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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges some details on a person who was from the nation of Musa AS by the name Qaroon. He was the cousin or distant relative of Musa AS. He was the slave of the Israelites but sort of a spy for the government of the time.

He was immensely rich due to his profession and had huge vaults to carry his riches. His people who meant well for him advised him not to get sucked in this facade and to stop being delusional. They wanted him to stay away from false luxuries and see through it and not to turn to fake happiness.

We should pursue the next life with whatever is given in this life. What does this encrypted statement mean? Listen intently to unravel the mystery.

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Gentlemen che metalheadz Daniela senior to Hello,

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fellow tampilan. Yesterday I recited this article for you, we talked a little bit about entrepreneurship. And people that are that assume that their work leads to success in whatever form. So today I wanted to share with you the AI itself and the reality of worldly acquisitions. What is a person acquire in this world of anything?

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a person is not even reduced, the matter is not reduced to just wealth. So law says, well, novelty to maintain, and whatever you've been given up any sort of thing with itto the Buddha, Buddha is that active or passive? much good, right? Because then I will find people

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will find me.

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Right, but briefly, you've been given something as opposed to saying, provide local, whatever you have been changing. Whenever you have an online document, change whatever you have in your possession. He says, Whatever you've been given of anything, the statement already acknowledges that it's not yours, and guarantee whatever you have has been given to you and isn't actually genuinely your possession, then he adds from a town, then whatever that is, if you reach that conclusion, no, it's just a means to enjoy a worldly life.

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What I in Arabic means two things utilization and enjoyment, two pieces of meaning to the word motor. And so metalhead eternia on the one hand means something to enjoy.

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temporarily. The other hand, it means something to utilize. So metallic could be food and attack could also be the spoon. Nobody enjoys a spoon, but they certainly would certainly use it. The spoon can become a lotta also, things that you have to put to work was either too hot in addition to matar it's also a means by which work worldly life is beautified. its beauty was universal to clubbers. You know, Metallica has a Daniella, Xena. Mandela, how you learn what a god. Look, our possession was compared to unless possession or possession was described Moutinho, whatever you've been given a lot of possession will not end the law.

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And whatever belongs to a lot, whatever Allah has. And actually, if you remember the comparison between lamb and ENDA, unless it's done for himself to Linda Hema is similar to them. But this is Rama, Rama Rama

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ENDA actually is for called for closeness. So, if I

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mean I'm right by your side, and he's right by the machine. So it does not just for a position it's also for closeness, whatever Allah has, of course, whatever you have is also not. So what's he referring to what I wrote last whatever is close to a lot right now. But by definition, it is far from you, in the agenda he has for you the rewards he has for you, the eternal life he has for you the things he has that are closer to him right now than they already are still in the worldly, worldly things. And what's beautiful about the word ENDA in comparison to the word dunya then he also has the superlative form of Abdullah. In the new worldly life is actually the lowest life when

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the meaning of it is lowest and highest lunia and also means closest, this is closest to you right now for you to enjoy. It's been given to you. But what I have in my possession, Hyland vodka is better and lasts longer. Now, higher and upper, both comparative words. And this will be the last piece of

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reflection I'm gonna share with you guys hydropower, both comparative their most recent of the

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whenever you use the word comparison, then you're really putting one thing against another. That's what you're doing. So that's forcing us to compare things we have here with things that he still has in his possession awaiting us. I have lived here I'll have life there. I have energy here and all the energy that I have enjoyment here, I'll have enjoyment there. I have food here. I'll have food there. I have a house here I'll have house there. There's a comparison. When you make that comparison, just remember one thing, every time you use something here, remember there's something to be compared with that we're in something you find good, something you find enjoyable and

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something you find beautiful here. Constantly this imprint in your mind, there's something of the this that is that has two properties agenda. Number one is higher, is better. I'm eating food. It's delicious. I remind myself there's food agenda and it's better. I have I enjoy myself doing something. I play a game I enjoy company. I have a good time. I see a beautiful scene. I say this scene is beautiful. But what Allah has is that it is a high performer and the light higher on this has to be imprinted in the mind of a believer when they enjoy good things. This is great, but there's way better. The second quality of that as is what we did.

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Pretty recently, was it you're coming

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to remain? abacha Ohio

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Go and father's yamanouchi this morning was upcoming

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to last longer.

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The second comparison constantly, we're all things that are beautiful enjoyable in this world was the constant comparison, whatever Allah has lasts longer, longer than this, I'm walking into my house, you know, walking out, just looking at the house, house is nice.

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But there's another house. And that last one, this one class, by definition, you start thinking things here what I love spending time with my children, but the company, the family alone will give me and engender, these children will return them to me in general, but there are better and that that company that time lasts longer. You know, there are moments at times in your life where you're with people you love, and you're really enjoying yourself, and you want it to last forever. Or sometimes the husband and wife get into a fight and they get over it. And then they're together. And they're happy with each other and they turn to each other. So why can't everybody be like this? I

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can just see like this. That's the time to remind yourself well, not in the light

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of whatever it was, is better. But it's going to be better happiness in this, and it's going to last it's not going to go away. Because even when we have happy times in the back of our head, what are we thinking? Man? This I mean, Spring is here, but false coming, you know, you're always thinking is another another day, we're just gonna pass it in bad times are ahead, Hayden What up caught up in that document? Why then why don't you apply exercise your intellect that literally the question at the end of this is think about this. Why aren't you thinking? Why aren't you engaged in real thought about this constantly supanova. And if that happens, then, you know, nobody gets confused about what

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real success means.

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Nobody gets diluted and acquired a lot in this world are what they have acquired means something significant, means nothing then, and they're constantly this will go just like I will go and build alliances better and longer lasting. Those two words capture the essence of a believer in the IRA, especially in general, Omar Abdullah hyaluron

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Baraka lovely, wonderful on hacking, finally

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came to

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He was a PhD,

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Trello Trello. Today, I wanted to

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wrap up, one part of at least entrepreneurship.

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And people that are in the worldly sense successful, allows origin

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in the Koran in against local causes, gives us the example of calm,

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arose a very interesting figure is mentioned in this detail and sort of

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costs us towards the end. We're in the beginning of social causes. Elijah was actually only mentioned that all at Harmon and their armies and the armies of Florida, the obvious enemies of the Muslims of that time the

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Koran was an eternal enemy. He was basically you can call him a sellout. It was extremely wealthy among buddies like him. And how can that be if they're a slave race, and they're overpowered, and they're living in the ghettos Well, at all and actually hired some people or he gives he enriched some people from within that community so you can keep an eye on from the inside. It was sort of an inside man for working for him. And that's how he became extremely wealthy. And so, because he explains his Well, for less, as you know, in COVID, musataha, he was from the nation of Musa he rebelled against them. He was he was a rebel against them, meaning he was a traitor to them. He

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wasn't loyal to the Israelites, he was loyal to them. And that's why I know Allah says Allah allowed him to have a lot of wealth Latina woman gurus, we allow him to have hoards of treasures that I've talked to you about his treasures before mapfactor fit that discussion is in the same way.

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But when I highlight to you is the archetype of a wealthy person, not just the question isn't just about where that person got their wealth crumble when someone is in a position of wealth, they become prominent, whether they like it or not, they become because they're employers, because their housing is different from everybody else's, their ride is different from everybody else's there, they stick out. And when they stick out, they become whether they like it or not role models. People want to be like them. People want to emulate they see that as success. whether our faith teaches us successes, something bigger, something more than worldly wealth or not. It's human nature to see a

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nice house and wonder, wow, I wonder what it's like to live in a house like that. It's human nature. You can't help yourself. You see a beautiful car doesn't matter how much they could have the answer to you. Do. You see a nice car and say, Wow, that's pretty sweet. It's just gonna happen. Right? So there's one part of us that just desires

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Beautiful Things a love put that inside of us. It's not something evil in and of itself, it's something a lot put inside us. So when people like that are around, then the people, you know, deep down inside want to be like that, or they want to have what they have. And this, you know, the wealthy realize that they get a whiff of that, that people look up to them or they want to be their trendsetters. And this can become a real problem. They can become addicted for themselves and for others. So the mature in the community, and this is the really, you know, hard thing for successful wealthy people is to have mature, good friends, that aren't friends with them because of their

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And they're not going to say they're not going to be afraid to say something to them in all honesty, because our fear that they're going to go out of favor from them. You know, because when people are famous or when people are wealthy, and people are in opposite position of political status, and their friends try not to say something against them, because they don't want to come out of that elite circle. But if they're fortunate if the people of wealthy people of status are fortunate enough, they'll have friends around them, sincere brothers around them, sisters around them that are honest to them, so they will come in.

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And it becomes more and more difficult. The more and more wealthy you get, the more and more prominent you get, the more difficult it becomes to have sincere friends around. They'll say to you what the right thing is no matter what. Anyhow, a lot highlights the the people of sincerity in the community who actually did give him advice. And that's their greatness that they were bold enough to speak out and say this to this person who everybody else obviously looks up to because of their status. And they gave a like a, you know, compartmentalised bit of advice. And I just want to quickly just mention the first of those things. And I'll go through each of them in Sha one, one

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after the other in these sessions. So if God Allahu

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Allah Allah, first bit of advice, don't be overjoyed because of your wealth. Don't like because you know, this is the word is used, which is a lot, as you know, right? So his, he would look at his treasures. And then when he looked at the shiny gold coins, or whatever they were, his eyes would bulge, and he'd have a smile on his face. And that's what people noticed. And they said, Look, you need to get a little too happy when you see your money. Or you get a little too excited when you see like the bank account or whatever else, you need to come down. That's not the source of happiness. And this is not something you need to be celebrated. Because this in the end is a test and you're

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forgetting that, you know, a person with those kinds, that kind of money they have enough to eat today, tomorrow, the day off after they have enough. But still what happens you want to see more and you want to see more than makes you happy. And this is a problem, this money for the sake of money, that you know, you get addicted to making more and more and more. So his friends are telling him what the community sincere community is telling him. Don't be this way. Don't become obsessed with money itself, don't become obsessed with wealth itself and find happiness in that, you know, people that become this way, then they lose everything else in life. And that's the last thing I'll share

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with you guys, they lose everything in life, all they care about is making more money. They don't have time for family, they don't have time for friends, they're not temporary. They're just constantly thinking, How do I expand the business? How do I take it further? How do I make this make this money work more and more and more for me, and that's what their entire life becomes. And when they see the returns come?

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cost to be happy cause to celebrate, you know, so they'll throw parties, corporate parties, and all this other stuff, when huge returns come in. Because that is their source of happiness. Nothing else is like, not the frog in the Lala human. You know, happiness in and of itself is not a bad thing.

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It's not but this kind of happiness, materialistic happiness. Allah says he doesn't like those who are happy in this way. So it's not a pleasant thing. Allah doesn't like happy people. Now what he's saying, He's saying people who are overjoyed because of material gain. Those are the kinds of people listening like that's where they started their advice. And they gave him like this one by one by one bit of advice is very comprehensive. inshallah. We'll share that as today's comeback. Kalani Welcome to Karate Kid. When finally we're here.

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Anybody who needs help, I'll be there for an hour in the class after anyhow. So we were talking before about the advice that people have sincere, genuine and courageous counsel gave to the celebrity and this wealthy person.

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And the first advice was not to be overwhelmed in order not to be overly excited about as well. That's

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the second bit of advice. What does a fever attack a lot

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Su Webster is a command form. And the command is used in the Arabic language not just to tell someone what to do, but also to suggest to someone what they shouldn't be doing advice is also given in the form. So the suggestion given is you should pursue in whatever Allah has given you a female, attack Allah and whatever Allah has given you.

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The final, the advice here is less giving you a lot of opportunity, he's opened up a lot of doors for you that he hasn't open for others, that means you should be investing this extra opportunity to build your home Indianapolis facilitated the building of your home and dunya, then you should be even in a better position to build your home in the aka invest even more, even more, allow us to see what you do with the gifts you've been given.

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So personal wealth, you know, there's two directions their thoughts can go, they can think to themselves, you know, what happens with people that don't have any concept of mean, once they have money? Either they think about how can I get more money? Or they go into politics? How can I get power, right, so they either take the direction of money, or they take direction of power. And that's those are the two places they want to empower could be social, and celebrity and all of this sort of thing, or political power and things like that to influence, right? Those are the two aspirations they get, when realizing for the pursuit of wealth within the Muslim community, when you

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reach a position of wealth, then your concern should be how am I going to build gender using this wealth? How am I going to build leave a lasting legacy that serves the need, and therefore as a result builds my alpha. So are, you know, the concept of our entrepreneurship is not just entrepreneurship for the sake of making money, but also creative entrepreneurship, in serving the online serving the deep and exhausting ourselves in becoming contributors in some way. And that's the career goal of every Muslim, you know, like an aspiring, I told Muslims they shouldn't be, we should be the best at any career, we, you know, endeavor into some or all of your Arabic students,

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some of you are going to go into medical study, some of you are going to go into business, some of you are going to go into whatever other you know, engineering, whatever else, be at the top of your field. But then that's not your goal, your goal isn't to be at the top of your field, your goal is you have to have my field. So I can serve the dean in XYZ way. Your goal isn't your career as everybody else. Everybody else they all their life amounts to is that career. Our goal is service at the end, how are we building our asset? Once we've, you know, we excel in our fields, and actually I say, personally to listen to they should aspire to have awesome careers, so that they can be part

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timers in their careers, they should be so successful that they have to do very little in terms of dounia. So they can exhaust most of their energies in terms of the because you know, when you are, when you're working, and you barely make ends meet, you're just working enough that you can survive and pay the bills and all of that some people are in that situation, that they don't have any time to do anything outside of that. They're just exhausting all of their energies, just surviving day to day. And Alas, put some people in that test. But then there are others who have what they call nowadays disposable income, have a little extra they have, you know, the opportunity, they could

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take 80 hours and make 10 times more money, or they could do 20 hours and still live well, they can they don't have to do 80 hours, they can do 15 hours, that can be like that two a week, you know, when people reach that career, then that's not the time to take the extra vacations. That's the time to get busy, contributing, doing something for Allah, doing something for this D, investing that extra money in that extra energy and that extra opportunity to create something that will help the Muslims, you know, and help the community at large reach a better state. That's the thought process that if enough of us had enough of us were thinking along these lines, then we would just look like

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a different nation. We just looked like a different people. Because we'd have enough people wanting to make this online by extension the world a better place, it will start turning into a better place. It will and it's not like every This is the last thing I'll share with you. It's not like what la Pima I talk a lot about this intention, I want to build my house in general, in this that Allah has given me, the way in which I'm going to pursue that is not going to be the same as the way in which you're going to pursue it. We're all going to be inspired and guided by the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophets, I saw them, and the awesome seal of the messenger, Aristotle's setup. But

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the talents I've been given are not the ones you've been given. And the talents you've been given aren't the ones I've been giving you, each one of us will have to chart out our own career path of building our house in general, what is going to be our contribution? What is going to be the thing that we do? You know, and you all of you, especially the younger guys, here, you have to seriously ask yourself this question. You are now at a stage in your life, where you're your accountability, or your Musalia has begun now, and you have about basically 4050 years to do something with your life. And then there's retirement after that and you're looking back at your youth and saying I wish

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I did this or that. This is the time to get stuff done. You know, you have to be in that mode now. So don't just think what am I going to do two years from now three years from now.

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Five years from now I have a plan. This is what my life is going to look like. So when I look back, I can say, this is what I gave myself to. This is what my energies were focused on, allows me to give all of us a clear sense of direction and guide the direction that we take and make as contributors in this article. Lovely Welcome to carotid hakima el camino. Kima salaam aleikum, WA, my work.

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He was happy he is right.

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What does the FEMA talk about?

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in the life

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of somebody, we are silly me, as a musician, you, Cody, I mean, yeah, but anime. So the bit of advice that the community gives to Hollywood,

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about that. The first thing once again, was that in the law, hello, we've discussed that already. The second thing was, what

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was the second thing, the third thing is what I tend to do what I tend to, I mean, that's what I tend to

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forget, I'll see you back. Now Steve is your portion, good fortune, also, good fortune. And Eric is also called nothing else, he was also a fork in the road, our rock in the road, that helps you get to the right direction, like a good marking. So somebody considers it their good fortune that they found this marking, that they didn't get lost. And from it to work out coined as good fortune. Okay, so we're gonna see volson on his useful portion, that is, you're meant to happen, of course you are meant to have. So you don't feel bad about what you were meant to have, or somehow that you're a materialist of good fortune came your way. So the advices community is giving him as on the one

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hand, you should be giving more, and you should be using your success to serve the more. But that does not mean that you just completely Think of your wealth as a curse, and you can't hold on to any of it. Or you can't enjoy your life or, you know, do anything else in your life with it. Because you know, what happens in art, in the Muslim mindset, either you become, oh, you know, I've already done my part. Or you become I have never, I haven't nearly done enough, as we, you know, of course, we love to give the example of vehicle de la Han, who, who gave all of his wealth and gave half as well. And you know, and those examples are there. They're incredible role models for us. But that's

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not the norm. Those are the exceptions, and May Allah make us reach that that state, but that there was 1000s, of other Sahaba, who gave to, and we hear about the stories of our model, the love line, when the stories are these they saw them, they saw them, but they knew that that's not expected of all Muslims. And we don't take anything away from those who have either a lot more than one.

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Right? So it's not like everybody should be, you know, put in the position on title until I'm doing that I'm worth nothing. It's not like that. So the expectation from him is to take care of his worldly responsibilities to know see, see, you can understand it in two ways, your early responsibilities, which you can include in, in that family, parents, other things, in addition to their cause of Allah. That's also part of your responsibilities from the dunya, your own health, your own, you know, time management, your own friends and things like that. Because what happens to some people, they will they think of serving Dean, that means I don't have to have, I can't have

00:23:33--> 00:24:13

time for my family to lunia. Or if I have to serve dinner, and I can't have time for friends, or I can't sit and relax, I just have to serve as Dean, how can I become a person of dunya that's actually not the advice in this passage is so powerful. And it's a lot of steams this advice. So balance that he, you know, recorded it made it a permanent part of his book, not tense. And don't forget your person. Antonia. It's not like serving your dean means you will compromise time and value and, you know, due consideration to the wife, to the parents, and the children, the community, other other aspects of your life. And then, in maintaining and balancing all of those things, which

00:24:13--> 00:24:50

is probably one of the hardest things any of us will ever have to do in our life is find balance. Right balancing. Like right now you guys are in your studies. So balancing time between studies, maybe work, you know, family time, sleep, entertainment time with friends, you know, what am I going to eat? When am I going to sleep? All these things have to be balanced in your day. And as you become more and more busy, and of course, the one who's being talked to is a busy businessman, he's got a lot on his plate. Balancing all of these things are a challenge. But the more you are in that position, the more you have to excel. You have to be the role model of balance of balancing these

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

things. What happens to most people when they excel in their career, their career takes the front seat, everything else takes a backseat, right? So there's an imbalance. The same thing happens with youth.

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

When they get involved with religious work, the MSA takes the front seat, their classes take a backseat. Their studies take everything else takes a backseat, you just go into one thing, you drop everything else. The passage is also this one Athens, Tennessee becoming a dounia. Right after work De Lima attack, a lot of the point of it is balance both of these things, and then will actually come out. And luckily they can excel, the word exam, this is the last, this is the next bit of advice. I'll be very quick about this one, Excel the way a lot Excel towards you. Do good. Just like Allah has done good directed at you. Allah has been good to you. Allah has been good to you and you

00:25:37--> 00:25:43

internally to be good yourself. Now it certainly is two things inside has an Arabic meaning.

00:25:44--> 00:25:46

And then the sun has a meaning that the prophets Isilon gave it.

00:25:47--> 00:25:48

Right. And

00:25:52--> 00:26:00

that's the definition of its own that the Prophet gave them to the word. But then the Arabic language also has accent a lot for that and to be good to somebody to do good to somebody.

00:26:02--> 00:26:39

to both of those meanings implied here. On the one hand, yeah, on the one hand, Excel be the absolute best that you can be, because a person in prominence is a person that everybody's eyes are on. So they have to hold themselves to a higher standard, because whether they like it or not, they set the tone for so many other people. Other people follow this follow suit, whether they want them to or not, because just because they're in a prominent position, people just like musicians, don't they, they buy clothes, like actors, they do their hair, like, you know, pop artists, you know, people are jerseys of sports athletes, people follow people of prominence, whether they want them to

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or not, it's just it happens. So they have to be in Islam, they have to be models of balance and excellence on the one hand, and two, they have to be doing good to others, Allah has been good to them, they better be good to others. And I didn't even specify an object to just be good. As in in alpha 11. Let me put us in cannot really be good to Allah be good to others, because you have a lot of eyes on you. And Allah is watching what you do with the goodness of life given to you. So with that, I'll stop botica Luckily, welcome to it.

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author pavona Cobo here, when I told him Casa de la la, it would have been silly Emily rocks at him in San Diego Comic Con, the last bit of advice that his nation gave to him was with a double hit facade and

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don't pursue corruption in the in the land and in the in the region, you can tell the alternate the region in the area.

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The role model has on the one hand, higher expectations of him I talk to you about that yesterday will actually come out and a lot really, he's got an opportunity to earn more money. So you should show more goodness. And the goodness of his should be more prominent than other people's, because people look up to that sort of thing. And they want to emulate that. They want to be like that.

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But at the on the other hand, something that you know, one of the great remarkable scholars in the history of Islam shall believe that they have learned about he kind of foresaw the coming of the modern world, the way it's going to manifest and its economy is going to be different from the previous world. And he foresaw this, he was worried about this idea that poor people will become a lot poorer, and rich people will become a lot richer. And as a result, poor people will not care about religion, because they'll just spend their time trying to survive. And rich people will use will have so much disposable income and so much wealth, that they will start using their money in

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corrupt deviant ways of entertaining themselves or making their lives more luxurious. And somehow a lot of you just think about how the world looks today. There are people that just they're trying to survive, and they're working with the 18 2020 hours a day just trying to survive. You can it's hard for them to talk to you for you to talk to them about religion, or Deen or spirituality or anything like that, because the guy doesn't even have time for himself doesn't, that's the world he lives in. And on the other hand, you have people that have become, basically support a lot of the industries that are the source of such corruption in the world. Right, some of the most the biggest, you know,

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

sources of corruption in the world today the way you know, filthy ideas spread or the entertainment industry or some you know, big elements in the music industry and other industries like that. Right? And who supports those industries, consumers that have disposable income, and people that you know, are willing to spend that sort of time and money etc. invest into those kinds of things. And that's how that that entire cycle perpetuates. And that's why we have to be careful about what we consume and what we will be buying. Like if, for example, I just decided I'm going to

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

by a movie, or I'm gonna just, you know,

00:30:03--> 00:30:42

go to the theater and watch some, something or another, right. And you know, there's corruption, there's filth in it, there's something bad in it, then I'm not I didn't just do something bad for myself I furthered You know, that's what they want, that's how they survive is through their sales, right. So sometimes we have to, we have to think now that even us as consumers, every time we endorse something we are or buy something, we're endorsing it. And every time we boycott something, we're making a statement about it. You know, like, Dave talks a lot about, like, not buying products that are that are that are, you know, from countries that are known to be culprits in terms of child

00:30:42--> 00:31:06

labor and other sorts of things, you know, buying clean products, and being aware of where you're getting your stuff from, that's an important aspect of what we have to become now. Because we are, you know, living in this society, we are bigger consumers than anywhere else the world tries to sell to America. Right? So we have to be caught cautious consumers, because just by being consumers, we may be perpetuating facade on the earth, why not have that facade.

00:31:08--> 00:31:41

The other thing here, of course, you know, when people have wealth, and they have the opportunity to do more corrupt things than anybody else, they have more opportunity, they have more time, they have more luxury, you know, they can afford it. And so you'll find an upper echelon higher circles, you'll find the worst kinds of corruption, and the worst kinds of craziest kinds of parties and that sort of thing you'll find in that circle, because it's, that's the advice they're giving you you're heading down that road, we're not telling you the facade for them in a lot. I mean, no doubt Allah does not like those. And if he's pursuing facade, this is the last thing I'll share with you. If

00:31:41--> 00:31:48

korunas pursue pursuing facade, because that means corruption and he would be corrupt and the word for corrupt is passive.

00:31:49--> 00:32:14

That would be faster but the IRS entered in a lie layer and we'll pass it in the ions in the lie low head would move CD now fossa from which you get facet the corrupt person it's nothing it's nothing but up sada is much it goes to somebody else to cause corruption is upset. I'm from upset What do you get upset that you've seen it and why am I alone in this upset?

00:32:17--> 00:32:59

Is the guy who causes corruption? I think I was corrupt. But the guy who causes corruption. The advice to him is don't pursue corruption. Allah doesn't love people who cause corruption. So probably see the transition. He's told Don't be corrupt. Because when people like you people of prominence become corrupt. They're not just corrupt. They become causes of corruption. They create corruption. They set trends of corruption, they mess other people. We have to think about ourselves like that. We have to think about ourselves as not being causes of corruption, not having others follow down the path. The bad paths that are bad, you know, trend leaves and lawsuits and protect us

00:32:59--> 00:33:07

from being boosted and from the mean those who pursue facade barakallahu li walakum for I came when finally what is the particular Kim Samadhi