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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © A woman named Rhodiola discusses her desire to become her governor after witnessing a robbery in the province of Torre. She gives advice on how to handle political affairs, including giving money to her friend in Syria and her own family. She also talks about a damsick woman in Syria who claims to have killed herself and her family, but refuses to admit to the actions of her victim. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following footsteps and being mindful of one's behavior.
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Today Shall I want to share with you a story of a hobby Rhodiola who this hobby was known as the the poor governor, this is this was his This was his nickname. His name was Sally Ivana Ahmed or the hola Juan. And so even Omer says that the reason I converted to Islam was because there was a traumatizing kind of story and a situation that I witnessed in my life. And that trauma lived with me what I saw that day in my life, lived with me till the day I died. And he says it was because of this that brought me to Islam to begin with. So what happened? What did he see? He says that, first of all, what I saw was that after the Battle of hurt the Quraysh, and the people who were the

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enemies of Islam, they wanted revenge against the Muslims. So what happened was that a group of people came to the Prophet SAW Salem, there was an incident known as the treachery of a robbery. So in this there are people who came to the province of Salaam, they said that people have converted to Islam, please send us some of your Quran some your profile, so that they can teach our second teach our community members, what they did not know what the protocol is, some did not know was that they had a sinister plan behind all this. When the Sahaba were sent. These people they were surrounded, and they were killed. One of these people who were killed, was his name was Kobe been ID. So Kobe

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was about to be executed. And the person who's watching all this once again, sad, but I'm gonna say that even at that time was not a Muslim, but he was there he was watching his execution. And then before he died, he said to the people, that if you prevent me then pray to duck Ocelot. So you pray to rock solid. And then he told them that if you thought that I was fearing death, and because of that, if you thought if this was what you were you were thinking about, I would have prolonged it, but I'm not fearing my death. That's why I prayed my salad and do whatever you want. Before he passed away, they even asked him that would you want Roswaal some to be in your position? And he

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says absolutely not. I cannot even imagine I will do whatever I can. But I will not even want a Thorin to prick, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I will do whatever I can to protect Rasulullah Salem, the fact that he will say something like this even made them more aggravated and more angry, and they began to chant kill him kill him now, before he passed away, Cobain, he made a dua against these people. Now in that group, once again, amongst the spectators was say they've been a Ahmed say he's been a homer says that this is the very first time that I was seeing that someone who was not just being killed, but someone whose body was being mutilated. And he says that after

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that is as if I would remember the voices of Habib, I could see who obeyed. I could just remember that situation. And he says that I night, even when I was sleep, the voices of Habib and the dollars that he made against my nation in my home, they were in my mind. And he would say that often I would think it might amongst those people are not well, I become a recipient of Allah's punishment, because of the dua of Kobe. Now, what happens next is that he goes in, he says, You know what, I need to go and learn about Islam. He goes to Medina, he comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he converts to Islam, he takes his shahada after that he was with Rasulillah Salam doing

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some other expeditions. And after the death of the province has said that he supported obika, the Allah one, and he supported only Macatawa the Allah one, when I'm going to hop over the Allah on became the became the Khalifa, he became a middle of Benin, he said, even the Omer came to him, and he began to give him many advices. You know, the key advice is, you know, be cautious of Allah subhanho wa taala, you're in a position of authority, do not misuse your authority, you know, the basic, you know, basic advices that we give to anyone in a position of leadership. So at that time, I'm gonna hottub he's soaked all of it in, he took all of it in. Then later on, he realized that I

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need a governor, I need someone who's going to look after the political affairs of hims himself a place in Syria. So he came to say, you know, I'm and he said, That's it. There's an opening here, and I want you to go there and be my governor, be my opponent, the governor there in Ames. And he says, you know, what, I'm sorry, I'm not available. I'm gonna hop off, get upset with him. And he says, The First you come and give me advice, okay? You want to come and give me advice. And now when I'm trying to execute my responsibility in the correct way, and I've chosen you, now you're backing out. So he got upset, I'm gonna hop in, he got upset with him. And then later on, he gave him after

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he gave him he said, I'm going to assign you some money from the beta man for your salary. He says, I don't need that Alhamdulillah wherever I'm getting right now from the Muslim treasury. That is sufficient for me for me and my wife and my family. Let me just go to Syria. So he goes to Syria, and now he's, he's maintaining the political affairs there in Syria. Now, later on a few weeks later, a group of people

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Pass by pass by Medina, the Omer mahatva was informed that this is a group of people from Syria from the same place were studied with Ahmed, he is ruling over and he's a governor. So he went to it. So he, I mean, he presented himself and he says that I understand that there are many poor people in your community, can you just list them approximately who they are how many people they are just make a list and give it to me when they gave the list to me and I'm going to atop the very first name on that list was the governor of HIMS. So even a hammer so right away, he's thinking to himself, I mean, I'm gonna have you saying this the same side that I appointed in EMS, and they said yeah, and

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then he said that how do you know that he's, he's poor, he's living in a in a poor condition. So he they said that we do not see gas fire lighting up in his house for days, sometimes even weeks. So meaning that there is no food being cooked inside the house. So then he said that okay, you know what, let me do something. Let me help him out. So he says 1000 dinars. Now, look what happens after this. He says the 1000 dinars, the 1000 dinars come to a size of an armored, say even armor opens up the bag and he sees 1000 dinars. And the first thing that he says is in that in LA, he was in LA Rajon. So the wife said, what happened? The I mean, when we die, he goes no worse. He goes, was

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there a calamity that's before the Muslims? He goes, no worse. He goes, What's worse than that? And look what his responses he says the dunya has come into our home.

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Just I mean, this is a governor, maintaining the political affairs of the people. And the money just a little money comes and he says the dunya has come into our home. And perhaps Allah is rewarding us in this dunya for our hardships. What he did right away is he made small small sacks small bags, he put all the he divided all the 1000 dinars. And right away he went and he delivered all of that to the poor people in the community. He kept not a single dinar for himself. Now,

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some weeks later, I'm gonna hop out of the hola Juan, he decides to come by. And he does, he comes by and he says, so he's, you know, mean that people the city, he goes, how are you finding your new governor? How's things going on? They said that we have several complaints. Okay. We have many complaints about this. Okay. So when people come in and say, Oh, we have many complaints about the Imam Don't worry, if I'm gonna help out with the Allah who can be complained, don't worry, 100 I feel a little better. I don't feel that bad. But they came in, they said, we have four complaints about this man. So he said, Okay, so look over the top, did he never went in God have set aside?

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This is a claim, okay? They're the they're the plaintiff. There's a he's a defendant, right? You're going to hear both sides of story, you cannot make a decision based on hearing one side of the story. So I'm going to cut up says, Okay, you come all the people who have complaints, and you come set a limit on it. And we'll we'll resolve this. So they said, What's your first complaint, they said that he does not come out till the afternoon time. He's a leader. He's supposed to be coming on coming and serving us for morning. He has to be here, but he comes only out in the afternoon time. So I'm gonna have you looked at it. And he says, Do you have an explanation? And is this true? He

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says, Yes, it is true. But I don't want to express but he says the reality is that because I don't have a lot of money. We have not kept a servant inside the house. But because of that, I'm the one who has to make the bread everyday inside the house. I make the bread every day inside the house. And if you know anything about bread, once you put the dough in the you know, the flour in the dough and everything. What do you have to do?

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It has to rise, right? Yes and no. See you men don't go ever ever inside the kitchens. wahala. Okay, so the dough rises, right? So he says that I have to wait, I have to put all this dough and all the flour together. Then I have to wait for the dough to raise. After the dough rises. Then after that, I go and I I make the bread after I make the bread for my family. Then I take a whistle or I make will do and then I come out to address the affairs of the people. Okay, so once again, we learn from this there's nothing wrong and helping out around the house to okay, there's nothing wrong. Now. Second complaint. He says What's your second complaint? They say they said that he does not

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say and complaint was he does not ever answer the call of anyone at night. So he looked aside, what's your explanation? He says, Oh, I'm gonna mean during the entire day I answered the call of the people and night I have to answer the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala okay. And this was, by the way, the nature of all the Sahaba and it was the nature of the Gambia. During the day, they will give Dawa they will fulfill the responsibilities Sahaba they will fulfill their responsibilities, but at night they will connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala so he goes, this is why I don't answer anyone's call because I answer only one call. And that is the call of Allah subhanaw taala Okay,

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what's your third complaint? They said that he does not there's one time of the month one day of the month. He does not come out

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was at all. So he asked, What again, what's your explanation? He says that oh mean, once again, I don't have a servant, I don't have a lot of clothes, I only have one pair of clothes. I only have one pair of clothes. This is the governor, I only have one pair of clothes. And so he says that what I do is on that day I wash those clothes, I have to then wait for it to dry. And then I wear that by the time by time all that happens, that process is over the day has come to an end. Okay, what's your what's your next complaint? He says that they said that time here and there once in a while we see that he falls unconscious. Why is that? So he asked me as I eat the banana and says Why is this

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happening? He says that till today, think about this many years have gone by. He goes till today. I remember the death and the execution of Kobe Bernardi. And I remember what he was saying. And I remember what things took place with him. And he goes till today. I think that at that time, I never said anything. I stayed quiet at that time. Perhaps I'm always scared that Allah subhanaw taala does not send His wrath upon me. He might set his wrath upon them. But will I be amongst them or not? He goes, this is why I timed out that fear of the pressure of fear, I fall sometimes unconscious. This is the Tuku of these kinds of people. At that time, I'm going to help Bob he says Alhamdulillah that

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I have placed the right person in the right position. They aren't right after that. He gave him another 1000 dinars again, take care of yourself, what did he do with it? His wife said this time, perhaps we can go and get a servant and so forth because you need to take care of your responsibility. He said no, he took that 1000 dinars. Again, he divided all those 1000 dinars. And he gave it out to all the all the people who were in need. I just shared this story. This is a Sahabi that many of us we have not heard of the reason why we hear these kind of stories is because Alhamdulillah we have role models like this your son Alhamdulillah we have role models like these

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kinds of people that we can look at them and emulate their life in a certain degree. We look at their Taqwa once again, we might not come to their level of tequila, but when we look at their life, how much tequila and how much zohar they had in their life. Perhaps we can understand many things from their life and apply in our life. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to follow the footsteps of our Sahaba or the Allah wine home Amira Bananaman Xochimilco Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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