Nouman Ali Khan – Jesus in the Quran – Episode 15

Nouman Ali Khan
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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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Allah will lay him in a Shakeology

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energy, Natoma, he is. The publisher he suddenly was silly MD. Dr. Millis Ania. Kohli Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah and he was a marine and

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once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I will start today's discussion with a rough translation of the ayah we are discussing and I will deliberately try to do a bad translation and try to undo the bad over the course of this lecture from an hydrography human body image a community then whoever wants to argue against you try to make a case against you in its matter meaning in the matter of the truth or in the matter of the Saudi Salaam you can look at it either way,

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even after knowledge has come to you for Coulter ILO that the rule of law and then declare Come on, we shall call our children will have now come and your children when he saw now when these are calm, and we will call our women and your women, one Susannah one for sacrament we'll call ourselves and yourselves someone abita Hill, then we shall become vulnerable before God before Allah also translated, we shall call on Allah's wrath. But we'll explore that that phrase more financial Allah Allah tala E, LL caca dB, then we shall therefore place the curse of Allah on those who like did you find it?

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Okay, it's okay.

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furniture, Lana tala. Here, look at the wind and we shall place the curse of Allah on those who lie the Christians from Nigeria and that came to visit the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is an ayah about them. And basically Allah says, if they still argue about with you about Jesus beside a Salaam then tell them, you know, we'll bring our families, our children, our women, and ourselves and you bring yours and we will ask Allah to curse either side. So we have to figure out what in the world that means. That may Allah curse, the one that is lying. Okay, the first thing I want to qualify these lectures with, that I think will help you understand the way I'm looking at and the

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way I'm leaning towards interpreting these IOD. Is it a phrase Abdul Kitab the phrase as you look it up, gives a particular connotation here. Nowadays, I don't get that when we use the word Africa, we refer to it as Jews and Christians, that's like a common way that we understand the phrase I will get up in LA and Milan, I'm not making a generalization about the entire Quran because I have not studied the use of advocate up across the entire Quran. But I can say with a good degree of confidence about what is going on in salt Island in Milan. As far as the phrase Kitab is concerned, it is actually referring predominantly to people that are knowledgeable in the book, qualified in

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the book, maybe even ordained ministers, Cardinals, bishops, preachers, ministers, rabbis, people that are knowledgeable in the Jewish or Christian scriptures to the point where they are religious leaders, or, you know, well educated and well versed in the book, they're the ones being called applicator that's further supported by the linguistic meaning of the word, which actually is like the idea of someone who's qualified of something, someone who's associated with something, and I love it. The a * of a responsibility, someone qualified to carry responsibility. So when he says, to look it up, these are people qualified in the book. So it's referring to the clergy of the

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religious class. And that also further, what reinforces this view of mine for myself, is that the narrations that are surrounding this particular set of ions that are these narrations are very authentic, they're found in both Bihari and Muslim are referring to actually people of religious clergy that came from Nigeria on the Jacobite Christians that came from the drawn to meet with the Prophet Sunnah because of what they felt was a claim he's making about their scripture. And they wanted to discuss Scripture with him. So this is not just the average Christian or the average Jew that's being talked about. The second thing that I'd like to mention that will come up later on,

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probably much later on in the series of these ions, because this series of ions from 61, I believe, is at least up until 101 102 a number that's one section of art, to so long piece of the solar that after the narrative of rissalah salaam, this is the next long piece of the solar in this piece of the narrative. There you know, it seems like you know

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Somebody think that this conversation is happening with the Jews or with the Christians, because it's about Jesus. So the audience is the Christians that came to visit. But I would argue that there's enough indication in these passages that the audience is deliberately both Christians and Jews. That is an important consideration for unemployed, that the conversation is not exclusively Christians. It's actually Christians, and Jews. And there are hints towards that, that I will bring up as the discussion continues. But for now, the one hand that I want you to be aware of there's an old Arabic saying, Iraqi Annie, was many years ago, like the husband and wife were having a fight.

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And you know, back in the old days, there used to be this veranda open courtyard in front of the house, which was basically the living room under the sky. Right? The food is being cooked out there, the bread is being made there, the sitting places that the conversations are happening there. And the only thing separating your living room for the next people's living room is one wall. So the old story goes that the husband and wife are having an argument, and guess who's got their eyes, their ears stuck to the wall, the neighboring girl, the neighbor's wife, she's like, very interested in the arguments that are happening in this in among this couple. So the husband one day says, I'm

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talking to you, and you listen to a neighbor, because I know you're listening.

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He and he was married to Java. Okay, so I mean, you but you listen, you go ahead and listen, go ahead, enjoy. Right. So that's what he's saying. The point is, Ally's talking to Christians, and implicitly, I know you're listening. So who's also listening? The Jews are also the Jewish tribes are also listening. And this was important, because the Jewish tribes blucora, for example, been one of the we'll find in this narration, that when the Christians were challenged, guess who they went to for suggestions, they went to the Jews, and says, this verse was real, what should we do, and this in these ayah, to find even the story of Jesus, if this was only about Christians, then the

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only thing that should be debated is whether or not he's the son of God. But what's being debated there, and his calling them to Torah that they rejected him because of the Torah, David COVID, who's our criticism of that's a criticism of the Jews. And that's a continuation of the afternoon and abena Big hug from Susan baccara. That's continuing. And then later on in this surah. Again, you're gonna find that the first house built for last worship was Makkah, who was rejecting mark as the Kaaba, the Jews were so there are going to be hints that the conversation though, it seems directly addresses the Christians, the Jews are, like less aware of the presence of the Jewish audience. And

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he's strategically going to speak in a way that hits two targets with one arrow, like two birds with one stone are being targeted. And that's part of the part of the power of the Quran, to audiences that are very different from each other are both being addressed in their own way at the same time with the same words. Okay, now, this is the challenge came to these people of Magellan and to understand it, the first thing I'm going to do is explore the word nepeta Haley's unique vocabulary of the Quran behind the aura, the origin of the word behind and so let's talk about that a little bit, and then we'll look at the narration and then come back to the side. So for someone up the hill

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Fernanda, Anatoly,

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Nakata, bajo la se la la la la vaca de la handless, la Uttarakhand militaria

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Well, what happens is the she camel, its other is not giving milk, the baby wants to drink milk and it's not giving milk and there's a part of its skin or some kind of cover on the other keeping the milk from coming out. When that when that tears off and it becomes exposed and its milk starts coming out that's actually called the she camel became by him from the same origin button of something to be exposed of something to become vulnerable. This is why they also use amaratunga healer, a woman that's by healer is actually a woman who doesn't have the protection of a man. She doesn't have a husband, she doesn't have a brother, he doesn't have a father, and she's exposed and

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in a sense that anybody can attack her or anybody can take advantage of her or she feels scared at night, etc. She's vulnerable and people can take advantage of her and that sort of thing. That's called by healer. In other words, the word has to do with vulnerability or exposing a weakness. That's what the word has to do with the idea of empty hall is actually when you come before Allah, exposed and weak. So when you call on the law, having exposed yourself and declared your weakness, that's actually the kind of prayer that's mobile hella, and mobile, Allah suggests that you are actually leaving yourself, you know how some something vulnerable is open to attack. So you expose

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yourself before Allah in a way that you're open to a punishment from Allah.

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Allah if I'm wrong, may you punish me? Those kinds of words, what have you just done? If you say words like that, then you are so confident that you're not wrong, that you've left yourself vulnerable. you expose yourself to the Wrath of Allah. That's how confident you are. And the only way you can do that is if you are absolutely convinced that either you are right or you're absolutely convinced

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A lie will not do anything meaning you don't believe in Allah's existence or you don't believe in unless power, or you don't believe in lies listening, which means you're not a believer. Those are the only two possibilities if someone would be vulnerable like that before Allah and say, You know what, yeah Allah Yes. If I'm wrong, then let me be punished. Right let you do as you please. And I'll declare it. So now I'm going to share with you what the narrations are regarding this really, really interesting narrations. I'll skip the you know the sandal while actually I will mention this and how this is Hassan has mentioned that the idea of doing this empty hand is for who a hurry on a

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new agenda will recall or Koba, someone who speaks with a line away that says it's appropriate that punishment should come to me if I defy you, to Holly who has devoutly, bodily Rahmatullahi and immortal, what will man learn? And if somebody does do that, if somebody does say to Allah, Allah, you punish me if I'm wrong, if I'm lying or whatever, and they openly say it and they are lying, then Haven't they opened up the doors to us curse on themselves? like they've just destroyed themselves with those words. So with that in mind, let's read something from ohanian Muslim Bukhari Muslim and an octopus said, Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aka will say it means the preacher

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or the minister, whatever, you know how in Christian in churches, there are ranks of religious You know, there's the pope or Bishop Cardinal, they're like ranks, right? So the higher rank is the seed of the group that came there are people in ranks the the leader of the group is called let's say the octave the guy behind the meaning the assistant so you can say the the Minister and the assistant preacher Okay, they both came an octave was say the assistant and the leader, a tiara Sula, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they both came to the Prophet of Allah Islam for either and EULA in Houma. So the Messenger of Allah wanted them to call on a less curse in case they think that the

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messenger is lying May Allah curse me if I'm lying and makers you if you're lying you want to you want to make that statement or not for Colorado Melissa hubby one of them said to the other law to law no no don't take him on in this challenge for law healer in Canada. I swear to god if it if it actually turns out that he's a prophet, for Allah and Allah and he calls on the lust curse on us if we're lying. Learn to flee hoonah nikolaou acuna we will never succeed and nor will our any of our future generations will be annihilated mean Berardino that come after us, so called Lula who said to him, No, deaconess, and no no, we're not gonna do that. We'll just give you whatever you ask. In

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other words, why don't you take some ransom or some payment from us? But don't make us do this? I will pay whatever you want now that they're on the hook. So they're like we'll just pay a fine and can we just pay you a fine and leave for asthma and allergies? And I mean and just you know, how about this you send with us someone you can trust?

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Send us something so we will pay you but don't make us do this. This oath. We're not ready for that. komiya about our beta The Prophet said stand up or beta go with them because I'm worried as a trusted companion. adore beta says Heather I mean know how the llama verbena gets up and says this this is the only one we trust in the summer I'm not coming with you.

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So he stood up to them and said no, you better deal with the Prophet yourself so it's on them while job una de la la What the heck does this is attributed eventually tambien en bas anathema Nia de Minas activity Alexandra 38 of the ministers eight of the preachers and the people of the worshipping class from the church clergyman of the church from people of New Zealand came to the Messenger of Allah min humble octopus eight among them the leader and his assistant for Angela Lodi Allah and Allah revealed then Coulter ILO tell tell them come on. We'll call our children your children this ayah came down. We're not getting the details as I read more you'll start more details

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will start unraveling Okay, for color.

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They said okay, we'll do this. We'll call our children like you're calling your children with three days. Give us three days we'll do this for the Hubble electronically via one of the Romani Robotnik. A new car they went to buy a new car Eva Luna Lee buy new paint, which are the Jewish tribes so the Christian ministers are going now to the Jewish tribes and saying what first the shadow What do you think? What should we do? We came here he's asked us to make this prayer that if he's lying in a for lying, whoever's lying amongst me God's curse beyond them for a shadow on him and you Sally, who who will you know who? They gave him the stick, give them the suggestion, you better not take that on.

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You need to just make peace with him. Give him some kind of reconciliation and get out of this trouble. Because you don't want to do that. We'll call you wanna be alladhina Jehovah Talat, he's the Prophet we know that all right.

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So don't mess with him.

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Just do what he says.

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For Sally HaNavi so make peace with the Prophet Allah elfi Holton,

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Hola, hola Timothy suffer elfi elfin theologia him, give him 1000 gold coins in the month of suffer and earn more money and give him another thumb 1000 gold coins in the month of Rajab and give him some more items on top of that pain, payment fine. And get out of this while we are announced Allahu Allah ano frequently, it's also been narrated that they said woman just make peace with you. We don't want to have this conversation. And every year we're going to go alpha Latin, we're going to give you 2000 gold coins with a Latin with a Latina design. And we're going to give you 33 you know, armored vests, that they used to use in battle with a Latin with a Latina, 11 and 33 camels and with

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a Latina person, and we're going to give you 34 horses. So 100 items 3333 34 will give you 100 items and we'll give you these 1000s just to make us do this prayer was

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done mentally can be under bisaya anemia is another variation attributed eventually to a bus. And often a Jelena minun minun nasaka de monitoreo de la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the the delegation from the Christians of the jalon came to meet with the prophets I saw them and approached him about Asha La Jolla, Mina Salafi him. And these are 14 of their most noble people, men homosexual, who can be evil aka who Allah de novo. And their their their leader was the say the leader, and the archetype is the one right after him underneath him in rank, so 14 of them and two of the main ones came to meet with him like the ambassadors on their behalf. Well wonder the

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cibola him for Colorado law session. So when they came the prophets talk to them. And these are not just normal Christians. These are the Knowledgeable who preach and teach Christianity. These are the people that give the sermons who teach the prayers who are like the authorities of religion. Here, they're the ones that are coming to talk to the province. Hmm, what is the Prophet say to them as Lima? Both of you accept Islam submit to God, submit to Allah as Lima. Carla, they both said Islam now we've already submitted to God.

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The Prophet said Muslim Toma no you haven't.

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What do you mean you know you haven't you know this conversation happens a lot.

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And you should believe in God you should believe in one God I already do. Know You don't. You don't. And Allah Allah subhanaw taala Of course we have before you we were already in submission to God before you that what do you think we've been doing all this time? Allah Kadam Toma,

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you lie young naraku mominul Islamic telethon truly submitting to God three things are keeping you from it. He's talking to these leaders of Christianity and telling them three things are keeping you from actually submitting to Allah. Fie Kumar, I bother to Kumasi. I need

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both of you. The first thing is your worship of the cross.

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You can't be worshiping God if you're worshiping across if that's sacred to you, if that's holy to you. Well, Akiko McKenzie, and you've opened up the eating of swine, you're okay with eating pork. That is the second thing that keeps you from worshipping God was an Akuma and Allahu Allah then, and your assumption that God has a son, the third, three things that keep you from actually, the claim has no value, because you do these three things. When de la, Mata Larissa and then the IR came the example of Jesus, as far as God is concerned, is just like the example of Adam the 59th of the surah Fela makara Allah him among the prophecies and recited that I attend to them, which you know,

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halakha home and Torah. gunfire cool and homophobic for filata coonan culatta Camila Monte Carlo Manali for matakohe. They said, We don't know what you're talking about.

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Excuse me. You don't know, Adam. You're the people of the Bible. You don't know what he's talking about. You don't know the word of God be and it becomes In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God. That's in your book, isn't it? And you're saying what are the prophets face straight line? What do they say? We don't know what you're talking about. When I

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have no idea what you're saying. This is, by the way, is a classic way of dismissing a powerful argument is to act like you don't know what the other person's saying. What are you even talking about?

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It's completely logical, you're completely stumped. The only defense left is make them feel like they don't know what they're talking about by just saying what what

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what does that mean?

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The play that card, and when somebody does that really well, you start doubting yourself like

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let me double check my references, I think

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so it's it's a game. It's a game for them from an higher jacket. Then the idea came, whoever then wants to debate with you in it, even after knowledge is come see Allah called them out. They were trying to play games with revelation now. Acting like you don't know what I'm talking about. And they want to come and debate with you. Fine. Bring your children know the powerful thing about this is that Oh, come on up. The island Arabic is different from Halima Halima means Come on the islands.

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Hello, today we learned that half of gerada come from the same origin. That means above on lumens, elevation or height, the other means come on up, meaning I am calling you to something higher.

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I'm calling you to something higher. There's an elevation here rise up to the occasion. The other you can imagine or not in this ayah Allah,

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we will call our children,

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not you bring your children first. We bring our children first, and also your children. And we will bring our women first when he saw not their women first, our women first dishonor when his article and we will bring ourselves first and then you can bring yourselves we're not asking you to come and put yourself at risk. We'll put ourselves at risk First, we will show up first, then you can come we're ready to say it further up the hill we will make ourselves humble and vulnerable before Allah open to a less wrath because we believe we have the truth if we are not telling the truth may Allah be angry with us may allow us further agenda and

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thus we will place a less curse on the one who's lying

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May Allah curse the one who's lying we're not gonna say me elektrische you we're not going to say more like ourselves we're just gonna say what? mail lockers the buyers mail us cursory placed upon those who lie and we will make ourselves exposed to all US wrath if that that'd be it. For Carla homeless hula Salalah Holly some after he decided this is the Prophet said to them in the Lucha de la Amani, Allah has commanded me ilam Taco Bell ohada and Oba helico that if you don't accept this invitation, I'm giving you to submit yourself to Allah. Allah has commanded me that I challenge you to make yourself vulnerable before him in this way

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that I that I call you to this.

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Is this a call to all Christians? Is this the call to all Jews? No.

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This was a call to those who knew the scripture alone knew they knew he's a prophet. And they couldn't let go of their position. They didn't want to look bad to the rest of their clergy. And he spoke to the two leaders among them, the two leaders are what's going on in their head, we came with a group of 14 of the most noble if we go back saying hey, by the way, we're Muslim now.

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First thing that happens is they're no longer the leader, we have to pick a leader among the remaining 12 then there were 12.

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Right, that's gonna happen, we're gonna lose our position the people that have respected us, and learn from us and gave us this position, all of a sudden, we will be the most humiliated among them. That's what's going to happen. I am not willing to make that trade.

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Give us three days.

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Anything but this. Notice, you know, and then they're also calculating? Well, if we do accept the challenge, we do believe in God and there's a possibility that we're going to start melting in front of everyone. And the curse is going to play out and that's going to be even more humiliating in front of our people. So we're kind of stuck here. Allah Prophet, Allah messenger says, Allah has commanded me to challenge you in this way, for Kahlua Ben Carson is a father of Kasim Banerjee. Oh, no, no, we're going back. Fernando roofie, Medina, Samana tikka, let us go back, think about what we are going to decide. And we'll come back to you. And the previous narration I told you, how long did

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it take? Three days for Alibaba Home Depot, they were along with each other. What's the Sadako FEMA been home? And they confirm the truth among each other.

00:23:29 --> 00:24:08

Yeah, this looks like he is in fact a profit for coliseo will allow. The leader said to his assistant, called voila, he olimpo atom and originally today, you know, for a fact. No, I swear to God, he's a prophet sent by God. This man is a prophet sent by God no doubt in La antimo Leonardo and the holistic salako if you curse him, or if you call on Allah, that may Allah curse a liar if he's a liar. If that happens, Allah will pluck you from the roots. This is gonna This is gonna uproot you entirely. There will be no trace left of you and history

00:24:09 --> 00:24:19

is the exile means to unplug a plant from the ground. It's not just a cut the top because there's still a plant left. When you pull it up from the soil. It's called instinct style.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:59

He said this is gonna turn into your uprooting completely you'll be annihilated. Well, Marla Anna como una Bian, suburbia kabiru home, Alana batasan never has any prophet any nation ever cursed a prophet, except they're bigger. They're elderly have been chopped off, and no young of them ever grows again, meaning no new generation ever comes nations that curse their profits are annihilated. That's what Allah does. For in untold London, Peru, Peru, and if the case is that you're still not going to follow Him, what a batim illa alpha Dini calm and you have refused to follow him. Only because of your love of your own religion or you want to stay away.

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within your own ranks for what you do who What do you elaborate on that make him a promise, pay him some kind of penalty, appease him. Just make him not upset with you and go back home.

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Walk out Carnival Sula, he sallallahu alayhi Sankara, and by this time the Prophet had already come out they had made an appointment to meet at this place where they're going to make this prayer to Allah. So the Prophet had already come out to us on them. Well, now who Ali, what hasn't been Hussein or Fatima and with the prophecy set up his ID, and Hassan and Hussein and Fatima, you see what the Prophet did? will bring our children. You bring yours. We'll bring our women, you bring yours, we'll bring ourselves you bring yours for Carlos Lola in another hour or two for Aminu anthem for about a year. Now, you know, he said, The Prophet Solomon had said to them in an adult if I were

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to call you if I'm calling you, then I'm calling you for all of you to be safe. I'm asking all of you to accept safety. I don't want to destroy you. Except safety anthem for about a new learning who then they refuse to challenge him that day. They refuse to make that prayer May Allah curse the liar when Allah tala he Academy was Allahu Allah jizya and they said we'll just pay you a penalty.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:51

We'll pay you a penalty where we can do this well, and it shall be for colada sola, sola and according to our shall be the messengers nakatani al Bashir behala Katya an angel had come to me, the good news had come to me, the information had come to me that the people of neutron all of them were going to be completely annihilated had the title and a shadow, there was not going to be a bird left on a tree alive in neutron, no more alumina if they took up that challenge.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:23

There would have been no life left in the salon. have they taken up the challenge? one job, one lady boss and even Huck Lola falana lo fi la la, la la la de la human on the he said, I swear by the one who made appointed me who gave me the mission of truth meaning I swear by Allah, the One who gave me the mission of truth. had these two done it had these two taken up my challenge to them, then firewood arraigned on onto their value from the sky.

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And then he says what will be school finance Rhonda Marsala McMillan, Murali Fatima one Hassan and another narration when these these ministers when these clergyman saw the prophets are sort of coming, approaching them and with him there's a leaders Fatima there's the two husbands Hassan Hussein the Allahu taala on home, Allah Masha and masala their leader said listen Christians his own people listen Christians in Nila Allah would you hand I see faces right now whose faces as you see the prophets I saw them early Fatima Hassan Hussein his family I see faces right now. Llosa Allah Allah and us Elijah Bella min McKinney healer as Allahu

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if those faces asked a lot of move mountains from their place, God would move mountains from their place.

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If they pray for something, it's gonna happen.

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I see it on their face. And so he said, Follow to buy Hulu otaku. Don't take them on you'll be destroyed.

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Don't do this you'll be destroyed. This was the open challenge given to the Christian people. When Allah tala has been, you know, this illustrates something about not a less anger with Christians, but a less anger with the knowledgeable among the Christians.

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You see allies angry with the with Vanessa L and the rabbi's and Susan Baqarah. He's very angry with them. But not this. This is some next level stuff, isn't it? You don't have this with the rabbi's. I didn't make this call to the rabbis of the Israelites. The rabbis of the Israelites committed crimes against profits, which is by extension a crime against a lot. When can I can actually lay on it would you believe me can find a lot to

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do with caffeine, because you are opposed to profits and you killed profits and you committed crimes against profits. You are an enemy to God. You're an individual but

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the leadership, the corrupted leadership of the Christians. They didn't just commit crimes against profits.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

They committed a crime directly against Allah. That's a crime directly against the luck claiming Eliza son and not only that, then saying this is what Allah teaches. And then convincing others this is what you must believe. And those who didn't believe it saying that they're condemned until they do this check. And this is what he said what I've wanted. It's not the it's different from you know, the the Jews. They demonized profits.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:05

They actually made prophets look bad. And Quran came and prove the innocence of prophets.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:11

Christians did not demonize Jesus, they actually deified Jesus the other way.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:53

But their crime is far worse. Not at the hands of those who don't know, but at the hands who do know Allah is especially angry, especially angry with them. And he opened this door, a door that was not open for the kurush a door that was not open for the loser in what it was open for them, the knowledgeable among them. This is why qualifying the audience of the Quran is so important. This, I said in class before we did this on this, this is one of those ions that is so grossly misused. How is it grossly misused? This is nowadays used for you're just having a conversation with your Christian coworker at the office and you're like, I'm ready to say, My God curse me, you're ready to

00:30:53 --> 00:30:56

say it, let's do this. Let's go outside parking lots better.

00:30:57 --> 00:30:58

We wouldn't want the building to collapse on us.

00:31:00 --> 00:31:41

What insane? What what insane person, you know, Allah commanded His prophet to do this with these people. Did you hear the words of the prophets, Allah has commanded me to speak to you in this way. Meaning this was a special instruction to these people to make this point. And to get them to back off, or to actually realize deep down inside them and the whole hog. This is in fact the truth. You know, and after they back off in this way, then you get to see what's coming in the next day and now have lol Casasola. This is the true account. This is what really happened with Jesus. When you say no, no, what about this? What about the deity use your did your you know you're defying or you're

00:31:41 --> 00:31:55

denying the What happened? He was raised from the cross and you know, Gods like that. And all all the accounts that they give a lot just give a simple account of what happened with Jesus. And it's not as academic and as exhaustive as what they have. And at the end of it, okay, fine. If this isn't right,

00:31:56 --> 00:32:04

then I'm willing to stand by this and say that if this is wrong, than may god curse those who are lying. I'm not lying about Jesus, I'm telling the truth about yours.

00:32:05 --> 00:32:26

If you say you're saying the truth about Jesus, and you love him so much, so if you love him so much, you must definitely be committed to telling the truth about him. Why don't you put God who you love so much before you and say, he will save you? Why don't you just come out and say, may God cursed a liar? Who's lying about any of this about himself? Your loyalty to Jesus should compel you to accept this challenge.

00:32:27 --> 00:32:43

And yet, we can do this. And they backed away. So hon Allah Subhana Allah, this is the reality of the challenge of the prophets. I saw them the know something, the messengers came as a mercy for people.

00:32:44 --> 00:32:56

But the messengers, especially the messengers that came like to the Jewish people, and after that, finally our messengers, I saw him, when he speaks to those that have knowledge of previous scripture.

00:32:57 --> 00:32:59

The conversation is a nice,

00:33:00 --> 00:33:03

the confrontation is how do you know the book and you do this?

00:33:04 --> 00:33:27

Then it's not a soft conversation, that is a rigid, rough conversation, that is a direct and harsh conversation. Because a lot of saying you are you're the only people carrying the trust a lot left behind the only traces of prophethood left other than Muhammad Rasulullah saw Islam. Are the people knowledgeable in the work, and you're the source of corruption, you're the source of shear, you're the source of conflict, how is that acceptable?

00:33:28 --> 00:34:04

Anybody else, the machico doing shift because they're in 1000s of years of ignorance. You know, lira coma mount the robber boom to warn a nation whose ancestors weren't even warned their ancestry is ignorance. That's something else you people have book on to the moon. And people have knowledge on the shadow. You're the ones bearing witness. That's what this entire passage is going to be what are you doing this you already know? How are you believing this? How are you saying these things while your yourselves witness? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you, and after this challenge, which they got scared from? Allah didn't keep staying aggressive. The

00:34:04 --> 00:34:46

aggression is done. Now. By the way, the last thing I'll share with you today, and Hakuna Arabic filata coming along, telling the truth is from your master don't fall into doubt. Remember that don't become weak on the inside. That was about defense. Because don't fall weak when you're being attacked. But this next is a defense is it? What is it now, as offense? It's the other way, not only are you not in doubt, you are so not in doubt, you will expose how endowed they are. To expose their doubts. And so the tables have been turned. And now that the tables have been turned. Now Allah will speak to them directly and even in a sense lovingly, directly and lovingly, so the words Yeah, kita

00:34:46 --> 00:34:48

will come now. Alia kita.

00:34:49 --> 00:35:00

It's gonna be a softer invitation. Now that Okay, fine. You don't want to accept the challenge. But don't run yet. Don't run yet. Just think about what the fact that you didn't accept this challenge means something new is totally

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

You this is this is worth considering. So why don't you just listen? And so now they're going to be given an invitation and that's what you know what's gonna happen from here on Mark alone you Welcome to one of our anyway

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