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Ramadan 2016 – Khatirah Day 21

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Ramadan moving fast right now towards the end. One of the things that came to my mind as we listen to the citation, although it's kind of like an off topic but something very important I want to always reflect on it every time Ramadan comes to that, that Florian and that and we're talking about.

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I'm talking about the conquest of Mecca. First Hanukkah. When we talk about history, you know of the Muslim Omar from the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one of the greatest milestones in the history of Islam is the conquest of Mecca. We use the word conquest, even though we know historically speaking, there wasn't much fighting really over the city of Mecca that moment. I mean, entering Mecca was an easy thing at that time, but it's called fut. Why is that? Because that that was announced two years prior to the actual event of entering Mecca. And an incident that happened way before that incident. We know it as sort of her davia peace treaty.

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That peace treaty, Allah subhanho wa Taala call it in the Quran, firsthand, Medina in fatahna. La Tomatina in the story, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, after Of course, you know, he left Mecca to Medina, that might cause didn't leave him alone, they wanted to go after him. They wanted to make sure that his message doesn't spread out. So they try their best. Then we had the incident the Battle of better in which they lost and then 100, which they won. And then came the one on once and for all they wanted to wipe out the presence of Muslims in Medina and they came with all the people that could their allies that did come with them, surrounding Medina, and what we know it as the

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Battle of the trench, and after excruciating experience for them, besieging Medina for so long, they failed. They failed miserably, and they went back again to Mecca. And that moment, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. He said a very profound statement. Carl, Zuma, Zuma said that's it for them. Like they're broken.

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It's our turn. We are now on the offensive and they will always be on the defensive.

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But what was the first offensive the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam launched the year after immediately, and he launched against the people of Mecca.

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A peaceful demonstration for magic formula. So he had 1000 plus people live with him sallallahu wasallam for Medina wearing nothing but marhaba Haram, very simple clothes, carrying nothing but their swords to protect themselves from the elements of the road. And then they went to Mecca.

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And they didn't want to do anything except just you know, let us just worship that's all we asked him for me just give us a space we can do Rama and then we leave we're not we're not taking Medina maca from you. But the Mexicans, they were taken by the sprite and they stopped Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And the Sahaba said, Nope, we're not gonna let you come in right now. And the people, the Arabs, they start speaking about this that you came in forcefully.

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So they stopped, they stopped somewhere they're in an area called her davia. While they could see they could see almost a harem in Mecca, and not too far away from them, but they were not allowed to go there. And they camped in that area and the negotiation started. They sent one delegates after the other one delegates at the data to the to strike a deal with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The Messenger of Allah has sent them a thumb out of an iPhone to negotiate with them, and we had a situation happen there. Then finally, finally, when they came to a deal, when they came to deal, the four major points or provisions of that deal, were kind of like offensive to the majority of the

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Muslim men. But for the prophets of Allah said he was a visionary man. He saw an opportunity there. It wasn't really about now winning these battles with them. He was very, very careful at fighting his battles with the people of Mecca. They want to mention they want the pride give it to them. I'll give it to them. That deal was all about pride.

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like asking the Prophet sallallahu wasallam First of all, no fighting no more wars for 10 years. The professor's fine, we'll give it to you. The province could could actually could refuse that he could fight that one. Because again, they were stronger now. But he said fine. I'll give it to you. You take the pride that you asked for basically, we submitted to you that we're not going to fight you. Number two, they said that listen, anyone who becomes Muslim and comes to you, you have to send them back to Mecca. But anyone who comes back to us they believe in Islam, we're not gonna send it back to you. The professor should

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we agree? But when the Sahaba they heard that they were upset, like how could they do how could they agree to this? The Prophet was confident that whoever becomes Muslim, they're not going to come back and go back again to Mecca.

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However, he know that when he sends anyone back to Mecca, they're not going to go to Mecca, they're gonna hold their ground, they will stay Muslims. So it's a matter of pride for the metcons you gave it to them sallallahu sallam, and they asked for other things. But whatever they asked for was nothing really for the professor said something to fight to fight over. It was I'll give it if it's a matter of pride. I'll give it to them because he was about the after the people

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He wasn't after these positions and after President after named after titles and after mentioned, that's how the perfect selasa was actually fighting his battles with the people. He was going after the hearts. He's after winning the people not winning these positions, you know, so just to get to get a name for it, and that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did. Allah wa Sahaba when they heard about the deal, they weren't happy with it.

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And when the Prophet sallahu wa salam wanted him to sign that deal, olive, olive can getting upset while he was writing it down.

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And when the prophets of Allah Santo the Sahaba that said, we're not going to do this year, this year or this day, so you're gonna have to shave your heads and slaughter an animal sacrifice animals will come next year. A lot of them they didn't want to do that. They refused. Even Rasul Allah gets upset, so sad. Like, wow, what was wrong with them?

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They said they also didn't you say we're gonna come for hombre. He said, I said it's gonna be this year. So when he told us that we're gonna go promise, did I say that you're going to enter Mecca today? They said no. He said, okay, you are going to come and you're going to enter the harem. But it was supposed to be the following year. Eventually, the Sahaba were unable to easily do that. He invented the his his tent, telling him Santa Marta de la Ron, his wife, the people are disobeying and the messenger, the sheetala, Rasulullah jasola Allah, it's okay. They're very upset. Just go out right now. Don't talk to anybody. Call the barber. Let him shave your head, slow to sacrifice your

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animals, and they'll follow you. And he did sallallahu Sallam and they did indeed they follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the way back Allah azza wa jal revealed so to sort of fit the entire surah that we have under name the conquest and look that alphabet was revealed before Mecca was reclaimed by the prophet sallallahu wasallam. Two years before the because indeed Mecca became a matter of time.

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That victory became a matter of time, because the true victory already happened.

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When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he negotiated with he brought these people to negotiate that he's now again he is confident he will win the people sallallahu wasallam. Allah named this photon Medina in fatahna. La Tomatina indeed we have given you a great clear fat conquest honorable hapa one of those skeptical about that at the time of the of the treaty, he went over Casa de he went through through la complaining jasola Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to do this he kept complaining. But then on the way back when he heard that I and he believes in Allah subhana wa he believes in the Quran, when Allah name this incident to become or this event to be a first hand

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Medina great conquest. He couldn't but submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala as well as like, wow, if a lack of this Fatah Medina, it curvy phenomena, maybe I don't understand why and how but Allah will show me how soon after that, soon after that didn't last long, that a lot, a lot of these provision of that treaty. They were they were actually negated by the people of Mecca themselves.

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So the whole deal of anyone becomes Muslim, we're not going to sit when you have said that you have to send them back and anyone who does who leaves Islam, we're not going to send them back. They can do the Prophet said Dr. Mohammed, could you cancel this whoever becomes Muslim, take them and take them in. Why is that? Because no one obviously left Islam to go back to Mecca. But all the people left Mecca came to Medina as Muslims, and the Prophet had to send them back, then they're going to go back to Mecca. So they stood on the side. They camped on the side and they start growing in number and then start reading the trade trade routes of the Americans. And the purpose of this is

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not on Microsoft's diction. I don't have control over these people. That's when they might say, Okay, you know what, you know what, fine, fine, take them in.

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And they came in, that was a great victory. And when they asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whoever wants to enter your alliance, fine, and whoever enters their alliance, that's fine as well. And the 10 years, that there is no be no war. One of these events Two years later, some of the people of Mecca, they supported their allies, again, one of the allies of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, so they give them arms, they give them horses, supplies. And then when that war broke between them and the professor, some heard about it, because the man, the leader of that tribe, that was in alliance with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to the Mohammed salatu wa

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Salaam, Allah in few words, he gave him more report, Dr. Mohammed, we entered your alliance confident that you will support this, this and that. And the professor said, and he was listened to him carefully and quietly. And when he finishes his poetry, his poem, The Prophet salla, Sam said to him, No, sir.

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like you'd be given the victory palace. I mean, eight is coming. That's what it is. And he left back home. I was a Shia and a leader of the Mexicans immediately came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam trying to negotiate reinstating that deal after they have broken the deal, and the Prophet refused to receive Him. Even though he was a time also his father in law, by the way,

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refused to receive and receive the receipt refused to meet with him.

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Some other leaders of the metcons of the of the Maha Julian who was from Mecca, they also refused to meet with Abu sufian Abu sufian get the message clear. That's it. Time is up. We're coming back. Rasulullah is Salah Salem Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam secretly started including the people, gathering them to go back to Mecca. Now this time, he came back to with 10,000 people. First time in the history of the urban peninsula. All these tribes under different banners come under one single leadership.

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The leadership of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went there, and he entered Makkah. It was a magnificent sight, even though I wasn't there. But reading about it, how it was described. It just What a magnificent sight

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ordered the Sahaba to spread all around the mountains around Mecca at night and he asked him to light fire,

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So when the people of Mecca at night they saw all these, you know, campfires around in the night at night Cipolla they were they were terrified. Like, wow, we're surrounded. Like there is no escape. And the campfire was so much all around that they couldn't even tell how many people showed up in Panama. The following day,

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the Sahaba they were marching in and they're sort of like gave his orders. The people should treat them peacefully no fighting, don't fight.

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Remember, alphabet

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was given to him two years ago. But that was just a matter of time. That's all. So now they're fulfilling it. And he comes back to the LA salon with 100 at a time coming into the city of mechanical Sofia and was shocked and surprised Who are these people until he saw the Prophet sallallahu Mahajan, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam entering the city with full humbleness and humility to Allah so it's not a matter of arrogance. Remember, he escaped pride at that at that day when they signed the treaty by giving giving it to them whatever you asked for fine, take it, take it take it didn't mean didn't care about that issue.

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And then also Lola has salasar. As he was coming into Makkah, he was nodding his head all the way down, knowing that people are watching. And that's a moment can make a person arrogant. But the province was looking so much down that his forehead was reaching the hump of the camel, and his chin was actually on his chest a lot. It was seldom until he entered Mecca. He went to the car back, cleaned it and destroyed all these ideas and so forth. And then he gave his very famous speech. He stood in a sofa sofa used to be like their member, the member that they used to have the amount of a sofa where we go for Omron Hajj, he went up there salatu salam, and the people all they all gathered

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He gave his very famous talk. He says Carla, Madonna and Nephilim become now what are we here right now? What do you think am I going to do to? Like you told me what do you guys deserve?

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That I should do to you? Of course, they know that they deserve punishment for what they have done to him and his harbinson they expected that

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he's given him the choice like what do you expect me to do to you right now? I mean, don't you know that if I like saying if I punish you? Don't you know that you deserve it? Obviously, they know that they deserved that. But they gave their beautiful answer. They said, uh, when Kareem, Kareem, you know, you, you're a good brother. And you're going to be good to relatives. But what he did was abandon the beyond their expectation, they expected ransom, you know, something like that, and so on. He said it have antimo tilaka, you're free.

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You're free. What does that mean? like it never happened before. Be current a moment like this. People can lose their properties. They can lose their lives, they lose their freedom, like the city will be destroyed and everything will be gone in an instant. But what the prophet SAW Sam said to them, like like nothing happened. You're back home, you have your city, you have your properties, you have everything in your hand.

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Like view back to normal. That was beyond that expectation. They knew that such tolerance cannot be a normal tolerance. This is a divine tolerance. This is a man, a man coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is for that reason these people embraced Islam. What is so ironic and interesting, is that same speech, the Prophet salla salami gave 18 years before that 18 years before that he was standing on the exact same spot.

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And he was telling his people, what would you say if I tell you an army is about to invade you from behind those those hills? said we we have never experienced any live from you. He said Well, I'm telling you I am the messenger of Allah to you.

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And his uncle answer turbo Allah, Allah. Hi, Roger Martin a while to you call on us for this. Bring him down.

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18 years later, he comes back so the last time on the same spot. And now he's telling them like, do you remember 18 years ago.

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Now what you expect them are going to do to you? And this time they couldn't say bad luck.

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See, we know you You're better than this

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says you're all free. What I'm making a VEDA Gemma is the case for us as Muslims. Again, what we're going through right now what we see how people are changing their visions and views about Islam and Muslims and the Muslim population, the Muslim community and minorities and so forth. It is definitely a source of concern for many of us. Absolutely. It's a source of concern. But what we're asking from you is to always remember, you're not responsible for the results, you're responsible to do your part. And at this time, you make sure that in sha Allah has remained steadfast on this message, and deliver the message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that it's all about winning

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hearts, not about winning fame, or name or any battle any position. It's all about winning hearts and winning the people mela soprano makers among those who are blind I mean when the hearts of the people we ask lots of hard to accept or fast in our CRM and our pm now lots of accept your mail accept user can you change the use of the card? May Allah subhana wa Taala put this in your skin gentlemen in the UK a little bit I mean, and make your place genital for those who don't know Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.