Surah An-Najm #21 – Praying for Forgivness

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The segment discusses the theory that everything starts with assumptions and falls apart when questions are made. It also touches on the population of angels and the concept of "ashiveness" in Islam. The structure woman named motherella is a woman who has no knowledge of the afterlife and is afraid of the "medea." The deeper look of the Bible and "medea feature are highlighted as false accusations.

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You will think this was an ancient problem. But even in modern academia in the modern world, there are entire philosophies being built on top of assumptions. And when you question the assumption itself, the root itself, everything starts falling apart. When Najimy

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male BOD NASA Kibo comm one of our

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The only garden will you actually have refuge from all this deprivation is with Allah that's done. That's why all the Jannat here, they'll still leave some money in your heart. This is not going to kill you is not going to kill me. I'm living in Santa Marta fell in love to Lulu.

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Welcome me mannequin for summer words. Now we finally get to the akhirah

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la Tonisha via to Bucha. How many angels are there are in the sky. By the way, the first guy has angels, the second has angels. The third has angels. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh are flooded with angels, the Earth has angels, you know what the population of angels is much, much, much much greater than the population of human beings.

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Our population is nothing compared to the population of angels.

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At the very even just on earth, for each one of us, there's two

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common cats and even they have shift Skyrim and ketamine. Even they have shifts.

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And then there's half of us legion of guardian angels for each person, you will see to have Allah then there's and that's not even the sky, that's just the earth. Then there's the angels in the first sky and then the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth. And each one of those guys is infinitely bigger than the first sky and they're all finished. And then there are angels that are doing off of the ashram Allah making this tomorrow for the believers are fina hold on Asha stuff Luna, you know, the Latina Latina Avenue. They're hovering there, they're going around the arch. And any one of them that goes once never comes back again, because they it's infinitely

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large. And they're making this too hard for believers, all of those angels.

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Allah says, not only shafa to Bucha, there shafa will be of no benefit at all.

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Now what a shofar, I mean shafa means to put in a good word for somebody

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to put in a good word for somebody or to prevent someone from getting in trouble.

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If the teacher if your father was about to yell at you, one of you men, and your mother came in any needing medical attention, let's keep us terasaki How can you judge by sticking

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to Vina,

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I've completed my tag. I know sorry, although sorry.

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Okay. When I when I

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you know.

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So then when she did that, you know what she just did, she did chef, ah,

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she got in the way saved you from that chef. Ah,

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when somebody you know, in Muslim countries, you can get a job not from your resume, but from your connections.

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By the way, that's also happening in America, by the way, let's not be let's not pretend, but we definitely happens. It happens more openly in the Muslim world. Right? So when somebody gets you a job through their connection, what have they done Shavon when you got to hook up this session,

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I had Shiva for the World Cup Morocco game.

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I knew somebody who knew somebody got me a ticket. I couldn't get Shiva high enough to sit next to him even though I tried.

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muszaphar wasn't.

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But the point. The point is, the idea of shafa with Allah is that Allah will judge you on Judgment Day, but these angels are so close to Allah, their daughters of God, they will get in the way and they will make the case. And Shiva is both for this life and the next life in their belief, meaning, we're going to ask God to we're going to ask these angels to send rain, they'll make a case to God and rain will happen. That's their that's our Shavon this life. And then there's a shofar in the next slide, but more more accurately, I believe this is talking about the next life. By the way, shuffling is the opposite of water in Arabic, the secondary meaning, what are means odd number or

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singular. Shuffle means pair. Shuffle means this person is paired with me. So if you like me, go easy on them.

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So the idea of shuffle is that that's where the shuffle concept comes from. Like literally connection of two, right? Allah says how many angels there are in the sky whose shafa will be of no benefit at all. They can make whatever if all the angels

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In the sky, bet Allah to forgive you.

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And Allah decided not to forgive you,

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then none of those Angel shefa will be of any benefit. It changes my view on Brother, please make dua for me.

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You make God for me,

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If all of the angels were doing it

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and it wouldn't be enough, you know, we should make dua for each other. But if you're doing all kinds of haram stuff, and then saying, I'm just going to make that guy to make dua for me,

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that's not going to work.

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That's not going to work. Because once once you're messing with Allah, and you think some other creation of Allah, you can go to them and then the problem will be solved.

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None of the angels together couldn't do it. It love him badly. And yet, then Allah, accept after Allah would might give permission, actually, the even notes are after so I'll give you that first.

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Allah gives permission, the word permission is the same word for listening Avena and that's why listening was on our ears. Okay, but what is the overall meaning of abandoned bakery Marula thief, and when minefields finale is not immoral, Allahu Hassan COVID. Basically, when something passes through something invisibly, but has a huge effect,

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basically, that's why very thin leaves were also called Athena, very thin leaves, because a very thin, they're called Athena, sound is invisible is thin, but it has a huge effect inside. They're processing everything because of it. The oven is also used in Arabic for when someone is eager or like something. So if Allah Allah when he says, yes, then Allah is not just Allah gives permission, except when Allah allow Allah Himself listens, meaning Allah will listen to the prayer of the one begging for forgiveness.

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or Allah will allow for the permission primarily Allah will give permission to the angels to even make the case for this person. This is actually a concept that I want you to understand clearly. You and I have to make a subpar to Allah.

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When Allah loves our SFR then he tells his angels who only listened to him, I give you permission, make us the farmer him.

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Pray for him.

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Like add to his spot at touristic spot.

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It's not like the angels on their own want to do it. And Allah says no, I'm not giving you permission. No, actually, Allah unleashes legions of angels to pray for you, when you turn back to Allah, but if you're not going to turn back to Allah, they could all be together. And even if they all did it, it wouldn't mean anything. Because at the end of the day, at the end of it all, it's only the river of Allah, Binyamin Yeshua who forever he whoever he wants, and whoever he is pleased with. The word Alia is used for softness, whoever ALLAH turns towards and softness, like we said will be Allah who and whom Allah is pleased with them. We actually means Allah is gentle with them,

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Allah is soft with them. It's the opposite of setup, which is harshness, we'll do speakers not

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similar in Arabic, a saccade, which is toughness, okay.

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And that's why even soft land it was called not love, actually in Arabic. Okay, anyway.

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Now 11 body and yet then Allah Who even near SHA, Allah.

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Allah is telling us here that you don't need to have angels to protect you. Or you don't need to have some saints to you that you go through to get what you want.

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None of that will work unless I'm pleased. So now my concern in the Surah becomes, okay, I knew how to please the angels, I knew how to please the idols, just put some chocolate milk in front of the idol, put some some cornflakes, leave some like freshly made pie, and do this and then they will be happy and then they'll do the rest. How do you make God himself happy?

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There must be really hard to do. And he says none of this will work until God is happy until demonia sha Allah. So Allah has now delivered a problem to the machine. Because now they were all this time they had transactional religion, where they knew what they have to give and what they will get. They will make the sacrifice they will get this in return that was transactional religion. But now Allah says none of this will work until Allah is pleased. So the question in the mind of the wishek will be what?

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How do you please Allah?

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And how do you get forgiveness from Allah if nobody else will come in between? That means I have to face Allah myself. How will I get that? That's really hard. Now I have to deal with God directly.

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So the religious worldview is being broken.

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By the sale and as it is being broken the final touches on the on the destruction of this religion. Actually I'll skip this part in Medina Nah, you know Naveen Farah, that you Sun Moon and melodica test me at an entre. When I transmit this higher, you will feel like we already discussed this, then you're alone, I'll show you why we haven't discussed this. No doubt those who don't believe in the afterlife, they name angels, feminine names.

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No doubt those who don't believe in the afterlife name angels, feminine and will continue to name angels, feminine names. That's what he says here. Wasn't this already discussed? You made up names you and your gods, you and your fathers. So what is this doing here? This is actually not just talking about the general public.

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The general public follows remember, they follow the religion and they rename and they start the ship cycle all over again. This is talking about the leaders the influencers, the people that others follow, people follow idols, but they actually follow human idols first.

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And the human idols sell the stone idols. If the influencer wasn't there in the society than the ship wouldn't survive, someone has to be there selling it to them.

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And those people who sell it to them, they come across as religious, or spiritual leaders or saints. You know, they're the, they're the, they're the people that are guarding the temple, you know, and they're the ones that can get their prayers. They'll tell you what wishes they will or how to make the prayer which sacrifice to make, hey, I'm having a problem. My enemy needs to die. Hold on, let me speak with the gods.

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You must eat three strawberries.

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Do it on Wednesday, do it at 8pm Do not come back until then $500

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They go to these prescriptions, those, but they believe that these people are connected to the gods and they're connected to the future. And they're connected to the afterlife. What does Allah saying about those spiritual leaders?

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The first thing you should know about them is they have no faith in the afterlife.

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The people that are selling your religion, have no faith themselves.

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They're selling you a story. They don't believe anything. They have no faith at all. It's just a business.

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This is just a business. There was a famous documentary I don't know if you guys want to watch it. I'm forgetting the name. There was an Indian fellow who a medical student, he went to India, and he saw that there are these gurus. And people are just like flocking to them. And he was like,

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that's cool. So medical students from America, decided to dress like a guru and started a YouTube page.

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Ended up having millions and millions of followers ended up buying a private jet. Like, owns several mansions across the world has like 100 wives crazy.

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All of this because he decided to view and why do people flocked to him?

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He knows something they don't know.

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They can pitch them something that I hate. At the end of it all he exposed that I am just a med student. I just give them med school and did this.

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In the Latina Allah, you know, I will ask you about the use of Moodle, Mala has disappeared for a long time. There's another few meanings here.

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You know what's going to happen on Judgment Day, right? Angels are going to come from the sky.

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Angels are going to start descending from the sky. And Allah told us about this in the Moroccan Quran. And people that know that the angels will be coming and delivering God's punishment. And yet you still have the audacity to sell the idea that Gods that angels are females. You must not believe in this at all. How brave are you to be able to say something like this? In an Athena now you don't have an authority that you some Moodle melodica test me as an answer. And finally for today, well Marilla home behaving.

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We're going to talk about these few points and we're done. The first of them the significance of the structure woman momella whom be human, they have no knowledge of that, of it whatsoever. Allah is saying about people that create other religions sell other religions. Allah is saying that in regards to Allah, and in regards to the truth,

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they have no knowledge whatsoever.

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They don't know anything at all. The MMA is not a Russian, which means no they do know something. I watched their videos they sound really convincing. Allah says no, they don't. And then he says Men Men, men is actually here that are Lima. This is this is Menza ADA in a call. This means that either the minute LM is actually moved to that FEMA handy refer. There's John Maduro is a McDonough for Arabic students. This is actually the subject of the sentence. They have not a

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Me ounce of knowledge at all, especially about faith. They know nothing. They know nothing at all about God, these people are invalid beginning to end. They're charlatans, they're fake. Mullah homie he mean. And then he says in yesteryear, oh 911, we already heard this before.

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They follow nothing. But assumption.

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This is all they have is assumption. They build an entire narrative on top of an assumption.

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And they are afraid that somebody will come and challenge what their assumption

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you would think this was an ancient problem. But even in modern academia, in the modern world, there are entire philosophies being built on top of assumptions. And when you question the assumption itself, the root itself, everything starts falling apart, and forget the non Muslim world, and the far left and the far right and other religions, even within the world of the study of Islam. There are so many people talking about Islam today. I don't speak against anybody, but I do share principles that Allah has given. People are saying things very confidently about Allah's religion.

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This is this is what Islam says, This is what it doesn't say, based on what

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then when you question it? Well, I heard it from this person. Are you saying that person doesn't know what they're talking about? No, I'm saying that a person said, it is not enough for me. Where did you get it from? Well, that person got it from that person. And that person was really good. He was a really good person, I was like, really good. People still need to provide the reasons. You can't win a case in the law in a courtroom and say, This lawyer is a really good person, therefore guilty, Your Honor.

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That's not how it works, you can be a really good person, you still have to present your case, then being a good person than being righteous has nothing to do with them being right. Right now. You can't assume that. We do a lot of that in Islam,

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in the study of Islam, to make assumptions. And when you question the assumption, who are you to question the assumption? Are you as good as them? Are you as good as this person? No, I'm not. But I'm still it's still an assumption. It's an assumption from a really good person. And still an assumption. And yet, you're gonna end up one Allah has given us a religion. That is revolutionary. No, no part of this Deen can be based on what

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assumptions none of it it has to be rooted us new healthy habits or federal Happy Santa, its roots are firm, and its branches into the sky. This is it is a profound religion. It doesn't just go off of feelings and get them your own loved one. We're in a one now ugni middle hockey che and by the way, the idea of Medallia I said the melodic form of the iron meaning this following of assumptions will remain a problem for humanity until Judgment Day. This will be a god assumptions will be a false idol that the Quran will continue to keep breaking and the people of the Quran will continue to keep breaking until judgmental it'll keep going

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