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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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publisher in Saudi Arabia silly Emily Hello Dr. Melissa nia. Coleford hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was my mother, everyone once again salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My intention today is to try to cover is 6263 and some lessons from 64. And 62. Allows origin after that challenge that we talked about the mobile holla

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Jagannath Allahu Allah.

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Allah now says in the Hagia one cos will have this in fact, no doubt about it is the actual account the actual narrative. The word you know, information or what's been said can be communicated with the word number, which means news. This is the actual event, this is the actual news or Hadith on how the true speech or total hack the true Word, but Allah chose deliberately to use the word and cost us here. And cost us is commonly translated as this is the actual story. This is the true story of causes, and Huck. But the word costs us actually, for the word story is actually from the verb casa, which means to follow step by step. In other words, when you know, when someone tells a story,

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they don't just tell you what happened at the end, they'll tell you the first thing and the second thing, the second thing, because they want to build anticipation and build the account of the story, or the listener won't understand the entire story if the steps are not shown one by one by one. And the listener also follows along and you know, like a terrible example. But if you're into what really into watching movies, or watching a TV show or something, then if you're going to go to the fridge and get something for yourself, you're going to pause it

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because you don't want to miss a step. Now, what do you say what do they say? Well, I didn't hear that. When I got a phone call and you pass it because you don't want to miss a single or sir like a single step in it, right. This is the word used for when Musa sister was told to follow Moosa when he was basket was, you know, floating along the river, or sea, he follow him step by step. So the same origin was used. So the word here is the story as it's told step by step. That's the implication of the word story here, which is interesting, because we weren't told all the steps. It was basically saying, These are the only steps you need to be concerned with. It's also reinforcing

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someone, something we learned before. The cruel Hakeem, the only Vicar that's being done here is the one that has hikmah in it, these are the only steps you need, which is why not only is a digital Hakeem a unique expression of the Quran not found elsewhere. And of course, also Huck is also a unique expression of the Quran not found elsewhere. And so it's actually reinforcing that this story, even though you will be intrigued about much more details, this is the part that you must focus on, and pay attention to and stick with. This is a principle of Quran studies, if you will, a literary principle and a guiding principle that Allah will deliberately not just tell us a lot of

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things, but he will deliberately not tell us a lot of things. And unfortunately, our minds are focused or most of the time on what he did not tell us instead of what he actually did tell us. So like the in the discussion on the meanings of an IRA, we're going to be focused on on the information that's not there. Instead of the information that is that the words that are there that the event that is there, in any any case, Allah Tao gets to the thesis of the story, why is the story even being told? What's the purpose of telling the account of lisa lisa Now, here's what it is. Well, Marmon ilaha illAllah, there is absolutely no one to worship or obey or show adoration to

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in any way, shape or form. Except for Allah. Well, now I'm in ilaha illAllah which is different from La Ilaha Illa. Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah has actually occurred a number of times in the school already La Ilaha Illa. When Hakeem from the very beginning, Allahu La Ilaha Illa What are you? It's not Allahumma amin ilaha illa What are you? It's La Ilaha Illa who, but here you find Alma min ilaha illAllah. It's different. Now how is this different? Mammon Illa is actually for rough for refutation. When you speak to someone who doesn't know any better you say la ilaha illa Allah, when you speak to someone who makes a false claim about Allah, and attributes other gods to, you know, alongside Allah, then you correct them by saying ma min Illa Illa Allah. We actually believe in Allah and these are the

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Arab Christians to neutron which means to use the word love for God to and the phrase no one should be worshipped except God is something they accept

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Kind of phrasing you would expect from an idol worshiper. Like you tell them mom in law handed law, there's no God to worship except Allah. They're being told despite your claim that you believe in one God, that claim that you believe in one God is false. And you need to come to the actual realization of what it means to believe in one God mom and Allah and Allah. But then there is there's more. That could have been just the point that don't do * and just believe in the head but the IRA doesn't end there. Well, I'm not law we're in Allahu Allah xyzal Hakeem, and certainly Allah in fact, truly he is the ultimate authority, the Wise. Now the wise also Hakeem comes not just

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from hikma, but also from hokum, meaning the only one who can govern. The problem is that they removed from Allah, the concept of his authority, and his governance. Because as you believe Jesus is your Savior, you no longer need to abide by God's authority and his laws. Those are no, those are null and void. And he no longer gives you a new hokum, because Jesus got in the way of that, so his rules and his verdicts don't apply. This is even in contrast to what Jesus Himself reportedly said in the Bible, do not think I have come to change the law. He said that himself, do not think I've come to change the law and interest. Interestingly, post, Paul, the law is gone. It's removed

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entirely. And this notion that the law doesn't apply anymore, it's not just something that happened in the Christian faith, this is not understand something, this is not only a criticism of the Christian faith, there are some universals that we have to learn here, in virtually any religion in which the teachings that originally were the scripture from Allah revelation from like, we have Quran, they had thought it had Injeel, right? When those teachings are lost, or those teachings are no longer being held on to people or not connected with the word of a lie anymore, then creative and new interpretations of religion start spawning, and different kinds of outlets that are also going

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to call themselves Islam will come out. Now, me as a policy, I don't speak about other factions of Muslims. Like I know, there are lots of divisions among Muslims. And I'm very familiar with those labels, too. And I've studied quite a few of those labels. But you'll find as a matter of policy, when I'm giving lectures on the Quran, to give you a case study of something, I will not actually refer to a particular group or name them by name. But without naming names, I'll tell you a case study, okay, without naming any names, and those who get paranoid is talking about us. Let yourself be paranoid. That's okay. That much is fine by me. There are actually factions of the or divisions

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within the Muslim Omar, people who call themselves Muslim, who believe in profits after the Prophet Muhammad SAW them, there are people like that. And they even believe that, that it was passed down as a hereditary thing. And so the grandfather received revelation, the grandson received revelation and the great grandson who's still alive now hanging out, also received revelation, when he goes to places that they consider themselves calling themselves Muslims still will go to different places. And when they go there, the followers of that Islam will actually do such that to them, they'll actually bow down to them. But that's not the part I want to highlight. The part I want to highlight

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is some of these preachers would go to places you know, in in, you know what happened in India, for example, they'd go to some places and preach their version of Islam, and the hit to the Hindus. And the Hindus would say, well, five prayers and dietary restrictions and all these rules I don't, I don't think we can handle it. And their pseudo profit would actually say, Well, you know, for you,

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all of its gone, it doesn't so long as you have gotten your heart, align your heart. You're good enough, basically, almost identical to what Christians did with the law of Moosa, you will actually find case studies of exactly that phenomenon within the Muslim world. Within the Muslim world, same exact thing, the law is gone. For all practical purposes, so long as you believe in the Prophet size for them, so long as you believe in Allah. And they'll add some other companions and some things too. And so long as you believe that the prophets of Salaam will intercede on your behalf on judgment day, you've got free license, you're good. That's good enough for you. Right? So this is

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not just something that's a criticism of the Christian people, just like I reiterate over and over again, when we talk about Jewish history in certain Bakara, that those criticisms of the Jews are actually also social commentary on what's going to happen with the Muslims. The same with the theological problem of what happened with Christianity behind it as a kind of psychology that will repeat itself and it will find its way even in contemporary Muslim life, it will make its way here to inside the oma also. So in any case, where mom and Ella and and Lola, no one has to be worshipped except a lion. If you do put someone in between a lion yourself like they did with Jesus, what's

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going to happen? The two immediate practical implications of a law being the only one to be worshipped will disappear. One of those implications that allies allies and allies, and Hakeem and allies the authority because allies authority is now taken away because somebody got in the way of that. The other meaning of Hakeem is wise.

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That also is important to note, wisdom comes from Allah. And the only way we have access to Allah's wisdom is by his own words, when you put others in between them, by necessity, they will push you away from the word of Allah. That's the only way they can maintain their position is by pushing you away from the word of Allah, I was speaking to a young man in some part of the Muslim world that shall not be named. And his father is very concerned that he's starting to learn the Quran.

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His father is very, very concerned that he's starting to learn the Quran, he comes from a family, where they believe in certain saints within the Muslim world, within their tradition, and those saints are, you're actually supposed to make dua to them, you're supposed to even visit their grave sites, it's even some practices of such data them. And you know, they have all these rituals that have been going on in their family for a long time. Now, this young man is studying the Quran. And as a result of a study of the Quran, he is no longer comfortable with so much of that because he can sense that you're placing someone other than Allah between ourselves in Allah and in the family.

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There are also lots of practices that are directly against Allah as vertix in the Quran, his hokum in the Quran. And his father gets very upset with him because he's asking to go to the Friday prayer or is asking to, you know, to do things that, you know, he's like, I can't even grow a beard and I can't do this or that nice. And I told him just easy on the beard. Let's we have other things to deal with right now. Okay, so we got we got other issues that we need to work through. But the point is that this idea that when you remove Koran from the equation, then those other entities and those saintly figures and that entire mythology, that can become a very powerful, strong thing, and they

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can take the place of Allah's authority, because the wisdom of Allah's words is absent from your religious identity. It's just not there. And so for so many, it's so scary that for so many people in the Muslim world, where we revere the Quran, we respect the Quran, we put it in high shelves, we love its recitation, you know, to hear sensitization, the vast majority of us actually don't know what it says, even though we have access to translation. I'm a big critic, even of translations, but we don't even know what the translation says, forget the Arabic We don't even know what the translation says. And even if we do in such shallow ways, and then on top of that, when we do know

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it, we know the few quotes from here and there that will serve our particular ideology, not actually studying the book for its own case, for its own sake, only studying it to reinforce my already entrenched position. Right. And this is, instead of Allah's book, being the basis for which you see the truth, you actually have already decided what the truth is, and you're now extracting validation for your truth from Allah's words. And this is the opposite of Lita punakha, Lima to La Jolla, that word of Allah should be in the supreme place, it's not in the supreme place. And so many who consider themselves religious, it's actually in a very secondary tertiary place, when you look at it

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in reality, so this this comment of Allah, this is the actual account, no one has to be worshipped, except Allah. And Allah in fact, is Al Aziz and Hakeem the ultimate authority, the source of all wisdom, the ultimately wise, and the only one to give verdicts is very pertinent to what they have believed all this time, what's what they've done to their religion, for instance, hello. And if all if they turn away, the window is a past tense, like there are so it's not this, it doesn't end with EU it ends with out the window. But it can also be the lighter form of the modality, that our window. So there are two possible translations here. One translation is if they turned if they've

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still turned away, that's one meaning. Another meaning is, if all of you still turn away, if all of you turn away, so there's two meanings if they've turned away, or if all of you turn away the present tense form. Now, if you look at the second meaning, if all of you turn away, then actually, it's almost as though it immediately switches and recognizes the presence of the Christian audience who were being spoken of in the third person. And now all of a sudden they're being addressed very directly. And by by extension, obviously, every time you say all of you in the Quran, we are the audience to the Muslims or the audience to and it is as though a lot of points the finger at us and

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says By the way, if you do this, centuries after your prophet is gone like they did this centuries after they saw was gone for in Allah Allah mumble Medina, Allah is fully aware of those who cause corruption. Unless fully aware of those last question, like this statement is actually a like a something that echoes throughout history and echoes into even future generations. So it wasn't just talking to them. It has this powerful like, you know, magnificent tone, for interloper in Allah Halima. mazzini. Interesting also, that Allah didn't say faceting. He said move. seeding is very strategic facet is someone who's corrupt. Mostly there's the motor and the form which means someone

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who causes corruption. Someone who creates corruption.

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Someone who corrupts others. Not only are you corrupt, you're corrupting others. Now, how is that? You see, the Muslims are the people of Scripture, the people who have revelation. They're the ones who are ambassadors of Allah's message. They're the ones who represent a last message. When they start misrepresenting the last message, then there is no source of truth left. So when those who are charged with the responsibility to carry a love message, and the less truth to humanity, when they turn their backs, and they mix and pollute the original teachings of the religion, not only are they corrupt, they are actually now in the name of teaching the truth, teaching falsehood. So they are

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causes of corruption for others, even if they don't preach to anybody else, just the way that they act, just in the way that they carry themselves just in the way that they believe. You see, I'm, I've put a mic on right now there's a camera running, this is going to go on the internet, I am spreading something, I'm trying to spread something people are listening in different parts of the world, and I'm trying to proliferate. But there's a Muslim, or who, or even a Christian who is not spreading anything, they're just living their life. They're just living their life. Let me tell you, just the fact that you identify yourself as a person of faith

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actually means you represent faith. You represent what it means to believe in God. And your behavior, the way you carry yourself, the way you live, what you believe. Whether you preach to anybody or not you, even in silence, are sending a message to people around you.

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You represent something, you represent Islam, you know, and so for in Allah, Allah moments of silliness, you could just carry these false ideas in you. And that leads you to live a certain way. You know, when guys see you other guys see you on the college campus or they see you at work, and they see how you carry yourself. You actually represent what Islam means. This guy, this person, this man, this woman has Islam and this is how they behave. This is what Islam must have taught them. This is what faith does to them. This is how they become, you know, so for in Allah Halima Mimosa de la mulata, dynamin MCT oil, declare the Prophet is told say yeah,

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people have the book, I remind you of what I said before. The phrase I look it up. I believe in these ayat is referring to those who are knowledgeable in the scripture who are qualified in the Scripture, who are considered by others qualified in the Scripture. I had someone qualified in something, someone really truly associated with something. So though it's not say Christians yanagihara because those words are found in the Quran. yehudah nasrani are found in the Quran. This is not Pollyanna Sarah, is not Kalia hood, is Kalia Kitab. So the people have knowledge of the book. And here it's referring to the Christian missionaries may even include the rabbis that are

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implicitly listening, both of them that I know Illa Kalimantan, come to a word, raise yourselves up the ILO, which I talked about that last time, raise yourselves up to a word Salah in vain and our inner come a word that is the same, it's even between ourselves and you come to common ground, come to common ground. In other words, let's not talk about where we disagree. Let's talk about what we agree on. We've now discussed what we disagree on, what do we what do we disagree on? Jesus said, Mary, this is what we disagree on. But now that you you've been stumped on this, and you have no response, and you weren't even willing to challenge your own position, and stand on it and say, if I

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am wrong, we are lurkers. But you were not willing to do that. Let's not take the harsh, tough road. Let's take the soft road. And what's that soft road even to the preachers, and that is the ILO in I can imagine Saba in vain. And let's come to a common word, let's come to some things that we both can agree on, that have been the same that you would put and possibly you would have no reason to disagree with. What are those things I learned that Buddha Allah Allah, that we will not worship and he won't accept? Allah. Now we have, we will not be able to appreciate these IOD if we don't understand something more comprehensive about worship, when you hear the word worship, certain

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pictures come in your mind, prayer, Salah has such the like these are acts of worship and of course speaking there are only two Allah. So when the IRS says, We will not worship anyone other than Allah, you can see immediately that it's saying, don't worship Jesus only worship Allah. But I want you to expand the scope of the term ibadah. Beyond worship, worship for you and me is an act that we do at a certain time we just prayed, we engaged in an act of worship. But when you leave the masjid and you get in your car, and you're driving what you would not normally think that you're at that moment engaged in an act of worship, but you are still a slave. You're still engaged in ullas.

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slavery, slavery is an identity worship or some acts that take place within that identity. Right, but slavery is actually

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identity, when you're sleeping, you're not worshiping. But when you're sleeping, you're still a, you're still asleep. When you're eating food, you're not worshiping, but you're still a slave. So, the idea here is slavery extends to all things I do in my life. It's an overarching sense of identity. This is what I live my life as a free person lives a life differently from a slave. Right? a free person has in mind, what am I going to do? What do I want? Where do I go? What are my choices? My my mind, my mind? What is the slave thinking constantly?

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What does the master want? What am I What is my Masters priorities for me? Am I in line with what my master accepts? And even if the slave and the slaves don't slaves have freedom to but they have freedom within a fence?

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Right, they can't cross a fence. Like if the Master says don't leave town, then they can go anywhere in town, but they can't leave town because the Master said, Okay, our masters has come back by this time, they only come back by that time, their time limits on their space limits on them, their behavior limits on them. Master says don't go this way, don't go this way, then.

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In other words, you cannot actually accept slavery without accepting authority. When it says we shall not worship or the translations we shall not worship anyone other than Allah. Then the problem is, if you limit that discussion to we're only going to pray to God and not pray to Jesus, that's only painting part of the picture of a Bada, it's actually saying, we're not going to accept the masteries, the ultimate final authority of anyone other than Allah, let's come to terms with that. Let's, let's understand that worship is simply a reminder that we're slaves. Let me say that again, worship is only a reminder that we are saved. If worship is not reinforcing your slavery, then

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you're missing the point of worship. Because that's the entire point is what happens between the prayers.

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The Prayer is supposed to help you with what's going to happen. Between the prayers Am I going to act as a slave between the prayers? Now what the problem with the Christians was they reduced their relationship with God to just worship and in everything else, they do whatever they want, you understand gift Sunday to God. And then the rest is mine. You understand? And ally is telling them come back to common terms. And originally, Allah didn't just want worship from us. He wanted slavery from us.

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Allah nabooda illa Allah, then he adds, Willa Lucia, be shaken. And we will not associate as a result of that slavery, we will not associate anything with him. Now you appreciate, you know, worship, no one but Allah and commit No, shirk seems like the same thing. If you say, don't worship anyone other than Allah, isn't that the same thing as saying, we're not going to do any shirk, to seem some some sort of a redundancy between these two phrases, but actually, one is a result of the other. It is, if you understand the comprehensive definition of slavery, not worship, we are absolutely going to accept a loss mastery over us, which is why we are not going to allow anyone to

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have anywhere near that level of authority as Allah does. We will never put anyone in that place that unusually can be shaken. It's not just about worship, it's about placing someone in a position of authority. In other words, the last words of the previous ayat, were in the law, Allahu Allah Aziz will Hakeem over the attributes of Allah after he says mommy ilaha illAllah. After that La ilaha illa Allah, what is this, the fruit of it has Reza has his hokum.

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And now we're actually furthering that that notion, and we're furthering that notion by appreciating, we're never going to put in a position of authority anyone other than Allah, no one will be able to nullify his authority, what he has made permissible will remain permissible, what he made her arm will remain Haram, nobody can come and change it. We will accept that ultimate finality of his word. That is that should be common term between you and me. You call it the Word of God, then take it as the Word of God. What language should you copy and then you'll appreciate the third like it's getting more and more specific, the higher it goes from the general we will worship none

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other than no one but Allah, we will enslave ourselves, so no one other than Allah, we will not put anyone in this place. And by the way, one thing I skipped here is it Allah doesn't say, well, maybe he hadn't. He says, Well, I know she can be shayan huge difference. We will not put any one as a partner to Allah, which means Jesus or a god or the God or a daughter of God or whatever else, multiple gods, those are individuals. But the word shape means what?

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A thing. Forget an individual, not even a thing, not even the cross, not even the blood of Christ, which is a thing. Not even a piece of something and then this has been

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More timeless implications. Today in this day and age, God has been replaced with the universe. If you if you look at documentaries of scientists that are in awe of the universe, they talk about it like they're talking about God. It's so humbling. I am just so marveled at its majesty. And they talk about the universe, the physical universe, the way they're talking about. Allah Himself, and its laws, and its governance. And it's, you know, I'm just baffled and they literally look sounds like worship, like they do have some artwork out. That's what they're doing. It sounds like that. And that is actually literally shayan. In our times, it is ideas. It's material and in practice, and

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that's in the philosophical sense for scientists, and for practically for people, you know, what's happened, you know, what's replaced a lot. idols have been replaced Allah. false gods haven't replaced a lot. Jesus hasn't replaced Allah, you know, for most people, regardless of their religion, even Muslims, you know, what's replaced Allah? Nope, not even science stuff. Money, tech, games, movies, entertainment, house, car, social media, stuff. Stuff is what we worship stuff is what we want more than anything else stuff is what we want will give us contentment stuff is that we want to submit ourselves to you submit the way you look, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way

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you spend your time, the way you're going to spend your money, what you're going to invest yourself in what you it's all about material things, Shea Attia.

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He literally says we will not associate anything, we won't put anything we're supposed to be.

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Well, I know she can be a shame. But this obviously was the Christians first. What does this have to do with Christian even though I'm saying there's a universality here, but I want you to understand how did I make that jump from Christianity to this universality, what happened with the Christian faith, first of all, Jesus as the ultimate lord and savior.

00:27:03--> 00:27:39

And when they put them as ultimate lord and savior, then that resulted in all kinds of corruption in the Christian Christian world. And the Christianity itself became a source of great oppression in the Christian world, in the West. And then Europe eventually rebelled against that same Christianity. And they came up with a material narrative of Christianity that was against the anti material narrative of Catholic Christianity, the Protestant movement, and then from it now, and it's mutations that are found in the United States, you know what you get, you get a preacher saying, God wants you to get that promotion, and he wants you to get that second job. And when I made my first

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million preaching in this church, I said, praise the Lord, I must be doing something, right.

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I know you liked that impression.

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Because you know what happened now? God wants you to worship more and more material, literally more material. I listened to these guys I listened to very carefully because they helped me understand Quran.

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When I say you know, language, you can be shaped and the pursuit of material like you would pursue the pleasure of Allah. I have never found anyone preached that better than today's evangelical ministry. Like just the pursuit of the material. I went to a big Christmas event, just to see what they do. Just wanted to attend it. And man was I was amazed. Besides all the singing and dancing and all that, you know, Lady gets up there, the preachers got his, his wife doing a part of it, and they sing, sing along, and then he's doing a part of it, and his mama comes and his dad complains, like our whole family thing going on. She's, uh, yeah, I had, I had the doctors gave me six months to

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live and I had cancer. And I said, Jesus, I'm only 20 years. And you're gonna give me those 20 years because I believe in you. And it's been 25 years

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since I asked, so I'm doing good. This is your year.

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And like they're making these promises on behalf of Allah not of the ark Hara. There's no concept of the concept of Toba or repent or make yourself a better person. There was no concept of justice. There was no concept of self evaluation, there was no concept of submission to Allah. All it was was if you believe in Him, then you're gonna get all kinds of white stuff. That's all it was. People sending all around me. You're gonna get that promotion this year. And yes, I am Jesus. Yes, I have you won't give it to me. Yes, you are. Like

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what's gonna happen to this guy when he doesn't get this promotion?

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Then Jesus will be gone. And along with him, God will be gone and the only thing left will be what? The material so the religion that was there originally taught by by Allah

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When Shaq was introduced to it with a person, eventually that shift between game became of people of things. There was a logical progression and deterioration that we're seeing manifest today.

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So he says, Shay, and by the way, even in the Catholic side of things, the people that were at the highest levels, running in the authority of the church, you know, the kinds of scandals that happen inside the Catholic Church, you know, the kinds of money hoarding and power plays that happen inside the Catholic Church. Isn't that shame? What are they actually worshipping? stuff? stuff? Well, so So he says, Well, I'm not sure he can be he say and, and then he says, Well, I talked about boonah Baba, Baba Min lunella. And we will not take each other as Gods as Rob, as ultimate authorities as caretakers as providers, as opposed to Allah, we will not put each other in a position of godhood we

00:30:50--> 00:31:01

will not take saints and pray to them. That's on the worship side of things. And you know, or they even had him who used to be Christian came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam one time

00:31:02--> 00:31:03

and he told him

00:31:04--> 00:31:41

Lesnar or baba, we didn't take them as gods. You know, sola and Krishna he knew Christianity. He knew it. Well. He said, I know Arthur and I know the Jews. We never took these people as gods, because it sort of goes even further. About Omar Obama, Baba mendola. They took their their scholars, and they took their preachers and their ministers, and their, their their monks, and they're saints. They took them as Gods besides Allah as robu arbab besides Allah, Masters besides Allah, he said, we never did that we never worship them. What is this talking about? And he asked he

00:31:42--> 00:31:53

didn't he? Didn't they make halaal for you? What was haram? And then they make haram for you what was held on? Didn't they decide that? And he said, Yes, he goes,

00:31:54--> 00:32:37

this is their worship. In other words, worship was not about I pray to you, I bow to you, you are my God. Worship was about accepting their final authority, isn't it, and I bother to the province of Islam in this narrative is not about worship, it's actually about accepting their final authority. So when we're not going to place people, among ourselves as final authorities, as opposed to Allah, we will, we will come to this common ground. And by the way, when we come to this common ground, we're saying you Christians shouldn't do that. And what we're saying also about ourselves, we will not do that. We will not take someone who we think is saintly, and holy, and closer to a law than

00:32:37--> 00:32:43

everybody else. And we're gonna put them in a position where they decide what's allowed, and what's haram above the word of Allah.

00:32:44--> 00:33:19

We're not going to give them that authority, that divine authority. Did that happen? And does that happen in the Muslim world? Are there people that presume the position of holiness and people come and throw their heads at their feet and kiss their feet and kiss their hands and say, whatever they say is exactly what I have to do. Because this is what Allah wants, like, their word is equivalent to Allah's word, even if you go to people like that and say, This is what Allah said. And this is what you're saying to saying, they're conflicting, guess who they're gonna follow

00:33:20--> 00:33:22

the same and then beat you up.

00:33:23--> 00:33:36

And because you don't go against him, he knows better than you. He has the authority to override what Allah says. Allah says is clear what a lesson is clear? No, no, you must have misunderstood it because what it really means is what my same tells me

00:33:37--> 00:33:49

what my spiritual guide tells me that's what it actually means. What you say is, it can't mean what it means. In other words, we made an oath to them, we made a pledge to them, we're not going to fall into that just like you shouldn't fall into that.

00:33:51--> 00:34:31

Allah saw in his wisdom that he didn't just say you shouldn't do that. You shouldn't do that. He actually said come to common terms. We won't do that. While I have tequila Ba ba ba ba, ba ba, ba ba ba ba. What does now mean? We not Babu calm without a tuxedo, without a tuxedo Baba, Baba Baba Mundo Unicom, Amendola. No, no, no, moon, Baba, Baba, Baba mundo de la us, we will have that problem, we will avoid that problem. Also, we will let ourselves deteriorate. This was a lust for knowledge that when we when the oma becomes further and further from Revelation itself, then it'll cost us we'll talk the truth, the true narrative of how we're supposed to follow the faith will lead some down

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

very dark roads. May Allah protect us and our families and our futures? You know, nothing is secure. Now, there's no guarantee that three generations from now my kids won't have my great grandkids won't have that problem. There's no guarantee. The only guarantee is we leave our next generation more connected to the word of Allah than we are. That's the only guarantee the only hope we can have is to connect them to allows words allows words will protect where nothing else can protect those words, you know, multihead Polanco, Valentina mendini

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Data you will not find a refuge other than this book. This is this is a refuge. And we have to commit ourselves to this refuge. This is why it's steady its review. Its education is so critical. It's like the thing to do is to remind ourselves and to remind our families and to reinforce in our families and education of this book, what is this book actually saying? This is the only way we can secure our futures. Otherwise, how are we going to be any different from the people that came before us? The only the what they did was they distance themselves from their book, put other things in its place. And if we've done that all this time, let's undo that now. It's time to undo that at least if

00:35:37--> 00:35:48

we can do it in the world, at least start with our own families. When I talk about Buddha Baba, Baba mundo de la, and what is he saying the end as I as I close with this for a while now. And if all of you turn away. Now Ally's talking,

00:35:49--> 00:36:31

and again means two things, if all of you turn away, or if they turn away. And if you say if they turn away, it's referring to the Christians and the Jews. If you say if all of you turned away, it's like allies talking to them, the Christians and the Jews and to us and he's saying to all of us, and if all any of you turn away for hulu's How do we anonymously moon and then declare at least the ones who are not going to turn away declare, testify that we are Muslim kulu a shadow be anonymously won't testify that we are Muslim. So if they turn away, at least you people who truly believe testify openly declare that we are nothing but Muslim, we have submitted ourselves. Now lastly,

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

understand the term Muslim.

00:36:33--> 00:36:37

Before the passage on the side, Islam was in Medina and Allah had Islam

00:36:38--> 00:37:08

in Edina and the law in Islam from before then he said when we thought he later Islamic Deen and felonio Palomino, the only religion acceptable with allies absolute submission, and he said whoever pursues other than submission as a way it won't be taken from them. What was the problem that the criticism of a lot of these ministers they were the problem was, you don't think of Islam as we accept Islam as an eyeshadow Lyla heilala Mashallah Mohammed Abdullah solo, there's a problem before then the Your problem is right now you're not willing to submit to a lesser authority.

00:37:09--> 00:37:22

Islam first of all means what? submission at least you testify if they turn their backs at least you testify that you submit to authority, that you don't have a problem with it you given when Allah says you give him

00:37:23--> 00:37:57

you don't put anyone in between. The gist of what I've shared with you so far, is actually the declaration of authority. And the common word. This this is this was always taught, this is not new. This was in the previous scriptures. This is the descriptor. Now, the commonality between us and them. There's one more commonality and I'll close with that. The commonality is obviously we disagree about the role of Isa, we disagree about the role of visa, we pretty strongly also disagree about the role of Busan, Islam. Okay. But if you go further back, there's one figure we all agree on.

00:37:59--> 00:38:36

If you look at the ayah, where this began in this surah So in the last Adama when we were alive Rahim. Allah Emraan Allah Allah mean now we if you go the closest is Allah everyone, which is the family of Musa and then eventually the family of visa. Okay, we have disagreements here. Okay, the way they see masala we received most of the ways we see this or the way we see is and all the profits in between fine, we have disagreement. If you go further back, what's the what's the figure mentioned before then, Abraham, Isaac, and then further back is new and further back is Adam. But the common ground, the closest common ground, you don't have to go as far back as no one other than

00:38:37--> 00:38:44

the closest Common Ground is what? Ibrahim alayhis salam. So what are you going to find next? Speaking of common ground, let's talk about Ibrahim.

00:38:45--> 00:39:06

Speaking of common ground, let's talk about Abraham because the Jews believed, and then by extension, they pass this on to the Christians, that Abraham's lineage is the one that gets profits. Of course, we agree. And that lineage, you're only considering one side of that lineage, which is how the other side of that lineage is mine. So even if you disagree about the lineage, at least we agree on the Father.

00:39:07--> 00:39:45

So let's talk about that. Father, let's talk about Ibrahim Elisa himself. Let's go back to common ground. This is exactly what Allah did with the Jews in sort of Bukhara, and that's exactly what he's doing again, with the Christians is totally wrong. And from it, we're learning that when we speak to our brother, interfaith Christians or Jews, that the Quranic spirit is actually reminding us to speak to them about the common ground profits, and to correct the narrative of those profits and no profit is more important in that discussion than who Abraham Elisa Abraham I some take central place in our conversation with the People of the Book. We're especially those qualified in

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

the book you start your conversation with Abraham Elisa, because actually, this is what we have in common with them. They follow the religion of Ibrahim, we follow the religion of Ibrahim barakallahu li Welcome to call him when he was in Santa Monica.

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