Yasir Qadhi – Interesting Genealogy of Ibn Al-Ghasl 3 Generations

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The three generation story of a father to son with a different impact on his son's life is discussed, including struggles for achieving goals and learning to be a leader. The story of a man who changes his people from the House to the E neither party and becomes a member of the Church, describes his political career, and touches on the controversy surrounding the announcement of the Prophet servicing troops in Afghanistan. The segment ends with a call for people to call the operator and receive a call from the operator.
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today Shala do something interesting

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the reality of history that every single generation, father to son, father to son can have such a different impact. And especially if you look at the Sierra episode or the Sierra reality, what I find interesting every person is responsible for himself, the father has very little to do with the son the Son has relative to the Father sometimes. And one such example which we'll give today is a three generation ancestry three generation father to son, each one of which has such a radically different story of pre CRRC Rob post zero, each one of which literally, you can write an entire episode. And they're disconnected from each other in their own way yet, of course, they're all you

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know, descendants of one another. So we begin with the first person in our chain in our list. And that is somebody who was the equivalent of Abdullah bin obey of in saloon from the house, Abdullah, who the leader of the hypocrites was from the huzzah Raj, there is another figure a lot of people are not aware of his name. He was the equivalent of this leader of the hypocrite, but from the house and the house were the more elite and the more rich and the more prestigious than the coverage. And the person his name is of why, amid a raw hip of war, Ahmed arrive of Amira raw hip, converted as a pagan to Christianity. And he studied the Old Testament and New Testament and he would be preaching

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Christianity to the Arabs. This is very rare to be educated to be a priest he called a barber Raha your means he is the priest, He is the monk. He was called a Brahma Raha because he was educated. He was an academic, he would be preaching to the people about Christianity. And this is pre Islam. When the prophets of Saddam came, he negotiated with him for a bit until finally after the Battle of butter, he realized Islam is now going to spread in Medina. And he refused to convert he never converted. So he fled to Makkah, for a year or two. And in the Battle of Oxford, he told the Quraysh that, just wait, when I speak to my people of the most, they will not fight against you. He said, he

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said to the kurush, you don't know my standing amongst my people, I have a level of respect that when I tell them to not fight, they will listen to me. If you remember the words of the boss, I've been over this before, remember the Civil War, everybody from the leaders had been decimated except for four or five, he is one of them. He is of a different generation than all of the youngsters and he considers himself to be the leader of the House and the most respected and the one whom people would listen to. So he said to the chorus, just you wait, take me with you. When we get in front of the army, I will make sure the O sleeve. So when the battle of Ohio takes place, he goes outside and

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he yells to the people Oh, people have OHSs you know who I am, I am a Brahmin. I am a Brahmin. And I am telling you that you cannot fight you have to come over to the side of the kurush Well, obviously Iman has spread in the house now they're not going to listen to him. So the Prophet CISM said don't listen to a viva el fossa. Switch the name from arrived to faster. The faster means the evil person. And so because of this the outset, I'm gonna read faster get away from us. We don't know you anymore. You're not a part of us anymore. And he was shocked to see this change of his people from Gopher to eemaan. Now his people had rejected him. And he turned back to the auditor because I don't

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know my people have changed after me and they have changed they have now become Muslim. And Obama then fled to Heraclius because he was who he was, he had a position with him and in the palace of Heraclius he began communicating with him when I fit on. It was his idea to build the messages of the moon Afrikan that the Quran mentions the surah two book that for that Masjid is called in the Quran who can remind me Masjid there are that was his idea. Masjid there or was his I

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Hear because he's the intellectual brains. He was the one who sent some people to even the finances. He was the one who sent the idea. You need to have a base and a camp outside you need to do this and that. So they're the ones who then instituted it. And Abdullah and obey took charge but the idea came from a Brahmin and Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Quran, you had better not ever visit Masjid there are lots of comfy Aveda and the verses are well known to you. So of Ramadan, Rohit was this person of Ramadan facet, and he passed away in Rome, he never returned to Medina, he passed away the same year as the Battle of Tibble. This is one generation died, a coffin and one of the

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worst of the people of Cofer from Medina, his son, all of you know, his son, all of you know, he has a story that is well famous in this era, but a lot of people don't connect him to his father, obviously, his son is humbler, the one whom the angels washed in the Battle of Subhanallah the father is on the other side of the camp, telling his people don't fight, you know, with the prophecies of him. And his son hundra is one of the most famous Shaheed on the other side of the camp. His son Hamdulillah, as you remember the story, it was a young man, you know, maybe 1920 years old. And he had already the the date of the marriage already been decided it was actually

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Coincidentally, the days of the Battle of Oakland. Now, who was the Metro that a lot of people again don't know this interesting tidbit? Who was a worm, his best friend? That is a Jania. Abdullah Ivanova even saloon. So Abdullah Ivanova, Soto and Abu Ahmed had had an agreement from back in the day, my son will marry your daughter. And they actually thought this would be a mechanism of overcoming the Civil War because oh seven has Raj, the two leaders, right. This was actually a historic marriage decided as they were children, they're going to be like, we're going to overcome that animosity between our two tribes. So Hamdulillah, the leader, sorry, the son of the leader of

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the House, marries Jimmy the Binti Abdullah bin Obon saloons. Pamela, can you believe right? The two Roxanne Hofer and the FARC, their sons and daughters get married. The marriage was decided back in the day, it just so happens that the days of they get married. And so the Prophet system was out in Ohio to camping and humbler said Ya Rasulullah you know, my marriage is coming up. Can I just, you know, come back to the city, you know, get married, and then go meet you guys. You know, the next day. Can I get permission to be a newlywed so the problems had okay, it's your marriage. Bismillah one night, go spend in the city, then come and meet us. You all know the story. He spent the night

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with his wife prepares for battle wears the armor he's about to leave. And his wife clings on to him. Obviously, understandably, she's a newlywed would not clings on to him don't leave what not, you know, she's a newlywed. And in the passion of the moment, once again, you know the act occurs, and there is no time to do hosel. So he then leaves without having done also. And he goes to the Battle of hurt and he dies on that battle. The Sahaba discover his body. And of course, what hood is a dry area, nothing over there. And they find drops of water glistening on him. And the Prophet has said that go ask his wife. Something doesn't make sense to me. I see the angels doing listen and the

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Shaheed don't do hosel forth, right. This must be another reason I see the angels doing Oh, sorry. There must be a story here. And so his wife said that while I you know what I cleaned on to him and whatnot and he didn't do also before he left for that battle. So that's why he was called hamdulillah Allah see roll Mala Erica? This is the son of a who

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Abu Ahmed Rahab and

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the son of the Jamila Binti Abdullah blue saloon. Sorry, so he marries Jimmy they've been together now How long were they married? Mashallah. 12 hours? Okay. From that 12 hour union comes our third generation candidate literally one after the other on a lot of what Ahmed his son hamdulillah his story we all know it then his son, Abdullah ibn hamdulillah even a bit Ahmed Okay, these are the three people are Ahmed hamdulillah and Abdullah Abdullah story is completely like interesting and fascinating and tragic and sad. Very long lectures can be given a summarized for you and child of the point again, you see reality of history, how every generation completely different person,

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right. So Abdullah is of course, I mean, how can he not to be respected and famous when his birth story is this story? Can you imagine, right? Yeah, this is how he was born. So his title his lack of was even a legacy

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He's the son of a serial melodica Ebola vaccine. People would call him you haven't ever seen. That was his lack of his title for his entire life. The son of the vasila of Metallica, even name is Abdullah but his becomes his title. And in the next generation, he rises up to prominence and the people of Medina the Ansara, take him as an unofficial leader. Now, during this timeframe, if you remember your history or if not, I'll teach you, there was a lot of civil war and strife going on a lot of issues going on. And by and large, Medina tried its best to maintain a sense of neutrality. And Medina was the bastion of freedom, and the highest concentration of Sahaba, obviously, and the

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highest concentration of the sons and grandsons of the sahaba. Obviously, no other city in the world had that level of piety and Taqwa and had the number of Sahaba it's understood this Medina right. And so, in that environment, Abdullah ibn hamdulillah rises up to prominence, he becomes basically a community leader, somebody of respect somebody whose word is taken as authority. Now, the the Khalifa WowWee, passes away, and you as he comes in charge, when he is either comes in charge, if it is obeyed, is in Makkah, and there is tension, obviously, there's splitting away a voz then and even as obey.

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The people of Medina are wondering, what should we do? Where should we put our lot Yazeed or even as obey or what do we do or even go independent? So your XID sends a request to Abdullah ibn Humberto? Come as my visitors, I shall honor you. I shall show you Karim. And you will be my personal guests. I guarantee your safety and let's discuss. So a delegation of the elite of the unsought leaves from Medina to Damascus, its head is Ivanova, see the one we're talking about? And he brings all eight of his sons. He has eight sons. He brings all eight of his sons and a few more dignitaries, that is an entire group is basically him and his eight sons. And for I don't know, a week it doesn't mention

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how long a week two weeks is Eid, you know, well, we want to say wined and dined but he died them right give them cut them gave them every he gave 100,000 dinars to Abdullah and 10,000 to every one of the sons as a gift. Of course, you know, what is the purpose of the gift right? It is to do what

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it's a bribe. It's an eye is like here just come with me and wanted to convince him to join the side because Medina is Medina, and it has a historic and it has a you know, high status. So Abdullah bin hamdulillah is the one who's chosen and negotiations blatant bribing whatnot. And they're listening and paying attention on the way back down. They begin discussing amongst themselves they're really not comfortable at all they don't like what they've seen. Now again, this is in the books of history raises a whole bunch of questions but honestly there was history says whether you like it or not, it was more tilted back in the day, they were talking about the fact he's not praying on time the fact

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he's a drunkard the fact a long list of stuff which brutally honest for our times if a leader were to do this is relatively trivial. Okay, so what if he's drinking compared to the realities of the dictators of today, but back in their timeframe, the Sahaba and Sons of the Sahaba to have somebody in charge who is coming out drunk to lead the salah it's like inconceivable to them right and other you know, things of this nature that they do not like this at all on the way back down to Medina the death of her saying or the Allahu reaches them, and the massacre of Karbala. This has just happened you know, I would I went over the sort of Cobra here, the MasterCard Cobra reaches them. Hello OS.

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This is now obvious. There is no way they're going to join us it No way. In fact, Abdullah bin humbler, said, Asha, I am scared if we join that person, that Allah will reign stones on us as punishment. Yeah, many people need to understand there's a there's an attempt in our times to reclaim history to re sanitize history. Look, the books are very clear. This person was despised by the righteous people. I mean, it's very clear, it's pretty obvious. And frankly, I don't know why there's a controversy. He's not as a hobby. He's not he never saw the process may not as a hobby. So he was a leader of those years as given to me. I said that his balloon was relatively small

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Compared to liters, but the issue is the people he did this balloon to were the Sahaba and the sons of the sahaba. So it becomes massive because the concept of a tyrannical ruler everybody has that but to be tyrannical against her saying oh the Allahu and to be tyrannical against the people of Medina, now you're talking about a whole different thing. He was a king amongst kings, but his doom was against the best of all people. That was the problem. So Abdullah bin humbler? What does he say? No way we're gonna join this person comes back to Medina gives the announcement in the masjid of the Prophet Sall Islam. Can you imagine history the same bricks that the process and prayed the machine

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hasn't changed the same structure? And he says, I want to say publicly that we shall never give the oath to your seat. And anybody who's given the oath not welcome here anymore. And your deeds cousin, the grandson of Abu Sufyan was the governor Abdullah bin Hamdulillah. Because all my years I've lived 100 It takes a group a crowd mob and attacks the house and expels get out of here. You know, the grandson of Abu Sufian get out of here have nothing to do with you. We're breaking breaking away. So they broke away. And they're thinking Should they form an alliance with evidence obeyed or not, but right now they are independent right now. So Medina is independent. Somebody says, oh,

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Abdullah, you took 100,000 from us it and your sons took 10,000 I mean, you took all of that money. And he said, Yes, I took it in order to finance rebellion against Him.

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Now put yourself in well, do not put yourself in the shoes of jerseys, but imagine how easy it would feel right? Imagine how easy it would feel. I invited you, I wined and dined you I did everything to you. I gave you all of this while you're with me. Yes, all of this laughing whatnot. The minute you turn back and you go to Medina, this is what you do. And because he was eminent of a scene, the entire city of Medina basically agrees with him. Yanni, his level of respect was so powerful that he says it. And Hollis, that's it. This is who he was. And he's 63 years old to six, no, sorry, 62 years of 6162 years old. So they decided we're not going to give the BRTs eat

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us eat. He's a king. He is who He is. He sends the largest army that the Hijaz has ever seen

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12,000 soldiers and he puts in charge. Muslim had been Elphaba Muslim was later called Muslim as his title, the books of Israel called the Muslim, the Transgressor he is not a Muslim, Muslim, the Transgressor and he says to Muslim, that offer Abdullah ibn humbler, the option of unconditional surrender, we're not going to tell him, we're not going to tell him the conditions he has to have. Either you surrender and you leave your fate to us, or else attack. And if he refuses to surrender, he has he said the famous remark that I give you three days do as you please to the city and the inhabitants and the belongings of Medina 12,000 troops do as you please. And then when you're done,

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go on to MCCA and fight Zubayr the same army is gonna go and fight zubaid. This was the infamous battle of Hera, which is one of the biggest tragedies of early Islam. And if you go visit Buckley vagenda

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There is a special place over there, in which they said over here are buried all of the martyrs of Hera. There's not individual graves, there's a pit and all of the 1000s of bodies were just put in there 12,000 soldiers against against who the sons and grandsons of the Sahaba but they're not soldiers, their civilians, 12,000 military men marched down, surround the city, the message comes is either saying unconditional surrender, or else. And I will tell them how the law once again stands in front of the people in the midst of that process and says that, oh people we will never give back to this person where upon the truth. This person is evil that I'm never going to do this. And all of

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the Sahaba sons there are still Sahaba alive at this time I will say the holy is alive. All of the Sahaba sons of the Sahaba grandsons of the Sahaba they were in unite. We're not going to give the oath to this person. And if we're going to have to stand up and fight so be it.

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We learned from history Subhanallah civilians cannot take on the army. You learn across the world right? No matter how pious you are, no matter which Masjid you take refuge in even the mystery of the Prophet system or the masjid of another Sahabi whatever. Let's not get into politics today. But you get my point here. Civilians cannot stand up against an evil, brutal, brutal dictatorship. Learn from history, even though truth is on their side, even though our hearts are with the civilians even to our daughters or with the civilians. Is it wise

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We're not saying who has the right. We learned from history, they thought they literally thought they would win miracle. They thought Allah is gonna send angels, whatever it might be. This is human nature. And it's fine to think like this, but let us learn from history. So Subhanallah what happened happened? One of the most brutal and painful incidents, the massacre of Hera. And the troops entered the city did what they did, I've given a whole lecture you can listen to it online. It's called some incidents from the first century of the Hijra. I didn't even have the I didn't want to put explicit things in the title is comments are closed. And it's an advanced academic talk, some

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incidents in the first century of the hit, you can find it online. And I talked about the incident of horror, one of the most painful things, and Abdullah ibn humbler, even a VR mill, he saw every one of his sons die in front of his eyes, one after the other. The lineage is gone. There is no person left of that tribe mini drive. No, because because of the Battle of Hera, every single son of Abdullah bin handler dies in front of his eyes. And he by the way, during the days of Hara hill that was that was where he was, he would be fasting every day, praying tahajud the whole night, and he slept in the masjid of the process. And as his base, the base of the battle was the message of the

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Prophet system. And that's where the troops are meaning troops, meaning the people, how long are you going to last few days, that's all it lasted. You can't stand against 12,000 Troops, the troops march in, and one by one, everybody dies until finally it is just Abdullah bin humbler and five or six people and he realizes nothing can be done here. So he takes his armor off, and he takes his sword and he charges at the troops of Year's Eve and Hollis that was the end of his line. And you know Subhanallah he dies in the Battle of how rotten He is buried in bulkier in that pit where they had to dig for the people of Hydra. Anyway the purpose of today's talk was to show you how history

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further of Allah, every generation and every person is something completely completely different. And this is the reality of life. May Allah subhana wa Tada protect us and protect our children and grandchildren. May Allah azza wa jal allow us and our children and grandchildren to have a positive legacy to carry the torch of Eman. May Allah allow every one of our progeny to be a poorer to iron into us may Allah subhana wa Tada guide us and guide our children and grandchildren after us until next time so I'm waiting for him to lie you want to catch up

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Angelina jelly either. Call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed my

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son Sunday

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to me,

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Jenny dasa, down to

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me down in

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