Karim Abuzaid – Ruling on Colored Contact Lenses for Women

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of contact lenses in Islam, stating that they are notMVthless and should not be causing harm to the individual. They also mention that certain conditions are met and that the use of contact lenses should not be consideredMVthless. The speaker emphasizes that individuals should not be causing harm to others and that privacy is important in Islam.
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Rila are salatu salam ala rasulillah what a Chateau ilaha illallah wa kadavu luxury Cara? Well she had one now Mohammed bin Abdullah who was soon aloha Masoli was Sallim wa barik. ala Sayidina Muhammad in field outwardly in our field theory in our field mela in LA Oh god. My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, we will come your one setting to Colorado Muslims. Council? Yes, I do NACA they ask you.

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We received a question from Sister jameelah. She is our local here in Colorado. She's asking regarding contact lenses, lenses, sorry, Lynn says

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last Saturday last year,

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the prescribed contact lenses

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the colored one, what is the ruling regarding it?

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In general brothers and sisters in Islam,

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if the contact lenses are used for medical reasons,

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there is nothing wrong with that, if it is to help the individual to see better. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that at all. And it is permissible

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in this way. But if you are to use colored contact lenses, which is different to the colors of the eyes,

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beautifying yourself

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for your husband applies, that something could be used.

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You know, as long as you're not deceiving someone else, as long as deceiving someone, someone else in the sense of let's say that someone is coming to propose to you.

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And, you know, you wear these contact lenses, lenses in order to simply you know, deceive him about how you look.

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This is not permissible. Of course, also, it shouldn't be, you know, something that you

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harm yourself because of it. Like for example, you know, you waiting it to make yourself beautiful, but yet, this is harmful to your own eyes, you shouldn't do that. And you shouldn't be extravagant in the sense of you go and buy waste your money on such things in order. You know, we know that we're going to be asked how did we earn the money and how did we spend it as well. But in general, my direct ID system in Islam, this is permissible provided that these conditions are met. And also in a way you're not making yourself a fitna you know, some sisters may go just to buy these contact lenses which make their eyes inviting, you know, because in general, a sister is asked to lower her

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We shouldn't be creating an environment where people are looking at you because of the display that you're having. through your eyes. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our sisters in Islam and protect the Chesterfield.

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