The Creation of Allah as mentioned in Surat Qaaf

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Surat Qaaf (Ayaat 6-15)

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Spoiler alert salatu salam ala rasulillah he or Sufi as main Shalom, and what I wanted to do is share with you some reflections from solar. Because solar cough is a very famous soil in the blood.

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It begins in a Mufasa little clan is the result of normally or send them divided into categories. There's the first seven SWAT they consider then they call up the word. And at the end of the line from sort of path going all the way down is called animal fosse sudden when my first son is also split into three categories that will foster solid upward will will also will resolve and move us up for her for coffee is the beginning of an apostle, we will have some meaning guarantee something that is detailed, then at the end of the colloquium sort of off until the end of the day and this is yet he goes into detail in one of the last panel what Anna wants to reveal of a message to the oma

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of Mohammed Salam on a your Salaam and as a matter of fact, to all of mankind and will also and the first of these are sort of powerful sort of coffins a lot of warnings in it sort of often Elisa Milan while he was in Santa Barbara Lavanya She says her feel to me personally leg is some alarm while he was in dental school at the coffin ohana member that she memorized tulip cough because of how often in the resort Allahu alayhi wa sallam would recite it on the member. And you can imagine how long does it take a person to memorize a solo? She had no book to look into read and review the air. She says I memorize the entire solar power, which is three pages because of how frequent

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interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam use three sided on the member. He can just imagine how many times did besides send them used to recite solar power from the beginning to the end. That's it. That was the hope and he would come down. And he will offer the two to two prayers. today. If we did it, people would look in a strange man. What is the whole thing doing? What is he reading it? We don't know. This is a sumo sumo wrestler, that he would from time to time, read only a solid cough on the number and then go down and pray to God because of the intense warning that it carries because of it. And he basically sort of discusses everything that we need, from the warnings to the

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Add of a loss or that we're supposed to reflect upon to the

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ad supposed to have an effect on us.

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And he speaks about an insert.

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spoke about the insert. And that happens inside of you. A lot of social spoke in this in this war about the angels that record the deeds on the left and the right and in the annuity scenario that they write male. Ilana Daniella piano de la soldier he spoke up

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the day of judgment when the breath is blown in the horn, a lot of soldiers in this war also he speaks about the discussion that happens on the Day of Judgment between a person and his shame on the show one that called him to the bad discussion happens on a cardinal

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a yachtie Anima social listens to this conversation, this discussion between the people and the shell v net when Monica at the end of the live session, he says oh Simona de

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la combi why no arguing he don't come in argue Allah Neva

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lobby, my word, my decree is not going to change today. You can argue as much as you want, it won't change anything. And I am not oppressing anyone, a lot of soldiers then you command the angels. And

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it's like a plastic bag of rubbish and how you throw it outside your window outside your door. This is unclear. He's like a Ferrari,

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Teddy Murray.

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And the

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until a lot of social speaks about the paradise he speaks about the whole fire he speaks about of the believers having the power dies

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on a fear whether the dam is eat whatever they want, and whatever the people wish in the power loss or should it gives them whatever they need, and we have extra for them.

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When they discard this extra, they said it is a novel

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that the believers are ultimately blessed by looking at a loss of Hannah Montana, and this happens in the paradise. For some people. It happens every day, twice a day. That's the maximum and for some people it happens once a week depends on the email and depends on their relationship with solid who are who used to attend early who used to sit in front before the email so he can listen attentively to the whole back

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The way we used to come to select Juma is the way we are arranged on the day of judgment on a Friday in the paradise when we see Allah subhanho wa Taala. For one we used to come early and close, the lady that sits up and close in the grand Yani in the grand meaning that we have between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the solar continues to complete with a mention of the day of judgment and the events and what happens your mentorship of imams are and how they come up. And so this is just a brief overview on to solar off. And we find that sudo cough spoke about basically everything that the plan discussed, but in general, and then after this, the plan begins to elaborate more and

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more on the points that were mentioned in sort of cough. I know we'll look into the first part of it. And basically the second part in our last session speaks about is crucial. And these Christian miraculous out of a loss of Hannah, who are dialogues that require a lot of reflection and pondering from us, so that we draw nearer and nearer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in this passage aloud, so God says Flm jambu in a summer home cave urban a Nana was a young woman I have been fooled mean foolish, a lot of stories yet he says, I found a male voice.

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Why do the people look up to the sky? Why do the people look up to the sky? A lot of distortion is inviting us to look up to the sky. Not a very difficult task. But a difficult task. look up to the sky. Why? Because that's where all the solutions are people now are waiting for him to come with is the rain come from from the sky. Now people are looking to the sky waiting for the rain to come along. So she's been calling us to look up to the sky for us and he's

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gonna look up at the sky. This is William the visa lamotta he was in them when he was described can put Nevada in a center. He used to love always looking at the sky, just looking up to the sky, pondering over its magnificent creation. A lot of Zoysia

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he captures a moment in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he Allah is describing and emphasize Allah in the plan. What does he say? God, no

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large social system that we can surely recognize. And we see. And we notice your eyes looking up to the sky, the job not only the eyes,

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the entire face of consumers are seldom used to always look up to the sky. My brother said he said that's where the solutions are. This is where the solutions are. They're all up in the heavens, Allah subhanho wa Taala is above the heavens established algae upon his throat. This is where the solutions are a lot of social. He says, I found me on Hulu in a survival Oh, look, look at the mercy of allows for us to reach a law solution to develop a stronger connection in relationship with a loss or just look up to the sky. He didn't say to you go to the depth of the ocean and go down and dive deep into so you can see. He didn't say go to the middle of the jungle somewhere and search for

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something very simple, very simple. Just look up. today. Unfortunately, we are distracted by our phones. And by the TV screens. And by the games that people play even adults play games on their phone and play games on their on their TV for hours and hours on end. And on the laptops and on the computers. And even if we went outside, and we we tried to look up let me see a billboard with some naked image on it all we see a high rise building. That's all there's no more time for us to sit down and just look completely up and just reflect over the creation of the sky. Seeing the clouds moving, how law social has created this kind of follow me on photo in a summary photo, Ki femenina.

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What are we supposed to reflect over? When we look at the sky gave the billionaire reflect over the fact how did a lot of soil created look at it, how incredible and magnificent and widespread it is and how seamless it is, you know the best of efforts of mankind. We cannot create anything similar to the sky. The sky is like a canopy. It's the roof of the earth as a large version. He mentioned that he was taller than an MDF, which is a sub fun Mafalda so that you suck. It's a roof, it's a ceiling for the earth. Now any ceiling that we create, look at it, look at the ceilings that we have. It's title after title of the tile until it ends is not going to last for a few years and then

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you got to change it or you got to repaint that before the paint starts crumbling and falling on the worshipers that are inside. Even in your house. Nothing would remain. Nothing would remain. But Allah subhanho wa Taala the sky that he created. Number one, it's seamless. It's like one massive tile. One massive pile of pieces that were brought together cement

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together and put, and it's been like this from day one. Well Ah, so shall he says, case of Elena had was a piano, and we decorated it with stars when I had been foolish, there is no fluid in it, there's no cracks, there is no tears, there is no words in it, there's no damage. Are you serious are minor damage, nothing at all. Any terrain construction, they'll build a roof. Suddenly, one day all day and you'll see a crack in it, you'll see a tear in just one day, all today's come one month and you're complaining because some crack is in the corner, you need to fill it. This is human effort, when it's enough to look at the sky to understand the magnificence of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala the greatness of Allah. So the skies are just there for us to see. And I just wanted there is there is a Skype and there should be a Skype from the mercy of a love that he created a sky. So that when we see and we look at, we continuously remember the greatness of our most powerful data. This is the purpose of the sky. The believer, when he sees the

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vision, he needs to see it through a spiritual lens. These out of law social, they're supposed to draw us nearer and nearer to a loss of more data. If a lot of social wanted, you see this entire sky would fall down. If you wanted, how come it doesn't fall down because the law says you'll hold it. And he doesn't give a permission to fall down yet. A lot of stories and he says in the law use SQL similar to an older and the zoo. There is a large social who is holding the heavens and the earth. Otherwise, they would slip and they would fall and the zoo that whether in janitor in unseco, Obama had him embedded. And if they were to slip, if they were to slip, and they were to fall, who's going

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to carry them who will carry this load after almost no one at all, to take advantage of these matters. And we don't reflect that the sky is being carried by a loss of vision. And if he wanted, he would let it go and the entire creation will be destroyed. For me on Moodle a lesson I

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gave a banana was a

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lot of social. He decorated the sky We said with stars. And you know it please. When he spoke to Allah subhana wa tada after he refused to make sosta to Adam. He promised Allah subhanahu wa tada something. He said, No, we had none. And then he said, Well, that was a

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that was a

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shame. shavon elease he said that I am going to decorate the earth for mankind. That was alien. And

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this is going to take the sins and the rebellion and the corruption that exists on earth and he's going to decorated he's going to make alcohol look like to him. That's it. So people came in cold. What did they call it? spirits? What else do they call it? The drugs? What do they call it? ecstasy, something that gives you happiness and relief. Right? What else do they call it? All these things of of moocow of sins of corruption of rebellion. Look at the beautiful names that are given to them. Heather who created this and who who made this up a chiffon. He the people the ID that will say you know

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he decorates the students for them when all we know is value and all the CIF demo Why am I mentioning this in the last session he said z

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Allah is the one who decorated the sky. When please is the one who decorated the seat on earth and look at the people how consumed they are in that which is decorated and forget about that which Allah subhanho wa Taala decorated above them. Yeah, this was a point of reflection and NaVi salovaara you are sending them used to draw nearer and nearer to a lost part of Matata every time he observed the sky and he used to do that very often during the day. So a lot of Follow me on follow either somebody for a home game for many hours a year no one

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no cracks, no tears. That is enough every single time you look at it from when did Allah azza wa jal create this earth and the sky and places where he places that and until this day, it doesn't need any renovation. It doesn't even need any maintenance. And it is it is hovering, there is no pillars that carry it. There is no pillars that carried any building today if you remove the pillars what you see what happens it quickly that the sky The ceiling would quickly drop on the people underneath it on the last panel data created with no pillars so panel up a point of reflection

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Further on than a lot of stories, he says,

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and have a look at the one Obama did.

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And also look into the can if you cannot lift your eyes, and you cannot lift your head, most of the day and most of the night to observe the sky, they look down on to the earth. When I look at it, what can you felt when Obama did and the earth, we made specious and we spread it. And it's far worse than it's wide, so that you and I can find comfort on it. When Allah subhanho wa Taala described the earth in solar, he said, and I measure it on my head, we had what we had in my head, was originally saying Didn't we make the earth he had another drink? they translate that as a plein a wide field. But there is something extreme that the word we had and comes from the word math. And

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math is the cradle of the baby, right? Like when Allah has always described the sound, he said, I'm not going to say about it. He said, Well, you can live on NASA till Monday. But he said, he said that he speaks to the people field map in the cradle, the cradle usually carries a baby that is just more newborn. A lot of social when he described the earth, He used the word cradle to describe it.

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And it was running out of body hair there. What does that imply? Do you know the cradle, when you think of a cradle of the baby, you think of the most comfortable bedding for a child, very comfortable, nice and soft, is no wood in it, there's no springs in it. It's just a foam that is really soft to touch, fear to walk on, it's very relaxing, very soft, very comfortable. This is what a law surgeon described the earth, He described it as being like a cradle for mankind. And this also implies the care that our laws origin has for mankind. And he just like parents would go out of their way to spend whatever money it requires to get the best of the best cradle to put their baby.

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And when he learned nothing other above all on social, he made the earth. So first, he made it a place that we're able to live, that we're able to build on that we're able to walk freely up and down. There are places on earth, that the terrain is so rough, you couldn't even walk on it with proper shoes, you need a helicopter to take off so you can absorb the scenery below you. You couldn't even walk on it. That's how jacket and sharp it is. A lot of soldiers wanted you would have made the entire earth like this. And then what happens to an AI? How difficult is going to the forum moving from one place to another. But look at the left from the mercy of a loss origin that he

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created the earth as he created it today. We work on it, we glide on it, we drive on it. Look how smooth and effortless the car moves. Have a fallout zone wants to remove this number he takes it away in one second. Look at the earthquakes when earthquakes happen. What happens to the disfigures people cannot live on that place anymore. Look what happens when Russia wants to send the natural disaster to people in seconds. A place becomes unlivable in seconds, doesn't require much time. So it just doesn't send the special army to come and destroy a part of the earth doesn't

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doesn't require this one command. And a lot of social would make the entire Earth uninhabitable. Not able to walk on it anymore. Not able to roam freely on it anymore. For this is a name of a lone soldier that deserves tanks and the skies above us also a name of our lives. That deserves Thanks. Have you ever made sure to Alonzo Hill for the earth that you walk on? On the you just thought that it's a write that belongs to you. And it belongs to us while we're here we need an earth that is slow. You don't need anything and you're not entitled to anything. Law, social owns a song and he owns everything that we own. And so long as we are thanking a lot social his blessings a lot so he

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would continuously give us these blessings. A lot of soldiers he says one of them added not only that one painter fee Hello se and we put inside of the earth always see which are mountains of Alessio mountains. What's the purpose of a mountain? Did you ever think of a mountain? What is the purpose of the mountain? We don't need science to tell us here in Oklahoma tells us what's the purpose of a mountain.

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He says while painter he heard

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me that he can. The purpose of the mountains is that the Earth can remain stable and not shaped in Trimble. We felt the mountains the Earth would continuously tremble and shake and new stability will ever be given on Earth. The purpose of the mountains is to keep

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The Earth stable think of the mountains like a pig for the tent, you know, when you pick up a tent, and then you put the pegs in the corners of it, what are the purpose or what's the purpose of the peg so that the tent remains stable, no matter how strong the wind is, or whatever it is, it doesn't go anywhere, it stays where it is, and the mountains to Panama.

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The design of the mountain above the earth is the exact same design as the beneath the earth, anywhere in reality, a mountain is like a diamond. It's a diamond shape, half of it is in the earth, and half of it is above the earth. So now you can think of it like a blanket. And then you have these pigs that a lot of social installed and put all over the world. And now it keeps the old stable. And what happens on the Day of Judgment, towards the day of judgment on the last day on earth. One of the major events, events that happened on the last day on earth, is that Allah azza wa jal removes the mountains, while men are CEO and he then law socially says, What a cool nosy dad who

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can eat minimum foolish mountains would become Canadian, and more foolish. What's that? That means? Whoo, whoo, you know, we'll lose nothing. get any horse, it's gone. That's exactly what happens to mountains. They become walk and they start rolling. They start moving, we all men will see urology, bad. A lot of Zoysia. He says, What are you going to Europe, when

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they start moving, they're gone. And once they're gone, and they're all plucked from the ground, there's no more stability. As a result is, as we'll see later on to see.

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It begins to shake violently. And this is where the Act was coming where Allah azza wa jal, he says, and you will see the people drunk and they're not drunk. How can someone be drunk but not drunk? Because he does the action of the drunk people. You know, if someone is drunk, he can't walk straight. He walks a few meters and trips is always unbalanced. And on the Day of Judgment, the people look drunk, but they are not drunk because the earth is shaking underneath and no one can keep his balance anymore. So they're folding left and right just like a drunk person does as a matter so as you had mentioned in salted hash for he says here when Obama did what I'm paying a fee

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how alesi and above all, an extra gamma and extra fever and a blessing for mankind. What I'm Beth nafi having Cooley's Ocean Beach and we cause there in Ghana from the earth crops to grow vegetation to grow what kind of vegetation in the zone from every kind of crop and fruit and vegetable that you and I know that but he's young he has done something beautiful, something delightful something that brings coolness and happiness to the eye and to the taste.

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So how long was he having these ocean but he's been cool is ocean here it's referring to the apple tree to the mango tree to the strawberries to all kinds of berries to the pomegranate tree to the orange tree to every single tree you can think of it's all in these one word meaning quill is ocean and on top of this the geesh look at the Kerala so Shan has had with his servants, the earth widen flat and spacious and spread out. Yet any alakina you have always seen the mountains so we can keep it stable, then above all the crops that are growing, then on top of that, not something new or rotten indeed, it doesn't matter to survive on it. But he but he's your life's origin, looking after

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the creation, something that is actually exotic, something that you look forward in summer, and something that you're looking forward in winddown among others in history at all now, that require should remind us of how to consistently, consistently remember there was one of the senath he recalls a story he said I was invited to someone's house. And just before he went, he said, Hey, what are you going to cook for us today? He said all of the usual. I'm going to cook the usual for heaven and him.

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He refused to eat. He said I will not stretch my arm to food. That should remind us of how to hautala wasn't mentioned upon it clearly and what does it mean the usual and I don't dare to eat from something a person didn't praise a lot of solution for and you refuse to teach teaching us a lesson. That food that is not Gani that you don't observe loss of Hannah, what are his thinks on it could be dangerous, could be a punishment, for he kept dying from it altogether. We need to understand every number that we have is from a law of soil that requires a blessing on that become intimate information Allah azza wa jal, he says that every single number that you have, whether it's

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something that it personally belongs to

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Such as the food that you eat and the drink that you have on something that allows social credit for all of mankind, like the sky, and the earth, and the mountains, that if people are not thanking, thanking those now, they'd be, you'd be the one that say thanks to them on behalf of mankind, that allows social give us what he gave us on Earth.

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But now we have increased ocean but he's a lot of social that he says, the silicon, the silicon absurd comes from the word puzzle, meaning a lot of social created all of this so that the eye can see. So that the eye can see when the eye sees it. What happens

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when we,

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when the client comes from the word thicker, with thicker is to remember something and you remember something with your heart and with your intellect. In other words, so often, the first step in reflecting over loss creation, is that you observe you see it with your eyes. And when you see it enough with your eyes, what is supposed to happen, not bounce back from your eyes and you forgot the story. It is supposed to be absorbed through your eye,

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to the heart and to the intellect. always remembering the greatness of a loss or the blessings of a loss origin upon mankind, the peloton was the car. But who's going to benefit from the idea of a lost origin? That is, who is it going to serve to as a great point of reflection. A lot of soceity says liquidity optimally, it'll only benefit the server that is described as money. Money is a servant that turns back to the last Sergeant via Toba or through his worship, because every form of worship you do.

00:26:49--> 00:27:19

It describes you as need. Every worship we do, it turns us back to a larger version. every prayer we pray, it turns us back to Allah, every solar power we give, it turns us back to a mob. This is why when you do a worship, your heart needs to be active. You need to be thinking that I'm doing it for love, nothing else. For no one else. No one has any business with your worship. Whether you attend you don't attend you pray, you don't pray.

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It's all up to you. Your Worship supposed to be sincerely for a long surgeon sake and for no one else to observe than what he could. He could have been bullied. That is what it is. And also every time we look in the sky, and we look into the earth, that is a worship. Not just when you pray and fast another worship. There are many forms of worship. And one of the worship one love that we lack in our lives is the bull female Atilla etic, one of the worships that we are missing in our life that we lack there is very low, insufficient. It is the worship of pondering over the creation in the miraculous out of a loss or alone ease. How many times do you look in the sky? How many times do

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you reflect over the earth and you think a lot of us origin for it? How many times have you just bothered to go out to just look at the mountains and begin to reflect overall a lot of Zoysia has told us about the mountains, one of the mountains that when you see it, you're supposed to be jealous. You're supposed to be jealous for mountain. The mountain is the only creation on earth in which Allah azza wa jal exposed some of his life to this much as individual I send them described in the Hadith, when he explained to the Sahaba of their loved one, the area in which musala he said I'm asked to see a lot of social you don't

00:28:52--> 00:28:54

see a lot. He said gonna be irony.

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Let me see you let me observe you with my eyes.

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He said to Busan, he said,

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You will not see me. He said what I can avoid and Jasmine was on the mountain. He was standing on Javelin, he said the one I can avoid and shovel for any startup Rebecca, who for Salvatori

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is the mountain stays as it is on through you myself. For that matter, Janelle Abood in German Sharla vutek palamu cell cycle, then about Zoysia exposed some of his life to the mountain. How much less I sell them did this. Getting this much of the light of a lot was exposed on a giant of the crucial of a low which is the mountain is tough, solid mountains.

00:29:44--> 00:29:58

What happened getting either one or the other. If we drop nuclear bombs and atomic bombs and all the weaponry on earth on a mountain, it's still not enough to destroy a mountain. That's how strong it is. This much from a loss light

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exposed on a mountain what happened Giada who that can be turned it into powder.

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He pounded it. Some opinions mentioned that it was hammered into the earth, and it will never come up until the day of judgment. Giada who that guy and what happened as a result

00:30:18--> 00:30:28

osipov Mousavi said two opinions felt unconscious and another opinion hidden it I couldn't withstand anger when you see the mountain

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this mountain saw something from a lot of solutions like look how on earth it is.

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A lot of solutions spoke to Sally he set up on a mountain and the believers on the day of judgment when they are with Isa he said we find shelter and rescue you know mountain Jamila boo as a Muslim when a lot of social he commands and he said and he set up and how do we say that Elijah to take my slaves and seek shelter and protection from the Jewish by going up to the mountain and sitting inside of it until it was origins deals with a huge one who had announcement when mounted above all the law socially described in the Quran.

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Allah Shiva eight Ohashi

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Shatila law solution he said if we had revealed this on a mountain, you know what will happen to it? Later on, you would see it humble and soft. The mountain is supposed to be something firm and solid and strong. It will become harsher, soft and humble Mutasa can explode with Shatila as the heart exploded negotiate the lead yet as it softened minutiae delay yet. So when you see the mountain, seeing any,

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any chamalla colossal shanties or something from the qualities of a mountain, look how the mountain has been described in the Quran, and that's exactly the case of how the heart is supposed to be a large soldier and he says that he cannot equally optimally, the robot soldier continues to count the abilities blessings, he says. When is zelner Venus in a movie like a Batman he should never have been asleep and an additional bonus blessing. Fitness Center. We sit down from the sky mat and move out okay, bliss a dream. In the plan a lot of Zoysia he describes certain things as being less than, for example, GABA, Allah azza wa jal describes it as being pleasant in our debate in all that in

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acid and lovey bacchetta mu balika.

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Alonzo Hill described an masjidul Ox law

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and the surrounding area as being a biker, Los Angeles, Olivia Solovyov de Lena Milan masjidul. Hello, Elon Musk at the axon levy back now, however, there are things in the plan that have been described as blessing. One of these things is the rain that comes down from the sky. You see, just like people travel to Mecca, and travel to beat the luck this seeking the blessing, the natural blessing that allows social media for these lands, how much do we hate? And how much do we learn to go every single E, yada yada, if someone took a travel holiday to Spain, you don't intend to go there. Every single he calls it once and you're over and done with never met God. When Medina.

00:33:34--> 00:34:15

Medina is also described in the Hadith has been blessed. With data like this and the surrounding area is blessed. You find that the heart turns to love going there, Time after time after the one to see the blessing that is in this land. But up to the sky, the rain that comes down has been described as a blessing in the same manner Makka obey the knot this has been described as a blessing. He says why in Nevis sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to get excited when rain would come down. You know what he would do? Some of them are while he was in them, he would rush out. If it's raining, you know, the kids come in. And beside them would run out and see the image may come up and

00:34:15--> 00:34:37

he's running up to it. He understood the blessing that's coming down. We don't we didn't look at this word. I can water coming from the sky. It's a source of blessing. Then in the resource Allah needs to uncover himself. If you had a turban on, he'd remove it. And he'd allow the water to touch the skin. And he assumed that there is a law and

00:34:38--> 00:34:42

it allowed the water to touch his head. And he used to make

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

and he used to see that the dryer

00:34:46--> 00:34:49

during rain is accepted.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Then he said the reason for why What did he say? Why is it Blizzard and why is this whole scene being painted? He said in who what

00:35:01--> 00:35:03

No howdy for I didn't believe

00:35:04--> 00:35:10

that it is fresh. It's new. It's coming from a law. Truth the condition.

00:35:11--> 00:35:30

rain coming under the French, I think just came down from it. It traveled miles and miles coming for a street from a large social say he used to have been in contact with him coming in one with it, let it touch the skin, let it touch the head, right remove the gateway,

00:35:31--> 00:36:12

expose the skin and make do I criticized him he says in the in the Hadith thing Danny 11 202 in two times in two times dry is never rejected in a time with the army with it with the army of the Muslims against the enemy Allah that Allah Muhammad jaysh when they are Allah hum comes from the word lamb. Meaning when when when, when the enemy or a lot of social in the army have a loss of Hello data is in combat. When lamb meat is being cut flesh is being cut off only when the Dow has intensified. In that moment Brian is accepted.

00:36:13--> 00:36:19

Know mobile, and when it rains as well. And there are two meanings for that either. It means what

00:36:20--> 00:36:21

the Hadith is what

00:36:22--> 00:36:37

it means either when it rains as you're sitting inside making while and it could also mean under the rain as it's dropping water move out like an ontology. One zoning that one is endemic in a survey a man move out, okay. Now,

00:36:38--> 00:37:13

how did this rain has reasons for why it stops. And it has reasons and causes for why it comes down. It doesn't work he Annie, according to the Weather Bureau, and what they give us of report today, forecaster terrain, it's not all because of a southerly wind. That's why the clouds were devoted to somewhere else that it didn't rain, that this is not the reason and the cause for why rain comes down in the poll any more than one place. A lot tells us what are the reasons for him to come down. She's really something

00:37:14--> 00:38:00

that we understand the value of today. Right? Everyone wants to three Muslim, non Muslim, the animals everyone wants really begging for it. Because Australia has been in a drought. So everyone is looking forward to that that lizard level is dropping. And the Australian government is trying to put precautionary measures in place so as to what's going to happen if it rains, if it runs out. So they're making new that it's costing millions of dollars. One blessing a lot of Zoysia holes with holes. Look at the millions and millions of dollars it's going to cost you know to the point and it just so you can understand how much of a blessing is one lucky if Alonzo Jim was to command the sky

00:38:01--> 00:38:29

to shower upon us gold, silver and Paul's no one would want to go gold. If the sky was the rain gold. No one would want it as a replacement for a key understand how precious rain is. You see how precious rain is? What's the rain? Paul's coming up? Don't want this give us rainwater. This is the life this is what we live upon. We shall never have a condition in height but there are reasons let me Solomonic.

00:38:33--> 00:38:35

Once upon a second

00:38:39--> 00:39:06

the nation the people that we hold a second to get the man and don't give the cat what happens in pneumonia or aplomb in a senate a lot would deprive them from rain. It would deprive you then you say to you, if there are people that still don't pay zakat, but a lot of social since they are in how does that work? The haviv continues to say what oh, well bear in mind.

00:39:07--> 00:39:44

And if it wasn't for the animals, a lot wouldn't send anything down. But it's because of the animals the animals in the animal was called a Boogeyman. Because he he doesn't have an intellect he doesn't understand because of them. A lot of Zoysia sins down there a lot like getting Ganesh to have a lot. If it wasn't for animals, Allah would send nothing down. Then the mankind have caused corruption on earth. And we have filled the earth corruption. We not only committing the sins, the major and the minor, but we have made the seems laws.

00:39:45--> 00:39:47

We've made the sin a law,

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

email and online. He says if people were to see him and continuously seek forgiveness, and continuously make Toba and record their sins last

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

So as you would send and shower them with his blessings, but when people take a sin, and they make a law, they make a sin law.

00:40:11--> 00:40:36

This is when now you're trespassing. Now you're stepping the boundaries. Now you're not only happy with the sin, but he has made it a law so that people cannot talk against it. And so we have to practice it can practice it freely, you know of it, okay, that seems all over the world has become a law have become brilliant in constitutions. This is, this is a human right, it's become.

00:40:38--> 00:40:52

So how is really not going to be carried and withheld and deprived from the people? And what's the what's the reason for why rain comes down? A lot. So it makes it very simple in the quiet. He says, What I know is the call more or

00:40:53--> 00:41:07

less at their home man, Morocco. Well unleash the power. Kenny the meaning here is Allah azza wa jal had revealed to me that this is similar to him, how the soul of the jinn begin

00:41:08--> 00:41:09

was the beginning of sort of Trojan

00:41:10--> 00:41:30

War, he told them, that a lot has revealed to me that illusion heard the plan. Then you go one whole page, the next page, there is the lowest level with the journey. What's assuming this is that we're over here lie and low is the

00:41:31--> 00:41:48

Spider Man Rocco. And Allah also revealed to me that if the people were to walk on a straight path, if they were to commit themselves to an Easter karma is the poblado political, what is the economy What does it mean?

00:41:49--> 00:41:52

Whole lot from among the great professors. And

00:41:53--> 00:42:05

he said, Alistair karma, he and a lot more this The problem is sticking with yourself upon the words La Ilaha Illa law, which means what does that mean?

00:42:08--> 00:42:09

Does anyone know what a lemon law means?

00:42:14--> 00:42:53

sent Now, a lot of people get it wrong. How do we get this wrong when it's our beginning of our deep layer in a law means lemme Abu Dhabi hoppin Illallah. This is what the economy is, which means there is nothing worthy of worship, except Allah subhanho wa Taala. That means there are roads, the roads, how many people have claimed to be Lords around from above the list, right and going down. People have assumed logic for themselves. People should diagnose people or should HR

00:42:54--> 00:43:19

people or should other creation. People worship cows, people worship rocks, police, this is what they used to do. In their travels when they used to go they used to pick up the Lord, put him on the back of a camel go along, when the Lord became everyday flowing off. And then he became every and then on the way back. If he's dead, I'll pick him up. If he's not there. Don't take another stone and laugh at the people who come this is your Lord.

00:43:20--> 00:43:38

Rama means there are loads. There are loads besides a law surgeon who many people have claimed that but we say he Allah Buddha, there is no law worthy of worship, except Allah subhanho wa Taala lay the law doesn't mean there is no creator but Allah.

00:43:39--> 00:43:58

This is how sex became deviated. When they said it means there is no creed about Allah. If that was the case, then at least they let them play that in Milan, because they all affirm the fact Allah created the ABCs of Halekulani. Now you created me from five

00:44:00--> 00:44:01

Quraysh When asked

00:44:03--> 00:44:39

if you created do they love they would say a lot. So when you when you when you interpret let alone as new create about a law. This is the biggest devious. You've made every Muslim like that. That can lay that a law meaning no Lord worthy of worship except Allah. So that entails that every worship you do is directed solely to a large selection of select only for Allah and nothing else. You'll see em is only for like no one else. And then now is what is the karma means going back to the origin. He said, Well, I'm really stuck on what

00:44:41--> 00:44:49

if they committed themselves to a law and walk on that path, what would have been the result? Let us call you now who

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

we would have sent upon them water rain from the sky in abundance in abundance.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

And then even then, if Allah Zoysia was to send that rain down, after we have committed this department, a lot of soil he said Lena Tina home fee, and even that rain that a lot would send, it would be a test for us. Are we going to thank him for it or not have a lot of yelling, even if you commit to this department, and we did all the reasons for why rain should come down, rain will come down because the lead in abundance, but it will come down once again. So we'll walk and test us are we going to be carried away with this? Finally rain, you know, people now, a big thing for people from the Muslim community are calling for selective Mr. Scott, fair enough, shouldn't have been sort

00:45:40--> 00:46:21

of millimeters on the law to say, what happens when the rain comes down? What happens then see how people easily and quickly forget, people forget about the dam levels, doesn't matter. Cause if they fall of 80%, no one cares anymore. Everyone, everything is readily available, rain comes down and stops the neutron and no one nothing to care about nothing to worry about, get removed all these emergency catastrophic levels of cause that the people forget. Well, observation is telling you, when the rain and the water comes down. The purpose is Lena fino who feed in St. Louis and in the field. So we can test them, who's going to set thank this big blessing of Allah that's described as

00:46:21--> 00:46:35

mubaraka. And he's going to throw it away and just say, I'm going to take advantage of it. And what should we let them just move on somehow a lot. So that's one of the reasons to bring down water from the sky. What Alo stuck on.

00:46:36--> 00:46:39

Number two, a lot Zoysia he says in the toilet?

00:46:40--> 00:46:41


00:46:43--> 00:46:44

what the whole,

00:46:47--> 00:46:50

the Minister manual Oh, if the people of the town

00:46:52--> 00:47:09

were to develop even with the community, then believe in one Lord worthy of worship. And then they followed it up with what taco taco here means to establish in your life, your obligations, and to keep away from that which allows origin prohibited

00:47:10--> 00:47:26

loss aversion, he says, When I would not know for me know what will happen. Now for dotnet, we would have opened, but I carried him in a scenario and we would have opened the bike ad from the sky, what's the Baraka from the sky? Right? Because a lot described as man.

00:47:28--> 00:47:48

And not only that, a lot did not say we would have sent down water, he would have sent down from the sky bar, can you know what that means? It means water would come down, or how that blessings of Allah socially would come down to give this would come down. tranquillity would come down, angels would come down. Everything that is blessing in the sky would come down

00:47:50--> 00:47:53

by Kathy Minnesota, one arm, and they

00:47:54--> 00:47:58

would start giving us blessings that we probably have never seen in our life.

00:48:00--> 00:48:45

By Kathy Minnesota, not but what's the reason when I can get them never be mechanics? What? How do they lie they rejected so that I deserve these bikers from the sky and the earth. We ask a lot of solution that he does not deal with us the way he deals with those who reject the idea of loss aversion. And really, when corruption in sim spreads on the earth, everyone calls it everyone cops it. Even if profits were among us, they would be in it and they would cop it as well. What's the proof of that? The case of Musashi who said that you know when masala is set up after a tea after 40 years of being distracted and lost in the desert, whatever, at the end of 40 years a lot. So I

00:48:46--> 00:48:54

wanted to guide them to beta lock this to go and fight the enemy over lunch or bury in the leadership of USADA. No,

00:48:55--> 00:49:05

you know, Musashi said he told these people, Allah commanded us to go into that country to go into the land, let's go in it the people are valuable or they disobeyed him.

00:49:07--> 00:49:43

And what happened musalla you sent me died in the 40 years of punishment. Getting also he even copped it because of the Rebellion because of their sin because of the disobedience. What if it doesn't lead to sleep and and levina vulnerable income house of Allah azza wa jal he says, beware of a punishment fitna here means a punishment a lot. sorgente says beware of a punishment. It will not only affect a Latina woman come home, it's not going to target only the oppressor and the wrongdoers. Was that mean?

00:49:44--> 00:49:45


00:49:46--> 00:49:59

for the believer, it'll be viewed as the net forgiveness of sins. elevation of ranks in the paradise for the disbeliever is the punishment of a lot coming upon him. But then the hadith of it shall be a loved one, as you said, and that level of

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

saw the hood, are we going to be destroyed? Even if there's righteous people among us? What did you say? parlor Nam? Is that careful however? He said yes, even the righteous would go if corruption becomes abundant. When did I tell you? corruption hasn't only become abundant? It's become law. Every trespass the stage and where it become corrupted widespread what random people can get out? What rain are people thinking about? This? Why don't we ask about social that he sent rain? Because of the righteous and the believers among us that new Efrain was to come down it's only going to come down for that reason, nothing else. Nothing else. Last question. He says, When I can get them off, I

00:50:47--> 00:51:01

have never been back no signal. Another reason Allah so gently says, As more having a selective advice these people who sifted and one for only two, sell film or a black woman, no gain or fill up your city center, an equal middle.

00:51:02--> 00:51:27

How do you sell me said this, we stole your book on seek almost forgiveness? What do you think I was forgiveness from from sins that you have committed? In other words, the point is people will fall into sin. This is human nature. If you don't fall into sin, that they will profit. And it's not going to happen for you to one of us. We all fall into sin, but acts of no Am I hammer like he says in his book and

00:51:28--> 00:51:49

he says all blessing yet in a holiday or a holiday long agenda on a bus he has added in at the Holiday Inn model. And now nobody. He said sometimes a sim could be a reason for why a person enters the paradise. I said it correctly.

00:51:50--> 00:51:57

And sometimes a hustler could be a reason for why one enters shotgun no one ever will let

00:51:58--> 00:51:58


00:52:00--> 00:52:31

know plenty about him alone. He described this he said that when a person commits a sin, what happens after it of regret, sadness, worry, remorse, turning to Allah is still for dolder making a loss aversion dropping into Suzhou crying, begging a boss to forgive the sin. And all of that that you did after the sin was a reason for why we entered the paradox. And this is what a lot of soldiers don't want to proceed.

00:52:33--> 00:52:47

A humiliated sleeve before his hand. This is what a lot wanted to see. And on the other side, a person could do acid. But then after that, develop arrogance, on all along. I did something with a brother, what do you do?

00:52:48--> 00:53:31

And you start developing this arrogance on the wall. I've done a lot of time alone. And I know I'm the one who got up at night, made horrible. I prayed. I came to the masjid people can see me and I'm always here. You know, and I feel bad if I miss a day because one of the boys going to talk about me. This has an out of laws. Look at the arrogance that it developed inside of you to the point where you through the posted agenda whatever the next one now, please understand. It's not about the hustle and the car that you do. What it has said or what is it doing to you was senior What is it doing to you? If a say yeah, if the scene because there is not a single person among us, even the

00:53:31--> 00:53:38

most knowledgeable among us, even the most fearful of us to a lot of social that scene sitting among us.

00:53:40--> 00:53:45

As much as he protects himself. He needs to fall in tough if you will.

00:53:46--> 00:54:00

There is a moment of reflection and awareness and egolessness that you'll fall into. There is a shadow of a desire, a temptation that you will fall into. There is a moment of hubbub and anger in which you will fall into as I

00:54:02--> 00:54:20

mentioned, for the ID years, everyone is going to call it we're all going to be tested in that. But how do you react to the hustler? The believer to the year the believer is supposed to respond to a CEA is supposed to be like emergency alarm bells ringing in rush to at least

00:54:21--> 00:54:22


00:54:23--> 00:54:26

Like mood. Oh, how are you sir? I'm seeing these people to stop.

00:54:27--> 00:54:50

Seek a loss forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you beg him to forgive you. As a result, a lot of Zoysia wouldn't just say oh, I forgive you know, a lot solution is so happy with the servants forgiveness, seeking forgiveness and repentance that a lot of solution does beyond what you're going to expect. beyond what you expect.

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

You earn a lot of surgeons. Pleasure, a lot of solipsism that you will see the Senate on a committee

00:55:00--> 00:55:28

Or he will send the sky upon you in abundance. He didn't see your ceiling mat Aleykum he'll send water up on you. And why do we limit it? He said you'll see this submit a summary and everything of goodness in the skies. As we said, the mercy, the angels, the more I care, the rain over, you'll send it with water. Frequently time after time, it doesn't stop. We did come down.

00:55:30--> 00:56:15

You did come Yani, you did commit that you stretch it out as far as the eye can see with man money. First, you mentioned a senate which refers to water, because water is a reason for money. When water comes down, and things grow people so they make money, right? That's the only the chronological order of this. Well, you did come get what I mean and children were kidnapped. The gardens will come back to life. And the springs and the rivers and the ponds and all of that would be pulled up once again, because of what leads to a lot of social issues with no holidays. Sarah gave advice these people that he said that he said were starting to be late. You will see this summer on a Commodore

00:56:15--> 00:56:16

way as it comes

00:56:18--> 00:57:03

down nobody should know how you said who say what you said these people make is the father Dover, a lot of soldiers would send the sky upon you in abundance. Let's understand this when it's done them in a survey in America. The result from that navigation net as a result when this water comes down. A lot of Zoysia allows the earth to grow your net lush gardens would grow healthy, and the crops that we harvest, like the wheat crop, the barley seeds and all of that that we use and we spread back into the lab. A lot of socialists have recently laid out all of this rain in the food that is coming down as for who this come from the labor had a provision for all mankind not only for the

00:57:03--> 00:57:08

Muslim, she was a loss or she has mercy once again, Lily a bad

00:57:09--> 00:57:27

Muslim non Muslim and carefree men and corrupt the system first of all allows in the solid anyone. Everyone gets it Why? Why does allonzo agenda give us it is to everyone even there are people that don't deserve it. Unless decreed everyone gets it. Yeah, in the world. The lung is not

00:57:29--> 00:57:34

when an obese Arsalan described it he said madonia laka. Jani.

00:57:35--> 00:57:36


00:57:38--> 00:57:41

He sent me he said that this was the life

00:57:42--> 00:57:45

yeah, in the sight of Allah in the sight of Allah.

00:57:47--> 00:57:50

It is like the wing of a mosquito

00:57:51--> 00:57:51


00:57:52--> 00:58:00

That's the word I was looking to say we are in the luggage and I have our it doesn't even equal to the wing of a mosquito.

00:58:04--> 00:58:11

A lot like what do you want to sell it in the luggage? Now? How about all the lemons in the healthcare field?

00:58:12--> 00:58:22

And if it was to equal to the window on the skin, he doesn't equal to the window. But if it was to be the winner of a mosquito mosquito that comes on and you go like that.

00:58:23--> 00:58:26

Yeah, but when it comes to us, who does this turn

00:58:27--> 00:59:04

around? Someone will say no money is dirty. And then the person has to give us your money if it's dirty, and I'm collecting the US dollar right? This is what we did to the mosquito. If and this is a window of an escape a window mosquito it's lifeless doesn't even move. You won't even see a flight one wing is on the floor. People stepping on a been cleaned up if that's if it's seen that is if it's seen hacker one they'll believe is supposed to be like that. getting any help if you Sorry, he sees it as a window of a mosquito move on. You know like do you feel your eyes up with it? Remember the

00:59:06--> 00:59:08

feel the eyes up with a Santa

00:59:10--> 00:59:10


00:59:12--> 00:59:17

that's what you're supposed to fill your eyes with? A lot of so shall he says. Let

00:59:20--> 00:59:29

me know. Don't stretch your eyes with that which we have given them. One lucky. There are some people one lucky is is going to come out of his head.

00:59:30--> 00:59:36

When you see something at luxury, or something at all, worth millions of

00:59:40--> 00:59:50

dollars when you see something new something that your heart desires, and you're not seeing the heart's desire, but you need to suppress you say along that OSHA elation.

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

And you see something that your eyes desires, from a beautiful house from a beautiful setup in a garden of someone from a beautiful suite.

01:00:00--> 01:00:47

Pull that someone has in his house for whatever it is, say Allahu Allah. Now, ah, yeah. And he there is no satisfying life in the ocean of love, except the life of the Hereafter, because that's the everlasting life. That's when you enjoy what you have. You know, when the last version described the privacy regime in Dhaka, hell and hell, rivers flow underneath today what flows under the house? sewage water, the flush the toilet, and the sewage water? This is what falls underneath the house sewage waste. And then then the paradise vision even, and how can you see the everlasting? Can you see where the real eye with a love of is supposed to be one love described as well. He said

01:00:47--> 01:00:53

something about the higher the Buddha. He described it as the flower of this worldly life. Why the flower?

01:00:54--> 01:01:04

And all of that commented, why was the earth in the world described as a flower? You know, because the most beautiful thing that melts away quickly is the flower.

01:01:05--> 01:01:33

The cloud looks beautiful. People come and give it and someone gave birth or Tallinn flowers. What do you keep on the table? vallam. Two days, three days. By then it's making a mess. The flow that it's it's become tough and it's crumbling. Throw the living goldfish. The most beautiful thing from among the plant from among the plants gone to three days it was finished. Wikipedia is exactly like that. Looks beautiful from the very beginning. Give it a while.

01:01:35--> 01:02:17

You want to upgrade. It's got depleted, it's finished. It's melted didn't see any any satisfaction in it anymore. I could do yeah, that's how it is. And unfortunately people consume and they continuously run after a particular news and never reach the end of it. There is no end of it. Also, the end of it is not for you. You die in everything you collected that for you You didn't even use in our life. You give it to someone now to use that avelox you may have created a fight after you and you became a reason for why people are fighting your children fighting over if you didn't teach them Imagine if you didn't teach him the deen of Allah subhana wa. Surely this question it says from

01:02:17--> 01:02:20

binaries your natural habit has he then he said that is

01:02:21--> 01:02:23

what he never he built the meta

01:02:24--> 01:03:10

legal fouche he said but nonetheless. Nonetheless, what and also loss aversion caused this water to fall for an anon and nothing is the palm trees to grow Pepsi called toe. Now upon nabin on the palm trees, there is the law, but are other fruits, the dates now the meaning they're perfectly aligned and arranged. You see them so Pamela let me just like a great how they grew a woman in a cluster all together. Same thing here and the dates just fine line. So Pamela Jani wala human effort couldn't do something like this. These are signs that allows or shouldn't mix for us that we draw nearer and nearer to a mouse or shall Finally, what's the next day after this? It is called the labor why hate

01:03:10--> 01:03:13

IV vendetta method cattolica What's the after

01:03:16--> 01:03:23

after the conclusion, give them a problem shifting conclusion after all of these customer

01:03:25--> 01:03:29

after all of this, where it's supposed to be

01:03:30--> 01:03:30


01:03:31--> 01:03:56

or believe or not accepted. Finally, what we find the unfortunate the tragic reality of the up level cabinet cabinet way before them any moneta de la soldierly saying that today they are lying, they are rejecting. But find satisfaction in the fact that they're not the first ones to do that. Way before the Cold War was how it was with a moon while I was there, I

01:03:57--> 01:04:00

was having a cat what I would do but couldn't learn.

01:04:02--> 01:04:17

for half an hour he, all of them, they rejected and lied against the messages and the message that they came with that kawaii and as a result, a lot of Zoysia ins warning and his promise against them that they have

01:04:18--> 01:04:29

going to happen, it will be fulfilled. Then a lot of social uses. Because when they were told this, that if you die upon your cover, you will enter jahannam they said What do you mean,

01:04:30--> 01:04:36

either when we die, or couldn't get to order and we become turned into power to love.

01:04:38--> 01:04:59

We only to be resurrected once again. Does that make sense? Jenny All right. Maybe if we die and we quickly are given a war. Maybe we can believe that. But not talking about when we die. We've withered away. We've become the bones of Gollum. How are we going to come back up a lot of swords and in the last day of this passage, he responds to that he said after iE nebelhorn

01:05:00--> 01:05:00

No one

01:05:01--> 01:05:51

can mean a hyena, I no means Was it difficult upon us. To create you the first time round view when we were created the first time round, that is much more intense than a loss origin resurrecting us the second time round. Why? Because the first time you're still not formed, your eye color hasn't come into formula, your hair, your shape, your body, your size, and all this hasn't come into fruition yet. So all in jeans in a little cell, then if developed, then when you die, and you become a tailbone, you've become a form already. So if a lot of social was able to create us the first time round thing it is very, very, very simple upon a loss origin to bring us around. The second time

01:05:51--> 01:06:19

loss is a financial coconut, what was it difficult upon us to create the the first time the idea is that if we were able, or definitely bringing up the second time round, and the greatest proof for that is pregnancy, pregnancy and the entire stage of delivery and all of that, how does this work and I have a whole lot. They refer to it as sort of a product you also have a product with a lot of senses and sort of a particular human being a soldier alive in

01:06:21--> 01:06:30

the eye means that a human being a soldier of the light meaning the human being when he is formed, the sperm it travels from a swamp a solid is

01:06:31--> 01:07:13

the travels underneath hex panel light travels from there, all the way until it comes out from the middle. what the law is referring to the chest bone of a woman right? So her fluid the woman's discharge, it begins it initiates from here, it initiate from the chest boom. And it comes all the way down until it's discharged a lot of social he says that this fluid from the male and the female Yeah, foolish in vain assume de batalla by then, and then it comes out and it mixes together. It makes it allows origin it says in colloquial INSEAD in Latin instead of gentlemen have been in a revolution with God in the Holocaust. And he said, I'm not *in

01:07:14--> 01:07:33

I'm sharing. What does unshared mean, mix? Mix mill discharge with female discharge, right? I'm sure as you know, I'm sure mix. So it comes out It makes us then a lot of surgeon says in a whole lot allows you a lot.

01:07:34--> 01:08:23

That has two meanings. Number one, it means a lot is able to bring that sperm cell back up. And in those nine months later, it comes out along with a baby screaming. I mean, when in debt, sperm cell, a cell is dead. Yes, maybe the heartbeats but there's no rule. The heartbeat in some way. And the first four months is called head move. This development stage it's developing. But then after four months, there's a war now it's become a life. Right? And nine months it comes out the life in the same manner it went in the womb that came out of life in the same manner, you and I would go into the womb of the earth or ended up as a tailbone, which is the last bone on the spinal cord. And when

01:08:23--> 01:08:44

a lot of Zoysia wills will come out once again, the Lord would send rain from the sky and we would come out once again what even new forces wizard and as you be formed as a body law surgeon would send your water your body widget Yanni the body pair up with the soul failure in Korea when

01:08:45--> 01:08:49

everyone gets up looking at each other. Again, what do you say then?

01:08:51--> 01:08:51

How can our

01:08:53--> 01:09:16

buddy houfy Labs mill How can God alone Philips? They confused? they doubt I'm hoping God, they doubt that they will be given new form in new life once again, but new Philips in helping God beautiful solar then we're going to stop here and a lot of Zoysia continues to speak about this and instead what he said when

01:09:19--> 01:09:28

he doesn't think easily. When we asked closer to him than his own juggler. Hey, do you think that your own juggler is close to you?

01:09:29--> 01:09:59

And he says to you that is inclusivity there is a big debate among ordinary people doesn't mean does it mean that a laws knowledge is closer to you? Does it mean that a lot of angels are closer to you than you are to your own juggler a many many many opinions in the app but the idea is that a lot of stories you disclose to us get to you under the watch of the last version 24 seven, knocking some some awareness some funeral laws or shall into our hearts with these a final remark I do when I finish the idea but I want to say something that also led to this

01:10:00--> 01:10:02

The squat, which we mentioned is a reason for him.

01:10:04--> 01:10:24

To You know, selected as the squat is a sumo for sort of muscle a lot while he has said that we've done it in this country before we continue to do it I think this one today as well. Well, I was so amazed that we gather as many people as we can and we pray it out in the open the public, were what's first the Salalah Cooper

01:10:26--> 01:10:28

what comes first and solo

01:10:29--> 01:11:06

I've selected what comes first of all, obviously, selecting the selected list is called could have either you can either start with a solid in the hopper, where you can have the hot button the solid, flexible, no problem, so that the list is called and hotbar is only one foot different to select the Juma it's to the man sits down and then gets up for a second. But this one is one and the hopper is supposed to be getting this message the message is supposed to be for people to feel a loss aversion to ask for forgiveness to turn back to a loss or agenda and remind the people of that of that reality when there is a student as well in selected as default which is what what's the pseudonym

01:11:06--> 01:11:51

selected is this offering enough to do something and those that are praying behind him to do something physically to what to remove whatever clothes is on and to take it inside out flip it inside out and put it back on. Why What's the reason for that in hope that allows origin tones the situation to develop anywhere in drop, turn it back to a greenery and alive as it used to be that's that's why you turn the the garments inside out hoping the loss turns the situation from drought and difficulty into something that is comfort and ease. But there's something that is missing all the time. And then he said he attitude people come out with facilities system. Yeah, when he saw that in

01:11:51--> 01:12:15

his Discord. When you observe it in the life of sumos. I send them when the Sahaba came running to us almost I send them and they said to me on a single Mark hallazgos silver one health. Girl Sula, la sala La Liga Center, the crops, our farms, our animals are dying from the drought and from thirst.

01:12:16--> 01:12:31

Can you ask a lottery? You know when they said that and they pre selected Mr. Scott is because literally when they left their homes, the last cup of water they saw was that cup of water that had water in it number one after

01:12:32--> 01:12:57

they know when we press on it that is disqualified because you might have 10 balls in your car. And you and there is no shadow of a doubt in the back of your mind. That water is accessible like that. Like that. You get it from any of his stuff at a servo pick up whatever leaders you are at a Kohl's go to Williams it's totally a tablet. If you turn on your tap and you fill up an entire Subaru if you're gonna pre selected this this with that attitude.

01:12:58--> 01:13:27

We're missing the most important element. And this is why when they used to pray, as soon as I send them finished solidness, this pop will not even seconds, there was a cloud above them and it was raining. And the desperation was real. Genuine from the heart there was begging the old law, one law This is the last cup we have for after that which you can look at each other the 109 you literally there was no water.

01:13:28--> 01:13:29

Imagine the rain that comes down the

01:13:31--> 01:13:46

excitement that the people are so happy to the point where where the laws are should read that in that instant pocket. It rains so abundantly and heavily that the people they ran back into their dwellings would never saw I said that was laughing. You can run it for eight

01:13:47--> 01:13:58

rounds running back to their homes. And he's had a lot to learn this panel. What I've added is the blessing of a lot so I hit the fevers of a lot of funny surgeons any

01:13:59--> 01:14:46

if you didn't hear of solid dentist is hot and you joined it and you prayed at the detention time as best as you can in the moment there's no rain, and you're not now in Australia. There are towns literally there's no supply anymore. Oh no, there's there's no supply anymore. Running out of supply. The army has been deployed to send in food aid and nearly like a third world country. There's like our countries when we send aid and food and supplies that the ship the Navy is carrying 3000 pounds on the news 3000 tons of emergency relief or you can it's like a war torn country. Prime Minister announcing yesterday or on the bushfires This is like a war it's become so powerful that

01:14:46--> 01:14:59

you don't find bushfires like this. You find that the man with the one sided with let you that in the lobby is the commerce steadfastness upon lay now, I tell you to fight it with these matters and you're the one who sent it.

01:15:00--> 01:15:08

He's the one who controls stop setting this thing of out of control and that control being controlled. No one has control over

01:15:09--> 01:15:48

a loss or shouldn't makes the situation out of control or law controls it, shoot these words. These are words only allow users not bankai lakhiani. In Description, we understand what they mean, but don't get carried away to think that they control that or they contain that no one contains anything. We think we are only to contain yourself and worry about containing yourself and directing focus to a lot of soldiers worship anyway. So how do you this long and long we can take longer than this. But we ask a lot of storage that you accept our sincere efforts. Ask them if they accept our worship, whilst the last version that he said in green for the believers and the righteous that are

01:15:48--> 01:15:59

among us. Less than the last, the last version that he bestowed His mercy upon us personalized version that he alleviate difficulties and hardships in life, namely vertical hydraulic,

01:16:01--> 01:16:03

hot water and he also