Nouman Ali Khan – The Legacy Of Prophet Ibrahim – The Hajj

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of Hajj in which millions of men and women of all ethnicities converge in Makkah to commemorate the annual rites of Hajj. Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. It is the pilgrimage whereby these men and women tread in the spiritual path of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in following the way of Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Hajj is symbolic of the close ties of Muslims to the beliefs and practices of Ibrahim AS. The rites of Hajj are essentially a re-enactment of significant events in the life of Ibrahim AS and his family as well as a celebration of his legacy. These rites and legacy provide important lessons not just to the pilgrims but to the entire Muslim Ummah.

Ibrahim AS was a man who submitted to and glorified Allah SWT and not himself. He was so sincere in his submission and obeyed Allah SWT in such a way that his trust in Allah SWT was Absolute and Virtuous. 

This blessing of Hajj in joining with others is one of the most significant lessons of Hajj and is in accordance with the legacy of Ibrahim AS. The plethora of men and women dressed in simple clothing who converge on Mount Arafat in the culmination of Hajj collectively seeking the forgiveness and mercy of Allah SWT reasserts the fact that despite our differences, we are all equal before Allah SWT. What distinguishes us from each other before Allah SWT is neither race, wealth nor social status. Instead, it is that which gave Ibrahim AS the esteemed title of being “Khaleelullah” — uprightness.

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