.

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So they're not that different from the Muslim liquor store owner who's got ayatul kursi on the cash register behind him or you know,

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they learned some things good from us, at least you know, so how to law. So rituals get mixed in with each other is the point right? So the Israelites have now learned certain religious practices, or certain rituals, some of their lesser educated class has followed certain cult practices of the people of canon, now that they've crossed the water and Musa alayhis, salaam supervision is not there, they go back to the same cultish practices. You know what that tells you that they always had that in them, but they weren't, they knew they'd get in trouble if they did it if Noosa is there. So as soon as musasa has gone back to the old ways, come on, this is how we always did things,

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remember. So those mixed practices came back in this an interesting manifestation of the mixing of religions today, for example, as many parts of Guyanese society the guy knees were a lot of them are immigrants mixed with the local, you know, local West Indian population. And a lot of them were brought in during World War Two, right Indians and you know, people from different parts of the subcontinent, etc. Some of the Muslims, some of them are Hindu, some of them Christian, all mixed in together over time. And so you have there you have people very confused about religion very, very confused. The hamdulillah there is a good strong Muslim population, but there's a huge population of

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Muslims who actually celebrate everything, like they celebrate Christmas to, and they celebrate eight also, and they celebrate Holi. Also, the Hindu holidays, also they'd like they're just, it's all muddled together. I learned some strange things while I was in New York, in New York, when I was there, I used to watch because Sunday's is the time where you have nothing to do so I used to watch queens public television, they have like this, like anybody can get on TV basically back in the day, right? So this guy used to guy and his fellow used to get on there. And he had a program on Ramadan, Ramadan with our salon, and he will have machines and singing and this and that, and, and then 20

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minutes later, same dude is actually like, aroma something and you got a hint to show. It's the same dude. He's just put on a different hat. And he's, oh, that is amazing.

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So there can be a kind of religious schizophrenia that takes place. And that is that is something that even happens today. But happened back in the day also, like you may have seen a modern silly manifestation of is you have people that are like driving there. There's some some hippies are driving their car. They've got like the crescent to represent Islam, and the crucifix and they've got like the Hindu symbols, and they've got the peace sign. And you know, there's just it's all good, man. I love your truth. You love my truth. Everything is true. You know, like, that kind of thing.

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So that's, I wanted to give you a little bit of background. You know, it's really fascinating. Some of these statues of the Canaanites the Cavs have survived to this day. They actually still exist, and you can find pictures of them. If you look up, look up Canaanite bowls, or cannonballs, even Google Images you'll find a bunch of pictures of these ancient statues that have survived from that time. But anyway, that was the inspiration behind this kind of thing. Now why did they do this? This to them was a representation of God. Allah calls himself what in these ads The reason I brought this up, what is it called himself in desire for to enter?

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He didn't say for too long be comfortable in a lot of the names of Allah, Allah chose which name body like to name he mentioned since with Rochelle also alcohol equal bar it will muscleman right Alberta is one of the names of Allah and its basic meaning is not too different from alcoholic, it actually means very, something very similar to the Creator. So you find Albury who Allah, Allah can help law and metta. That's the key part, law and mythen and then Bara Allah who and NASA

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wahala Casa Mata one of

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Berea, or Bara is actually a little bit different from Hanukkah. Hanukkah means creating anything.

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Bara actually means to create something living.

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So Berea or burn, you know, burn comes when Allah creates something that is living that has life. Now, that's the first distinction about because he created a rock. You don't say bara alhaja, he said Hanukkah, alhaja, you understand. So that's the first difference. The second difference is that it's when the love makes something with and the idea is that there was nothing that he based it on. For example, when you build a new house, it's based on some idea of a house. Or when someone makes a painting, it's based on a picture they have in their head. It's you you build based on what's already there, right? You don't start from absolute zero. Any creativity we have now is actually in

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somewhere form a compound of previously existing ideas. It's just this idea didn't connect to that idea. And when they do we have creative thinking. But the idea of very is someone who created something with no pre existing models of human beings were created. But there was no pre existing picture of what should this be based on? What should hands be based on? What should it be based on? This is entirely unique, unprecedented creation of Allah. Why is that name strategic and important in this ayah by using that name, Musa alayhis salam is telling his people, that you believe in a God who creates you with no sample beforehand, and yet you can turn around and make a sample for him.

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And you can turn around and create this thing that doesn't even have life. And you can worship through it a God that gave all of life, the one who is very, how can you create some put something lifeless, that violates the very essence of who he is and being very robotic? You know? So for to elaborate. The alikum highroller? You know,

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Commander body eco. That's the phrasing that I wanted to highlight to you. Now.

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When he comes and makes this call to them, we already read what they had to do. They had to kill every one of their own people, and then a level excepteur Toba. What was their response? Yesterday, I just told you, they went ahead and did it, but they didn't just go ahead and do it. And this is the missing chapter from Jewish history. They didn't just go ahead and do it. What did they do instead? What is called Tamia Moosa and miniloc. When you turn around and said Moosa,

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we're not going to accept what you're saying. When you put him on Not me, not with anom Not me, not laka as opposed to me not because we say amen to Villa him or Amanda Linda Miller, when you believe in Allah, that's above, when you add alarm, instead of abide actually means to accept what somebody is saying to give into somebody demands. Lando Mina laka means we still believe in you. We're not going to accept what you're saying. We're not going to cave into your demands hat, not Allah. Hi, Jonathan. We're not going to listen to anything you have to say because what you are asking us to do is to insane to try to kill our own people, where there's no way we're gonna do that, until we see

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Allah face to face to the point where we can hear him. Jonathan actually vorhanden face to face obvious so he can become visible to us and the who can.

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Even I saw him

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in the salty, they say in Arabic, that Jihad also means that someone whose face to face alone, but whose voice you can hear yourself. It's like they're telling Musa alayhis salam, we want to see a lot and we'd like to hear him ourselves. You get to go up to the mountain and talk to him and hear him. We'd like to go see him and we'd like to go talk to him ourselves. By the way, this sick question that they asked, it's rooted Actually, this twisted idea is rooted in something beautiful. Musa alayhis salam before all of this had actually at one point told a lot you know, because you know, he spoke to a lot regularly what can llama la mosaddek Lima Quran says masala Salaam you still

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engage in a conversation with a line allow us to engage in conversation with him regularly initiated by Allah. So when this happened one day musala Sam is you know, you're getting closer and closer to Allah, the more you are, you know, talking with him directly. So one day moves on Islam finds the courage and he says I'll be areni onboard a lake. Master show me, I just want to look at you.

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I just want to I just want to stare at you. He's been talking to him in what our job is talking to him behind the barrier through the bush. right but he's not he has never seen a lot. But the love of Allah intensified in him so much, that he just can't bear this anymore and he just wants to see a lot. This is actually a desire of every believer also. You know, would you mean Yama is in Now there are a lot of beha Now,

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there's going to be there are going to be faces on date on that day on Judgement Day that are lit up. There are going to be staring at our master. We're going to be looking at Allah. Allah azza wa jal describes the people who is angry with lion guru Li him. He's not going to look at them. You know what that means? Bill mohalla, it actually means that there are

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People who Allah will look at and they will look at him. They're gonna be meeting with Allah. So and then when we meet with Allah then you understand sonawane Columba Rhonda Rahim Allah within himself will say Salaam, a master who's you know full of mercy, but Musa alayhis salaam his love of Allah intensified so much. And he told a lot as a result in this conversation Yeah, Allah, I just want to see you. Just show me just I want to see, I know of course told him lenta Ronnie, you're not gonna be able to see me. Now the Israelites know this story. But they say you get to talk to him.

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If you're gonna get asked us to kill our people, excuse me, why don't you take us up to the mountain? And we'll talk they will talk to him face to face and we can handle seeing him. You couldn't handle seeing him we can. We got this. This is what they told him.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:51

This when they made the statement, they are not so different from film.

00:25:52 --> 00:25:59

They're no longer that different than Pharaoh. Why not? He says, you know, a poly Rue de la Ilaha Moosa.

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You know what, why don't you you know, build me a tower. Moosa goes up on a mountain, and he has a fire on top of that mountain. And through that fire, he speaks to his God, You know what, I don't need to go to his mountain. Why don't you make me a tower taller than that mountain? He told his, you know, subordinate, how mine, why don't you build me this tower and make it on fire so that I can go up there and I can I can talk to Moses, God myself. If he's got a direct connection, I can make my own direct connection. This was his arrogance. You know, Sundar, understand that the only people Allah speaks to are the messengers. And then he was Salatu was Salam. To not understand the sacred

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nature of Revelation. There are people to this day, you know, their problem with religion? Why does God choose to speak to some people? Why can you talk to me? I'm available, my phone is on. You know, there are people who have liked that I've spoken to and said, Why doesn't God just talk to me? Why? Why does he have to go through people? Why do I have to listen to this messenger. And this sickness was even manifest in them. When an instruction came, that was against their will, that wasn't going the way they wanted. And it was it's not a small ask, by the way, kill your own people is not a small ask. But the true nature of their lack of belief in the law came out. And they said, we're not

00:27:12 --> 00:27:46

going to accept what you're saying, until we see a lie face to face. By the way, there's an inherent psychology that became manifest. In this statement, it came out. When they hear Moosa do they actually believe they're hearing the Word of Allah? Are the instructions of Allah? No, they didn't say we won't believe what a lie of saying, we won't accept what a lie saying. We will accept what you're saying, like you're making it up. Why don't you prove it's from Allah? It says, though, they're telling the messenger Allah salatu salam, that they don't really believe he's a messenger, that they don't and what position are these people in to not believe in Musa alayhis salam as a

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messenger, the one who's delivered them from home, the one in with his staff a low part of the water, what position are they in the talk like this? But they did. They did. Now I told you beforehand Toba is very easy. Had Musa alayhis salam come down, and then you have to make Toba and they were immediately making Coburn maybe even the harsher punishments wouldn't have been revealed. But Allah azza wa jal knew that they are going to be that be this way. By the way, Allah tests with harsh instruction sometimes when he doesn't fulfill what instruction that he gave Ibrahim alayhis salam slaughter your child, but then it actually come to have come to pass. No. is soon to Nyssa he

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actually put us on the spot Muslims on the spot. Well, a naka de la Malik, and if to do one for soccer, I will ruin the Rico. Have we made the law over you people that you have to kill your own people? Or you have to leave your homes? What does that sound like? Which nation Does that sound like kill your own leave your homes, the Israelites, Marfa Allahu Allah kalila main home, most people wouldn't have done it. When the home fire, I don't know you are gonna be here.

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And had they done what they're being told to do, it would have been better for them, why shot to death Mita it would have been a lot more firm, more powerful, long term beneficial decision for them anyway, so they say we're not going to see, we're not going to believe until we see face to face. On this note, I want to tell you that this sickness did not leave them. And it shows up in the altered version of the Hebrew Bible that we don't believe in. We believe in the Torah, when it matches with the Quran. When it says things that we just cannot accept because of our understanding of tawheed. Then you see how that's that that idea that they want to see a lot. They want to hear a lot

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themselves. They don't want to go through a messenger. It came back into their text in such dubious ways. What did you remember what Allah sent over them? The author coming? What Allah sent over them when they used to travel in the desert alesund clouds over them.

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You know how the Bible talks about these clouds? A lot. So just as we should we sent a shading cloud over them. I'll give you the linguistics of it a little bit later when we get to the word. But what how do they describe it? By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them.

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This is the biblical account several several verses of the Bible in which basically God was in the cloud.

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The God was in the clouds.

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And when they built the tabernacle, which is their portable Qibla their harem, which is the taboo that carried the staff of Busan, other things, they believed God was inside it.

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When they used to worship like, you know how children think lives inside the Kaaba, that's okay when they're kids. That's okay. We know that we, you know, you can't help children understand the variable a certain young age, so it's all right. And their imagination runs crazy a little bit. But as adults, you and I know that that's a very inappropriate thing to say about Eliza. But they even took that favor of Allah and they said, Actually, it was God himself in the cloud over us and he beat hearing sometimes, and they make reference to this in their text. So Pamela, so this this is we won't we won't accept what you're saying until we see a lot face to face. What did Allah do with

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them for a while that Kumasi Echo,

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dot commissar Echo, then the loud explosive sound grabbed ahold of you? What is Sarika sorry, called in southern Alessia la he was a clue when something overshadows the human being. And he loses his mind solonius maruchan had that a shalida when you hear some very loud, explosive sound, that's actually called a psycho. You know how they have sensory deprivation or like, like sensory torture, like really loud sounds, and it drives you crazy and you start screaming, and you don't look like you're in your right senses anymore. That's the kind of sound that overtook them. They were not willing to listen to the Messenger of Allah alayhis salam, and when you know what I find even

00:31:33 --> 00:32:16

offensive here is they don't actually call Musa alayhis salam ala rasulillah. Yeah, you have NaVi hora soon. Yeah, Musa is how you talk to your messenger, you know, a log into column yamasa. Fine. That's Allah. Well, your is Omar, you're supposed to show some respect. When you speak to your messenger, at least call him Yeah, you had me but no calling him like he's just one of them. No respect whatsoever. And so, for added kousaka, the loud explosive sound got ahold of them. There's actually one reference to this an exodus. There's only a slight reference to this idea. And it's not even mentioned as an incident. Moses is basically told, I think it's Exodus 1921. He, God tells him,

00:32:16 --> 00:32:55

make sure you tell the people not to break through and try to speak to God because they'll get killed. In other words, it seems as though they said you get away we'll go up the mountain and find out ourselves. That's the kind of attitude they said when they had when they when they said Hatton Allah hi Jonathan. So they actually it seems from the Bible started to try to climb up the mountain of tool as as as a sarcastic response to musala asylums. instruction from Allah. So Allah says Allah sent a loud explosive sound, all of them died. All of them right then and there died and they saw it happened before their eyes went on tomorrow and you were still standing there still staring as death

00:32:55 --> 00:33:33

was coming at you and it took you so much I snack remember the multicam then we raised you even after you had been killed even after your deaths. So like kills these defiant people, this is all before they had to kill their own. They spoke defiantly against Allah. Allah gave them death right then and there. Then he raised them back from the death. Dead La La Quinta, Sharon. So you may be grateful next time. Hopefully, you'll be grateful this time. So now we're learning the background of why was the punishment so intense? Why was towba so so difficult for them, because their defiance was no normal kind of defiance. And so a lot moves the story then forward, and starts talking to us

00:33:33 --> 00:34:11

about how their survival in the desert took place there in the Sinai region. And the cyanide region is a dry region. It's not entirely desert, but it is a pretty dry climate, and most of the vegetables that are available on the other side of the water where they used to be in Egypt, and most of the foods and produce that's available there is not available on this side. It's mostly dry rock, and you know, in sand and very dry kinds of plants. A lot as origin says, Well, one La La kumala, Hama, and we continuously cause shade over you with clouds, hamam is the plural hamama is the singular form. And it's actually a very interesting word for clouds. I'll share some things

00:34:11 --> 00:34:49

about that with you first. A lot provided them Shane, we say in Arabic, while honeymoon Mohammed Catherine Ma, it's actually the word of the mom is a cloud that has a lot of water in it, meaning it has the potential of rain, sometimes clouds come and there's no rain, but clouds come that have a lot of rain in them. That's actually called the hamama Why is that important? Because they're in the desert. So they're gonna get rained on quite a bit. And of course, when it rains, what happens on the earth produce there and they're gonna need that produce. So it's important that Allah doesn't just say sahab clouds, he says Hama, but the word of the mom also comes from Islam. And the common

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

Arabic is like guttural beats, like sadness and depression. And you know why it's called that because our slogan is actually as a Russian is something that overshadows you was Soumya how

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

momently under who Yo yo yo mo Salah is to ha, it's actually called a man because it used to cover up the entire sky and provide the machine like shot. Sadness overcomes a person, these clouds used to overcome them, and then rain on them when necessary and follow them around. And unless as we continually provided to you, they were a traveling caravan, and a lot. So we just kept that on them, the Bible will describe actually that wherever they went in went ahead of them. And their enemies, when they tried to attack them, they would get scared of this cloud moving around with them, you know, and they'd get terrified. And it says that even they were even protected from the attacks of

00:35:36 --> 00:36:11

wild animals and other things because even animals and other creatures would get afraid of this cloud, this unusual cloud that follows them everywhere. Sometimes you may have seen in like intense weather, the clouds are not very high up there very low, you know, and the lower the cloud is the better shade it can provide you a cloud is high up, there's still a lot more room for the sun to come right when the cloud is lower and lower and lower. And by the way, the lower they are, the more dangerous they are to so they were threatening to others, but they were actually this umbrella that allows the wisdom provided to them. What ends Allah aleikum wa rahmatullah wa salam, this is

00:36:11 --> 00:36:46

fascinating, unless as he sent down on to you so the cloud is taking care of basic water supply, right in the desert, and it's providing them shade from the heat. And these are lots and lots of people. The Bible exaggerates a little bit in the hundreds of 1000s. That doesn't seem archaeologically or sociologically possible. I told you yesterday they split out little by little right. But anyway, this group that is with Musa alayhis salam Now, a lot has to be sent down on to you two things, as Amanda was Salwa Did you know that the Hebrew Bible uses the word manga concept manga, and it was actually in Aramaic, the word Midnight's found it then it makes it made its way

00:36:46 --> 00:37:11

into into Greek and from it even in Old English manner. And it's used for a grain from Lower Egypt. mana is actually a grain from Lower Egypt. In other words, Allah provided them something that was already kind of familiar to them. But they it's interesting, they first didn't recognize what it was, let me tell you what it is, it's a kind of grain that grows on a, it's actually not inside the ground, or not like kind of grass kind of vegetation. It's this.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:50

It's this dry, like, plant with twigs, like dark, you know, dried up twigs, and it looks like there's no leaves that are going to grow on it. And then insects come and they punch a hole in the branches. And then this honey like thing comes out, and it forms and crystallizes, and starts getting fuzzy looking and starts looking white like wool, this strange looking plant that's actually called Monday, it's still used today, in many Arab cultures near the Delta, and even Jewish culture, they actually consider it a delicacy even to this day, and they still call it they still call it winner. So the word is across languages. Of course, in the Arabic language a lot chose the word for

00:37:50 --> 00:38:15

another reason I'm not upset I have also seen also, but Allah chose this word. So how Allah because the in the Arabic language, it means that other thing, in addition to meaning, the food that we're going to eat, man in Arabic means a favor, Allah sent a favor down onto you. So this is the wider dalada there's actually two meanings here, both intended by Allah xojo. But what I find beautiful is that Allah says he sent down mana,

00:38:17 --> 00:38:52

I understand Salah sunwise basically quail, it's a quail like bird. And it's interesting that in the summer season, this region that they traveled through the To this day, quails migrate through that through that region to the Sinai region, that's actually a natural migration pattern for these birds to this day. So when Allah says he sent them down means, you know, when they migrate, they keep flying through, but the solver would actually come in descend on the ground and you would easily be able to catch it, try catching a pigeon, how easy is that? But they wouldn't fly, they would actually stay. So they're in their high season, they just come and descend and they were easily able

00:38:52 --> 00:39:32

to catch it and eat it. You know, and this is a favor from Allah. And Allah means we sat down right like literally he's forced landing these birds. He's forced landing these birds, but when I first studied this, I said okay, I understand birds being sent down unzila but how is the grain being sent down the grain comes from the ground up. But then you when you study this plant, you realize the grain never comes out until insects come down and punch a hole in the in the plant, and then it's actually produced and then it comes out. So how the la de la komenda was Salwa everything came from the sky, the provision was coming from the sky and if you look at it from a nutritional point of

00:39:32 --> 00:39:51

view, this manga was basically their carbs, their bread they used to make bread with it. And then salwaar was their proteins so their essential nutrients are done the only thing now they need is water but basic water supply is coming from where from the clouds so they're, they're kind of taken care of. Now here's the other really interesting thing about this.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

When the law says that we can send them this food what ends Allah Allah will manda was Salwa Allah said to them, kulu and fight

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

Heba de Morocco

00:40:03 --> 00:40:36

eat from the many good and pure things of what we have good and pure of what We have provided you eat from the good and pure of what we've provided you Allah didn't provide them a lot of different things. All he provided them was what? manna and salah and by the way, when they saw him another first time, they didn't quite recognize it. Because this was in the more remote parts of Egypt. They were living in the main city center where they were doing the construction for the Pharaoh. So in this manner for the first time they didn't know what it was. And that's why in the Hebrew language, the meaning of Medina today or you know, thereafter in the biblical sense, man that means what is

00:40:36 --> 00:41:09

it? The word Munna actually means what is it like, like the first time they saw they're like, what is that? That's literally what the meaning of it became to them. But anyway, Allah says to them, provide, you know, eat from the good and pure things that we've provided you mean Paiva tomorrow zanaco the word is important for the Muslims to understand there's a difference between halaal and Fagin pulumi marfil are the halonen even if it's tomato farakka when two words that are similar in meaning, they come together, their meanings are actually distinguished from each other. halaal means that which has been opened up for you, you have the license to eat it, you're not in trouble if you

00:41:09 --> 00:41:47

eat it, that's halal. But Allah doesn't just want us to eat halal. If Allah only wanted us to eat halal, he said kulu when you know kulula fill out the halal and done. But he says halonen by even by a tea actually means that which is good in and of itself. It produces goodness, it has goodness in it for you, it's inherently good and pure. This is actually the the quality of food that you're supposed to eat, it should have good ingredients in it, you should eat fresh food, clean food, it should be played just because it's halaal doesn't mean you eat you know, like days old food and things like that. Or you eat things with nowadays, like artificial ingredients and things we should

00:41:47 --> 00:42:20

try to avoid those things because they're not thinking they may be halaal you know, but they may not be paying for you a lot. So just describe to them what's been given to you is thinking about the models economical, good and pure things of what we've provided you Well, mavala Mona and we didn't run them at all. Well, I can kind of enforce a homeopathy mode. However, they used to continuously do wrong to themselves a lot. We'll leave that idea for now. It will say that we didn't wrong them, they continuously did wrong to themselves. We're not going to learn what that wrong is until a few other chapters is going to skip the story. And leave us wondering what wrong could they have done,

00:42:20 --> 00:42:46

but I will give you a some idea. These people are wandering in the desert for 40 years there in the desert for 40 years as a people and the only supply of food they have is what my not salah and that rainwater. It's all they got. Okay? And later on, they're gonna ask for more water because they can't keep waiting for the rain. So they'll ask for more water and that will come. But you know, these two guys are sitting together going Hey, man, What's for breakfast? manansala

00:42:47 --> 00:42:50

what's what's for lunch? Salwan mana.

00:42:51 --> 00:43:22

I decided to go crazy a little bit today. You know, like what am I gonna do? salwaar soup and you know, mana sandwich like there's not much options. And these guys, you know, brothers, you probably understand this a lot better. We're sitting there eating the same food every day. You guys can't even go to the same restaurant. For fr two days in a row. You can't do it. If your wife puts out like chicken. You're like we had chicken yesterday. Is this the same chicken from yesterday?

00:43:23 --> 00:43:37

Is it that bad in the world in our household that we have to eat the chicken from yesterday? La hawla wala quwata illa Villa, these guys are having manansala for breakfast manansala for lunch, what kinds of offer dinner.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:43

And so every once in a while these guys are sitting back Go man remember back in the day,

00:43:44 --> 00:43:47

we used to go to Burger King. I used to have like

00:43:49 --> 00:43:51

ketchup I miss ketchup man.

00:43:53 --> 00:43:59

For what I would do for some ketchup right now. So they, they would miss the food from back in the day.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:38

They miss the food from back. But of course there is the death. Now let's put this in perspective. They're in the desert. And in the desert, there is no reason no natural reason why a cloud should be following them around. So they should be constantly under what the sun. And if they're constantly under the sun, it's a matter of a week or two you're going to have mass deaths of children of the sick of the old of women, you're going to have people dying left and right because of heatstroke because of dehydration. On top of that there is no regular food supply. So people are actually going to start starving starving a lot as always is keeping them alive in a situation where otherwise the

00:44:38 --> 00:44:40

only possibility is death.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

But even if Allah is helping you survive over time, you get a little bored you know and unless has then this boredom of theirs and their desire to get more lead them to blasphemous behavior and we'll get to that inshallah. Probably tomorrow we'll get to that. But today I want to tell you why did they just go into some new town? I mean, there's lots of towns in the area.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

Yeah, all of the towns were completely fortified, massive, gigantic military style walls. Actually, Jericho in particular is described with It's amazing. It's like they had this like, giant rocks as the first layer of wall, on top of the giant rocks, they had a 15 foot wall. behind that wall, they had a slope that was slippery, that went about 30 feet high, so that if the enemies were trying to even if they got past the first wall, they'd have to climb up the slope. And if they're trying to get up the slope, they'd slip right back down. And as they're climbing up the slope they are perfect target practice for all the archers and the spears and the people who pour boiling you know tar and

00:45:41 --> 00:45:59

all this stuff over them so they were kind of an impenetrable kind of defense. So they even if they wanted to they had no way of accessing any other cities they weren't welcome anywhere else and that's why you're gonna find out they're gonna wander around in the in the land, you don't have anywhere to go all these other cities are completely blockaded pure, you know, fortified entirely.

00:46:00 --> 00:46:39

So now, we didn't run them and they were only running themselves but Allah did give them an opportunity he took what he actually gave them the opportunity to enter one of the most fortified cities which one did I mentioned? Jericho. Now there is a timeline problem in biblical studies, but inshallah one day when we have time for that kind of tangent, we'll go into that more detail. What is will not who know how the * Korea when we said to them, enter this town, take it, enter this town for kulu minha. Hi, sushi, Tom Radha. And eat from it wherever you want freely, easy, just eat whatever you like. It seems to suggest almost as though the town is empty, as though nobody's there.

00:46:39 --> 00:47:17

Right. And this actually coincides with an interesting period in that region's history. As empires were falling, and there were a lot of ran seconds and crimes happening. There were entire cities that got abandoned. And right before they were told to enter this city before the abandonment of large exodus from cities, they were actually pretty well protected like I told you before. So when Musa alayhis salaam asked them to go into the city before they said enough, you have common Cameroon, common Jabarin. There are some pretty tough people in there. We're not going to go there. We can't go there. And that's when they were said you know what, go wander in the desert for 40

00:47:17 --> 00:47:54

years. But 40 years later, Allah opened the city for them. He opened it for them. And now Allah says, Why don't you go and enter Illumina now go eat in it. How you to sit wherever you want, rather than freely. Now you get to eat what you've been wanting to eat all along. No more years of mundane San Juan, now your time is over. Now, by the way, this is yet another anchor. Allah azza wa jal said about Adam and in Solomon Hello Solomon aneja for kulu minha rodden Hey sushi tuba and now the same words are being echoed Taku Minh ha ha ha tamahagane The only difference is rather than was before and rotten is after now. And what difference does it make from a language point of view, if it is

00:47:54 --> 00:48:34

mocha them it is most pious which means in Simple English when they were in Jana, the K means carefree openly without worrying that the the lack of worry and the carefree nature of gender can never be compared to anything else. And so the word rocker then does not belong in the same place when the word relative is being used in dunya. So rather than goes at the end where it's not given special consideration like it was given an agenda so far kulu minha hi sushi terracotta eat from wherever you like in this city. What hold on Baba Jelena is one requirement I ask, have you entered the doors of the city in a state of such and such There is also an echo echo what? What was what was

00:48:34 --> 00:49:10

told to please do such that and why didn't you do such that? out of arrogance, out of pride? And these people now finally they were so you know, and their greed overwhelmed them. And they want to enter the city and they don't want to enter the city and says no, how do you enter an ancient city and says, I want you to those of you that play Assassin's Creed had a lot of you Ancient Gates of a city. Right? The whole giant walls and they're Ancient Gates of a city and you have to go through those gates. Now the thing is, when you go through those gates, how do you go into the gate in such that it's not like you put your head on the ground and kind of rub your way up forward. That's not

00:49:10 --> 00:49:49

what you got, you're you're riding a camel, you're riding a horse, you're riding a mule, and you put your, your your head on the neck of the animal. And that's how you enter the gate inside. So you're gonna and if you don't have anything, then you just hold your hands like this, and you just kind of enter an entering a state of humility into this place. Because Yeah, this is a gift of a lion you're being humbled this you know, and so, what we're learning here is when Allah gives you an unusual gift, your first response should be what is it should you should fall in love before lions or whatever, you know? So what does Magellan enter the gate, you know, enter the city gate in a state

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

of size I By the way, Alibaba is also important because that means that the city is for the taking, because the most secure part of a city is why the gate, the gate, otherwise you'd have to climb the walls to get in.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:46

Right, but now the gate has been open for them. So now the city is basically theirs for the taking what kulu and as you enter in a state of signs that say, hey pattern, say the word HIPAA, HIPAA in Arabic, we'll have to work with Molly anindo. What a beautiful word help actually means to remove the load off of animal hapa actually means that there's a donkey or a camel is got a lot of stuff on it. As you're taking it off. hatha, you took the load off of the camel. They're begging Allah, Allah take the load off of us, Yolanda burden of surviving in the desert, male yell law, you know, in this this exact word that the seed of this word is in the last IR of Susan Baqarah robina. Voila. Malala

00:50:46 --> 00:51:23

is one comma Hamilton who and a Latina mean commelina. Don't put a burden on us like you put on the people before us. As they say, Hector, they're saying Yama, remove our burden, remove our burden, remove our burden. Well, kulu hetalia started to be danika ozora, home to hotton home, so that they may get the burdens on themselves removed, so that they may have an easier time and that's what the deen of Allah is essentially, the purpose of the deen of Allah is not to put burden on you the purpose of the leader of allies to remove the burden from you. You read along and you have FIFA Anquan. Allah intends to lighten your burden literally lighten your burden. Well, who do you call in

00:51:23 --> 00:52:04

sonova? That's what ally xojo says. So here when they say hey, when you bet a lot to lighten your burden, then what will ally do not fail the katajanokka we will cover for you all of your major all of your mistakes. So many mistakes from we already saw so many. And there are so many in those 40 years that haven't been mentioned yet. But they're just called hotteok them as if Allah did not even say sejati Kumho tire is less than that just mistakes. It is as though Allah will think less of your evils and just consider the mistakes like sahoo like negligence, you know, it's okay. Allah is willing to do that if you can take this opportunity and think what we are learning now is that's

00:52:04 --> 00:52:06

easy to turn to a lie in times of difficulty.

00:52:07 --> 00:52:25

But people forget about a love and times become easy. And if someone can turn to a law, when times become good, when they turn inside out to a law when all the doors of the world have been opened up. When the gifts have been opened up, and then you turn to Allah, that is the best position you're in to get the sins forgiven.

00:52:26 --> 00:52:58

People usually turn to a lot, don't run out of humility, when times are very bad. When there's a sickness in the family, when there's a death in the family, when there's a loss of a job when there's some kind of trial. When people forget about Allah when money is good promotions, good new car, new house, this that this is not the time to go into such that and ask a lot to lighten your burden. And to make sure you don't fall into fitna, you don't, you know we don't do forget about a line those times, you know, and that's the time to remember a lot. And when people remind you of a line those times you're like, man, come on, just let me have some fun seriously, right now you're

00:52:58 --> 00:53:35

gonna give me a football, it's not even Friday, you know. So you don't want to hear it at that time, because you want to enjoy yourself too much. That's the time to remember Allah. And Allah says that, by the way, is not a small thing. To be able to remember a lot in good times is not an easy thing. You know. And so it's only possible by people have the highest standard of human, and who are those people that people are sad. And that's why you see the aisle conclude what centers he will walk in. And we will increase those who excel because there's muslimeen, there's more meaning and there's more personal people who can remember a lot in that state or more city, people who can remember a

00:53:35 --> 00:53:40

lot the time of victory or vaccine and this is by the way, how, you know, hottub enter Jerusalem

00:53:41 --> 00:54:23

on new insights that this is how the Muslims would enter Mecca. You know, just in humility before a lot as origin. This is a certain mindset, that victory you know, at a time of victory is a time of pride. We want you we just got we got on, and you're supposed to walk in howling and screaming and celebrating. Well, no, no, this is the time to be more humble than anything else. For bandana Latina vamo than those that had done wrong, replaced colon they replaced it with another word of how do you know the kilala home other than the one they were told what word that were they told simple one word they weren't made to memorize along la Sierra Nevada Nan for Santa well.

00:54:26 --> 00:54:57

They weren't make memorize the data that you guys make, you know, behind the Imam after taraweeh. You can't remember what he's saying. Because it's way too long. It's like 20 minutes long. They weren't told read this. They were told how much one will hit bomb hit. That's it. That's all you got to say. And they couldn't do that they started making fun of it. They're on their on their animals. They're not going into such data and they replace the word head with many say hindpaw. So hetta hindpaw. And if you go ahead, would you say no, no. I said what are you talking about?

00:55:00 --> 00:55:07

hemper now what is hemp farming? hentai means a fresh kind of grain no more man nah man we get hindpaw now

00:55:09 --> 00:55:28

it's actually when the bad week we're gonna get all kinds of vegetables in here. Oh, I'm going to have me a salad and they said that inside the word hindpaw that's all they were thinking about the only thing on their mind was now the menu is about to go crazy, you know? So they forgot the key

00:55:29 --> 00:56:10

colon value under the key da da da da da da da da da Marisa Mina sama and we sent down from on those who had done this kind of wrong a severe punishment It can also be called called a model I studied you know that that you see other similar without they say this it afflicts and Bishop flicks the skin was jailed like some say that when the punishment was given to them their skin turned inside out those who made fun of it you know, and they just they died of that punishment right there be my account we have gone on account of the corruption they were carrying all along all this time they were hiding their corruption This is actually an echo from before these people they're one word is

00:56:10 --> 00:56:46

not they're not being punished for that one word. Allah says Be my can only have so called because of corruption they have been exhibiting for a long time just like it please at least refuse sighs now how many times once but he's not being punished for that ones. Allah says Ghana mineral caffeine he used to be from the ungrateful it was inside of him. The filth was inside it just came out with that one incident with these guys By the way, it was just with that that mockery of such that with the police and it's a mockery of size that with them so it's a lost way of showing us that they follow the path of least even though they were you know and this is by the way not under musasa this

00:56:46 --> 00:57:22

is important for you guys to know as I as I come to a close close to nearby or close the this is not under Busan Busan summit asked them to conquer the city and they said no, there's people in there we ain't going we're not doing it You go first aventura Boca katella in na hoona don't you go and Europe go you go both fight. We're gonna sit here. Okay. And I don't mean, we're going to sit here a long time. Don't worry, we'll still be here when you come back. They didn't even say jolly. So there's a guy doing long term buddy. feeling tired? You know? And but that's that's why Allah has always had gave them the 40 years of wandering in the desert, they would have entered the city

00:57:22 --> 00:57:57

immediately. It was promised to them, the victory was promised to them. And what doubts could they have in the victory promised by Allah, they just escaped at home. They just saw waterpark, how would they have any doubt left, but they did. And that's why in the next generation, after these 40 years, under the leadership of Lucia, even noon, there's an entire generation of Israelites that has been raised in the desert. They've had their childhood meal and their adult food has been the same. And they suffered because they were raised in this tough environment and they're tired of it. So when you share Joshua, who's called in the Bible, when he calls them for to fight in the path of Allah,

00:57:58 --> 00:58:33

or take the city, then they're actually much more willing, but even under him, unfortunately, they many of them exhibited the kind of the kind of hypocrisy that marked the religion. And so Allah takes us back now again. So you'll notice in the history of the Israelites, as described in the Quran, Allah is gonna go forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards. This victory that I just talked to you about where they made fun, where as they entered the city, this is actually after Mussolini Stalin died. He died in the in the 40 years of wandering, he had already gone and I actually he was so tired of them. It's I've never seen words like this from a prophet, like prophets

00:58:33 --> 00:58:35

or even salatu salam

00:58:36 --> 00:58:47

they would actually say that Gd minakami Follow me rescue me from wrongdoing people musala salaam doesn't need rescue from bunnies, right? He says frog by me.

00:58:49 --> 00:58:55

says you just like you part of the water and you separated us from the Hebrews. Yeah, love pardon me from these people.

00:58:56 --> 00:59:36

Just cut me off. I don't want to deal with them anymore. These are this is one of the last words of Messiah they set up a yellow one nothing to do with them. I want nothing to do with them. I'm done. I've had it. And it didn't come musallam for a man who had an incredible temper. We know about the incredible temporal Saudis, right? When something bothers him and really bothers him, and he can't hold it in. This is exhibited when he had that when he saw the man being killed. And he just he couldn't take it. This is exhibited when he saw the girls, you know, getting water from the from the from the pond, and he couldn't take it. This is exhibited when he's traveling with heaven in South

00:59:36 --> 01:00:00

Africa. And he sees injustice and he can't take it. And then that same man is going to stay with the Israelites for 40 years and how much he has to tolerate. Oh, man, that meant for him to hold it in for that long. I can't imagine what what that what it must have been like because if Busan just one day, just one day, he's like, you know what, I'm just

01:00:00 --> 01:00:08

Just one punch, Li just one punch. Let me just let loose one time. You know what happens when Musab punches someone right?

01:00:11 --> 01:00:40

And when they came so close to like, how can find him when they came so like when they got so bad that they just the mockery of the religion got so out of hand. He was about to let loose. And he said, an akuna Minal jolly I seek Allah's refuge I might become from those who lose control over their emotions can I can't I if I lose it and these people are going to get it that he will become the Sarika

01:00:42 --> 01:00:43

you know, and then.

01:00:44 --> 01:01:19

So this man at a salon put up with a lot but eventually even he just couldn't deal with it. He just said just separate it from these people. But now we're gonna go back before this party happened. And we're gonna see them ask Masonic salon for water. They're gonna begusarai some this rainwater is not enough, is not enough. We need to survive as a people, we need a water reservoir, all the main water supplies are taken up by those cities, and all those cities are fortified. Where are we supposed to get water? Are we supposed to go back towards the waters of Egypt? And we're going to get captured again, we can't go back there. So what are we going to do? And so the Iraq that are coming is when

01:01:19 --> 01:01:39

he made that request to them. And this is actually something mentioned in in the Bible. Interesting. I'll just tell you one cool thing about it. I know we're getting late. Just one cool thing about it that region, the Sinai region, the mountains are so called horrible, or Santa, those are the two words that are used. The Hebrews also called kadesh, which is close to the Arabic word codes. for that region. They call it kadesh

01:01:40 --> 01:01:53

Barnea. I believe that's what they call it. That region to this day, the rocks are very brittle. And to this day, there are incidents where if you just kind of hit a rock too hard or the car crashes into a rock, water comes out.

01:01:54 --> 01:02:16

There's actually a feature of that region, analyzer which is dead so like it's a natural phenomenon there, but a lot enhance the natural phenomenon and turn one strike into 12 springs of water for the 12 tribes of the Israelites. So we'll read read about that in sha Allah tomorrow. barakallahu li Welcome to the court again, when finally we are coming out with the game was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a mesmerizing lecture by providing explicit explanations about Ayat from the esteemed Surah Al Baqarah. There is a deep connection between fasting and religion present even at the time of Musa AS who was given the Tawrah after 40 days of fasting.

Tawbah to Allah is supreme and there is no need for having a punishment being superimposed on the person if his crime was hidden by Allah SWT. Why was the Tawbah for the Israelites such a difficult proposition? Their defiance to Allah knew no bounds and hence, they faced the wrath of Allah in which a very loud explosion struck them and they died instantly – the whole Banu Israel. 

They were brought back to life so that they fully comprehend what had just happened and also to make them aware of Allah the Almighty. Failing to abide by the command of their Prophet Musa AS and their arrogance to have a word with Allah directly and not through Musa AS cost them dearly and they were put in their places most appropriately by Allah SWT.

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