How Does One Fast Long Days Of Ramadan

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers


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The speaker discusses the issue of fasting and how it affects everyone, particularly those living in certain regions. They suggest that individuals may not feel satisfied with their fasting habits and recommend adjusting their meal plans to reflect this. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting for achieving important goals.

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passing on through long days, like people who live in the north in Alaska and North Europe where they had to fast for over 20 plus hours in the summer, do they? Are they obligated to fast these long hours? Can they break their fast earlier? Whatever, even though the sun not set yet? So what's the situation with with people of these kind of conditions?

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Will it come to people who live in up north where they have a regular hours of day and night, because of course of the of the climate and the region where they live. The other Monday discussed that action in classical works, or fifth as well. And they call them billable or like saying like Bulgaria or time maybe because the farthest region they've ever been able to reach to have communication with back in the days it was actually Bulgaria, or at least the region that or that the territory, so they called everything they blah, blah, blah. And they argue what's the outcome of for the other fasting? They have three opinions. The first opinion Believe it or not, they say is

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actually that these people, they only fast when they see the sign, which means that they never have, the data never actually comes out. So they're not obligated to fast. So if they have six months of night,

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should they fast? They say No, they don't fast, because that is not there. for them. And, and obviously in the summer, it's gonna be a little bit different for them as well. They fast as long as they can see, continue seeing the sign, but they say they don't continue fasting for 24 hours, that question exists. And that answer exists in books of folk, but they don't really take it as as a standard answer. They just say like for my folk discussion, it's the second opinion, they say they follow the sun, which means doesn't doesn't matter how long the day is, they need to still follow the sun that is also difficult actually, to practice for the people. But the most popular answer

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today that they give, they say that they actually follow the most reasonable region that has regular hours of day and night. Now who decides on this issue, I always refer people who live in these regions to go back to their 50s and there are llamando scholars and the moms who live in these regions. For us living in handle and the luxury of the day and the night in a regular hours. We might not really feel what they go through. So therefore I would recommend for them to go with them. So that whatever they decide in terms of how many hours they fast and when did they break their fast, they should go with their communities and their demands shall on leaders there on this

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directors May Allah make it easy for them and rewarding for the patients and for the long fasting