Nouman Ali Khan – NAK Urdu Ramadan Series #01

Nouman Ali Khan
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Hello hello good either Mina salatu salam O Allah siedle ambia even more saline wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ashvane I'm about salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. From lots of questions they barely went up say Facebook for a post he has been many things are luckily the kitty or Avenue J. K has auto emails veggies and emergency or do me voice notes or push the wind a little bit or dbj habila k or anybody to just survive this ajibade pj

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Mariya tawakoni ogaki Mehta mom sobre la caja de su laiki capzest social okay format kastamonu dementia in Salalah Jessica nikka Dominus digue Jota Jes just be my main Who will you heck a man named Mr. X Mr. Lena jaminan is the SS of Allah Jo baja sorry Lucas alcovy address Calcutta or Machado swell could have seen Sam Sunni or Podolski by mail Scott gigantic me MIDI sandwich MIDI comes from a jemelle scale is up sigma pronto, ska aka Sam liquidspace shimmy koshish Guru skall

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almiron is the SS of alto has also the Agile to sensitive with the scar mocha Sir jawab dana means diqmond acid naota ukipo simazine also alphadog Japan so many Bellini and ta sessions the lumbini hongi lakyn also take a case of Alka hum Creek is Tommy jawab data case. Can you match up okay, I get the raw data here to extract okay crunky to the book is Ria hamara Dil moskito website the salia Sanchez op delicatessen Dr. Jana scileanna. So uomini near tasleem apne mamaki mother his stuff his device tamale Cologne, Cucamonga quality sensitive data now of course you need to attack him up give up a voice not play karuma pick up look embarrass oj Cavalli be sunray or go to Mesa RP identity

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command, private document era. So many Yeah, you could use a one minute unit here was cool. My mind immediately transcribed callias Colicchio. So I'll go to my family party and give me some criteria and Krishnamurthy can read on this site. They can inshallah again, the Moto jacket will be as unique I'm really liking her adriaan say igla macerata licking board mmm it is the Dominica k Pele which hamari joy episode hunger Valkyrie dedicated capacity to palimpsests also * marriage of Akita attention La Perla

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article salami

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with I'm kitale Marcy at salmon mania t simultaneity scatter look at lucky Support Center. This same ad hoc confused or unlucky support both the hodza demand the heme ombre kandivali Caribbean sun up Nemazee cydonia me if now he was Quezada digging Hayek is in the appname as he said, Can you hostage Elijah to cure PDA was company it happening? Because in the equals Arnie Korea was put the mount Zulia Somalia may sell this ikana fancy here this mK pourriez nafsa theoriginal Bharti the We Are they going to be log in she's okay now Monica just a corrupting hot banker giant as of today now calcium was nothing of a gamble for ban DOJ to over half an emergency Japanese sector cannot be an

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anomaly hypercard Catholic DJ Allah tala of May Allah tala asik asik Herceptin periodica hijikata haiga dR cleave Allah tala kita as Masha door in sanbo Allah se Mahabharata sub sabich Koenig a big Jackie you can see more butter Ito subject will serve as house when a change is made do that leave us who turn up humor to insomnia is tanking my butthole in solidness fall sick aka lupus avid chronically deadly for most people to talk to a super toxic mom but Kathy Allah like his heart is tired but Allah piston has

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escaped the bb miyakawa jetech Allah tala mala Holic or Malika Mohammed Hamid yes Hol Medicare Allah The Moses to kill him Allah Allah ki Hakeem on Maliki support by Hakeem casati Allah for them on the heels of Bossa Nova cannavale support Pakistan again getting a Musalia can very valid, abusive insaat shazza maybe shadie Kalia lucchini kaha lakyn will be abusive they can lock us you can have a messy basically, Nikki is super sneakily Allah tala name with a fresh ano securedata man police military family are circling patliputra here. Okay very valid. Egg abusive insaan is not do quite the clip in sample tour. De Thea Coppola that data in SAM kissy kiss ki kabhi nahi data it needs to

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clear to co author of CQ was an apartheid

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Co Op Somerset Thank you Miguel is dk savonlinna Mq. Thank you

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hartke sacral swallow misaka yes so as they just made arbortech leave me or insocoat is the neomatik eco tala is is is in the Giga his side of Silicon Valley in South Africa but I mean samco mushkil comer Tony Valley machine may or may not may have shocked me by that he asked acuscope inaya though escape our main main is the Kuan cup LA for Sufism, ethnic Israel tarpan is samaki under which social realities and we'll get LFP Shara Polanco Beatrice clinic is so Marina Zeke isca batterien Sawa expect swakop Angela SoTL rF matewan sector SoTL RF may occur in a adolescent kid is sick as a good care mom. Or you could suffer on me it's critical. You have to feel safe or sad motiva pallida

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hustler barometer or jumpsuit ibaka miska Zico smear oski Kosta fitted to see lotta we're all here. All squig do slip and who says sudo? La SRP sudo sudo super user sudo RF musica Jaeger or Juniper most esercizi kerkia Yeah, they can jump Cisco second k cuckoo nature's highlight viejo palette highlight pmwiki crankier 13 Here are your new schoolhouse maybe 4k to bacara tothill Medina minasi Louie Yanni Bella Terra Salah Quran Kathy because you can't do the high Puranas which are better job. So takayasu Jo, kiss up cranky Shula but they have all Sahaba Kumar, Mr. Nicola, or you don't so to start off with Mr. Kishore at the age of Matt descemet.

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Husker Machado. Yay. Salah Malanga Sahaba tiangui Palace and Nicola, Yanni caesalpinia don't get him out with your concept or the Malaysia Lanka where your assets and your syndicate will collapse or subtle Africa trauma case will change up and bottom officers occur. They can Yaba could yo yo bottecchia onko

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so much thing is efficacy here or in May could study he maluma tourniquet in me so maybe in Kenya, they don't as the Quran may charge to say as a jogger garrison assumptions, I have a problem called MK said or Yata ketosis Okay, basically, it takes so much *. What are the values hankerson Ibrahim Allison, Professor Podolski bad Mossad Is this your team come up come up here Georgia Academy Sally salobre they can you charge one yadi per sample on k yes I can make a joke you can make a fuss with me use a donkey azeotropic or Marion is the inclusive so much K or armacell mumkin is the school just yummy story volume he whatever you whatever you know what I mean information but

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I hum is Marconi summers to crawl submit a pledge of principles or just socially gotta rica heaven kisuke is re tsikata passive aqui Guinea with Araki adolescent para giggity on 87 I get a open kazungula gazer Manu, mockney licking kuramoto choosing a Tokyo Kahala Ciao got information deja vu, or kista has about deja vu. You got those were like in the gaming service tempo Jaeger. Most of the case about catheter so if you're in a bad jacket back up, but Jessica, right so your brand is is Cassie kita is kefir kita love? You know, focus can Nicki's really tacky on any UK session is dedicated for guessing the answer by chukar tanesha rs 30 well this parameter by to

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optimize it towards STM pertisau.

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robotics Finca representative Misawa. Like maybe bascombe bootsector in China. Okay, so and I love you for this this is really helpful Okay, so our to be like I'm gonna ship it may ask you to look around. I have number This has total olofi so to LA Hakuna Matata Sati Sunita so number seven oh yeah number 10. This we will look at Mackinac and fill up the water anala comfy Hama, Yesha kalila matter school.

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How many domains the main method kindy badalona for my

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name is amin mettam. Temkin rbma. Catherine settle whoa john Echo, establish organico or stable honinbo tonkean surf land you're gonna get a stable on a coconut dome as we make stable reality. Can you come up with another comfy Hama Isha or tomorrow? Yes, I mean, May my Irish Marisa qiyamah marisha will be mega theme as a measure customer.

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Measure just say, Rose.

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Rose Rose.

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Rose God, Rose God or Rennie sanika MacAllan cuppla, etc. He measured me out to write you can mention a b marish or H or B Mr. monetizes mo Lumumba Ash is in the US Army and he cheated he said Anna Botanica to miss Nasser's Amina. Settle key

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Tamiya Hellenic le acid Anika de hair ceramic Ada Khushi Sara Nikki da yo junkies roti anco de provide Katya janela comfy Hama

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kalila mothers who don't get nah come hackaton sugar cut bodycam sugar corteo look we have bad belly bar many, many other words something about kidney like in other words some because you can say what yummy I especially

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like hirosaki Sharon is appellee has the main bit of he named the beginning of the Miss stables in the Gita year or two most cachaca Heaney

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commented a weekly care to reality to membership Don't be under the malzahn you have a hi Michelle good you know who

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cannot write me up nearly dirty but I think what's nice about it Marcus off kubatko didn't make it negative hair Latina upca hoga finances K bar Ma and future Give it to me and say Happy Valley man but you'll give it maybe we give out a monkey bar i mokwena we figured login it then all was figured out hotaka can sannomiya negative either switch router or scourging cheese or sugar can watch it on

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the secondary stressful sort of first game I bought anxiety mill or awfully lucky Sam they played a color

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on my pillow Bismillah very Kanaka sugar which is vodka isasi nico Kala block it okay play play was me subsea we had ghost we had roti viejo cheesy waka kaha se the consequent is okay. Mary Slater punchy. You know

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so for young girl in Salah Ilaha ami and na sabab delma Saba from Masha kafele Basha unbuttoned Effie haha we're in a bowl welcome was a tool no one else no

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matter I live

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in sanko definition of mechanic either Gamla policeman Symphony gira poodle schema as a mean citizen

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God causes you or your god you manipulate the country right okay well Bishop Colorado church minima come

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yeah he comment comment make etc the domains can Dasani data you could talk me up the search may go up or pit tomorrow democracy automatically will say sugar Nikita shakalaka assassin several 1000 year any Alhamdulillah Kenya Kanika yeah la Shakira Korea foster konasana sugar ascend mi da ki holida Catarina pelea, hampered whichever offer your comment here Kami, Nashik Elisa, all hammy apne Khalifa may get, you know, debate Anika Asada to see Batman again What can you say sugar okay catalana I'm saying the cotton consumer but they are going off Look, I'm certainly mobile because we do telecoms demo but he's back comes up.

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You can again Baba kata Casa yoke mmusi tinian Eugenia, just like SM admin sherlockian top anybody so much Nikki jo jo buco on Atlanta jinsei. Mahabharata kisi MK Luke's is at the key won't be I am lucky.

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Yanni alloga subsidy my book dream of Luke cambia or when pyjamas eat the ion catarman Da

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Yong ki public may be sticky gay God family on ko torture kiya Junko grace Anika loggia Joe can yoga and Bianco kotobukiya Joe Joe muscala on Amazon purrito contradictions Isla de la subset substring mehbooba fluke subsea MOBA key game of loop autoscale whiskey Babu on pledgemusic demo kiss your co is a thing to is your contradiction where you contradiction edgy scotton is a cake Yeah, so squatty sandwich Nick is a chap I guess is keto pathological session, come up with a majority kobato keyboards and may contain your collection of toffee batiyagarh aG mokuba bottom wujiang right. So some so

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look at that we're not going to knock on the muscle what now come to me may be a shock it's a shock nichia humbling to me, healthier to Minaya appeared to hate the sweeter the sweeter we make it multi Veronica I need to myself but I I'm a heck of a building Milady yagnik statue Nadia living oski whoa shapeoko perfect karma mocha mocha RP scope buku heritage codec. codec now school perfection cannot go to sweet guys

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will do with the sweetest zero because we teach them so well. remotec crafting the second thing as

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we call a kick edge cola sculptures you have perfect caradonna say canica oxidic lucchini Yaga to me but perfectly Guess what? Xena aka sibanye girl, what's

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your local

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law system unless it's Kumari Jason kyllini you can read a simple

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autoneum A Django, Django settings Yahoo TV, they can have an exam COVID

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hamari personality could be hi ru could be around at the speed of the perfection the sotd or you see the sweet guy ninja yeah hecate of just a bundle a guide has a Shea Adobe on cocoa salty Kira maialino

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Amalia Ando

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teacher of mine, okay, interior decoration Catania Chicka chicka played with the hoops a whole candidate thing. How many of you need a sandwich auto or condo Your job is calling because we call a protein supplement janky carbohydrates I'm enjoying it too Jojo essential janosik counter their hammer economy whoa so it cannot cannot go ugly lager auto Canada Niigata whiskey smell boohoo Sony je hamari completely husana cheney hamari my surrounding become sushmita jamari the speaker because I actually made your home sold Elia Buhari it will be absurd to me absurd consider the era Milo

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he says I'll make this man nice to see me in this way actually in the lodge and you don't have to jump lack of Serato also substantive person

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you happen to have an idea automate you perfectly shield the former colonial Mana ekata should only Adama for Sergio please pay late finish those a kaha get Adam cosign

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a G via is made by Peter official Roscoe Hamza attention at bar Adams sharone with the API but Adam says you renew at Marcelo it it was even better to show Guernica

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per the

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terms of keto sweet keto perfect banana

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pale fish taco hukum Dr. Kay said Adam versus zaccaro Hamza says aka Nick aka media but the other Masako gotta kilometer of houses are getting

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bad mesh arrestor of hacky ham sub kita liquid you Katie

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is massively Shara year when I judge pity or hum may say sub li jannik evod hamari arhuaco ju t m is shorter or hum may save here are the money solanco ginagawa are paying your balance on or home you just heard seen Hello MK Luca Krishna says Dhaka Natal at least Nigeria is a monarchy or your salad you seen her? A lot Allah He shot me about getting your home or seen me. Shahid

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humba hottie omnius a quote from a play somnio technica a lot I actually have a it's me gabab Elia is by kita Mashallah, welcome. We're gonna push off as soon as you can. The by me module, but the Is it bad to return even conditionally ironically, should

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they come back here to ever hire to meet the flicky pale Adam Sega paper professionals aka Adam kousaka Oh, all these miskito after faasil all we will get to Parag yamakawa

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Allah tala Adam co have leukemia, or attorney Adam Kopi Tamam Allah Hi,

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All Jani makerdao ochrony salicaria aka widows with the money I want to at the home of naman Dom sub modules are the money solanco he kicks it out of Korea yes can you now whoa guys do you moto is the yoga yoga studios give you a second let's give Facebook profiles.

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Otherwise I'll put them on aka khaki insaan introduce Craig a. I sell my social pathology Jaya Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Malaika kia latonya Adam C'mon, Nancy. Hi, Massoud if so to Baka rocky

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or Sandy Gaza in the

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local economy the rock and the economic Lake you know ski ski the head of a Sunni on demand may sky tamale ba was me sir assert Rene anco the man of new Orlovsky Nami Chicago are up here let's introduce Columbia death. Yakuza these bad thank a double delay Santa concha

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obviously bad but mocha mocha Tempe doggy praying inshallah.

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Now the way Santa's conscious of these man.

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Look at the econ it goes I'm afraid

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otherwise, I think I'm down

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to good cause Milan who had our kita Veronica Mary's in the UK Charlie Sal in Colorado.

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All said he's a con via GB connection tab widget library with a sound check connection keyboard key because yasay has the array socket and a funky attention gainer, Joe Jovi

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on Columbia g Vega karamay halifa. Caleb, so those of us who do cron de sol ki where he may, so Java satomi halifa Carlos synthomer Thomas multimaster madhwa in the

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image, I don't feel the honeypark do see the

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Yeah, that will do janica hollyford and fill up the energy

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Then also by the look of the medical and maybe also these can be scarification like in a cell Bhatia module or hum Jonathan Akiko Nevada or Yamaha somnio actually, so is C homology bakasana is key understanding or you can someone's name on a specific segment what garita really up here or is subject to rubbish our cars yoga sutra concertos, Michaelmas equals marketing etc so all week which then carrying scooter Moses amazing courses calendar you can see it says other delegates the Sunday then Mr. Jabbar crammed me a bit of matcha domina hoga autologin achema drives me aqui

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will limit near Madison for the court reporter came up once again Jonathan we just so much me I mean surely he is absolutely bonkers Allah.

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I seek anywhere between you. Okay, today inshallah we'll continue with him. barakallahu li walakum Somali

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