Nouman Ali Khan – Power Of Quran By 17th August 2011 Part 1

Nouman Ali Khan
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Ruby learning you know, shame on your

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Bismillah, your Walkman your walk.

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The last thing I want to share with you, this is again, the introduction. The last part of my introduction is that when we read the Quran or when we try to understand or put on, there are some things I want you to deconstruct in your mind, deprogram get them out of your system. The first of those things is this is a book for knowledgeable people.

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This is a book for people that have a lot of knowledge, that are very well versed in religion that are scholars or moms or speakers or thieves, or you name it. That's, that's what this book is for. I want you to get out of to let this out of your mind that when you read the Koran, you're thinking, this book.

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This book is a very academic kind of exercise, religious spiritual text, I don't even want you to think of it like that. First, you know what I want you to think about it, like, you know, when you have a real problem, a lot of us have problems, we have family problems, we have marriage problems, we have problems with our in laws. But you say that's normal, right? So that's a problem with our in laws. Some of you have problems with your kids. Some kids have problems with their parents, friends have problems with each other. Some of you have problems at work. Some of you have problems in business, we have all kinds of problems. And when people have really bad problems, you know, what

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they do? They go talk to a friend.

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Now, can I talk to you, this thing is really bothering me. And you call a friend and you're on the phone with them for an hour talking about your problem, right? This is what most of us do. And hopefully people you talk to about your problems or in your family. But for most of us, the problem is the family. So you got to find somebody else. Right? So

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right. So and and this gave birth to really a gigantic scam industry, even though there are some very legitimate psychologists out there. But a lot of therapists are just crooks. They'll call you overcharge you $350 an hour and say, Tell me how you feel. Tell me about your problems. And you'll talk about your problems for an hour. And at the end of that, they'll say Do you feel better?

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I'll say, No, you're supposed to tell me something like no, no, my way of getting you to feel better is to talk about your problems. But you know, when we talk to a lot about our problems,

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then he gives us counsel, he gives us therapy, he gives us advice. That's what the Quran is supposed to be. When you're having problems. When you're having you have an all of us do have problems. The Quran is supposed to be a law giving you and me very relevant advice for my life in your life. It's a personal relationship. It's not an academic relationship. It's not a superficial kind of relationship. First and foremost, it's a personal relationship.

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And when Allah is giving instructions, even when he's telling stories of the past, even when he's telling stories of the past, you're supposed to not be thinking only about the past, what should you be thinking about? yourself?

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I'll give you one example of that, and I'll go on. I'll give you a scary example of that. Not only should the Muslim be thinking about himself, when he's listening to the Quran, the Quran says or teaches us that even the copier, the one who hates the message of the Quran, the one who just believes in the message of the Quran, when they listen to the Quran, even they should be thinking about the past they should be thinking about themselves.

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How Where did I get this from?

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I told you to Salas mentioned a lot of stories of previous prophets, which two stories that I highlight today. Who then sharara right, who 11 and 26. And so it was once again, very interesting phenomenon. I was actually sharing this with some brothers this morning.

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And later this evening, I thought

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a lot just decided to destroy the nation of loot. You know, that alone decided to destroy the nation of loot. You know how he decided to destroy them?

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for either Jamuna Jana Alia husafell Ah.

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When our decision came, we decided to make their high points their low points. You know what that means? their buildings were very high. And unless had some kind of earthquake, tornado, hurricane, whatever he said, but those buildings started caving in the roofs, the ceiling started collapsing, and the buildings are falling apart because of these earthquakes that are coming on this nation. You know, what happens when earthquakes happen right? What are you supposed to do in an earthquake?

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Because the front of the building especially if it's a minor earthquake standard underneath the doorways, right senator neath the strong construction, but if it's a major earthquake, get out of the building be outside unless has everything that was high was made low, not a tree standing. Not a roof is standing, everything's destroyed. When everything's destroyed. Many people get crushed, but the people who didn't get crushed Where are they now?

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The outdoors there is no roof left. This was phase one of the punishment for unfortunately him Hazara tamina sama, Jordan Min Soo Jin Mahmoud. He says we then we started raining on them. Now you have no roof left, you have no tree left, you have no shade left. So when it's raining, do you have anywhere to go? Know what kind of rain was this? A rain made of stones.

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And then he adds the word mambu which means and I think you guys in Houston can appreciate this. You ever heard of this thing called flash floods?

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Right? The rain comes like a slap like Cush. And you say, okay, it's done. And then two seconds later, another slab like goose, like it falls like a bucket falls in one shot instead of light drizzles. Allah says the stones would come from the sky, one big smack, and you will think it's done. Then another layer, then another layer, then another layer. You know, I was giving the younger guys examples because they play a lot of Modern Warfare or whatever else. It's like.

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It's like that,

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you know, reload, and then again, reload, and then again, reload, and then again, it kept on coming like that. And then the next ayah tells us something even more scary, says musawah, Martin

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musawah Martin. Every single pebble had been branded, like it had the criminals name on it.

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You know how in sniper fire you target very specifically, every single bullet that sent for a lesson from the sky was told this is who you're going to hit. This is where you're going to hit them.

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Exact targeting.

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First Allah brought the targets out of the houses, because if they were still inside the house, you can't hit them. So first unless shook the houses and got them out of the way. Now there are doors. Now the firing begins, the firing squad begins. And at the end of all of this, you know what he says, of course, what nation Did I just tell you about? loot loot. And you know who the first people listening to this was listening to this. And the Quraysh were listening to this. And to them. This is old history. This is not something that happened that they saw this is all history for them. Unless as in the same i a woman a woman he had a volley mean everybody Watch out. For anybody who

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does wrong. This isn't that far away.

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For anyone who does wrong, this isn't far away. who shouldn't they be thinking about now? themselves immediately, the history lesson became alive for them. You used to be a party animal yesterday, this Ramadan, you turn back to a lion, you've discovered Islam.

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And all of a sudden you want to become the preacher in your family and tell everybody that they're wrong, and that they're doing harm. Before you do you need to get a little credibility, don't you?

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before you open your mouth, before you start yelling at your uncle's. Right before you start teaching, giving them the hotbar you come in here to have been used to do this at home. That's a good point. But my dad, my dad needs to hear this one. This is gonna make a great point of argument. Right? A lot of excited young people do that they discover the religion, they hold on to it and they use it to debate with family. Right? When you do that, you're you're basically abandoning what the messengers did. You have to have a little credibility. First. When you turn to the religion, you become the best son, the best daughter, the best husband, the best wife. Speaking of the best

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husband, I want to tell you a story. A really good one on this subject, making people conscious of a law. You don't just invite people to have Taqwa of Allah with your words, your characters has a lot. A friend of mine, he became a friend actually, on a short trip, told me about how he was raised in a Muslim family. He's Guyanese origin. And in Guyana, there's Muslims that are committed. And they're Muslims that have mixed their religion with Hinduism, and some Muslims that are just Muslim by name. And they've completely almost lost everything of the religion, they almost know nothing of the religion. And he was of the latter type, he almost knew nothing about the religion. So as he was

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growing up in New York, he almost completely just wasn't even practically Muslim.

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Used to you know, get into fights with his mother, he went to jail a couple of times is in gangs, all kinds of stuff. Later on in life, he decides he wants to, you know, he's looking for God. And he knows by at least My name is Muslim. I think his name was Mohammed or something, right? My name is Muslim. So you should look into what religion first Islam. So he starts looking into Islam started going to the machine, start learning how to pray again becomes more serious at the time he was, you know, he had married his girlfriend who was Christian or whatever. And he starts becoming more serious about the religion. And then his wife notices that he's praying. And the beer has gone from

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the fridge.

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And he's not going out with his drinking buddies. And he doesn't go to Atlantic City on the weekends is a different guy. something's changed, you know? And he doesn't say anything.

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Her, just on his own, he didn't yell at her didn't tell her to, you know, put a job on or whatever, lose all their friends. He didn't do any of that. He went to a scholar, and I think I make the offer the scholar that he went to, he didn't tell me his name. But he said, I went to my scholar. And I told him, Look, I'm becoming more and more aware of Islam. But my wife, of course, is a Christian. And she's not even a practicing Christian. She's just kind of what I was before. She's exactly like I was before. How do I help her? He said, Don't tell her a thing about Islam, just be the best husband you can be. And to do that just steady, what kind of a husband a prophet was. So let's just

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do that. Don't worry about what you need to tell her worry about being the best possible husband, and that is the son of the messenger or subtle Salaam, the messenger would buy his wife gifts, the messenger would joke with his wife, the messenger would spend time with the mother of the believers, the messenger would praise and compliment them other believers I mentioned he got on purpose, guys,

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he would compliment them. You guys eat the first first morsel of food? And if you're like me,

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and the wife says, what you know nothing.

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Right? you'd read the some of the things you're doing the first little sip of lithium.

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I know the economy's bad, but I really that's short on sugar.

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Very diff very painful for you to say a compliment. I understand. Especially for those of you that come from my from my original country, Pakistan, for you to give a compliment to your wife can cause an ulcer.

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So I understand, but

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it says son now guys,

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good food. That's amazing. You know, and yours we're so our wives are the sisters are so used to hearing nasty things from us. Then when we say nice things, they get freaked out.

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Like Jasmine just says, You look really nice to them. What do you want?

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She gets worried like is up to you know, we gotta fix that? Well, that's a problem. I can't can't be healthy. So he starts doing these things with his wife. And in the beginning, he used to argue with her sometimes about Islam, and tell her how Christianity doesn't make sense. How can he be one and 123? All those kinds of arguments? You've heard them before, right? And none of those would work with his wife. None of them. It's like, no, no. I'm a Christian. And so Jesus in my heart Leave me alone. Three years go by he stops talking to her about Christianity or how dumb it is or whatever stops debating with her. He's just being what he can be as the best husband. And one day he's making

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motive and his wife joins him in salaat.

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And he's in slot that messes up a lot like,

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What's his What's happening here? Right?

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Yeah, we can give a break in five minutes. Sure.

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Sure, sure. So he gives, you know, he's after select, he looks at it. He goes, What happened?

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And she goes, What? Nothing? And he goes, No, you have to tell me what happened.

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And of course, she says what pretty much any wife would say it's complicated.

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But eventually she tells him and she tells him Look, I've never seen a husband like you. My dad wasn't like that. I've never seen a father like you the way you are with our child. I've never seen a father be like that. It's so beautiful. If this religion can't be wrong, it can't be wrong. This is it. Dakota you see how aware you are of Allah in your life?

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Right? It's not how many iottie you've memorized? How many a hadith you know how much knowledge you can spit out at someone how many quotes from scholars you can deliver. It's not about that. How are you living your life? People can see that. You're calling people to the taqwa of Allah haka. tokachi. What are the Muna in our anti muslim moon and that's the next part in five minutes, I have to give you a break. Because when people have to get you know, get their cars and park them like they would at work, right.

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But what I want to share with you in these last five minutes is while at a moto na Illa One, two Muslims, this is item number one, there were three items, right? This is the first item, don't you dare die, except that you're Muslim.

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You know, one of the most important things we have to do as families

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is we have to talk about death as families not in speeches that encode buzz as families.

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When not if I die when I die.

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People say if I die do this, this this No, no, no, no. When I die, do this, this this. When I die, make sure you please make the offer me.

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Even two young young, teenage kids early when they're just getting their consciousness, make them aware of death.

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If there's an opportunity to go to a janazah take your family

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Take your kids especially let them see it and

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let them see the barrier. I know about the sun and about the women. But other than that, I'm talking about just actually being aware of death. And the best way to be aware of death, and to be aware of our mortality, also, is that we have to take our children out of their comfort zones, I'm telling you a lot, he will love him, even the ones of us that are not doing that well in this country, that have minimal, you know, jobs, and are barely getting by in their apartments. We're still living like kings compared to people in the rest of the world.

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Our children have a lot of luxury. Even those of you that are living in small apartments, you open the fridge, and there's four different kinds of soda, and three different kinds of juice. And there are people that haven't had clean water for weeks, right? We have a lot of luxury, and our children are used to it, we're used to it, we have to take ourselves out of that sometimes,

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we have to take ourselves out of that, even for a little bit, even for a little bit, to put life in perspective again. And that's really important. Because when our children just become and we just become accustomed to luxury all the time, and we start getting used to it, we forget what we really are what we really are as dirt Allah created us from it, and we'll go back to it. That's all we really are. And you're a human being forgets that. Right? The higher up he goes. He forgets where he came from. We have to remember where we came from. This is this is the first agenda. I haven't even talked to you about the laws of Islam and prayer and a job and beard and this, none of that stuff.

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All I'm saying is just be aware of a law, man. Just be aware of a law. Be aware that you're gonna die, that your life has a purpose. And you're you're conscious of a law now, so he can take care of you later. You forget about a lie in this world, he'll have you forgotten in the afterlife. When you after you die, what are you going to do? a disbeliever can deny the aka, I just believe we can say there's no coming to life after death. But even a disbeliever cannot deny death itself. Death is a reality that's going to come if there's one thing that we you know, makes us you know, worry. I actually love Ramadan. For that reason, how much time left,

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a couple of weeks, right? How fast as I go by

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how fast that's your entire life is going to be like that. My entire life is going to be like that Ramadan, you know how fast it went by. That's how fast life goes by. It's a good training on how you know how to say, only a couple of weeks, I've I gotta do this, this, this is at least those of you that care, I gotta pray more, I gotta finish Hold on, I gotta do this, I got to do that I have a little bit of time left. If you can develop that attitude and Ramadan, you should transfer that attitude to the rest of your life.

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I only have a little bit of time left. I gotta get some stuff done. I got to put this investment in place. So once I'm gone, I keep getting the credit. For sacajawea I keep getting it from my children from what I taught from what I help people with, from things I good things I did in this world. This is our first campaign for our families before anybody else and worry about family before you worry about anybody else. If we can do that, inshallah, Tada. We're going to be ready for the next phase of this campaign that will create this beautiful society that Allah wants us to become

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