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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the names of Islam, including hesitation and fear, and the importance of fear and hope in the worship of Islam. They also touch on the negative and positive aspects of living in a present world, including feeling deserved and deserved to be. The success of an AI program designed to reward individuals for producing something they want to praise is also discussed, along with the importance of showing the power of Islam in the face of negativity. The conversation also touches on the history and characteristics of the name Islam, including its significance in relation to the culture of India and a new segment on martial law.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Welcome to the second session of reflecting on the 99 Names of Allah clicking on the names of Allah. Here we are going through the Hadees that is found in Timothy. Wherever wherever the Allahu anhu he narrates from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the names of Allah azza wa jal, and he goes from one name all the way to the 99 Names of Allah. And yesterday we discussed the names of Allah azza wa jal, first being Allah than Rahman and Rahim and today we're going to continue one of the things I want to say to you about the name of Allah azza wa jal is that it is one of those names because it's the most supreme name, most

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supreme name, Allah azza wa jal, it starts from the from the heart, it goes to the tongue, and it comes back to the heart again. So if you think about it, the sound that comes from the chest, and then moves to the tongue. And then her at the end again come from the chest. So what we're doing is what we were combining between the name names of the combining between the heart and the tongue when we're saying the name of Allah, Allah, and Allah has made it so easy for us to say this name anyway, all the other names that we find in the nighttime Names of Allah are actually a description of this name.

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Okay, that's why we know in the Hadith it says, hula, hula de la Ilaha, il, who are Rahman so who Allah He is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who there is no other God besides Him, there is no other data besides Him, who are of man and then his description is that is the most gracious or the most generally graceful and merciful. AR Rahim and then the most specifically merciful, and then we come to the name of Allah as Virgil al Malik. Now what is what is Al Malik al Malik means the king, but it's not just the king. He is, as described in a hadith and Buhari medical, Luke, he is the king of kings. So, we can have kings on this earth and the kingdom will only last a certain amount of time.

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The kingdom will only last a certain amount of time. Every single king that becomes the king is king till his death or queen till her death. Okay? Allah azza wa jal will imagine on the day of judgment when we come to the Day of Judgment, and there is only a you can barely hear anything you can't hear people you know, you can only hear the sound whispers were whispering going on.

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At that time, Allah as of yet will say a number local of Allah will you know, once he's got all of creation, all of mankind and jinn in front of him, and not a single, not a single person.

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There's two to say anything in front of us.

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At that moment, Allah azza wa jal will say animalic molekule. Monique, I am the King of kings, I am local out, where are the kings of the earth? So not only is a lot the Malik is the king but his Melaka Luke is the king of kings. And he you know, this particular name is an awe inspiring name. What does that mean? That means that this this particular name creates a fear inside us. There are certain Names of Allah azza wa jal, that will create in a hope insiders like R Rahman r Rahim that we covered under a certain name that will that will create fear insiders. And this is one of the names that we see where Allah azza wa jal will create in a he creates fear insiders. And Al Malik is

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a name

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that allows the devil has given to us why why is Allah giving us a name that he's the king, and it's also inspiring fear inside us. And the simple reason is that human beings and even they, they can become, you know, we are created between hope and fear. And as long as we're on the right amount of, you know, between hope and fear, we are we are completely you know, as long as we got the balance, right, we're okay. But once we lose that balance, then we've got a serious problem. That's where you know, when people have so much hope, let's say for example, Allah and I used to, to have his names to say, R. Rahman and Rahim he used to have his names too not to say that He is the Most Gracious,

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the Most Merciful Okay, Allah azza wa jal you know, use both of these these names. You got to meet your two names of hope. And suddenly you've got a name of fear. What is the loving life showing us

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I've got more money you should have more hope in me. And but yet you still you still have to have the fear inside you because once that fear is lost, then too much hope can make somebody audacious you can make and say you know I can kind of doing this because I realize how far the lies the most forgiving Allah is gonna forgive me an Allah is our man, Elijah Rahim is going to be specific the message message to me on the Day of Judgment. Now seeing that allows you to put his names there that are going to create fear insiders, Al Malik, he is the king, meaning that we're going to come under their judgment, and he's going to show who is like, you know, when some sandals people say, who's

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the boss here. So who is the real King, the only one and only true king, Allah is going to show that on the Day of Judgment, not only that, but he would have taken back everything that he's given so many has a meaning of Moloch, which is ownership. And before we reach that day of judgment, a lot of jelly would have taken back the ownership that he gave to every single person. So that shows who the true king is. And we also have the fact that people when they you know when they you know, a lot of us women grown up unfortunately a lot of us have grown up with you know, our parents or our guardians telling us you know how fearful and fearful and fearful we should be of a lawsuit and I

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don't want to say that the balance I think has gone slightly wrong with the way we've been brought up certainly the way I got you know, I was brought up and people around me because we were told so much about the fear of Allah so much of the fear of Allah that is actually dominated the amount of hope that we should have for Allah, if you look at the 99 Names of Allah you will find that about 70% of them are 60 to 70 at least 70% of them you will find that they are positive as in the names that give us hope. And then you will find the 30% of the 30 to 35% 40% max you know by I say around the 30% mark, you will find names that give us fear. So what we're supposed to do is that we're

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supposed to have a lot more hope. I mean we also balanced the hope and fear I understand that but we're not supposed to like you know make our children grow up with so much in our constant you know, Oh ALLAH is gonna put you in health if you do this and these are different. Yes, it is all true and we do use those but and use it in a way that you don't damage the hope in children and in the next generation. Certainly inside many of us we've got this concept that you know I'm doing all of this worship because if I don't then I'm then I'm you know, I'm gonna be punished or Alaska is gonna take me to task. That's not the way we're supposed to approach a bad approach Allah azza wa jal, we're

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supposed to have, you know, this feeling that Allah is you know, I'm doing all of this because I have hope in in his mercy, I have hope in his, you know, in his bigness, that the father of the bounties that he's going to give me I have the hope in Him forgiving me I have hope that he's going to, you know, put me put me in the right place in the gentleman I'm taking the agenda, all that hope but yet at the same time, I've got fear Yes, I've got fear of Allah azza wa jal being you know, he's the Malik He's the owner. He's gonna take all ownership everything I've got right now, before I reach reaching, you know, before my death, I mean think about it our lives, right? You know,

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sometimes I think people

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people are so short sighted people challenge one another they will steal from one another they will lie to get somebody else's, you know, ownership of something from one another. And you know what, all along, all you've got my friends, all you've got, if you think about this, right, take this away from today's lesson. Take this away. There's probably just 20 more summers

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before you are gone 2020 more summer. You know the season of summer that we have this thing of there's only probably about 30 some of the 30 That's it. And if you are blessed with such a life, you listen to this right now you might not even see the next summer. Right? But the thing is that if you think of it like that, there's only 30 more summers that we will see 20 more summers that we'll see and that's gone. How fast did this Ramadan come from the last Ramadan. Sometimes it feels like you know what, Suhana is not even been a year. If you feel like that then time is going and the next summer is going to come very soon. It's already here. And then we're going to feel like you know

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what, last year was summer again and you know what you can plan 30 holidays if you want my friend 20 holidays if you want if you've if you've been going on holidays every single summer you can plan that. But by the end of it what have you got? You've only got a few more of those left before you before all everything you own. Imagine this right? My bank balance my my assets, my home, my ownership of all the possessions. I have all the

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Things that are under me right now all the, you know, all the bonds and stocks and everything else I have, right? Not only that, but all the children I have and all the relationships I have with the people on the earth and all the you know that the salary, the job, the companies that whatever I might have, right? All of that is going to be taken back to Allah azza wa jal, he's going to take it all back. And he's going to, what he's going to do first is he's going to not transfer it over to somebody else. So how short sighted people are that just for another few years, just from another view, as we die for this world, when allows you to say, Look, I'm going to take it all, but I'm Matt

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and Malik, he is the king. In fact, one of the names that is coming later on is you know, Allah, Who is the true inheritor of everything, meaning that he will take everything else back anyway. And Malik is one of those names that when you hear it, you think, you know, he put you in your place that he's the king, look, he makes the rules, he makes the rules, he sets the rules. Now, some of some people might say, you know, especially, you know, the kind of times that we're living in, why do we have to live our lives like this? Why do I have a desire in me that I can't express? Right? So some people have this desire inside them that they want to live a certain life? And then they'll

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come back to Islam? Or they'll come back to Sharia? And they'll question that, why is it all Why did God create the desire inside me? Then? Why is it Come on my friend, look, even goes on?

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To say, you know, he says that every child is born with the with the,

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with the feeling that he can tell the truth, or he can lie.

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He can show trust, or he can betray. every child, every one of us was born like that. As we grow up, we learn that lying hurts, lying is wrong.

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betraying someone is mischievious, it's a negative thing. It's not to be done, because I don't, you know, because people people don't like these negative things. Now, every single human being has got inside the negative desires and positive desires. Just because you feel like lying doesn't mean Oh, I've got the right to lie, you know, today's society has become all about what I want to do this so much selfishness, in in, in the thought process of today. In fact, Rasulullah sallallahu, told us before the day of judgment that this is going to happen. He actually told us, and he said to us that

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there's gonna be this thing where everyone feels Your job will run cooler, or jump in, right? Yeah. Oh, come on, up, sir. Every person with an opinion will feel like my opinion is something that is so worthy, that it Trumps every other, you know, opinion out there, like I have got the best opinion out there. Now, every person is feeling the same. And we know where this is going. Because you can't have everyone having the same, you know, level of,

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you know, the great importance of your your own opinion. And this particular time we're living in, you can see what rules or laws was said you can see right in front of our eyes, that everyone feels that you know what it's my opinion, I feel like that you have to respect me for that.

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If you take all of this, and then you look at the name, Al Malik, the king, who that Who told you know, who sent his carandang, who sent his revelations down on the earth, and he told us how to live a life, we have to show respect to that King. Because look, you're free to do what you like today, you can have all your opinions, and you can say, you know what, I'm gonna live like the life I want. There's even people who will come to this town, and they want to change Islam on the world, all they want to change the rules of Islam, because they want it to be more, you know, in line with their desires. And you can do all of that today, my friend. But what are you going to do on the day of

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judgment when alonza has raised this up naked, uncircumcised without any issues and that allows just says, you know, who this speaks?

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Allah will say, look, I am the King of kings. Well, we're the kings of the world. Now, thinking of all of this, it should cause fear inside is that look, you know, he set the rule. These are his rules. And you know, he could have said whichever rules he wanted, but these are his rules and and we move on. Anyway. After this name, we've got the name of our produce. Now, this is a this is a wonderful name now. He just said he's the king. And then after that our produce, he is the most Supremes in terms of holiness in

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terms of, you know being so sublime, so glorious, so magnificent, he is so pure that there is nothing absolutely nothing that is impure that can be attributed towards him. Now, what we learned from this is in in Surah number a suit number two is number 30. So, Surah Baqarah number 30 the melodica they, they said when when when Allah as Medina was created, he created other moments ago he was about to create admin Islam and he made his will clear he said that we are robocalling mala aka said to the angels in need Jimin. I am about to make a vise journal on the earth for someone who's going to represent what I want to be on the earth.

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And the melodica they said, you know, they could they didn't object to Allah but they don't want you to question or why they want to define that the reason why so they said, you know, Allah, you know, you're going to create this being that eventually would lead to bloodshed on the earth because they saw what the gyms did on the earth previously, there were still few genes of the earth but Allah was going to replace that with a noose, no Supremes sort of, you know, creation, which is going to be the human being. And the Malacca Didn't they didn't object to Allah, but they wanted to inquire why. And they use that particular word they said they will, they will shed blood on the earth wanna know?

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They said, We know some gear can be handed one or two luck. We are we are you know, you ain't the angel that you've created. We are singing a hymn in your praise all the time. And we are clarifying on this we are always saying from our from our from our mouths, how pure you are, this will work. Now, what is what is great about this idea is what is great about this AI is that the angels looked at the creation of human beings. And they predicted from what they saw what the genes would do, because what what what is it? The human just like the genes have been created with freewill. So we can actually do whatever we want to do. So we've got this freewill. The angel said, Well, look, if

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your purpose is that you want to create new creation just to praise you, thank you worship you stand in lines like we are standing up. Allah says the whole plan was so far to suffer, the angels are always standing in lines, just to showing you know that they're great, the showing the respect to Allah, the reverence for Allah, they are just standing it is worshiping Allah, without any time without getting time without the need of food or drink or anything. So there are angels Subhana Allah from the moment Allah created until today, they've never stopped praising Allah, they've never stopped doing the vicar of Allah, they've never stopped doing now there are seven angels in the sudo

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institute that never got up.

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Madness they've never ever got the reason angels are saying Subhana Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, they've never stopped, there are seven angels that are standing in rows, just like we started in PM, they have just standing there and they've never got done because they don't feel tired. And they think you will, if your purpose is that you create the nucleation to do all of this, we're always doing this and allows results then he you know, He created us and this is the this is the most beautiful they want to get to the point. The point is this. I'm here today you're here today. And I want you to feel proud about this.

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We have the Free Will I can say Subhana Allah right now or I can completely waste my time I can ignore God I can remember God I can ignore Allah, I can remember Allah I can turn to something that is totally futile. And something that is going to consume your holy into this world. Or I can give that time up and dedicated to Allah xojo you know, the moment the little few moments will turn to Allah xuejun in this world imagine I want you to really take this in because this is very powerful and you think about it. The few moments you you decided to obey Allah you they're sitting watching me now You decided to abate a lot, the few moments you decided to do some act of worship. Those are

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the times when Allah azza wa jal he boasted in front of the angels, and he said look at my service. Or look at my servants, this is found in various ahaadeeth right? When we get into a gathering and we remember Allah azza wa jal in whichever way we do whether it's good or bad, whether it's you know, just Tafseer the Quran whether it's you know, the color of Allah whatever it is, Allah bows to the engineering says look at my servants what there's a heavy sigh hurry that talks about Hodge on the day of our fight when people are they're doing garage Allah Allah bows to the angels and said, Look at my servants.

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Why does Allah bows to the angels? Because I want you to understand this, okay? Imagine you created a robot. This is just you, okay? You create your robot and you gave the robot freewill.

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So you programmed it, to know that it can decide to listen to you or he can decide to get out of your house and do whatever he likes. And that robot, when it's creative, it comes to life. That robot sees you or knows your house, but he wants to explore. And it goes out there and he starts to explore the world. And there's so much out there to explore. There's no reason for that robot again, to come back to your house, because there's much there's so many things that can occupy that robot. But inside it, there's a program that tells him that, you know, the one that builds you, you know, he, he would be happy if you if you come back to him. And that robot occasionally decides to come

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back to you. It doesn't have to it's got a, it's got freewill. You know, you're gonna feel Wow, I created this thing. And you know what, I like this thing. I like it, because it's got the free will to do whatever you'd like. But it still comes back to me.

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allows me Of course, we can compare these exams will allow us to, you know, there's no way we can compare this style. But just think of I only gave you this example just for us to get a little bit closer to understand what is happening from the heavens to the earth. We have got the whole world we've got man, we've got, you know, we've got a wealth. We've got children, we've got family, we've got friends, we've got our phones, because social media, we've got you know, all the things to distract us. We've got movies, we've got, you know, we've got we've got love, we've got beauty, we've got, you know, work, we've got aspirations, we've got energy, we've got so many things to

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distract us, from Alaska, with all those things. When the moment mean you get back and we praise Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, we praise Allah azza wa jal with with a hamdulillah. When we stand in front of a line prayer, when we read the Quran, when we are thinking about Allah, when I'm making sure I will give him something I will mean when we are in his ethos or when we are obeying Him. So Allah has given us so many commands to look after our brothers and sisters look out for the oma and so many other things. When you doing this, Allah as Jen is happy that you know what I gave, it's not like the angels looked angels or that they've never got from sudduth. Because they've got no other

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thing to distract them from that. They've got no tiredness, the good, no, they've got no weakness, they've got no nothing to know, for them to say, Well, I need to have

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I need to have food, I need to come take a break, I need to have some drink. I'm the fatigue right now. But I need to think about something else. They've got none of that. So of course they've been programmed to do that is just like if you created something that you know, like a robot or something that is going to be 24 hours in your service. Well, that's that. But what's the pleasure of that compared to the one that the robot do that you've got that you've programmed that he can, he can go out and explore but yet, you know, he still comes back to you. And Allah azza wa jal has created us human beings. And he's told us that of course, the purpose is that we show him servitude, we're not

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allowed to agenda and insert inlandia we show him serve you. But when we get to that point, when we are focused towards the laws, we associate with that few moments of a better life, so happy, and I want you to feel proud. And I want you to you know what, when you know, this, you shouldn't be, you know, after what I've just said, okay, you shouldn't be sitting there thinking that I need to now you know, continue with my life. And it is, as it is changed your life, my friend. You know, sometimes a heart should go out and think what you know what, I've only got a little bit of time left on this earth. Let me just use a few more moments to show you how much I appreciate, you know,

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what he's given me. And if you think that he hasn't given you because of your problems, he hasn't given you enough. Your problem is that you're focusing too much on the negatives in life instead of the positives.

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If you just think how many positive things allows me that has given me even though I've got the negative things even though I've got you know, ill health and whatever else problems in my life, if you can focus that way, the new one, just just do what you can my friend, oh, if you can't even stand up and pray, you can sit down and pray. If you can't even sit down, pray you lie down and pray. If you can't lie down and redo whichever way you can. You just have to pray. Allah has told us that we have to pray we have to connect him. Why? Because you've only got a little bit of time and when you show that Allah Israel is going to give

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such grace

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lessons in the, in the next world, such lessons in a next world like gender, and so on the description of that there is no comparison. But if we decide to waste all of this time, and we don't turn to Him, and we ignore him, and we use all the benefits that we've got in this world, all the things that are of our pleasure, then there's going to be such punishment in the next world, that there's going to be no compassion. Why? Because Allah is infinite. And everything that he has to do with him is infinite as well. When he gifts, he will give like no other. But May Allah protect us when he punishes he can punish like no other, we allow us to protect his army. So this is good news,

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which is that, you know, he's alive now one of the beautiful things I want to say to you is that look, Allah azza wa jal has, you know, some scholars said that some of these names are in pairs, okay, like, you've got a Brahma Raheem, a man or 100 pairs. So not only is the most, you know, most Merciful in a general sense is also the most merciful in a very specific sense. You've got many names like this, like Albert Rutila, or you've got our laughing the first and the last. Okay? And we'll cut them up here, the one who puts in fourth, the one who delays things, okay, so you've got a heartbeat of raffia, the one who can drop you down, that one can lift you up and mores and Melville

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The one who can give you dignity, the one who can, who can, you know, debase you. Now, these two named al Malik, a lot of those, they seem to be like in pairs. He's not only a king, but he's also a holy King, meaning that he's got nothing at all. In terms of negativity attributed to him when he is the king. We know what kings do. Kings want to show that power. They want to show who's in charge, they want to do it because they want everyone to know who's in charge. Okay, that's how the kings are. If you look at the story of cinema Islam in the Quran in surah, a novel What did he say? She said that in America Hello, honey has an audience and I've said to her, when your eyes that Allah

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Abdullah, when kings enter a city, they want to turn all the noble people into people that are lowly, they want to turn them you know, they want to call don't tell them it's someone that you know, are subservient towards them. And they cause corruption in a city that's the nature of games, but allows region doesn't do that. He's a king and his most sublime and he is he is the greatest of all the kings in terms of nothing that he has done is a little or of oppression. So now, we move to the next name which is you know, next time which is a Salaam, the giver of peace, Allah as within is the giver of peace. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would you know he would sit after Salah. He would

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sit after salah and one of the things he will say straight after that is a long run for Salaam woman, Salam Tabata

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Tamara Thea will generally will in crown, Allah Israel, His Messenger sallallahu Sallam would you know taught this icon to Sahih Muslim to say our law you are the giver of peace.

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And the Salaam, woman kasamh from euchems peace, you are most exalted, the one who is the giver of honor the one who has given up you know,

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who who possesses great nobility and grace who possesses great generosity anyway. Allah azza wa jal is missing some of us who taught us what the meaning of this name is that Allah is the giver of peace. And that's a seller when we say to one another assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. What are we saying, we are saying that look, I want to Allah, Who is the giver of peace, to give you peace. And the other person says, while I consider him or her to love, aka I want Allah to give her a piece to give you peace will not lie and to give you the mention of Allah and Baraka to and to give you blessings. That's the bond that we have between believers that we are evoking the name of

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Allah as we jump between ourselves what a salon really means is between me and you, brother, there is no enmity That's what I said. I mean, you know, a lot of the time we just had Sarah Sarah.

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We sat down without even knowing what the meaning of a salon is. So the HANA light of him. Now, Allah azza wa jal has, you know, I want you to think and think of this, that the word Salaam is not only peace, but he's the giver of peace. And on the Day of Judgment, one of the things that will be on the profits, all profits, profits, mouth, except for receivers and loggers in his, you know, selling them selling you know, Allah, you know, grant peace, make it make it safe grant peace and that is a large as they will tend to because whoever has come on that day, without having a heart that is cleansed of all things that are louder than one than they were at the VA you

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Have a real they've got a real bad fortune at the might look forward to

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protect us because the Quran says in according to the Quran surah number 26 and 89 Alban Salim, a prime minister made Rama that you know

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he made a deal and in the end he said this he said that everyone you know everyone's going to have something to basically worry about except for the one who comes with Hogan sudden with a with a heart that has made peace with a love heart that has made peace with the laws of God. Anyway. I'm going to take two more minutes of your time rather than says if you just please stay where you are exactly where you are. And not to not to go well please just stay where you are two more minutes and I'll be gone. This link that you see we talked about yesterday and martial law, you know some of you came forward and you and you clicked on it. Or you you know you went to the link. We are trying to

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get 313 people to raise 313 pounds in this month of Ramadan. It's so easy to Bangla one brother he messaged back yesterday he just said the page and by today just by sending that message forward that we're going to set the page up for you like the team that we've got they will set the page for you from helping me today. And just by sending that message forward he's already raised more than 500 pounds he raised 540 pounds Masha Allah and to the many of you who signed up yesterday martial law Look, just sign up just to dragula sign up no one's gonna say to you oh you never reach your target. All you have to do is sign up and just send it to others. And just you know wait allows you to tell

00:31:34--> 00:32:11

is the one that you know brings people together and he brings these things to come together anyway. And we know we need another please if you can have another 50 people right now look you're there. You're gonna switch this off as soon as you switch up look the you know just note this down. Brother 313 dot just go there. Log on you don't have to do anything else just fill in a simple you know simple your your email, whatever it is, and then the team will get back to you they will create a page for you they will do everything for you then you have your on your device all you need them to do they just afford to a few people and inshallah you will get a lot of reward for this

00:32:12--> 00:32:24

in the Acura Zakouma. Hey my brother my brothers and sisters. I'll see you again tomorrow, same time 6:30pm UK time make God for me as well. zakka heiva salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Capital