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AI: Summary © The theory that Islam is based on the holy spirit is discussed, as it is constantly circling between these two sets of ideas. The importance of the holy spirit is emphasized, along with the use of "has" in various titles and the importance of not fall into doubt. The segment emphasizes the importance of telling people not to ask too many silly questions and not to give advice on their own success, as it can lead to chaos and negative emotions.
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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me, join [email protected] once again, everyone said I'm ready to light on over the cattle. The intention today is to talk a little bit about Ayah number 60. But there are some things that I feel I overlooked in my discussion on the concluding passage on the discourse on a salary slam, which is in fact I numbers 58, all the way to 60. So I'm going to highlight at least First I'll start off with a translation of Isaiah number 60 itself a rough translation. And that is a local neuropsychological minimum turning simple enough, the truth is from your master, then don't become from those who fall into doubt. That's a oversimplified translation

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of the IR The truth is from your master, then don't become from those who fall into doubt. What I wanted to highlight is in these three IR there's actually sort of a mirror composition. The first of these is number 58. Allah says the valley kind of blew it come in an IRT with Declan Hakeem, that is what we're reading on to you from the revelations from the IRS and the Why is mentioned meaning it's a it's the idea that the whatever story has now come to you as part of revelation from Allah Subhan Allah is the one telling it and of course skip one ayah and a lot of reinforces that idea by saying I'll Hakuna Robic The truth is from your master. In other words, an equation has been created

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between the the art and the wise mentioned and that in fact, the revelation is in fact the truth from your master. The other interesting thing here is that the 58 is about the word of a lot meaning revelation. The sixth ayah is about the word of Allah, which is revelation, the truth comes from your master is about revelation. And in the middle you have some makalah who confess raccoon, another word of Allah going for yakun it's actually couched between the two. So we're learning from this sort of an interesting hint from Allah, that there are two kinds of words of Allah, the word of Allah, that is revelation, and the word of Allah that becomes his creation. The word of Allah, that

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is revelation and the word that becomes his creation, the word of Allah that revelation is caught on is thought out before it's in genes before it those are the words of Allah. And the creation is every time Allah says when something comes into being, and something comes into existence, that's also a manifestation of the word of Allah. So we share something with revelation in that the origin of both of them is a word from Allah. Interestingly enough, also what Allah says is, everything Allah made has I art in it. Everything made has it most of the time in Quran Allah doesn't say that the tree is an IR, the mountain is an ayah. He says there's an ayah in it. There's an ayah in it.

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That's an interesting way to phrase that isn't it because if you say there's a treasure in the mountain, you have to dig inside the mountain and find the treasure. But also, even though in the creation inside the creation, there are ayat, Revelation itself is not there is not in the book, The the book itself is is well who is on the unit. The book itself is revelations. There's also a very subtle way of describing something that if we ponder the revelation, we ponder the creation of Allah. As we ponder it, we will find in it out of Revelation. So we'll find the correspondence with what we when we discover something in what Allah has put in the world around us, as we contemplate

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it will actually find the confirmation of what Allah has revealed to us in His revelation. So those art, the art inside of creation will lead us to these it is a revelation. And it's the it's the reverse. Also, the author revelation keep pushing us to contemplate the art of creation. It's the art of revelation that tell us afolayan balloon idol, Emily kafer, Julio Katarina sama ek for

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a fantasy but y la la dk fossati, str the revelation that make me want to look at a camel or look at a tree or look at a bird or look at the mountain, or look at the sky. So there's this, you know, constant circulation between, you know, the art of Revelation and the art of creation. That is the the life of a believer. Our life is constantly circling between these two sets of art. What that means is we are never a believer who internalizes the Quran, a man or a woman is never ever free from remembering Allah. Either they are lost in these IRAs, or they are lost in the IRA that are to be found around them. Right and they're there. So there's never any opportunity for not being

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reminded. And so that's kind of a subtle part of the organization of this concluding part. What I also wanted to mention here that's really unique, is that Allah azzawajal says, describes the Quran here as a visual Hakeem Dali cannot luminol it was declared Hakeem. There is no other place in the Quran that Allah describes the Quran itself as of the crew, Hakeem, there's lots of places in the Quran that Allah describes the Quran is Hakeem wise. lots of places where he describes it describes it as a remembrance a reminder I mentioned, but he never combined those two words together except here

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So unique This is what I said in the beginning I overlooked something that is in fact unique to this place in the Quran that Allah is giving it a name, a description, the Quran itself. Revelation itself is being given a description that's otherwise not given anywhere else and I it caught my attention I was discussing with him earlier that caught my attention because you don't normally associate those two words with each other. You see, the cat is a spiritual thing.

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The cat is remembering Allah mentioning a lot rehearsing his name, doing a stefarr doing this B, et cetera, et cetera. hikma wisdom is, what comes to our mind is not decode what comes to our mind is lm leads to hikma knowledge, learning, contemplating thinking, analyzing that leads to wisdom. So, you've got something that's sort of spiritual in the word Vicar, and you've got something sort of intellectual when it comes to hikmah wisdom. And they've been sort of fused with each other in the phrase of the Hakeem. And Hakeem is becoming an adjective of the good meaning, that remembrance itself has wisdom in it. Now the thing is, when we think of remembrance, take a step back. So I

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really want you to appreciate what's being bought what's being said here. When somebody sits there and says, Subhana, Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, I suffer less than

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those of God, the vicar that we do, or you memorize the DA for waking up, or the DA for going to sleep or the DA for entering into a machine or the DA you make before you walk into the bathroom or something. These are things that we do. Oftentimes we do these a scar on our tongues,

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on our tongues. And sometimes we're sometimes even associating them with maybe a remembrance of a lion, our hearts but we don't normally associate them with wisdom.

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We don't associate them with deep contemplation or thinking or, you know, profound truth or common sense. What Allah is telling us especially about this passage that has to do with Miriam Salama Elena, and an ISA is, is that in this there is a remembrance that's full of wisdom, remembering this is full of wisdom. The first implication let's talk about it, because the immediate audience is Christian.

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Allah did not tell us everything about what happened in the story of Mary and Jesus. He didn't tell us everything. It was one of the most mysterious historical events in the in the in world history. And he kept some things ambiguous. In numato, Africa or Africa, Allah Yamamoto heruka minella vena cava, Okay, I'm ready. I'm raising you. I'm taking you away. How is he taking him away?

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Raising you were purifying you from those who disbelieved. Who are these this believers? Are these the Israelites are these are Romans Who are you being purified from? Which are no Lydia terbaru katakolon aka formula Yeoman PM, I'm placing those who followed you above those who, who disbelieved, who have followed you who have just believed the Christian claim they follow him.

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You know, they're those true followers. And who are these disbelievers on whom they've been placed? there lots of mysteries a lot deliberately left mysterious, he left the mysterious and now he's telling us, by the way, Delica that Lou alayka This is what we've read on to you mean Elia, from within the revelations from within the ayat. And from within the Wise Remembrance, meaning people are going to remember Jesus, people are going to mention his name. There are people who love himself, love him and devote themselves to him, even worship Him. Allah is saying, but what is there is a way to remember him that will not be wise. There'll be a vicar of him that will not have hikma,

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but what I'm giving you is the vicar of him that will have hikmah it's going to be ethical, hacking the way to remember him, that will maintain wisdom, because you know, there is a way to be spiritual and you lose track of wisdom.

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Now, let's not think about Christians for a moment, let's think about Muslims. Let's think about religions in general, sometimes people become one of these more spiritual, people want to become more spiritually alive, they want their heart to be reactivated. So they want to find some spiritual practice that will lead them there. And a lot of times people will find creative spiritual practices that make them feel really good. And the things that feel better and better are partying, getting more and more further away from wisdom.

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So then you end up in practices of the curves that don't have hikma and the worst case scenario of that was actually the unfortunate devotion of the Christian people who so sincerely devoted themselves to the worship of God through the Bible ended up worshiping the Saudis and parted ways from the revelation that self cannot contain wisdom that would never allow Jesus to be worshipped himself to be worshipped so they could remain but hikma went away, and allies now putting those two things together. Actually, this was supposed to always have been at declawed hacking. Notice also a contrast. Notice that they believe that he came to cleanse humanity of its sins.

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His blood cleanse humanity of its sins. And Allah says no he needed cleansing. Allah says, I will cleanse you from the disbeliever motohiro camino Allah de la cafaro.

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They believe that he is a way that humanity will be ascended into heaven. Allah says, No, you're the one who needs to be ascended. You're the one who needs saving. I'm going to rescue you. They believe you know how they called Jesus, the Savior, the Savior and the passage is telling you what, who needed the saving. Allah saves resounding silence the other with the save, not the Savior, the one that was saved, and the Savior is actually Allah. This is the growth hacking. But by extension, what we're learning from it is maybe the people won't go into the extreme of where the Christian people went. Those who ended up worshipping the Saudis, but maybe there will be other forms of Vicar that

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people will adopt, that are not going to have Heckman. Allah says when you stick to His revelation, that you will find spiritual strength, but you will never part ways from common sense. Heckman also heck Matan balikatan tomato noodle with a lot of severe amicable Hekmati and look around the world. hikmah is not just used for wisdom, it's also used for common sense. This is the way to remember a Sati Salaam that sticks to common sense. Another implication of this ayah that you can actually come in and it

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is you know, in the beginning of the surah Allah said in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah ha, nothing is hidden from Allah. Nothing's a mystery to Allah. philology will offer some art nor in the earth nor in the sky. I love that phrase. In the beginning of survival, Evelyn, Allah says, nothing's a mystery in the earth, nor in the sky. And you study the story of Jesus A few hours later. And what do you find a mystery of what happened on the earth? And what exactly is going on up in the sky? And he says, there's nothing no nothing mystery to me not nor in the earth nor in the sky. And he says, and he's the one who made you in your wounds the way he wants will love you. So rockenfeller

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harmonica, he fashion you and your wounds the way he wants meaning. And of course, this is a story of a woman isn't it? And how he was fashion the way he wanted, love wanted, but he even made you how he wanted you didn't know, Marcia told me what he was Allah, Allah. So can you see him? I didn't make you witness how you were made. You're so worried about the mysterious birth of Jesus? Do you know about your own mysterious birth? That's what Allah says, I didn't make you witness how you were born? Well, I can foresee him.

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So why don't you wonder about that. The point though, that I wanted you to lead to with this is that Allah decided that he is going to only mention parts of the story that you will need to remember for the purpose of wisdom, meaning there is wisdom in telling some things. And there's wisdom and not telling some things that you cannot learn include a communist party with the kill Hakeem actually means this is the only part of the story of Jesus you must focus on, because everything else will take you away from the actual wisdom of the story. The wisdom of the story was that resurrection is real, that we will stand in front of a law in the law how to be what a boo, boo hoo ha ha Serato Mr.

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Team, my ally is my master and yours, worship Him alone. This is a straight path. That's the essence of the story. That's the wisdom of the story. We forget that wisdom and we get caught in historical debates. FEMA quantum fajita study from the same passage you will say in things that you disagree about, I will decide eventually. But the parts that you need that are actually wise for you to focus on are the ones that I mentioned in Quran. Look, the biblical account is going to be way more detailed than the Quran brief passage. But Allah says this one passage has what those that will not this has Hickman, remember this and it will have Hickman it's upon Allah. So this is the kind of the

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connection of Vicar and hikma that needed to be highlighted that I didn't highlight before. Now I come to a Hakuna rumba fanatic una ferrata commentary, the truth comes from your master. Now the word Huck, which is commonly translated as truth has several meanings in Arabic, also in the Quran, it can mean purpose, hello sumati will have created the skies in the earth with purpose. Help means purpose. Help also means right. How can anyone mushroom unknown right? Like how can I How can Allah

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to be deserving of something comes from the same origin? Help also means reality. And I saw how that will help people on Judgement Day will be about to be punished. And Allah will say, and they used to mock what Judgment Day. And when judgment day comes, a lot of turns to them and says,

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Is this real or what? Is it still fake? And, of course it is. It's real. So have this purpose. deserving to be deserving, and happy is also reality. It's real. It's those three things. Allah says of Hakuna rahbek reality comes the real, the real story, the truth of it, and purpose comes from your master meaning the story isn't just truly what happened. But I'm telling you what you need to know for a particular purpose. There's a purpose and telling the

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story this way and purpose will come from your master. You see Rasulullah Salim is going to recite these IR to Christians. Do you think Christians will just listen to this and not counter-argue?

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They're gonna have 1000 other questions. And when you have these questions coming and criticisms coming, every question, the answer goes in this direction, this direction, this direction, this direction and guess what happens when you go in different directions you lose your purpose. And Allah tells us messenger what

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purpose purpose comes from your master. Reality truth comes from your master. Don't get distracted now. Don't get caught up. This is why similarly in photograph, fella, tomography him Illa, mira and Van Halen don't engage in debate with them, except in what is absolutely clear and obvious. You don't have anything inferior. When they come to you and say what about this that hasn't been addressed? What about that that hasn't been addressed? You just have to say you don't have to impress anyone, because you have something they will never have an Haku. Robic the truth what needs to be told and the ultimate reality is in possession of your rabbit comes from your own Hakuna

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topic. Once you have that filata chameleon bantering then don't become from those. This is commonly transmitted then don't become from those who fall into doubt. I wanted to say something about this phrase, fanatical minimum 13 it occurred several times in the Quran for that Allah Hakuna Rebecca fella takuna nominal monitoring that came in SoTL Bukhara it came in the context of the GABA being the original house of Allah built by Ibrahim Ali Salaam and the Jews were skeptical about that unless Allah Hakuna Arabica fanatic una nominal butadiene, then you find it in this surah that we're looking at now we're looking at sutala nan de la he Abdullah he hackerman should I find someone

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other someone else to do vertix other than Allah, who will who will lead the Angela la Kemal Kitab amo for salon and he's the one who sent the book down onto you separated opened up meaning little by little when the Xena atina homolka taba una una Salam Arabic, and those who we gave the book to before the Jews and the Christians and knowledgeable among them. They know that it's sent down from your master, Bill Hawk, with purpose with truth with the real story. falada coonan. Don't become from those who fall into doubt, over and over again, engaging with the People of the Book. Allah says don't fall into doubt, don't fall into doubt don't fall into doubt. And says the truth comes

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from Europe. The truth comes from Europe. Why did he keep saying this over and over again? Because they will quote Bible they will quote a lot. They will give you verses, they will give you passages read this, read this, read this and Ally's saying wait. What they have has some elements of truth in it. It may have some Huk in it, but it doesn't have

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you cannot judge your book by what they say. But your book can judge what their book says your book is The Mohammed over theirs. So study their book, fine, let them quote but their book will not determine whether this is true or not. Because I'll Haku Arabic and Hakuna Al Quran actually Quran is from your rub. The ultimate truth has come to you. Yes, they have scholars, they have people of long tradition. They have huge volumes of scholarship and here you have a messenger who can't who before this couldn't even read or mark on that that lamentably even Kitab Amata who told me Nick is a lovable multiloader fine, he couldn't even read how's he going to compare with all these scholars

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of tradition of years and centuries and centuries of scholarship? Allah says all you need is one thing on your side and Hakuna Arabic. I tell you, this is one of the most powerful I add of what what I consider intellectual confidence. You know, a student walking into a professor's classroom. And this happened to me actually as a true story. I when I when I was first learning some things about the Islam I was really excited. I didn't know what orientalist studies was. I didn't know Western academics on Islam, I didn't know this animal existed. And there was a course introduction to Islam in my college, I was like, Hey,

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I get credit. And I learned Islam. Sign me up. So I signed up for this introduction to Islam and professors, a Iranian fellow Zora Syrian originally but an agnostic doesn't believe in a new religion. And PhD in Islamic Studies, knows Arabic really well knows, knows Persian knows, knows Hebrew. And the entire course is about how Islam is a myth. The whole course 40 hour course about how Islam is a myth how the Quran is fake. How the Prophet never existed, this theory was the profit never existed, actually is an Arab legend. Okay, and some Christians were going through the desert and they, you know, thought that a good way to convert these Arabs will be to say, Abraham built

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this place. And that's how the Kaaba happened.

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And this guy's a PhD, and I at the time, didn't know Arabic. I don't know Arabic. So and he's quoting stuff I don't even know it's just passing over my head. He's a lot smarter than I am. He's a lot more knowledgeable than I am. He's more respected than I am and

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There's no way I can say something to him that is gonna make me feel more academically capable. I'm at this point, I'm a freshman in college. Okay, so I'm, like 19 years old. And here's this academic giant by comparison. You know one thing in my head, and Hakuna Robic

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truth is from Europe, you can have whatever PhD you want.

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This is all a lie. It doesn't make sense to me. And here's why it doesn't make sense. Because I there's something pegged inside this revelation is the truth. When that pegs inside you, then these credentials and these papers and their big words, you're gonna see through it and show me the argument itself. Don't cover it up with the facade of your credentials, or how much you say, you know, or what books you've read, show me what the argument is, go go get to the evidence itself, get to the point get to the purpose. And that's what allies getting to cut through the fat and heathcoat metabolic people when they don't have clear thinking like, but this person they know so much, but

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they're saying this, because they know so much they're right.

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Or because they've actually they've got something to say. You see, we look at not what's being at what's being said, but actually the backbone of who's saying it and the package that comes with them. That's what's being cut away by Our Messengers alongside them in these ayat when Allah tells him what Hakuna Ambika fanatical military allows us for encanta Fisher Kimmy manzana ilica first a little Latina, Karuna, kita woman public. If you're in any doubt about what we're what we've sent down to you as those who read the book for much before you look at jackal Hakuna Arabic absolutely the truth has come to you from Europe filata coonan number 13. Don't you dare become from those who

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fallen into doubt one of the benefits of this I wanted to read from your mama Lucy. Allah. Coffee hasn't slowed fire entertain. People have mentioned that there are two interesting benefits that come from this phrase a lot of telling is profit don't fall into doubt. Why will tell his own profit don't fall into doubt. What benefit could there be? The Homer Anna who is a semi amateur has an hyperb the harmonica men who are here for his dad to play about the neuron Allah know that when the prophet SAW them would hear from Allah Himself don't fall into doubt. He's already not in any doubt. But when a lot of reinforces him this way that he gets a second wind and he's been given a boost in

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confidence and he becomes more firm than he ever was even before light on top of light no nada no

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water near to Houma and the summit retana bah bah, bah, bah.

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Aim for the answer.

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We answered you on my usual mtrr marginality hinda de la casa de la hemani. is a Hootie barnabus Lee from I have an OB lady. He says when everyone else listens to these words, a loss profit is being told Don't you dare fall into doubt. When a loss profit is being told that then How can any believer after him think that I can mess around and ask I don't know my own book well enough. I don't know the first part of this is what I'll Haku Moravec if I don't know my Quran, and I'm going to go talk to Christians and Jews and other people of other religions and start challenging them and whatever, and think I'm not going to fall into doubt.

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If Allah tells his own messenger, the first part is what the truth comes from your master, therefore don't fall into doubt.

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Don't become from those who fall into doubt. And how can anyone after the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam be unaware of their own book and think that they can engage others and not fall into doubt? How do you think you're immune from that? So this is a this is a very powerful reality that we're being told Don't be overcome. I want to do dharwad man, okay, great. You want to do that? Well, how much Quran you know, how long have you studied? How much have you internalized? How much of that Huck Moravec Do you have before you start shaking everybody else out? You know, and Hakuna Rebecca falada Camila Monterrey. And this is not even the the Jews who have scholarship and all of that it's

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the Christians and people think you know what I was talking to Christians. That's easier, man. They're like, God, three and one, one and three is easy. I could handle that one. I got this. Do you got this? You got this cuz it's not that simple, is not that easy. And they have centuries of theology behind them. And they've got some brilliant philosophers behind them. And some very intelligent people. You know, and you're, it's not like you can just hold your water and stand your ground. It doesn't it doesn't work that way. Now, I want to dig into the word boom 13 and we'll call it a day. The word is the word filata kulana miramonti. The first thing I want to say is how Allah

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shows honor to His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even when, as at a first glance when you read the ayah it sounds like it's a criticism don't become from those who fall into doubt. Right? The thing is,

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when you say to someone fanatical terian

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For documentarian, it means don't become skeptical. Don't become doubtful. When you say don't become from those that are doubtful, you added a from and then you added another group of people that are doubtful, then actually creates a distance between you being skeptical, you are just leaning towards, you're paying more attention to you're being associated more with those that are falling into doubt, even if you yourself are not in doubt, this is the messengers. Listen, I'm not being told that he's becoming skeptical, but perhaps that if he pays, he shouldn't even pay attention to these people, and be counted among those or be associated with them. So it's actually almost

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alleviating him and absolving him of the assumption that he will himself ever fall into now, by the phrasing minimum 13 as opposed to momentary and what's the first thing I want to highlight? The second thing is that the word media Quran uses for doubt Quran uses ryyb Quran uses schuck Quran uses Mirage, and Quran uses media is a different words for doubt each one of them having their own flavor. Our job today is to understand something about the word media, which is the origin of the word monitoring in thought, I am 30 in Tehran, for whom this is from media in the Arabic language. Now, the word media actually originally means something that is tough on the outside, or is but it's

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about it's got fluid inside and it's about to burst. The imagery is of something that is about to burst and it's got fluid on the inside. So they use the word media for clouds, that other clouds squeeze against and then they burst and it starts raining. They also use it for a camel, that is not lactating. But it's forced to lactate and squeezed out of it and it starts giving milk. Okay, so that's when the word media is also used something weak, it couldn't hold its ground. When you squeeze it a little bit or you tampered with it, then it started giving away. And from it came the idea of mamarazzi meaning arguing someone arguing with someone who you see as weak.

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And you want them to start basically give exposing their weakness, and you're trying to poke holes in their argument or agitate them to the point where they basically burst. So the idea of someone being falling into doubt, because someone's agitating them or attacking them. That's actually called media. Okay. Now, really interesting that the idea of doubt, which is an abstract idea, Arabic takes abstract ideas and gives them concrete images, like something that easily bursts. Right? That's the image here. If you compare this to word, the word said the city which is truth, actually, in the original meaning civic actually means tough, unbreakable surface. something solid, rigid,

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unbreakable, the opposite, or yaqeen actually means something that is fully solid from the inside, meaning not just the outside look solid, the inside is solid. And by contrast, the word media is something that is liquid on the inside, and ready to burst. If it's agitated, it's ready to burst. Now, from it we get a mirror image Abdullah is here be some of a shock shock. We're Adam eliakim, FEMA Yakuza, when somebody argues with you, and easily by seeing they see a few things, and you start getting messed up inside. Like you thought you were really confident and you heard two things. And you're like, I don't know if I'm getting a little. I've got some questions. I'm having some

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doubt, you know, you have these videos online. Like, if you watch this 10 minute video, you will no longer be Muslim.

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50 million hits. And guess who those hits are? Not not Muslims, Muslims. And guess what most of the Muslim said, Oh, yeah, I could watch it. Nothing's gonna happen.

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And then Maria happens, huh? Oh, oh, that's a neuron. Oh, that's what that is.

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That is a good question. I should go ask any mom. I should get somebody else. Let me Google this. Let me find some other websites that poke holes in my religion. And let me collect those questions. You know what your foundation was so weak. That some videos some people saying one or two words. All of a sudden you start bursting. your doubts come out. You thought you had a foundation you didn't. Where's the foundation? The foundation is one phrase in desire. I'll Haku

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when that foundation isn't there, then obviously one videos you don't have to watch all 10 minutes, three minutes. We don't another lie when Allah Hello, john. No problem.

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This is filata Camilla monitoring the Prophet being told, don't play this game. Don't let them play this game with you. Don't let them come to you and say what about this? What about this? What about this? And what about this? And they can ask all kinds of weird question. You're like, I never thought about that. I've never even what can actually if you take a step back, you can

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Almost always say, What kind of question is that? What are you even talking about?

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But the people who are very good at Indira at Mira, they can take you around and round in circles. And if you don't know what you're doing, you'll go round around in circles until you pop, like the cloud pops and it starts raining and your faith is gone. wakulla middle montar in urology, Sahiba, Julio Stockbridge, Armando samaya, says he, I liked a few Well, if he just wants you to keep asking, poking question, this is the secret to it. People who do that they don't have truth.

00:30:33--> 00:30:46

They just want to make sure you believe you start believing that you have truth. You see, I say that to you. Again, we'll give you a silly example. It'll make it clear. Imagine a car company that's not very good.

00:30:47--> 00:30:55

In some low end car company, and they're trying to compete with a high end car company. They're trying to compete with a BMW or something. Okay.

00:30:57--> 00:30:59

They can't talk about how great their car is.

00:31:00--> 00:31:02

So what are they going to talk about?

00:31:03--> 00:31:08

Now, you know, there was a recall on the BMW this year, and they had this and this and this and they're just poking at.

00:31:10--> 00:31:32

And then the person goes about to buy VW says fine, I guess I should not buy my paper. That doesn't make your product any better. Because you don't actually have a product. You understand. But you just wanted to tear that one up, or you have a terrible restaurant, and across the street from you is a much better restaurant, and they're getting all the sales. No matter how much you advertise once people eat your food, was that food?

00:31:34--> 00:31:37

And you don't blame yourself for bad quality? Who do you blame?

00:31:38--> 00:31:42

The successful restaurant across the street so all your effort and energy is going to go into what

00:31:44--> 00:32:07

fake profiles fake ratings there was cockroach in the meal there was this or that? One star half a star don't go here, etc. Why? You don't have anything of substance? So all your effort is somehow poking a hole here. You see, our Deen is substance. We don't have to spend time criticizing Christianity.

00:32:09--> 00:32:21

We don't have to expose the contradictions in the Bible or we don't have to spend time talking about the mistakes in Hinduism or Buddhism or Taoism or what we'd have to do any of that. What do we have to do?

00:32:22--> 00:32:24

If you have the if you have the right product, all you have to do is

00:32:26--> 00:32:34

talk about your product, people that are at the top of an industry. The best car companies do they spend time talking about how terrible the bad car companies are?

00:32:35--> 00:32:38

They don't you know why? Because their product speaks for itself.

00:32:39--> 00:33:15

That's the mentality of will Hakuna Robic. The truth is from Europe focus on the truth. Don't worry about the falsehood. The falsehood will become clear as false as the truth rises. JOHN Haku as a result was the Huckleberry Finn in bartylla. Canada. falsehood was meant to fall apart Anyway, you don't have to make sure it also falls apart. It's by definition meant to fall apart. You see if you understand that, our approach to what we consider that what changes completely, it changes completely. So many people focus on Hey, you're Christian. Let me show you the mistakes in the Bible.

00:33:16--> 00:33:18

Look at this, look at this contradiction. See.

00:33:20--> 00:33:22

They don't love Islam anymore, because you did that.

00:33:23--> 00:33:28

They just hate you. You spend time with my book, just insulted.

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

You don't have anything better to do.

00:33:32--> 00:33:42

When I'm listening to Christian talk radio on several FM stations in Dallas Metroplex, you know what I'm discovering. They don't have much to say from the Bible.

00:33:43--> 00:33:47

That's why they're spending so much time on what, how terrible Islam is.

00:33:49--> 00:34:05

Okay, fanatical minimum, don't fall into this trap, then them them criticizing you and saying, What about this? And what about this? What about this criticism and that criticism of that criticism? Those criticisms are actually in and of themselves a testimony that this is the truth

00:34:06--> 00:34:35

that this is powerful. The fact that they had to do that was because they saw that there are people around them that are leaving camp and joining Why are you joining that there's problems with it. No, no, no. Let me show you what's wrong with it. Don't go away. This isn't how come Arabic fanatical minimum 10s of Han Allah. So the until you have a basis until you and I have a basis, we're gonna focus on the wrong thing. You know, we're not you don't have the only reason I, by the way are part of our team, we study the Bible.

00:34:37--> 00:34:38

We don't say the Bible to find contradictions in it.

00:34:40--> 00:34:47

We also use the Bible to find its mistakes or disagreements or whatever else. You know why we say the Bible. We say the Bible because Allah spoke to people that believed in the Bible.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

He spoke to them. He spoke to them in Surah la Milan, he spoke to people who read the Bible or who were devout with it or studied it a lot. And if we're going to talk to them, it's probably better for somebody

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

would like me to know, what did they know? What did they believe? And how did Allah teach them otherwise? What did I say? How do I disagree with them? What language did he use? So that they can see how I can help better connect with them not to argue or debate with them, but just to let them see, here's where we disagree, and here's why we disagree. Now you decide. That's up to you. This is a lacuna Robic let the truth speak for itself. You don't have to win an argument or defeat someone in debate and all of that you don't have to do any of that stuff. That's not for us to do. It allows you to give us a clear and proper understanding of his book and realize it will never allow us to

00:35:39--> 00:35:47

become of those who fall into doubt. barakallahu li Welcome to the carotid Hakim What a funny moment it was like he will continue tomorrow inshallah, which is 61