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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of becoming committed to guidance and unity in achieving healthy behavior. They emphasize the need for prioritizing one's behavior and bringing up issues of concern for their children. The segment also touches on evil things, such as shameless media and Facebook, and encourages people to avoid making fun of others. The speakers emphasize the importance of creating a "fiting community" for Muslims to avoid violence and maintain healthy values. They also discuss the differences between a cult and a community, emphasizing the importance of finding one's own "fiting community" and finding one's own "fiting community."
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You his messages to you as miraculous signs to you. So you can now become committed to guidance. Now become serious. This was step two. Step two was hold on to the Koran and use that as an excuse to create brotherhood. Use as an excuse to create unity. You know what we're seeing here tonight. This is not not a decline, this is the power of Quran. This Quran, you can create unity, we don't even know each other. But I sense a genuine brotherhood. You feel it too. This is powerful. This vocal on can do.

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So you can become committed to God, you can feed off of each other's energy, and you can become more and more serious and more and more committed to the direction that Allah wants you to go into are the final step. If we get through through this step, and we have a healthy community, and we have brotherhood among each other, then we are ready for the next step. You don't go to the next step until you take care of step one and step two.

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Eventually, we'll be at step three, what step three onetaqwa Minh como methoni una in an HIE out of you, a group should rise, they should be made up of people from you. And their job will be to call people to good things. They'll be always inviting people to good things. In other words, not every one of us is going to hit the podium. But there will be a group that will come from us. When the Brotherhood is created, talented talents will be identified. And we're going to hone those talents and the entire community is going to invest in those talents and they're going to rise and they're going to call people to good way up Muna Can you imagine young people from our community, our own

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community one day giving the whole buzz when they inviting people to good when they're going and I'm going on talk shows and responding to people that are hating on this song.

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Our own kids that are born and raised here. Can you imagine that day? It's an incredible thing, when they're from among you.

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Calling to the good in the room. Hello. Hi, Luna roofie when Hannah and Mr. Curry probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in the entire Quran. Actually, I was gonna spend about an hour and a half just on this tonight, but I can't just on what will not be Murphy will hold our human carry, but I'll summarize what I can for you. The translation says most of the time they command the good and forbid the evil. How many people have heard that before? command the good forbid the evil, right? You've heard that before? Right? Very, very shallow translation. Yeah. Maroon means it's a spectrum of things. I'm going to mean suggesting something advising something, trying to convince

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someone to do something, you know, encouraging someone to do something and commanding someone to do something. Is there a difference between suggesting and encouraging and commanding? There is right. It starts with suggestion.

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And you know, there are different situations. I'll give you a real life extremely simple example. I love simple examples. Or I think there's simple right, dinner's ready.

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I'm going to call my dad to dinner and I'm going to call my son to dinner. That his downstairs son is upstairs. I'm going to say to my son dinner's ready.

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I'm going to say to my dad about

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dinner's ready

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I did our in both cases

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in one case I use authority in the other case I use respect request right to different things to different situations. I'm going to bring about all depends on the situation

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you don't go commanding people

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you don't take out your you know your handgun and grandpa

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you can't do that don't do that. No, no, no. And we have unfortunately some of this social constipation and our massage in some places. We have it and I know I was a bad turn but I feel that way. Like it's almost like you can't even be happy in a machine

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but if you smile and say Salaam Alaikum

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no happiness here

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oh man wish this wasn't your pleasing be happy.

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Don't Don't be judgmental on people don't just you know tell people you shouldn't be doing this. That's haram you know that's not right. You know, that the guy didn't know this happened in a machine. Recently. his youth came to the machine in Ramadan classroom.

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And some of these kids have never been in a machine. Like they're Muslim, but they've never been in a machine ever. It kids walk it walks into the machine got a couple of earrings.

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You know, he's got tattoos. What are some of our incredibly wise members of the community you? That's how long

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he's like what my ears Hold on. We want to pull it off.

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You know, then you're gonna say it's your salon is not accepting your bleeding.

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When you want me to do

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you can't go around telling people what to do. Your first job, your first job

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to instill people and awareness of Allah, everything else will fall into place. Remember step one. So what does it really mean? It means called people to good decent behavior. encourage people to do the right thing. Don't worry about the finer details. Don't worry, they will happen, they will take care of themselves. Worry about the big thing. You know, there's you can you can correct someone on how high their pants are. And you can try to advise someone to get out of a liquor store.

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Which is a priority. Think about that. You know, you're correcting someone? No, no, no, no, you need to pray all 24 times on TV or don't come at all.

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Seriously? Okay. The situation outside is under control. They're saying, All right.

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Yeah, we can be can go on and on. But yeah, we can. Okay, so what was I saying? Something about Islam.

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Yeah, priorities, priorities. When you're gonna bring up an issue, make sure it's an issue of priority. There are finer details in our Deen, brother, the way you're making video is not correct.

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It may be true, the way he's making video is not correct. That's not the way to bring it up, though. That's not the way to bring it up. That's not true. That's just you, trying to show people that you know more than them. That's just you inflating your own ego. Don't do that. And eventually, when we become a community of encouraging each other to do good.

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And I tell you what that is, I'll give you some practical examples of what you should be encouraging people to do. tell people how are you? How are you raising your kids?

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What do you plan on doing with the kids?

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You know, even for Muslims that aren't practicing their religion, even they're worried about their children, right? Even non Muslims are worried about their children.

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And so when we bring that priority, then people actually that concern for our children is an actual easy vehicle by which people can start coming closer to the religion to coming closer to becoming more serious about their Deen. Yeah, what do you have in mind? When how Nana mooncup they forget forbid all disgusting, vile things. Before you talk about halal and haram issues, which most of you and I are not qualified to talk about anyway. Let's talk about evil things first, outright evil things, what are evil things? These are things like shamelessness in the media

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shows that make fun of profits. And our kids watch them. And they have no problem with it. The kind of income that's going on nowadays, I feel is you know, I don't necessarily come out and say Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff is how long because I don't think personally, I don't see that it's forbidden. But I do see that Muslims are they have no standards, we have no standards and how we talk when somebody says something, and you want to put a comment about what they said, most of the time, it's a compliment or an insult.

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You tell me compliment or insult insult. Most of the time you want to say something that puts somebody else down. This is just how Muslim talks. We just don't talk like this. That's how we're supposed to communicate. This is the kind of one cup user creating bad feelings among each other. You're making a culture out of making fun of each other. While I last saw Coleman Coleman, don't let any group make fun of another group don't do that. That's just not how you should do. Right. Another one is just how much we're allowing our standards to drop in what we watch on TV, and what we what we watching movies, we allow ourselves to say there's only it's only pG 13.

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It's only our but it's only got one bad scene, everything else is fine. Did you see the special effects?

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I mean, who of you is going to go on Judgement Day, you're being interrogated about the movie. So did you see the special effects though?

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No, at that point, it's not worth it. Stop making excuses. Stop making excuses. And one of the one of Chopin's jobs is to make bad deeds, no big deal. So when somebody says, you know, that's a really bad idea, the first things that are put in your head is Come on, man, lighten up, relax, everything's wrong for you. A little. You won't be saying that later on. You'll be saying that now this is this is the essential message of crime. We will not roofie why and how many women carry Barbuda homophone and those are the ones that are truly successful. The rest of my conversation with you guys will be about this idea and how we can create a culture around this idea within the Muslim

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community within every single machine in the country within Houston within the city of Houston shallow Tada, you know, and how we can become a part of that of implementing these three steps starting at the machine. This session I want to conclude with the following statement that will give rise to the next section. The next conversation I want to have with you as a result of this.

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What I want to share with you is the most important AI

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agenda of Muslims in this country is to raise a good family.

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We have no other agenda than that one.

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To be the best husband we can be, to be the best wives we can be. To be the best mothers and fathers we can be to raise the best sons and daughters we can raise.

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And to be the best sons and daughters we can be. This is our number one agenda. There's no other agenda, the institution of families under attack, it's being destroyed. It's caving in from the inside, and we have to protect it.

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Now this institution of family, you know, what gives it strength, what supports it is the machine.

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The machine protects the family. That's what it's supposed to do anyway. The machine is a place where you're supposed to be involved not just a man, not just a married couple, not just for the boys. It's supposed to be a place for the entire family. It's supposed to be where families learn their religion, where they learn to meet other Muslims and create a culture of Islam. What's the other place you're going to meet Muslims regularly, the weekly convention Muslims have as a Juma prayer. Right, that's it has our families need to be connected to the massage. Now the other thing is our massage cannot survive until they have involvement from the entire family.

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When our massage would only have involvement from the men fights break out.

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When I massage it only have involvement from some group from the community for a breakout. Window massages have involvement from the entire family the priority say straight, we do things for kids, we do things for women, we do things for men, we take care of every element of a community. So the community needs the family and the family needs the community they both need each other. If you try to raise a family, disconnected from the machine disconnected from when I say community, I actually mean machine.

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Please understand when I say community, I mean machine. When you try to raise a family that's practically disconnected from the machine disconnected from the community, you are asking for trouble. Because over time, it'll become easier and easier for you to let go of more and more of the religion, families that moved out to some random Boondocks where the dad got a job, and there's no much sit out there. And he's raising his kids, by himself only Muslim family to Muslim families in the entire town. After 1015 years when their kids are teenagers. They're the ones that are writing emails that you can sense the tears when they were writing them. What should I do with my kids?

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I don't know. I don't know what happened between me and my wife. Because there was no community to the family started falling apart. We need each other. You know, the communities in Texas have a huge advantage. We really do. We have a huge advantage. I come from New York, we don't have that kind of advantage. I'm telling you, most communities, we don't have that advantage. We have an immense advantage here. We have the opportunity, we have all the ingredients, we got to use them though. We got to put them together now. It's not we're just getting started. The massages have been built by the mercy of Allah. Now it's time to bring them to life last time to fill them with our families. So

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inshallah we'll talk practice practical steps about that, and some really important considerations that all of us need to have in developing healthy communities in shallow data. After our break, I'll give you guys a 10 minute break is that the official verdict? 10 minutes, okay, 15, go make some long distance phone calls go.

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I'll talk to you 15 minutes, I'm like, I don't want to sit down and talk because I can't see you. And if you can't see me, we'll start talking to each other. And that's also problematic. Okay. So I want to dedicate this last session or section

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I'm sorry, it is the last section.

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Houston is very passionate, very passionate people. Okay, so I wanted to dedicate this last conversation to something that I find very relevant, relevant, and I think important, and it should be brought to the awareness of as many communities as possible. I've talked about it on multiple occasions before, I don't know if it's made its way up onto YouTube or not, but I'll share it with you anyway. And what I want to talk to you about is the fundamental differences between a cult and a community.

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The fundamental differences between a cult and a community. So there's two words here now called end community.

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In a coat.

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Everybody's supposed to look the same. They're supposed to talk the same, they're supposed to walk the same. They're supposed to dress the same. They're supposed to say the same thing.

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They're supposed to acknowledge validity from the same source. It's this like, create zombies. Right? That's what a cult is. Nobody can think for themselves. Nobody can disagree from the opinion that everybody else has. If you disagree

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Even a little bit, you're a hypocrite, you're a sellout, you're a coffee or monopoly or fossick. Every name you can find in the book is you.

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In a community, differences are welcome.

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You can be different from others, your language can be different, the way you dress is different. Maybe even your understanding can differ. Your teachers may be different than other people's teachers in religion, you can have different teachers. A community is diverse, a cult is cut off. This one one thing. A cold says we are the only right way.

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And anybody who says even a little bit different from us is off the straight path. So if you want to save yourself, don't listen to them. Don't listen to anybody but us will save you.

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A cold, called does this a community says this is what we've come to understand. We know there are other people who disagree with what we have to say, we welcome a conversation.

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We're willing to understand what others have to say, we're willing to exchange ideas in a healthy way within Muslims, and even with non Muslims. So this is not just this differentiation between Muslims. But even if non Muslims have something they disagree with us in instead of calling them coffin, and they're the ones over don't listen to them, we can invite them and we can have a healthy conversation with them in a respectful fashion. That's what a community does.

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In a coat. When somebody makes a mistake,

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when somebody gets out of line, they're cut off. You're no good.

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You, you know you're a monastic now you're a hypocrite. Now, you didn't do what was expected of you. In a community, when somebody makes a mistake, the point of the community is to pick them back up and brush the dust off of their clothes and say, Come on, everybody makes mistakes. It's okay.

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We're here to help you. Big difference. That's what a community does. a cult makes it passes judgment on people it establishes that the leader is superior to the followers. And all the followers basically have really low self esteem, they put all of their all of their confidence in a leader. They themselves have no regard. They have no respect, really. And they have low self esteem even for themselves. You'll find in a cult that members of a cult they'll never speak for themselves always say our cult leader said, I'm not going to replace the word cult leader with what they use. But they'll use somebody who always said they never they can never even speak on their behalf. They

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can't think for themselves, it's impossible.

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And they attribute this kind of almost absolute authority to their cult leader.

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And a community, there is actually an open conversation between leadership and the people. And people can even criticize leadership and say, I don't think what you're doing is right. Or I'd like you to explain why you're doing this. Because I think there's a better way of doing it. And that's not taken as offensive so long as it's not presented in an offensive way. So the community understands how to just how to disagree in a respectful way. And leadership understands how to take those disagreements and respond to them in a respectful way. And there's this open channel communication.

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One of the most important differences. When somebody joins a cult, they become distant from their family.

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When somebody joins a cult, the cult says your family is part of fitna,

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you should stay away from them. They take you away from Dean, your family is dunya it's really, you don't don't worry about your family worried about them.

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The community says no, your family is part of your deen making your family better taking care of your family spending time with your family is a part of your religion. You have to do it. You have to be a good dad and a good husband and a good father and all this stuff. Good mother.

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You know, so we're a community makes families stronger. a cult can destroy families.

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a cult can take people away from their families, Fathers will no longer act like fathers. Husbands will no longer act like husbands. They don't fulfill their roles.

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A lot of machines across America are cults

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and very, very few machines across America, our communities.

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We have to make the effort of making all of the massages across the country into communities. You know the last comment I made in my last session.

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You can't have the machines operate properly without having one involved. Family when you have family involved, it won't become a cult.

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It won't become a cult, it can't. When the family's uninvolved. There's just some people involved in one or two personalities dominate and it starts becoming a cult and it just gets hijacked. And then

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some personalities take over the show. And that's what ends up happening and everybody means well in the beginning. But that's just not how the world operates. We have to make an extra effort to create communities to create money.

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It's very it's a big priority, huge priority for us in this country. So I wanted to start our conversation from that. And then I want to take you to this just some practical components of a mobile model and neon in one car The last thing we talked about, and then move on to the next is that are coming since we have time. 100 in LA